Camden County Government Guide

Page 49

Award-Winning Government Tax Assessors Tax Commissioner Tax Rate TCP Technology Terms The Camden Partnership Three Rivers Trade Name Registration Traffic Traffic Citations Transfer Tax Transportation Planning Services Trash UCC Recording UGA Extension Office Unified Development Code Unincorporated Communities Colesburg Dover Bluff Harriet’s Bluff Tarboro Waverly White Oak VA Clinic

49 Vector Control Vehicle Maintenance Vehicle Tags Vehicle Titles Veterans Affairs Vice-Chair Vision for County Voting Voting Districts Waste Water Resources Weapons-Carry Licenses Weather Alerts Wills Woodbine Woodbine Health Department Woodbine Public Library Work Programs Workers’ Compensation Workforce Services Writ of Possession Yard Waste Youthful Offenders Zoning

Special Thanks to: Madison Cameron, Public Affairs Intern, Summer 2019 for her invaluable assistance in the creation of the original document ACCG and the ACCG Civic Affairs Foundation for their support of the Georgia County Internship Program