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Casta Castagna

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My name is Campbell Castagna and I am a 3rd year Industrial Design Student from london. I am looking to develop and enhance my skillset through a 6 month Industrial placement commencing in February 2020.

Loughborough University

Technical University Delft

Industrial Design

Automotive Design

Design for Manufacturing

Automotive Styling

Electronics, Mechanics

Mobility Package Design

Prototyping for Design

Mobility Systems Design

Bachelor Degree

6 month Minor

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Bang &

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Bang & Olufsen

Microsoft Jukee


Design Week


Cup Holder


Harley David Davidson Facelift


Bang & Olufsen Personal Project 4 Weeks

To develop an innovative, future-facing digital product that enhances communication through touch

What is digital touch?

We are on the brink of a technological revolution whereby digital communication is moving beyond ‘ways of seeing’ to include ‘ways of feeling’. We are reshapping what can be touched as well as how things can be touched.

Across a range of social contexts and technological domains, touch-based technologies promise to supplement, heighten, extend, and transform how people communicate. While technological frontiers continue to be pushed, there is scope for innovation regarding the kinds of meaningful communication, experiences and activities that these technologies might enable or support.

We were tasked with developing an innovative product that enhances sustainable lifestyle through digital touch. The concept we develop will form part of an overall experience linked with a brand of our choice - implimenting the brands design language.

I am going to explore opportunities through which we can alter the trajectory of households with disposable income which do not intuitivelty engage with sustainable living. By implementing an innovative product, I aim to challenge the users habitual processes through digital touch. This solution will cater to the experience a consumer has come to expect whilst reducing the environmental impact that the consumerist behaviour causes. Bang & Olufsen are World renowned audio provider. Creating the highest quality service from in-ear headphones to audio visual instillations. I will delve into the brand and use their design language as a skin for my concepts.

Brand Analysis Before desiging it was key tounderstand the brand through and through. As a brand who have been at the forfront of high quality audio design, It is interesting to see how they have evolved abd transitioned into a multi-diciplinary high end company.

Form Analysis Bang and Olufsen have a very strong design language through their products. From first to last, every product is design with extreme attention to the finest detail. Standing out from the crowd - becoming the spotlight of the room.

Concept Development After evaluating the brand, from its history through to its forms and shapes, I began looking at concepts to take forward. I focused on plug sockets as a means to alter the habitual practicies of users. Often we plug items into the mains and leave them far longer than they need to be. Yet there are no ways of understanding our electrical output. I felt that this opened a door where i can combine Bang and Olufsen with my concept. By creating a concept that becomes increasingly difficult to use as a result of wasted electricity, it forces users to think about the repercussions of these actions. Unlike bills which often get disregarded, this concept will forces attention.

B&O Design Language When presenting our work, from storyboard through to Hero shot, we were challenged with making it seem as if the product was real. This included a sound knowledge of their graphics, type fonts and language throughout. The folloiwng pages have been design to seemlessly transition my work into Bang & Olufsen.

E - Beohome ‘For those who discuss design and quality before price.’

Joseph Jensen 1960 DESIGN


Historically Bang & Olufsen

Adaptive, restrictive, control.

Designed in carefully crafted aluminium, E-Beohome doesn’t look like any other smart home device. The aluminium surfaces and warm oak lamellas are inheritently Bang & Olufsen in a refined and visionary design.

E-Beohome is an adaptive smart plug designed to restrict and control electricity flow to household appliances. The adaptation of shape allows for visual representation of electrical usage. E-Beohome forces users to react to electrical usage through resistance to reset the oak lamellas.



Here, there, everywhere

Forcing habitual changes

Unparalelled size to weight ratio makes this one of the mostflexible peices of furniture in our fleet. Transforming a coffee table to a majestically ascending masterpiece or converting the bedroom floor into a hyptnotising dream - Beohome is suited to every corner of your house.

Users can no longer take the short cut. E-Beohome forces resistive interaction in order to reset electrical usage. The more electricity is used, the higher the resistance.

Meet Mathais,

“Being green is more than just buying ‘eco’. Its an unshakable commitment to a sustainable lifestyle.”

Pain Points


Mathais is a divorced parent to a 7 year old boy who he cares for during the week days. Catering for his boy’s needs throughout his busy schedule means that he cuts corners in and around the house. Technology is a big part of his life and so Mathais wants to find a way in which he can continue to use his devices without having such a draining impact on his bills. Due to his schedule he can not find time to change his bad habits at home. He needs to be forced to change his habits.

Mathais’ young son is at the age where changes can be made to his habitual behaviours. His hope is that by implimenting changes at a young age, his son will develop these behaviours to a new social norm. As an architect and an interior designer, Mathais is always looking for ways to develop his understanding of the home and developing solutions to creating a more sustainable life within. He feels frustrated that people allow these poor habits to reside within their routines and nothing is done to change them. A product that removes a shortcut around these bad habits can develop these changes into a new, sustainable lifestyle.



Microsoft Jukee

Personal Project 2 Months

Explore an opportunity where an IoT product can improve an area of a users lifestyle


$35 YEAR M I L L I O N

4 134






Russell Wilson has just become one of the highest paid players in NFL histroy earning over $35million per season. In August every year, 2880 players pull on NFL jersey’s, by September, that number is cut to 1696. Should those players be fortunate enough to keep their jobs, they will be lucky to earn a fraction of Wilson’s yearly salary in the duration of their careers. But what is the reason behind this huge gap, and how can it be bridged?



3.3 Years

Average player Salary

Rookie Minimum

Average Career Length

Official technology of the NFL Microsoft is the official provider of sideline technology to all 32 NFL teams. From referees to coaches, every game, Microsoft surfaces are used to provide instant insites into the game.

Can we take this further..? To develop a concept that dives deeper into instant visual feedback and apply this in the NFL, ultimately improving the quality of the game for players, coaches and fans.

Development of Technique

On the Training field

American football is a game grounded by technique. The slightest changes in foot position or knee rotation can be the difference between a broken leg or a successful play. The margins are minute. I focused my research into training sessions and looked at key areas where players technique can be developed

On the sidelines during gamedays, there are devices giving insights into the match. However, in the training field, this is not the case. I am to develop a video recording device that bridges the gap between coaches and players - allowing for a more accurate and tailored feedback with the overall goal - development in performance.

Handheld objects provide a sense of ergonomic value to the design. Understanding which shapes and forms can provide comfort.

Motorbike Concepts

Analysing the forms and shapes in sports bottles provides an idea of how movement, power and energy can be implimented into motionless objects.

Hand Held Objects

Sports Bottles

Form Analysis

Concept bikes really appealed to me. The long extended shapes translated very well into my idea of a handheld, video recorder.

Concept Development

Microsoft Storyboard


Jukee Official video recorder of the NFL

Appearance Model


Jukee Official video recorder of the NFL

Exploded View




7 9

5 1

6 2


Cannon 15mm camera lense - Various materials various processes


Top head shell - Injection moulded ABS


Video recording button - Injection moulded ABS


Push-button switch trigger - Various processes HDPE


Lower head shell - Injection moulded ABS


Central grip component - Two shot mould rubber/ ABS


Circuit board/ Internal Chip - Various materials various processes


Battery Pack - Various materials various processes


Lower Body Shell - Various materials various processes


Jukee Official video recorder of the NFL


Cup Holder

Personal/Group Project 2 Months

Design a functional polymer widget which is intended to be given away to promote a particular brand or product. Following this, we must design and manufacture a working mould tool to allow our widget to be injection moulded.

Individual Phase The project Design for Manufacturing included two phases. The first phase being an individual assignment where we were challenged with designing a promotional plastic widget for a company of our choice. We would then design the mould tool that the widget would be manufactured in. I designed a promotional coin holder for Halifax. The design featured three columns, each differently sized to hold a variety of coins in them. This design is an effective way of keeping hold of coins lying about. It also provides an element of advertisement for the company whilst ensuring a level of complexity in order to succeed the module.




Group Phase The second phase of the project was a group section whereby a chosen concept was brought to life. Following the successful design, we would carry out the process by manufacturing our blocks through a variety of processes such as Milling, Lathing and the use of CNC machinery. The project pushed an element of complexity that i had not experienced before. Using the CAD sofwares correctly in order to have an accurate, manufacturable product presented many challenges. Additionally we were tasked with machining our blocks out in order to make the widgets. Developing a deeper knowledge of the CAD systems as well as learning hands on skills in the workshop where very rewarding.




Design Process The project forced a new way of thinking. In order to create the widget, the mould tool had to be designed. The tool being the complete opposite shape to the widget itself.

Coin Holder Further Development

Another importnant aspect of the process was the plastic flow simulation. Ensuring that the design could cope with the heat created. Due to the constraints the design was forever evolving and always required refinement.


Initial Mould Layout

Analysis of the Mould blocks and what we have to work with. We are given two aluminium blocks as shown, however we have some constraints that we must note. I also look at which way round the block is best suited to. Ideally the coin parts would fit along the shorter face of the block, hoever this is not possible. There are also 2 exterior pins that are required to keep the two compoentns tight. These must be placed 15mm from each edge.

Shrinkage at end of fill:

Pressure at End of Fill:

Stress at End of Fill:

Plastic Simulation

Using the Plastic Simulation addon in solidworks. We are able to analyse the flow of material through the mold. This then gives us detailed infomation regarding the potential of the mould.

High rates of shrinkage will often occur in sections that have large depth or inconsistency in thickness. The data here shows there is no expected shrinkage

The main component has slightly high stress levels at the end of fill however nothing of concern

Slight stress is applied to the main component however only around the sprew, again, this does not lead to any concerns.

On this page i analyse the posibility of shrinkage after injection as well as the pressure and stress at the end of each fill. Each part is individually analysed, which is follwed by a detailed analysis of the whole mould together.

The analysis shows that shrinkage is very sparse and doesnt seem to have a direct correlation. This suggests that there shouldnt be an issue.

The most dissapointing analysis is this one. It shows 14% shrinkage in one area furthest from the entrance.

Pressure is evenly spread through the stand. This reflects the consistent depth f the stand. Pressure should not be an issue.

Pressure here is irrelevant as this is outside the mould, it will not cause any issues.

Stress is quite heavy towards the top of the stand. this coulsd present an issue as it may loose strength and could break or tear under the stress of the coin holder

Stress is unevenly presented in small parts through the second and third part of the holder, again this shouldnt cause issues.

Coffee Cup Holder In the second phase we began by selecting a project. We went with a coffee cup holder. The idea behind the project was to prevent the users hands from getting too hot when they purchased a coffee to take away. The item can be placed onto the coffee cup, providing the user with a firm grip on their drink and keeping their hand cool enough to drink the beverage.

Engineering Drawings To ensure that our design would be viable, we needed to create accurate and sufficient engineering drawings in order to start the process of manufacturing. When desiging, we often forget the sizing of the product and realise that it is infact really small. Inserts needed to be redeigned given the workshops constraints. For example, some inserts needed to be altered n order to cater for the workshops equipment. Once we had finalised the drawings, we ran through various prototyping methods such as 3D printing and CNC machining to create development prototypes. This gave us the ability to physically see our product, test it on real cups. Obviously there was the need for more refinement due to material selection and weight.

Workshop Machining

Product Storyboard

Product Cycle Time As a promotional widget this item will not directly be sold to the public, therefore companies will not earn money from the production of these items. They will instead be counting on the products being given out to the public and expecting them to reach the correct market. This should lead to secondary income. Due to this we needed to ensure that the mould parts are as efficient as possible. Efficiency means that more products can be maufactured in a shorter period of time - leading to a reduction of the cost and the potential of a larger catchment market. By desiging the widget eficiently we were challenged with manufacturing 3million widgets in the shortest time possible. This meant taking into account the multiple stages of the injection mould process. Material selection was key in ensuring speed. The harder plastic of HDPE sets quicker, allowing the hold time to be reduced. Additionally the route in which the plastic flows and the layout of the mould parts will also effect both the speed of the quality of the product.

Freeze Time


Mould Open


Mould Eject Mould Close Injection Time Hold Time

Widgets Hours





Total Widgets

Cycle Time


8.1785 Seconds


Design Week

Personal Project 1 Week

Using live hinges we were tasked with designing a homeware product for student accomodation that must be capable of compact storage. The predominant material must be polypropylene with exceptions of fasteners or special componentry


Insights and Opportunities

As a university student myself I am surrounded by fellow students all going about their daily routines. I am easiy able to tap into these routines and develop research that can be the foundation to my project..

Using Auto-Ethnography I followed students around in their routine, making notes and recording factors and insights. From this research I then developed questions and held brief sessions with students to dive deeper into their issues.

Followng the research it was clear that the food prep process allowed multiple opportunites for this project. Often students needed multiple appliances to prepare, clean and cook food resulting in many dirty appliances and a lack of storage space.

A multi-function concept prep board - Designed to combine multiple culinary

processes when preparing a variety of foods. This prep board is perfect for students who are keen to cut, clean and cook food effectively and efficicently. Using live hinges, the board is able to transform into a steamer, giving you the freshest, tastiest veg.

Two part prep board - users are able to split their foods up without mixing or combining.

Enclosed lower tray - drop down tray allows for food to be cleaned or steamed without changing appliances.

Rotating chopping b allows food to be nea

boards - full 180 degree rotation atly guided.


Harley David Davidson Facelift

Group Project 2 Weeks

Analyse a vehicle manufacturing company of your choice. Study the brands image aswell as their identity. Use these perspectives to then develop a product facelift for a vehicle that the brand currently sells.

Harley Davidson Fat Bob The project aimed to develop our skills and understanding of vehicle characterisitcs. Which elemets of a vehicle are key at conveying the mood and feel of the car, Which characterisitcs aid the feelings of saftey or thrill. Each company has their own identity that they follow, and a language that their vehicles are designed through. For my project I looked at the Motorbike company Harley Davidson. A world renowned Motorbike manufacturer, Harley davidson have developed into a global brand. They have grown beyond making vehicles to representing a specific niche lifestyle. Looking through the vehicles they offer, I decided to focus my project on the Harley Davidson Fat bob. A relitively new model for the company, the fat bob is an aggressive, modern take on Harleys vision of freedom and passion. It is imperative to understand who we are designing for. The first stage of this process included understanding this iconic brand from those inside, and those outside. This allowed us to develop an understanding of the image and identity of this brand and how they may differ.

“The only motorcycle manufacturer That makes big, loud motorcycles For macho guys and macho wannabies Mostly in the United States Who want to join a gang of cowboys In an era of decreasing personal freedom.’’

Brand Identity Harley Davidson unites people deeply, passionately and authentically. Their ideals of freedom and self-expression trancended cultures, gender and age, allwoing them to be recognised as an iconic brand of America. Harley strives for authenticity, removing themselves from this bullyish persona whilst keeping their models daunting and aggressive.

Iconic Herritage


With the redesign of the Fat Bob, I look to preserve the iconic Harley features whilst developing some close enough to the bullyish, aggressive ideals set by the public. This will be c It is important to realise the key characterisitcs that define the vehicle. These shapes and forms must recognis

Brand Image Motorcyclists see Harley Davidson as the emboidment of freedom, independance and rebellion, more importantly - the ‘American way’. Bikes are designed for emotion and thrill, not performance. The ability to remove ones self from a normal life by sending them on a grizzling, oil spitting machine can not be matched by any other manufacturer.

Obnoxtiously Aggressive

e Heritage

elemens to exaggerate the characterisitcs described above. My aim is to develop the characterisitcs combined with the authentic, American herritage that Harley is known for. t remain some what similar in order to have the same visual ques that make it distinguishable and sable.



Product Front Mudguard: The shape of the vehicles front mudguard has been altered in order to reflect the reoccuring shape seen throughout the Bike. The addition of the symetrical angle adds to the aggressive face of the bike giving the feeling that it is ready to pounce.

Front Light: Similarly to the mudguard, The lights shape has been altered. An already very unique shape has again been adapted to create a more rugged, angry face.

Gas Tank: In order to add another element of authenticity, the shapes have been slightly altered. The shapes run horizontally with the flow of the car, creating a more exaggerated teardrop effected. Additionally indents have been added on the side to create a lung type effect. By giving this form more shape it will be more bold and obvious when light hits it.

Facelift Seat Extension/ Stitching Harleys have a very unique and traditional sitting position on the bike. The extension on the saddle helps to accentuate this position. Additionally the flick up of the seat adds to the vehicles flow and dynamics creating the idea of an explosion at the back wheel. The addition of the stitching on the seats gives more depth to the vehicle, allowing the saddle to stick out

Rear Bodywork The largest change on the bike comes at the back where the rearbody work has been redesigned. Matching the flick up on the saddle, the rear of the bike is also flicked up to create an abrupt aggressive finish. Despite this the vehicle still has a sense of dynamic flow but also aggression that can not be controlled.

Rear Light

The rear lighting has been alterted to match the continuing shape reflected throughout the bike.

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Campbell Castagna Portfolio  

I am a 3rd year Industrial Design student from London England. Currently undertaking an undergraduate bachelor's degree at Loughborough Univ...

Campbell Castagna Portfolio  

I am a 3rd year Industrial Design student from London England. Currently undertaking an undergraduate bachelor's degree at Loughborough Univ...

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