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Host: Innovation, Internationalization, Quality After 38 editions, Host is the undisputed leader of the Ho.Re.Ca., foodservice, retail, large distribution and hotellerie sectors, confirming its role as the top marketplace for international business and quality. In 5 days the right marketplace for: • Meeting purchasing managers from 162 countries; • Talking to professionals who are ever more aware, demanding and on the lookout for new ways of conducting business; • Launching new trends; • Assessing the performance of the Italian and international market; • Comparing with competitor companies; • Organizing meetings to encourage customer loyalty and make new business deals; • Attending training sessions and keeping yourself informed.

Meet the World Professional operators 133.000 from 162 countries Italy 81.400 International 51.600 1.500 hosted buyers Exhibitors 1.700 companies from 48 countries

Italian professional operators

International professional operators

Professional operators

Hosted buyers’ program

Target: 1,500 Hosted Buyers Markets: Europe, Russia and ex-CSI countries, Mediterranean countries, Middle East, Asia, North and South America, selected after an accurate analysis of purchasing power. Profile: distributors/wholesalers/resellers, large-scale distributors, hotel/restaurant/cafè/gelato chains, design and architecture studios/contract. EMP (Expo Matching Program): the agenda of appointments made during the weeks previous to the exhibition has proved of great importance for the success of the program.

Exhibitors 1.700 companies from 48 countries

559 International exhibitors from 48 countries of which:


3 Macro-Areas Dedicated to the Ho.Re.Ca., foodservice, retail, large distribution and hotellerie sectors

Professional catering Innovation, design and care for detail Space is given over to the leading sector companies which exhibit systems, equipment and accessories for Professional Catering, equipment for the preparation and conservation of food and beverage products, slicing machines and everything that is required for a dynamic and constantly evolving sector. The managers of restaurants and pizza parlours, company canteens, large catering chains, shopping centres, hospitals, cruise ships all find the most innovative and suitable solutions to their needs. And that’s not all. Educational sessions and opportunities for discussion provide both the demand and offer side with interesting suggestions as to how to face up to the market and offer increasingly state-of-the-art services.

Professional catering (1)

Professional catering (2)

Bread, Pizza, Pasta A unique meeting opportunity and an absolute must for the baking industry Dynamism and a particular focus on quality: of ingredients, raw materials and processing, without forgetting the technology in relation to the cooking and preservation of products. In this area the bakery and grain-based products are showcased. Everything here is conceived to supply the market with increasingly wholesome and good products, the result of a knowledgeable mix of ingredients and research into processing techniques and why not? New solutions to come up with tasty and gluten free products. Bread makers and pizza makers take part in Competitions to present the latest innovation in raw materials to bakery owners and fresh pasta shops and labs.

Bread, Pizza, Pasta

Coffee and Tea Two very popular drinks, two styles of life and two ways of doing business There is machinery for all different types of manufacturing processes, with presentation of the most exotic blends and products that provide outstanding service through even small details. An industry that fully interprets coffee culture with its experience, skill, knowledge and respect for nature, and pays particular attention to research, quality control and the professional training. More than just coffee. Host also devotes a large area to the world of tea in order to satisfy the constant demands of the market.

Coffee and Tea

Bar, Coffee machines, Vending A versatile and increasingly innovative format The bar is one of the sectors that best represents a specifically Italian market; 40% of catering facilities in Italy are bars, a winning formula that is increasingly diversifying in order to provide a range of different services. Bars no longer just serve cocktails and coffee drinks, but are branching out and serving buffet food, ice creams and pastries in order to satisfy the needs of an increasingly demanding clientele. Equipment and accessories for bars, coffee machines, coffee cups, cup and glass washers, are particularly appreciated by Italian and international visitors thanks to the constant level of innovation.

Bar, Coffee machines, Vending

Gelato Outstanding traditional artisan gelato Enjoyed at any time of the day, traditional artisan gelato is one of the most popular, most sought after Italian specialities in the world. Gelato takes center stage at Host with a special area. The area feautures semi-finished products, fridge counters, gelato machines and accessories for developing the potential and quality of professional “labs� and shops. Forming a backdrop to the exhibition there are themed events proposed by industry specialists who try their hand at creating new flavours and reworking traditional ones.


Sweet, delicious, sophisticated and creative - the world of pastries is well represented at Host with leading manufacturers of products, accessories and baking equipment. Lots of space is also given to chocolate and cocoa, which are two essential ingredients for Ho.Re.Ca. With awards and exclusive shows, leading pastry chefs are put to the test and provide visitors with tips and interesting ideas. Ice cream and pastries are displayed in an exhibition area with bars and coffee machines so as to get the very most out of the synergies between the three macro sectors.

Gelato, Pastry

Furniture Following the trends and the needs of the market, Host creates a new Furniture area All solutions for the “dressing up” of the point of sale are available in a single space, in order to showcase the products and furnishings that, up to now, were shown in the different Host areas. Here everything is strictly innovative, functional and trendy for those who want to open or renew a business. Products and proposals are available for every need: whether it is a bar, a bakery, a restaurant, a pizzeria, a gelateria or a resort … Furniture is the expression of design, hospitality, functionality, taste for beauty: all that makes the image of a shop. Furniture is not only a display area. It is also a melting pot of ideas where concept stores, with their innovative formats, convert points of sale into retail experience areas. A lab where the products are showcased in exclusive projects, created to offer new exciting ideas to professionals.



Elegant, refined, colourful, trendy or classic: the table. It’s not just the “mise en place� which makes this precious item a convivial, stylish experience, but the attention to detail, the design and materials. Each element becomes precious and indispensable: chalices, cups, plates, cutlery, tablecloths, trays, silverware and porcelain are carefully selected to meet every need and every occasion. Sophisticated and haute de gamme collections alternate with sophisticated or functional design solutions, suitable for both daily use and special events. The tableware becomes absolute protagonist at Host: a world to be highlighted on the Ho.Re.Ca. sector.


Excellent Italian Hospitaliy Service Host - Furniture area Exihs is the brainchild of the architect Dante O. Benini, created exclusively for Host. Located in the “Furniture” area of Host, Exihs becomes an expression of Italy’s iconic excellence, a hotbed of ideas that take form to meet the needs of a demanding and attentive international clientele. Exihs is the new way to “experience” upmarket hospitality. It is an experiential journey that starts with a different conception of space, in which everything is decoded and reinterpreted in order to become functional and interactive, and satisfy people’s need for interaction, wellness and entertainment. It is a multipurpose “box” that can be interpreted to cater to the setting: from airports to the lobbies of major hotels, and from internationally renowned malls to conference centres. Exihs stimulates people to explore four “non-places” (work/back office, body, mind and relaxation) with different focuses. Settings with a sophisticated and hi-tech design converge with lights, fragrances, live music and images that illustrate the history of Italian design to create emotions and convey culture and an awareness of tradition. 27 Top Level companies Alessi, Baxter, Blackberry, Cavicchi, Elmec, Enomatic, Gambero Rosso, Gewiss, I Guzzini, ISG, Indel B, Leading Technologies, Liuni, Nolostand, Nya Nordiska, Oikos Fragrances, Plantronics, Poltrona Frau, Redaelli, Riva 1920, Sagsa, Slide, Technogym, Thermologica, Unifor, Vetrerie Calvi, Yamaha. Special partner Setup Nolostand.

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