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Camcare Annual Report 2012

Program Performance

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Privacy Statement

Camcare would like to thank the Board, staff and volunteers who contributed to this publication. Special thanks to Marie Watts, photographer, who provided her professional services on a pro bono basis and Charles Elena Design for their production,

We respect your privacy and we comply with privacy laws. Our privacy policy is available on site and at our website and sets out our responsibilities and your rights about the collection, use and disclosure of information we collect.

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Camcare Annual Report 2012

Report from the President & CEO

President &CEO Report from the

We are pleased to present our annual report on the progress of Camcare for the financial year 2011-12. In a departure from previous reports, this is a combined report by the CEO and President to emphasise the working partnership and common vision shared across both the governance and operations of Camcare.

Camcare continues to flexibly meet the diverse needs of people in the Boroondara community and neighbouring areas. We have again experienced a high demand for our core programs including information and referral, counselling, parent education, financial counselling and family services. This demand is a testament to the capability of our leadership team and skilled staff and we thank them for their commitment to their work and our community. We also acknowledge and appreciate the considerable commitment made by the City of Boroondara through provision of premises and a contribution to costs of specific services, in particular information and referral, and counselling services. This year Camcare has concentrated on building our community engagement strategies. This has occurred through diversifying our programs, often in partnership with other local services, to meet the needs of those who seek our support or attend our services, and is reflected in the images and stories in this report. These strategies have included provision of community BBQs in partnership with Inner East Community Health Service on the Markham Public Housing Estate in Ashburton and at our Camberwell Office, for people from boarding houses. Our weekly market style fresh food delivery has expanded and ensures people on low incomes have access to fresh food and opportunities to discuss how to prepare the food they select. Camcare’s volunteer pool has further diversified with new roles and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds joining our staff. With funding from Bendigo Bank, we have consulted women on the Ashburton public housing estate about their parenting needs and provided opportunities for them to socialise, share their experiences and enjoy activities with their children, while also addressing their parent education needs.

Camcare is a local support agency providing services to its immediate community. Pivotal to this, and our community engagement agenda, is the many local residents who seek to make a contribution to their community by volunteering in various capacities at Camcare.

Camcare has chaired the Ashburton Strategic Alliance of Providers (ASAP), a group of agencies which deliver services in Ashburton. This alliance has supported residents to establish a community residents’ association, auspiced by Craig Family Centre, to identify and advocate on local issues. These include advocating for improved capacity at the Ashburton Police Station to respond to community incidents; the continuation of the community flat and ongoing access to a housing worker on site. More recently, we have convened a resident consultation on the Victorian Government’s proposed Framework for Social Housing. To ensure we target our resources to areas of greatest need and can identify emerging issues, Camcare commissioned a research project undertaken by Dr. Janet Stanley from the Sustainability Institute at Monash University. This study confirmed that despite the considerable affluence in the Boroondara community, there are areas of significant need resulting from stressors associated with personal adversity, changing employment, and relationship breakdown and socio economic disadvantage. Some in the population experience significant disadvantage due to reliance on government benefits and limited accessibility to affordable, safe and stable accommodation. New and emerging needs in this report will be used to further expand Camcare’s services to the local community. Camcare is a local community support agency providing services to its immediate community. Pivotal to this, and our community engagement agenda, is the many local residents who seek to make a contribution to their community by volunteering in various capacities at Camcare.

We wish to acknowledge the contribution of every Board member to the ongoing governance of Camcare and thank them for their commitment and support. In particular, special thanks are owed to our departing Treasurer, John Lester, who has undertaken this role for the past four years. We also acknowledge the contributions of Keith Reid and Suzanne Teese who resigned from the Board during the past year. Our forthcoming year will see us develop our strategic plan for a further three years, in which we will seek to build on the strong community role we have established. The support of funders, donors, the vitality and capability of the staff at Camcare and the guidance of our Board, many of whose members are also local residents of Boroondara, has enabled Camcare to fulfil our mission and further develop services to the community.

Dr Karen White President

Jane Broadhead Chief Executive Officer


Camcare Annual Report 2012

Program Performance

Program Performance Helen Consta Manager, Counselling & Family Services

Counselling Services Our counselling clients report that Camcare supports them through life challenges that can be overwhelming, assisting them to reach a point of stability and greater hope for the future. In 2011-2012, individuals, couples and families attended counselling services for professional support to deal with a broad range of issues, including depression and anxiety, relationship and parenting issues, grief and loss, social and physical isolation. We have the expertise and flexibility to work effectively with men and women, young people and older residents, mothers at risk of post natal depression, and parents accessing support in one on one counselling or, increasingly, via our parenting groups. Clients collaborate with their counsellors to identify personal goals, which are reviewed throughout the counselling process. Marina’s story illustrates a longer term counselling intervention during which Camcare worked with the client through a time of crisis, relationship breakdown, and renewal. Her personal goals to protect herself and her children from family violence, explore her own anxiety and self esteem issues and return to employment seemed unobtainable at the beginning but have ultimately been achieved. In addition to counselling support, “Marina” accessed emergency relief and financial counselling at different points in her journey, attesting to the benefits of the “wrap around” support Camcare’s suite of services can provide.

Client Feedback The counsellor asked the ‘right’ questions to bring up the relevant issues and in such a way for me to think of what the most suitable solutions would be.

we listen

What Difference Have We Made? Following is a case story which illustrates the impact the Counselling Services make on people’s lives.


Case Story

Marina’s Story: I have attended counselling at Camcare on and off for approximately four years. Throughout this time, my life has been fairly tumultuous with depression and family breakdown and at times I didn’t think I would be able to pull through. There were times where I wanted to end it all, as I was unable to cope. With my counsellor’s support, guidance, and caring nature, I have been able to overcome many obstacles and hurdles that I never thought were possible. I now feel that I have the inner strength and clarity to tackle most of life’s ups and downs, and I am positive that my counsellor’s support has been an extremely strong influence in my positive attitude and passion for life which was missing for many years. I am now happy, working (and have also had a recent promotion at work). Camcare has truly helped me to change my life and my mindset, and for this I will be forever grateful.

Target Groups Receiving Counselling

Counselling Funded Targets Total Achieved Hours of Counselling Delivered

240 230 2,285

Parents of Children with a Disability






Parents of Primary Children


Individual, Couples and Families


Parent Support Outreach Program


Total: 230 clients


Camcare Annual Report 2012

Program Performance

Intake and Assessment


389 86

Counselling Enquiries Brief Interventions*

* A brief intervention is a rapid response to a client’s immediate psychological needs.

Integrated Family Services Camcare is vitally concerned in the well being of children and young people. Families can encounter a range of challenges that impact on the safety, stability and development of children. Our Family Services team works in the Cities of Boroondara, Whitehorse and Monash, supporting families to address those challenges so their children can thrive. We take a partnership approach with parents, linking them to counselling or other services to deal with any personal issues impacting on their capacity to parent, such as mental health, drug or alcohol abuse, or family violence issues. We also worked directly with children and young people, assessing their needs and listening to their concerns.

Table: Integrated Family Services No. of Families

we offer


Hours of Service

91 5,626

Projects Much of Camcare’s work is in supporting community during hard times. Our work in schools is one means by which we can deliver early intervention, providing education and skills development to primary and secondary aged students that prevent issues later in life. A growing area of concern in the community is the role of social media in bullying. This year Camcare delivered “Parenting in the Age of Technology” to parents at Solway and St Michaels primary schools, to support parents to communicate and set effective boundaries with their children around computer and social media use. Parents reported increased confidence in talking to, and monitoring, their children in relation to social media. Our Confident Kids program, delivered this year to Canterbury Primary School, takes a strength based approach to developing resilience, self esteem and problem solving skills. Research confirms optimism and resilience are protective factors for depression and anxiety in later life. The Building Better Relationships (facilitated at Canterbury Girls Secondary College) and Sexual Assault Prevention in Schools (facilitated at Kew High School) programs engage with adolescents around healthy and respectful relationships and how to recognise and respond to relationships which are destructive and harmful.

In November 2011, Camcare consulted with a group of mothers living in and around the Markham/Alamein public housing estates in Ashburton, exploring how Camcare can best support them in their parenting. From that initial consultation, the “Mums Who Munch” group developed in partnership with Inner East Community Health, focussing on social connectedness and peer support around parenting. Activities included pamper sessions for Mother’s Day, and a most successful excursion to the Melbourne Aquarium, attended by 15 mothers and their children. Alongside “Mums Who Munch”, Camcare delivered “Pointers for Parents”, a topic driven parent education group that addressed a range of concerns expressed by mothers, such as sleeping issues, language development, child-led play, healthy eating and behaviour management. Group programs provide the opportunity for clients to benefit from the input and support of other group participants as well as the expertise of the counsellors facilitating the group. Other groups offered this year were the SNAP (Socialising, Nurture and Play) Playgroup for mothers and children impacted by family violence; the “Baby’s OK, What About You?” group for mothers experiencing postnatal depression; “Living Well” seminars for older residents; “Cool Kids” for primary aged children at risk of homelessness; and the “Positive Lifestyle” group for individuals to address self esteem and other barriers to living a positive lifestyle. Our community partners in delivering groups included Inner East Community Health, Wesley Victoria, the City of Boroondara Maternal and Child Health Service, Uniting Care Aged Services, the Eastern Domestic Violence Service, Boroondara Youth Services, the Salvation Army and Connections.

Donna Letchford & Julie Turner Financial Counsellers

Financial Counselling Services Camcare ‘s Financial Counsellors work with people on low incomes, particularly CentreLink recipients, who have credit or debt concerns they need help with. In most instances, there is another issue which has impacted their financial stability, for example, deteriorating health or relationship breakdown. There are also economic trends, such as housing affordability and the changing nature of employment, which are having an adverse impact on people’s financial position. The Financial Counsellors assess people’s financial position; provide general information on options available to deal with financial issues and the consequences associated with each option. The Financial Counsellors also have knowledge about the law in relation to credit and legal action that may be taken against people with unresolved debts. Sometimes people also benefit

from information about government assistance and entitlements. Wherever possible people are assisted to take action to resolve their own affairs, but the Financial Counsellors will also negotiate and advocate with creditors and government agencies where appropriate. The aim of the service is to enable people to manage their finances better. As part of a preventative focus, the Financial Counsellors also provide education to other providers who work with clients, and to students about credit and contracts. They often work with clients who access other services including housing support, family services, emergency relief, personal or relationship counselling. Table: Financial Counselling Services Funded Client Target Hours Client Target Hours Achieved

990 1020.5

Demographic analysis of those accessing the Financial Counselling service in the past twelve months shows an age range from 17 to 90 years. There is a 50% increase in people over 70 years old presenting, which is perhaps a reflection of older people continuing to live independently as long as possible but finding it difficult to manage financially. Camcare has also strategically marketed our services to senior residents. Those seeking financial counselling have come from an increasing range of cultural backgrounds, including new arrival groups, first generation migrants and international students. Therefore we have had increasing access to interpreters to provide effective service delivery. In 2011-12, the number of providers in the communication and utility industries; the array of products, marketing strategies and lengthy contracts have led to confusion about which provider people are with and the terms of service contracts. This has resulted in more requests for assistance from the Ombudsman than in previous years. Advocacy on practices which adversely impact the people who come to Camcare is an important aspect of the services we provide. Camcare’s Financial Counsellor, Donna Letchford, has chaired a state-wide banking issues group which has concentrated on improving hardship policies and practices in the banking industry. This advocacy means that less people will end up with debts they do not have sufficient income to pay.

Client Feedback When I come and talk here the cloud in my head lifts and I can see a way forward, a little bit. Yeah, I can. That’s what it is like for me.


Program Performance

Camcare Annual Report 2012

What Difference Have We Made? Following is a case story which illustrates the impact the Financial Counselling program makes on people’s lives.


Case Story

I had ongoing contract work when I became seriously ill and could not continue working. As a contractor I was ineligible for sick leave and had no income protection insurance. This meant that I had to apply for a CentreLink pension and sought help from Camcare. I rent a home with my adult daughter, Rose, who has permanent part time work. Until I fell sick we always paid our bills on time. When I saw Julie she helped me with information about the services and concessions I could access to improve

our financial position. I hope to work again and Rose is looking at ways of earning more income. In the meantime, we have had to review our expenditure with Julie’s help so we can manage to pay the rent and keep a roof over our heads. It’s been hard to adjust to my new circumstances. Without advice and assistance, I’m not sure where I’d be now.

No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS®) Camcare also offers a No Interest Loan Scheme. If people on low incomes are debt free, or have negotiated affordable payment plans they may have the capacity to make small repayments on loans up to $1000 which enable them to purchase household repairs or higher cost items such as fridges and washing machines, which they could otherwise not afford. Following is a case story which illustrates the impact the No Interest Loan Scheme program makes on people’s lives.


Case Story

I have a mortgage on the apartment I live in. I now receive a Disability Support Pension as I have chronic health issues which have made it impossible for me to continue working. However, before becoming ill I worked for twenty years in a professional capacity. My hot water service recently broke down. When I called a plumber I was advised the unit was too old to repair. The quote to replace and connect the new service was $1000, which I was unable to afford. I had to heat hot water on the stove to bathe using a bucket. I called Boroondara Council to find out about any assistance I might be able to receive

and they referred me to Camcare. To my surprise I learned I was eligible for a no interest loan. While not having enough to purchase the hot water service I can manage small repayments over 12 months. They were really helpful, interviewing me over the telephone so I did not have to make multiple trips for interviews, which are hard with my disability. It was wonderful to have my first hot shower in 6 months after the hot water service was finally installed.

a caring



Camcare Annual Report 2012


Strategic Plans


Strategic Plan

How well are we performing?

Strategic Plan

How well are we performing?

Strategic Goal 1

Strategic Goal 2

Strategic Goal 3

Strategic Goal 1

Strategic Goal 2

Strategic Goal 3

Improving services to members of our community facing personal hardship and difficult life circumstances.

Creating a more aware and responsive community.

Ensuring Camcare is sustainable.

Improving services to members of our community facing personal hardship and difficult life circumstances.

Creating a more aware and responsive community.

Ensuring Camcare is sustainable.

Organisational Priorities 2011-2012 • Identify and undertake 1 key research project. • Implement new group work models. • Develop client feedback system. • Develop new service partnerships.

• Undertake rebranding and produce range of program brochures and new signage. • Create new volunteer pathways and diversity in volunteer staff.

How much did we do?

How well did we do?

Organisational Priorities 2011-2012 • Undertake regular student placement.

• Develop new service partnerships.

• Negotiate renewed funding contracts with funding bodies.

• M  ake a submission to the Protecting Victoria’s Vulnerable Children Inquiry.



• Four new groups commenced in response to community need: Mums who Munch, Pointers for Parents, Cool Kids and Living Well groups.

• Client satisfaction levels over 97%.

• C  lients report improved well being as a result of attendance at groups.

Five new service partnerships developed to improve service delivery to community – partnerships with Inner East Community Health Services, City of Boroondara Maternal and Child Health Service, Connections, Wesley Victoria and Uniting Care Aged Services.

• Services provided in more locations around Boroondara.

• D  evelop a broader array of programs which engage clients with Camcare’s services and promote community participation.

• Parental confidence increased. • Parents report improved relationships with their children. • Client feedback overwhelmingly positive.

• Hold an annual fundraising event. • E stablish fundraising opportunities with local businesses. • C  onduct an annual review of Board and governance of organisation. • Provide robust staff supervision and training.

What difference did we make?


• T o improve service delivery to community four new programs delivered to new target groups.

• U  ndertake internal program to raise staff’s’ cultural sensitivity.

• E nsure Camcare complies with program standards and guidelines.

How much did we do?

How well did we do?

What difference did we make?




• P  artnered with Inner East Community Health Services (IECHS) to successfully run community BBQs for the public housing tenants in Ashburton and boarding house residents in Boroondara.

• U  p to 30 people attending the Camberwell site BBQ and enjoying recreational activities. Bunnings donated a BBQ and games equipment.

• Reduced social isolation. • Provided service information.

• Strengthened community relations at Ashburton. Informal opportunities for service information to be provided to participants.




• Range of program questionnaires for client feedback developed and piloted. Reporting format developed and implemented.

• Project within budget and on time.

• Programs improved on the basis of client feedback.




• Provided service continuity in programs in high demand from the community.

• R  an several successful fundraising events. Involved local businesses. Held Grand Concert in partnership with Hawthorn Rotary Club.

• Raised $11,000.

• Contributed to Camcare’s sustainability.

• Improved Camcare’s profile in the community.

• Implemented best practice.

• Improved Camcare’s governance through changes in Board membership criteria and tenure.

• M  et criteria for re-registration under the Child, Youth and Families Act to provide Family Services.

• Independent review of Camcare conducted and found Camcare complied or exceeded standards required.

• U  ndertook continuous improvement of organisational systems and services to clients.

• C  ommenced policy revision and redesign of financial counselling forms.

• E nsured more consistent practices across the financial counselling program.




• D  elivered key training programs to all staff, including provision of Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST).

• 4  0 staff attended ASIST training and 100% satisfaction reported by participants.

• S taff and volunteers equipped to meet duty of care to vulnerable clients presenting distress.

• Rebranding achieved.

• Positive feedback from stakeholders. • Ongoing funding for key programs secured.

• New three year contract negotiated with the City of Boroondara.

• Amended constitution.




• Filled key vacant positions.

• All vacancies filled with suitably qualified staff.

• 100% occupancy rate in paid positions.

• R  eviewed and improved organisational policies, procedures & processes in line with Department of Human Services Community Services Organisation Registration Standards.

• Created five new volunteer pathways and roles.

• Recruited to new positions.

• Diversified volunteer opportunities at Camcare.

• U  ndertook gap analysis against new financial counselling standards.

• Recruited to five new volunteer positions.

• Recruited four new volunteer counsellors with professional qualifications. • Developed a partnership with RMIT to provide placement opportunities for social work students.

• 95% retention rate (paid staff). Improved diversity of roles and recruited volunteers from range of cultural and socio economic backgrounds represented in the local community.

• Six psychology, social work and counselling students provided with placements.

• Successfully supported new program options for clients. • Contributed to workforce capacity building in the community sector and raised Camcare’s profile as an employer of choice. • Following graduation, person was able to provide locum services during staff leave

• Undertook placement of a financial counselling student.

• Student completed placement, graduated in Diploma of Community Services – Financial Counselling.




• Commissioned report surveying existing research and data on unmet or emerging needs in Boroondara.

• B  asis for reviewing and planning services in next strategic planning cycle.

• To be measured in future.

• C  onvened a cultural competence consultative committee within Camcare to review and reflect on our awareness and effectiveness in working with indigenous and other culturally diverse groups.

• Internal staff and volunteers in program areas participated in the consultative process. Cultural diversity and indigenous policies developed and consultation with an indigenous Elder undertaken.

• Developed a more responsive culture. • E arlier screening, assessment and advocacy provided.

• P  rovided training to community support workers on assessment of financial need.

• W  orkers better able to provide comprehensive financial assessment of financial counselling clients at first point of contact.




• C  ompleted and submitted a submission to the Inquiry into Protecting Victoria’s Vulnerable Children.

• R  aised service system issues and advocated for changes to improve outcomes for clients.

• M  ade an impact on sector reform; influenced the State Government agenda in Child and Family Welfare.


Camcare Annual Report 2012


Strategic Plans


Strategic Plan Strategic

Strategic Plan Strategic

How well are we performing?

How well are we performing? Strategic Goal 1

Strategic Goal 2

Strategic Goal 3

Strategic Goal 1

Strategic Goal 2

Strategic Goal 3

Improving services to members of our community facing personal hardship and difficult life circumstances.

Creating a more aware and responsive community.

Ensuring Camcare is sustainable.

Improving services to members of our community facing personal hardship and difficult life circumstances.

Creating a more aware and responsive community.

Ensuring Camcare is sustainable.

Organisational Priorities 2011-2012 • R  eview and improve service models & procedures, including provision to new target groups.

• T ake a leadership role in local professional networks.

How much did we do?

How well did we do?

Organisational Priorities 2011-2012 • Review organisation’s IT systems. • Ensure compliance with new OH&S legislation.



• D  elivered responsive and timely counselling to individuals, couples and families including older residents, young people and parents of primary aged students.

• C  lients report over 90% satisfaction and say they would recommend the counselling services to friends and family.

• C  lients report they have experienced benefits from counselling including increased understanding about their issues, improved mood and better coping skills.

• W  orked with parents to ensure the safety, stability and development of their children and young people.

• D  evelop new services in partnership with other providers.

What difference did we make?


• P  rovided outreach case management and support to 89 families vulnerable in their parenting.

• P  rovide effective services to meet contractual obligations.

How much did we do?



• Over 98% satisfaction rate.

• P  arents stated they felt more able to discuss the issue of cyber safety and more confident in setting boundaries with their children; VCE students reported they feel better able to manage their stress during VCE.

• R  eviewed procedures in the No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS®).

• More people accessed affordable loans.

• D  eveloped new programs for delivery at schools – Parenting in the Age of Technology, Cyber Safety session, and Emotional Wellbeing for VCE students.




• P  rovided 1, 020.5 hours of client service in financial counselling.

• Revised critical incident policies and procedures.

• P  rovided all staff training in relation to critical incident. High level of staff satisfaction with training.

• S taff skilled in responding to critical incidents and duty of care to staff and clients improved.

• N  ew server installed; new business grade internet connection and updated suite of software planned.

• C  amcare has improved its OH&S processes in line with recent legislative changes. The implementation of the changes including revision of relevant policies has improved the safety and support of Camcare personnel, volunteers and visitors.

• U  ndertook an external review of OH&S systems and processes. This review was necessary to support legislative changes and the move to new premises.

• C  amcare acted on the recommendations of the report, amending its policies and processes where required ensuring the provision of a safe environment for employees, volunteers and visitors.




• C  ounselling policies and procedures developed to ensure a clear understanding of the counselling framework at Camcare and consistent practice.

• P  ositive feedback from counselling staff who participated in the development of the policy and associated procedures.

• A  ll staff familiar with and supported via supervision to comply with the policy. More consistent service to clients.




• C  amcare chaired Boroondara Family Violence Network and Boroondara Counsellors’ Network.

• Improved information sharing and better opportunities for professional development and partnership between services.

• Increased coordination between participating services. Service partnerships developed and joint advocacy occurred on issues eg. Family Violence.

What difference did we make?

• P  artnered with schools and other providers to deliver a range of School Focussed Youth Services (SFYS) projects, including Building Respectful Relationships. Transition to Secondary School, Confident Kids and Sexual Assault Prevention programs.

• Increased the number of staff trained in NILS® assessment process. Number of loans made was quadrupled compared to last year.

• Improved business efficiency.

How well did we do?

• Provide robust staff supervision and training.


• P  arents reporting increased confidence in their parenting and stronger coping skills. Families linked effectively to appropriate support services and attending a range of community activities.

• Upgraded organisation’s IT systems.

• P  rovide advocacy in relation to banking policies and practices for people on low incomes.

• Exceeded target in service contract.

• C  lient feedback revealed improved financial stability as a result of their attendance at financial counselling.




• T raining and secondary consultation in mental health provided by Hawthorn Primary Mental Health Service to Family Services and Counselling staff.

• S taff consultation regarding mental health presentations increased and more mental health assessments were undertaken. Number of clients benefited from a co-working relationship between the local primary mental health service and Camcare’s staff.

• Improved service to people with mental health. Staff skills have been enhanced in dealing with this cohort of clients.




• C  amberwell financial counsellor was the convenor of the banking issues working group.

• C  onsulted with financial counsellors, banks and regulators about issues affecting vulnerable clients in financial hardship.

• Improved pathways for financial counsellors in accessing hardship provision in banking institutions.


Camcare Annual Report 2012


Community Support Services

Community Support Services

Strategic Plan Strategic

How well are we performing? Strategic Goal 1

Strategic Goal 2

Strategic Goal 3

Improving services to members of our community facing personal hardship and difficult life circumstances.

Creating a more aware and responsive community.

Ensuring Camcare is sustainable.

Organisational Priorities 2011-2012 • Meet emerging community needs.

• Increase local student participation at Camcare.

How much did we do?

How well did we do?

Pari Sanyu What difference did we make?




• P  rovided Community Support to asylum seekers entering community detention.

• R  eferral pathways from agencies working with asylum seekers established.

• P  rovided material assistance addressing asylum seekers needs that filled a gap in services.

• Community Support Workers attended training delivered by Hotham Mission.

• Developed a more responsive organisational culture.




• Engaged with three new schools.

• S tudents and staff actively participated in fundraising and awareness programs.

• S tudent awareness of social justice issues enhanced through action-based response.




• P  articipated in Federal DHS Co-Design Community Engagement Research Project focussing on older residents.

• C  onsultations with residents and community agencies identified key issues, including information needs of older residents. Camcare chaired Information Lead Group.

• Increased collaboration with agencies. • Information strategies geared at older residents undertaken. • Continuing to report to Creating an Age Friendly Boroondara (City of Boroondara).




• C  hair of Ashburton Strategic Alliance of Providers.

• C  onsulted residents in new Ashburton Community Residents Assoc. (ACRA) about key issues in community.

• A  ssisted residents to address issues of significance to them.

• Submission for arts project to enable wider community consultation. • Established consultative processes on proposed framework for social housing.


• C  ontribute to community consultative processes.

Emergency Relief (ER) Camcare’s Emergency Relief Program assists clients on low incomes, usually on Centrelink benefits, to deal with financial stress through assistance with material aid in the form of food vouchers and food parcels, small grants, fresh vegetables, fruit and bread. Volunteer Community Support Workers (CSWs) deliver this program. An important part of the Camcare model is providing clients with the relevant information and referrals to assist them to manage their affairs into the future. Many of the referrals may result in Financial Counselling. Trained CSWs work alongside clients, often providing critical advocacy to utilities or phone companies in order to reconnect services, apply for hardship grants or enter into sustainable payment plans. This combination of factors is often crucial in helping people manage.

Emergency Relief Figures  uring the year 2011 – 2012, 932 clients received D emergency relief.

Emergency Relief: Total Households Assisted 2011-2012 940







878 2010-2011














6.2% increase over last year.

Of these clients

• • • •

Volunteer Profile

42 ( 4.5%) were asylum seekers. 48 (5%) also received financial counselling services. 14 (1.5%) also received IFS services or attended groups. 33 ( 3.5%) also received counselling services.

Role: Fresh Food Program Volunteer for 18 months

Client Feedback

I first came to Camcare to access services. I saw the warmth and care of the people here. I realised that this was a community place where I could not only take and receive, but also give something back and contribute.

The service is wonderful, keep up the great work. I say if something is not broken, don’t bother to fix it. Very surprisingly I felt welcomed and comfortable.


Ling Kong

There is a difference between having to work to survive, and being able to enjoy working – to feel that we are contributing to society. I can say that my best working experience has been at Camcare – it is a very pleasant work environment. We are happy to come to work, and go home feeling even happier. Everybody has a part to play.


Camcare Annual Report 2012

Community Support Services

Grants for 2011 – 2012 Telecommunication

What Difference Have We Made?

Gas/Electricity/ Water

School - Camp /Books etc.

Travel Tickets















Total 170 100%




School - Camp/Books etc.


Travel Tickets




What Difference Have We Made? Community Support Workers are often the first port of call for clients who have tried all other avenues, and are in crisis. Following are case stories which illustrate the impact the Emergency Relief Program makes on people’s lives. Mary presented at Camcare emotionally spent and in severe financial stress. She had been referred to Camcare by ChildFirst.


Case Story

I was so exhausted from working until 2am every day and caring for my sick child and still wasn’t making enough money. Camcare paid my telephone bill which was about to be cut off. They contacted my bank and told them that I needed to be allowed time to make up for arrears in my mortgage and that I did have a couple of businesses that were just beginning to make money. They rang the electricity company and got them to give me more time to pay my bill and to remove the late payment fees.

Camcare’s Information and referral service is well placed to flag emerging needs, such as increased incidence of homelessness in older women, or more recently, awareness of asylum seekers in the community. We are able to follow up with collaborative action research or another innovative response as required.

Case Story

I was removed from my family at birth and grew up in an orphanage. I started drinking a lot of alcohol in my teens. I have been twice head injured in motor vehicle accidents in 1991 and 2003. I receive a Disability Support Pension, which is not much to live on. I live in a boarding house, which is no fun - other residents have assaulted me and my possessions have been stolen from my room.



Ben’s story illustrates the difference that such an intervention can be made.


Camcare Grants Given Telecommunication

When a client presents with complex issues, CSWs refer them on to Camcare’s ER Caseworker for professional intervention.

Community Support Information Enquiries 2011/2012

Volunteer Profile

Heather Mclean Role: Community Support Worker for 3 years Heather first started at Camcare as a volunteer in the Christmas Card Shop before becoming a volunteer Community Support Worker. It was the end of the day and I was putting out the remaining produce from our Fresh Fruit and Vegetable service, when a gentleman arrived. We chatted as he selected his food. He told me that he felt embarrassed taking the food as he was employed - but his hours had been reduced and he was finding it hard to feed his family. I walked home that night deeply affected and in tears after this brief exchange. It was an eye opener for me that this was happening in my local community – Boroondara. I have never forgotten the impact that conversation had on me. I have now been at Camcare for over three years. During this time I have completed a Diploma of Community Services (Financial Counselling), completing the required work placement for my diploma within the financial counselling team at Camcare. This was an invaluable experience which has enabled me to now work as a locum Financial Counsellor and relief Duty Worker, for this wonderful organisation.

Camcare has helped me heaps. I now have a Mental Health Care Plan and they submitted an early housing application for public housing. In addition I was referred to Opening Doors so my housing application could be upgraded. As I suffer from alcoholism and diagnosed depression and anxiety disorder, a referral was made to another organisation for assessment to determine the extent of my brain injury; its impact on my daily functioning and recommendations for a treatment plan. I rely on occasional help from Camcare’s Emergency Relief program. They hold a community barbeque every month which I attend. Also there is a weekly fresh food distribution for people like me who are struggling financially. Camcare has been great!

Emergency Relief


Client Services



Information and referral Camcare’s frontline volunteer Community Support Workers are trained to provide an Information and Referral Service. They are often the first port of call for people in crisis. The following table shows the type of enquiries and referrals that they routinely handle. Often people facing hardship may first contact Camcare with emergency relief needs to be given information on other avenues of assistance, or referred to both internal and external services and programs. It may be noted that internal referrals to Camcare’s other client services also come directly to Client Services via ChildFIRST, Maternal and Child Health nurses. Counselling referrals are also received and processed directly by Camcare’s Duty Workers. These figures are captured in program specific data and not reflected in the following chart.

Other Community Info.

15.5% 7.4%

Other Community Info.


Card Shop








Aged Care


Family Violence



Camcare Annual Report 2012

Community Support Services

Emerging Trends There is a small but significant number of asylum seekers who have been released from detention centres into community detention in Boroondara. Camcare continues to fill a service gap for this marginalised group by providing material aid and community information/support. We were able to assist 42 such clients who make up 4.5% of all ER clients. One area that this client group has identified as a need is recreation to offset mental stress caused by isolation and/or the after effects of detention. Our community support workers refer them to community gym programs and are currently advocating for this group with other local gyms and church groups to offer low cost gym services.



Tax Help Camcare’s Tax Help volunteers assisted 183 clients earning below $50,000 per annum to submit electronic Tax Returns. This free service is an initiative of the Australian Tax Office. Volunteers receive ATO accredited training each financial year.

Client Feedback My tax help adviser is competent and patient. Everyone at Camcare is helpful and kind.

Volunteer Profile

Anna Sekulovski Role: Reception Volunteer for 2 months Coming from a career in Customer Service with a financial planning firm, Anna brings a joie de vivre to her work creating a warm and professional welcome in her role as a volunteer Receptionist. I love meeting people and working with a diverse group of people such as those I meet everyday at Camcare – making new friends and work colleagues. I love cooking, I love my 2 teenage sons. I love the outdoors and go camping every January at our favourite site – Wilson’s Prom. I like going to the movies too. I love working at Camcare. I have even considered auditioning for Deal or No Deal to win funds for Camcare. This hasn’t happened yet – but watch this space!

Community BBQs The Fresh Food Program is followed by Camcare’s Community BBQ once a month at Camberwell in partnership with Inner East Community Health Services (IECHS) and NEAMI, the mental health service for the Eastern Region. Initially started to provide a safe place for Rooming House residents to have a social activity, the BBQs are now attended by a range of community members – people who may be experiencing social isolation, or who wish to meet others in the local community. Many who access the Thursday Fresh Food Program also stay on for the BBQ – including migrants newly arrived in Australia and finding their feet. Camcare also participates in weekly BBQs at Ashburton Housing Estate run in partnership with IECHS.

Volunteer Program Building a responsive culture of care is at the heart of Camcare’s Volunteer Program. In the past year, 198 volunteers were engaged in a variety of roles. Trained and skilled Community Support Workers (CSWs) deliver Emergency Relief, Information and Referral and Advocacy. CSWs continue to upgrade their skills through monthly ongoing training. Topics included how to deal with challenging behaviours, family violence or the Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST). In addition they attended other external forums such as FaCSHIA’s Financial Management Forum, training in financial literacy, tenancy issues and mental health.

There are other volunteer roles which allow people to contribute a range of skills and varied amounts of time. Tax Help volunteers work seasonally from July to October. Other seasonal volunteering roles include Card Shop volunteers or school students who come in for an intensive burst of packing and shopping for Christmas Hampers in December. Some choose to contribute in roles ranging from fundraising events - modelling for the Blue Illusion fashion parade or helping at a Bunnings sausage sizzle – to caring for toddlers at supported groups for mothers with postnatal depression. Many people volunteer as individuals. However, Camcare also engages groups of volunteers from local schools, the Friends of St Johns Anglican Church, or Rotary. Five new volunteer pathways were created in the past year – administration support in IT, HR, a quality officer working on our Client Feedback Project, reception volunteers and Community BBQ volunteers. In addition, the last year has seen added engagement from community members who have accessed our services. Camcare welcomes diversity and values perspectives from all members of our community. Camcare’s Volunteer Program is a vital tool for community engagement and creating responsive attitudes in the local community.


Community Support Services

Camcare Annual Report 2012

Fresh Food Program

What Difference Have We Made?

The Fresh Food Program offers a ‘market-style’ service of vegetables, fruit and eggs delivered every Thursday from our Camberwell site. It is a volunteer run program and operates 52 weeks of the year, filling a crucial gap, particularly during the Christmas and New Year period when most emergency relief services close down. The service model is one of community engagement with service users both volunteering as well as donating produce from their kitchen gardens whenever available – bunches of basil, lemons and limes or feijoas make their way in the form of a food swap to the community vegetable table, augmenting the bulk of produce that is sourced weekly via Second Bite.

Following is a case story which illustrates the impact of the Fresh Food Program.

Total Episodes of Service 2011/2012

All I could afford to eat was porridge and bread. I was pale, sick and weak and not coping at all. My friend told me about Camcare’s Fresh Food Program on Thursdays and brought me here. I started coming every week. It just meant that I could eat real food – vegetables, fruit and eggs. It was about a month before I started feeling better. I am now back on my feet and am doing my PhD. It is reassuring to know that this service is there even though I don’t need to use it very often now.

Episodes of Service Monthly Average

1260 105

In addition there is a free bi-weekly bread service on Tuesdays and Fridays, also managed by volunteers. On Wednesdays, a Camcare volunteer bus driver transports clients from designated stops including the Ashburton housing estate to the Ashwood Market managed by Monashlink, which sells low-cost vegetables.

Felicity’s story illustrates the reality of food insecurity in Boroondara.


Case Story

I am a medical researcher in my early thirties who became unemployed last year. I was on the Centrelink Newstart allowance, renting and living on my own.

Fresh Food Program - Episodes of Service 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0













market day & fresh food market day


Camcare Annual Report 2012

Key Events & Local Business Involvement

Key Events & Local Business Involvement Fundraising Events and Key Donors

Camcare Grand Concert On 13 November 2011, Hawthorn Rotary and Camcare staged another Grand Concert in the James Tatoulis Auditorium at the Methodist Ladies College to raise funds to support parent education programs provided by Camcare. Our Patron and MC for the occasion, Tony Charlton, arranged for many of the performers who generously gave their time on a pro bono basis. There were a variety of first class acts including the virtuoso pianist, Alan Kogosowski performing pieces from the Romantic repertoire and premier violinist, Sally Cooper. Janet Ross-Fahy and two musicians played a number of jazz standards to the delight of the audience. The Blackburn High School Band also performed big band jazz pieces with a vocalist and a pair of Elite Dancesport Dancers wowed the audience with their athletic performance, including a tango. Delicious baked goods were provided by Bakers Delight for afternoon tea. Shell Australia kindly printed posters and programs for the event. Jellis Craig generously produced and installed the billboards around Boroondara advertising the concert. Six thousand dollars was raised which has supported a range of parenting groups including group work for women with post natal depression and parent education delivered in a range of local venues.

Grill’d Camberwell

Twice, Grill’d Camberwell has supported Camcare as one of three nominated agencies to whom customers can direct a donation from the store, raising funds to support our activities, including the kitchen garden project.

Bunnings Hawthorn Sausage Sizzle

Camcare was lucky to be allocated a weekend before Christmas in the ballot for the very popular Hawthorn Bunnings Sausage Sizzle. Members of our Board, community service students from Trinity Grammar and some staff cooked and provided customer service, raising $1,700. Again Bakers Delight generously donated sliced bread and Kew Butcher, Joyce and Son, provided first rate sausages at wholesale price. Bunnings have been a supporter of Camcare activities, too, providing a BBQ and sports equipment for our community BBQ for boarding house residents and those in social housing, at Camcare’s Camberwell Office. They have also provided expertise in relation to a project to develop a kitchen garden on site, advising on construction and costing materials for six raised garden beds.

Evolution Fitness Centre, North Balwyn

This centre held a fitness challenge for its members with the aim of losing weight and gaining physical fitness. $1,400 was raised for Camcare to support people in need in Boroondara.

Blue Illusion Camberwell A fantastic night was had at a fashion parade organised by our President, Karen White with Blue Illusion Manager, Jennifer Stewart. Canapés (provided by Board Member, Russell Lane) and a glass of champagne were enjoyed as two of Camcare’s volunteers and a store staff model modelled a range of clothes and accessories. The women who attended enjoyed the opportunity to mingle and search for that perfect piece to add to their wardrobe and so support Camcare’s work in the community. $1,000 was raised through this event. This year has seen several local businesses seek to support their community by raising funds for Camcare. We welcome these partnerships not only for the contribution they make to supporting Camcare’s activities with those in need in Boroondara, but also for the opportunity they provide to promote the work we do with wider audiences. Thank you to each of the businesses involved for their generous support.

Program Sponsorship by Bendigo Bank

The Canterbury Branch of the Bendigo Bank contributed $5,000 to parent education for residents on the public housing estates in Boroondara. Camcare invited parents to come to initial consultation meetings to discuss their parenting concerns and the support they would like. A range of activities have been delivered for them and their children based on their feedback. Parent education has been provided on topics such as promoting healthy development through play, hearing and language development and managing sibling rivalry. This program has engaged women from lower socio economic backgrounds who previously were harder to reach and also provided them with opportunities for positive social contact.

Camcare Charity Card and Gift Shop Operations 2011-2012 This important annual fundraising event celebrated its thirtieth year of operation. Thirty five charities participated by selling Christmas cards to raise money for the various vital services they provide. $82,839 was distributed to the charities from these sales. The Card Shop also made a net contribution to Camcare of $28,000. Much of the work to run this enterprise is undertaken by many dedicated volunteers who order stock, display merchandise, provide customer service and perform a myriad other important tasks. Their generous participation under the guidance of the manager, Angela Partridge, has underpinned another highly successful season in 2011. We look forward to moving this enterprise to new premises in the Camberwell retail zone in time for the 2013 opening.

Client Feedback Now I know some questions to ask BEFORE I sign up to anything; maybe we should talk about money things at home.


Camcare Annual Report 2012

Thank You for Supporting Camcare

Commitment to Quality Services A key aim at Camcare is to continuously improve the quality of the services we provide. This includes every aspect of the contact we have with those who seek our services from reception, information provision, professional support, and handling complaints. We also want to improve on Camcare’s accessibility to people represented in the local population, including those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. To this end we have invested in a range of new service questionnaires to seek the views of our clients and use their feedback to improve, where possible, on our services. We have also undertaken a cultural sensitivity project aimed to introduce staff to the cultural practices of different groups and the implications for service delivery. Camcare has invested in regular review and development of a range of policies and procedures to underpin our governance and our service provision in line with standards applied in the sector and best practice approaches. A key element of providing a quality professional service in the human services industry is ensuring regular supervision of staff which encourages reflection and provides opportunity to share experience and learn from others (whether experts in their field or peers). Camcare has strengthened the supervision it provides for staff. This sits alongside a focus on ensuring staff have training in areas of key competence for the positions they fulfil. This year Camcare was again subject to an external review by Australian Health Associates (AHA) against the Department of Human Services Registration Standards for community services organisations. We were found to meet or exceed the standards which encompass governance, management and service provision. Our policies were reviewed, staff interviewed, site inspection occurred and samples of various files were audited. As part of the review, other key stakeholders who form the Alliance of providers delivering Family Services in the inner eastern suburbs were contacted. Camcare received recognition for our contribution to practice development, cross sector cooperation and collaboration (particularly in the area of Family Violence) and our strategic leadership. This exemplifies our commitment to working in partnership with other providers to provide a suite of services relevant to the needs of those in the local community.

Volunteer Profile

Ken I remember being poor: struggling on two incomes there were times when cash was short. It meant no video rental, take away, let alone dining out. But if things were dire we had options - family and friends to turn to, credit at the bank, and second mortgage options if things got that serious. There is a difference between being poor and living in poverty. Poverty can take many forms: what I know and shared with many is homelessness. It’s a gradual process that leaves in its wake the couches of friends and family along with their patience. Eventually you are no longer welcome in that familiar circle. You sleep rough and eke out an existence. What does not fit into a backpack gets left behind. A succession of low rentals and boarding houses and eventually one becomes comfortable with one’s way of life. I have come to understand poverty. I can now compare it to being poor. Poverty relates directly to cash in one’s pocket - NO CASH “S**T”. There is no pantry. There is no fridge. There is no freezer, no goods to pawn and no family or friends to turn to. My next meal? shelter tonight? Even mothers with children can find themselves in this situation. It’s during these times that you discover the support systems most of which are non-government, non-profit and manned by volunteers. Camcare sees these people come through their doors - not always in the depths of their misfortunes but the scars will always be there.

Thank You for Supporting Camcare The people to whom Camcare provides services benefit enormously from the generous contributions of those listed on these pages. We would like to thank them all for the support and collaboration they have provided to Camcare for its work within the community. Life Members • Reg Adam • Kay Bodna • Pam McCarthy

• Kath Nicholls • Ted Russell • Jeff Wunderlich

Members • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Margaret Adams Vera Beam Des Cole Helen Coulthard Jenny Cropley Jessie-Elizabeth Duthie Heather Eather Ian Farrer Mary-Anne Gallagher Paul Hobson Russell Lane John Lester Patsy Littlejohn Margaret Menting

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Elaine Merton Vivien Millane Betty Pearce Rosie Potaznik Professor Kerry Pratt Tricia Preston Ivy Raadik Keith Reid Anne Rosenfeldt Jenny Smithers Suzanne Teese Owen Vanzuyden Martin Vaughan Judith Voce Karen White

Volunteers • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Monica Abrahams Reg Adam Margaret Adams Kathy Agoos Mardi Andrew Will Arrowsmith Margaret Baker Mark Balfour Iman Balla Sally Barker Deirdre Barnett Judith Batrouney Anne Baxter Kenneth Baysinger Vera Beam Judy Beaufort Suzzanne Beck Jane Bergamin Louisa Best Rachelle BetterJohnston Ebony Blake Trish Boykett Sue Brink Heather Bromley Michelle Busse Rachel Cahill Lizzie Caldwell Millie Campain John Carter Lisa Cheung Lok Chow Angela Chu Des Cole Helen Consta Caitlin Cooper Helen Coulthard

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Jan Cox Elizabeth Creber Joan Crowe Sophia Daicos Catherine Daniel Margaret Davies Maree Dean Lisa Derome Brock Didenko Carryn Duff Betty Duke Sarah Ellis Jan Evans Rosaleen Falkiner Ian Farrer Vicki Finlay Peter Forwood Gillian Forwood Roger Frankel Stephanie Gibson Lynette Giddings Jan Gordon Glassford Vera Glock Mary Glue Bill Goodwin Jenny Gotzpapillo Margaret Gray Elaine Greaves Katherin Grelis Sandy Gumley Katrina Hamer Diana Hansen Kyriakoula Haramantas Jenni Hatfield Ted Hayley Gae Hayley Latha Henry


Camcare Annual Report 2012

Thank You for Supporting Camcare

Volunteers (con’t) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Betty Hewitt Paul Hobson Michelle Hoodbhoy Michele Hore Joanna Hu Angela Hull Matthew Jackman Jane Jeffers Hera Jim Thea Karanasio Sudarat Karinsen Fredrick Keck Alex Kerin Jad Khallouf Maria Kharsas Pamela Kirkpatrick Jackie Knight Glenys Knox Andrea Ko Paula Kolivas Ling Kong Alessandra La Mattina Ruth Lai Janice Lai Olivia Lall Diana Lamonato Sebastiano Lamonato Russell Lane Jake Lane Emilia Lawson John Lester Meredith Liddle Linda Limantoro Anne Lockrey Lauren Marc Maxine Marks Maddi Marks Margaret Mathews Pam McCarthy Sali McFarlane Bernadette McGregor Margaret McLaren Heather McLean Dawn Merrick Elaine Merton Susan Miles Peter Milligan

Corporate • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Aditi Modi Karyn Morgan Sam Morrison Debbie Muir Yvonne Nardone Kath Nicholls Carole Nicholls Wei Ning Julia O`Brien Gerard O`Keefe Shaun O`Brien Caroline Oliver Campbell Paine Betty Parbery Betty Pearce Kha Pham Phuong Maria Porciuncula Mim Poyner Barbara Praetz Tricia Preston Catherine Purchase Ivy Raadik Jane Rait Beverley Rangott Rhonda Ray Lyn Read Keith Reid Kay Richards Rosie Rigoni Jan Roberts Jake Rollins Bill Rosen Anne Rosenfeldt Anthea Rutter Lipsa Salvi Paramjit Sangha Pamela Sansom Leni Schiller Ampt Greg Scott Anna Sekulovski Moira Sheehan Prakash Shivnani Lynda Shore John Simpson Odette Simpson Raymond Sinclair Jean Sloman

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Rosemary Smith Jennifer Smithers Steven Sota Raj Sran Patricia Stallwood Anne Stansfeld Barbara Stuart Smith Susan Taylor Jeanette Thompson Rosita To Jan Twite Michael Uccellini Shonaid Uccellini Owen Vanzuyden Dominic Veljanovaski Judith Voce

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Rosemary Waghorne Jennifer Wallace Robyn Warmus Lorraine Watt Rick Western Sue White Karen White Indika Wijayawardane Jennifer Williams Judy Williams Hope Winters Lesley Withers Averil Worner Jeff Wunderlich Joanne Xie

Donors Friends of Camcare • • • • • • • •

• •

• • • • • • • • • •

Kay Bodna (silver) Paul Hobson (gold) Alan Reid (gold) Owen Vanzuyden (gold) Margaret Adams Bakers Delight Sue Barnett Gaynor & Denis Bearsley (The Roast Kitchen) Belmore Hot Bread Bakery Boroondara Bushwalkers Association Bread Street Bakery Magda Celejewska Des Cole Concierge Knitters Sue & Jess Cummings Geoffrey Davey Gae Hayley Joyce & Son Pty Ltd Sonali Le Broque Greg & Anne Lockery

• Patsy Littlejohn • Andrew Martin • Maddie, Emma & Charlie McDonald • Margaret Menting • Debbie & Michael Muir • Kerry Pratt • Keith Reid • Anne Rosenfeldt • Ted Russell • Sackville Grange Residents • Association • Rob Sayer • Jennifer Smithers • Sofia’s Restaurant, Camberwell • Michael Turner • Helen Wagner

• A  CER (Australian Council for Educational Research) • Blue Illusion, Camberwell • Bunnings, Hawthorn • Core Consulting Group • Evolution Fitness Centre, North Balwyn

• G  rill’d Restaurant Pty Ltd, Camberwell • MA Coulthard & Assoc. P/L • Second Bite • Woolworths, Camberwell

Philanthropic Trusts • F reemasons Public Charitable Foundation

Churches • A  shburton Baptist Church • Ashburton Presbyterian Church • Ashburton Uniting Church • Auburn Baptist Church • Camberwell Uniting Church • Glen Iris Road Uniting Church • North Balwyn Baptist Church • North Balwyn Baptist Church Craft Club

• S econd Church of Christ, Scientist, Melbourne • St Bridget’s Catholic Church • St Dunstan’s Anglican Church • St Faith’s Anglican Church • St John’s Anglican Church • St Mark’s Anglican Church • St Oswald’s Anglican Church

Service Clubs • 1st Hartwell Guides • Camp Australia • Deepdene Balwyn Lodge • Greenacres Golf Club • Knitonegiveone (KOGO) • Lions Club of BoroondaraGardiners Creek, Inc. • Neighbourhood Watch Region 4 Div. 2 Inc. Kew • Rotary Club of Balwyn

Volunteer Profile

Prakash Shivnani Role: Admin Support – HR for nine months Our minds are always calculative, working on profit and loss. If a boss were to visit our home, we would lay the red carpet to welcome him and make him happy. But if a low profile person visited, it could be that we would hardly offer them a glass of water as we would not get any benefit from them. Volunteering is helping others and spreading happiness without any motive but to serve mankind. At Camcare there is a multicultural team working together to help the people of Boroondara. Innovative methods of delivering service are followed here which makes volunteers and client both sensitive to being a part of the same community. This is well illustrated in action at the Fresh Food program where I assist. I am involved more with back end operations maintaining volunteer records. The increasing number of volunteers seems to me to be a symbol of increase in selflessness in the community members. Due to competition the survival of the fittest exists, but at Camcare no one is treated any better or less than anyone else – all are equal. The great Indian mystic Kabir said: “Avval Allah Noor Upaya Qudrat Keh Sub Banday, Aik Noor Keh Sub Jag Upajiya, Kaun Bhale Ko Mandhe.” God created Light out of which all beings were born. From this One Light came the entire universe. So who is good, and who is bad?

Schools • R  otary Club of Camberwell • Rotary Club of Glenferrie • Rotary Club of Hawthorn • Rotary Club of North Balwyn • Soroptimist International Chisholm

• A  shburton Primary School • Camberwell Anglican Girls’ Grammar • Camberwell Primary School

• D  eepdene Primary School • Presbyterian Ladies’ College • Ruyton Girls’ School • Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar


Camcare Annual Report 2012

Board Members

Board Members

Dr Karen White (President)

PhD (Melb), BA, BSW, MSW, Dip Bus, Karen joined the board in October 2007, serving as vice president in 2008 and president since October 2009. Karen is a social worker and educator with experience in the provision of community and mental health services to children, youth and families locally, interstate and overseas. Karen completed her PhD research on engaging with young people to enable their perspectives to be better recognised in service provision, and has also conducted evaluations in the child and youth and mental health field. As a local resident and parent of three children, Karen has been actively involved in the Boroondara community through management roles in kindergarten, school and other community and sporting activities. Attendance at board meetings for 2011/2012: 100 per cent

Owen Vanzuyden (Vice President)

BBus (Monash), FAICD, FFin

Owen joined Camcare and the Board in October 2008. Previously his career was in Banking and Finance which encompassed general management and directing roles. Since his retirement from his career he has been pursuing his interests in civic and community service. He chose to join Camcare in particular as it represents caring for those in need in the local community. Owen has a Degree in Business and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. In 2007 he also completed the State Government sponsored Leadership Victoria Experience Program. Owen is currently a member of Camcare’s Finance and Audit Committee. After residing interstate and overseas for many years, for the last nine years he and his family have lived in Kew. Attendance at board meetings for 2011/2012: 85 per cent

John Lester (Treasurer)

BA, MBA, BMus, CPA John joined the board in October 2008. He has had over 20 years experience as a company senior executive, and then 20 years experience as a director in both the private sector and government, including chairmanship of statutory authorities in local government, horticulture and the water industry. Currently he is chairman of Stihl Pty Ltd, chair of the audit committee of the Shire of Yarra Ranges, and a member of several other boards. John is also currently chair of Camcare’s Finance and Audit Committee and a member of the IT Committee. John maintains his interest in music as a member of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Chorus, and as a church musician. He has lived in Boroondara for more than 50 years. Attendance at board meetings for 2011/2012: 85 per cent

Judith Voce

BA (Hons), MAICD, Dip Computer Programming, Dip IPSA(Aust) Judith joined the board as secretary in 2005 and served as president from October 2006 to October 2009. In 1999 Judith was elected a councillor in the City of Boroondara, and was elected mayor in 2003 and 2004. In conjunction with her business career, Judith has held many community positions and is currently chair of the Boroondara General Cemetery Trust. In 2009 Judith was appointed for three years as a Municipal Governance Panel Member of the inaugural Victorian Councillor Conduct Panel. Judith has a double Honours Degree in Politics and History from the University of Melbourne, and is a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Judith is currently a member of Camcare’s Finance & Audit Committee, Marketing, Fundraising & Public Relations Committee, and has been involved in a number of specific working groups during the year. Attendance at board meetings for 2011/2012: 85 per cent

Betty Pearce

Russell Lane


Russell Lane comes to the board with a background in finance, stakeholder management and marketing. He is a local resident who has been actively involved with many local and community services and brings a commitment to supporting Camcare’s fundraising and marketing development.

Betty Pearce is a local GP with an extensive background in health services, including medical education. She joined Camcare’s Board in October 2011 and also volunteers with Fresh Food Distribution. Betty returned to Melbourne 10 years ago after starting off as a rural doctor. There she developed, and now sustains a commitment to being involved in a wide range of medical and community activities. Attendance at board meetings for 2011/2012: 57 per cent

Attendance at board meetings for 2011/2012: 71 per cent


Camcare Annual Report 2012

Board Members

Board Members

Vivien Millane (Secretary)

Margaret Adams

Keith Reid (Resigned)

B Ed, Dip SpEd, Dip Ed Admin

B.Sc (Tech) (Hons), MBA

Vivien is an English barrister, who holds master degrees in education and law. Her professional experience includes legal practice, general management, teaching, public speaking, policy development and delivery. She has authored numerous educational texts and has held leadership positions in the education sector, including that of principal. Whilst bringing up her three children, Vivien served on two not-forprofit boards, Down Syndrome Association Victoria and EPIC. She graduated from Leadership Victoria in 2009 and joined the Board of Camcare to make a contribution to her local community. Vivien and her husband, Brendan, have lived in Boroondara for over 30 years.

Margaret is a trained teacher with post graduate qualifications in Special Education and Educational Administration. Margaret taught in schools in the north and east of Melbourne before becoming a principal. She then moved into a senior position in a regional office where her role involved advising and supporting principals and their school communities, chairing a statewide appeals panel and representing the region on a number of state-wide committees. Margaret is a trained Camcare CSW and has volunteered at Camcare since 2001. With the exception of two brief periods, Margaret has lived in Boroondara since 1958. Margaret is Camcare’s privacy officer and is currently a member of Camcare’s IT Committee.

Attendance at board meetings for 2011/2012: 85 per cent

Attendance at board meetings for 2011/2012: 100 per cent

Keith has been a volunteer at Camcare since 2007 and is a member of the Camcare Tax Help group and the Emergency Relief and IT Committees. He has an Honours degree in Chemical Engineering from Manchester University in England and an MBA (Master in Business Administration) from Melbourne University. Since coming to Australia from England Keith has spent over 40 years in Information Technology working in planning, line management and consultancy. He worked as a consulting director for the French Canadian Company DMR and subsequently started his own business. Before his retirement in 2006 he was a member of the Australian Computer Society. Keith now teaches English at the North Richmond Community Health Centre and has been tutoring a Chinese student.

BSc (Econ), Barrister at Law, DipEd, MPubIntLaw, M.Ed Policy (International)

Keith joined Camcare to assist people in need and has found this very rewarding. Attendance at board meetings for 2011/2012: 50 per cent

Tony Charlton AM

Suzanne Teese (Resigned)

Suzanne Teese was the CEO of Great Connections, a micro Not-for-Profit organisation connecting mature aged skilled volunteers with Victorian Not-for-Profit organisations in need of support. After a long career as a special educator and school principal, Suzanne has established an ‘encore career’ in the community sector.

Camcare is privileged to have Tony Charlton AM as Patron of the agency. Tony’s professional career was in radio and television, including 14 years working as a national sports producer and commentator with Channel 9. He has also organised successful major events, including Australia’s three premier golf tournaments.

Attendance at board meetings for 2011/2012: 50 per cent

Tony has again played a key role in assisting Camcare to gain access to expertise in marketing and fundraising this year.

(Patron of Camcare)

Tony hosts key fundraising events for the agency. He was instrumental in negotiating a grant from Tattersall’s George Adams Foundation for the Family Violence Project. He is a Life Governor of the Alfred Hospital; Member of the Sport Australia Hall of Fame and the AFL Hall of Fame.

Professor Kerry Prat

PhD, DEng (Melb), FTSE, FIEAust, FIChE, FRACI, FAICD Kerry joined the board in 2008, he serves as a member of the Financial , Audit and Risk Management Committee and Chair of the Innovations Working Group. He brings strong governance experience gained  in joint venture boards (including a national Research Institute focused on social housing) while as Deputy Vice- Chancellor (Research) at Swinburne University. He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and completed the Leadership Victoria Experience Bank program, focusing on not-for- profit boards. Currently he works part time as Theme Leader (Energy), Monash Sustainability Institute,  Monash University. His interests are gardening, carpentry, sailing and music - he is a deputy  organist (and Vestry member) at a Boroondara church that has strong links with Camcare. He became aware of Camcare through that church’s association and wanted to give back to the community in gratitude for the many blessings he has received in life. Attendance at board meetings for 2011/2012: 100 per cent


Camcare Annual Report 2012

Financial Performance

Corporate Services

Camcare Incorporated Summary Statement of Comprehensive Income For the Year Ended 30 June 2012 2012















After the move to St. Johns’ Avenue last financial year, 2011/12 presented an opportunity to further upgrade our computer systems hardware and operating software so as to facilitate more efficient and cost effective IT services at our Camberwell and Ashburton sites. Staff and volunteers have settled in well to the new environment which has enhanced the quality of services provided to our clients.

Funding Sources 2011-2012











Card Shop income other than interest Donations Client Contributions



Family Fund, Hampers and Loan Scheme



Sundry Income















Electricity, Gas & Water



Gardening & Cleaning





Printing & Stationery



Professional Fees



Expenditure on Minor Projects



Sundry expenses








Motor vehicles



Other employment costs





Interest received


Financial Performance


The majority (76%) of our revenue is provided through various service agreements with the City of Boroondara, Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA), Department of Human Services (DHS) and the Department of Justice. In total these agreements provided $1.171m. The main non service agreement revenue is donations, interest receipts and the net contribution from the card shop. Interest income was lower due to lower applicable rates on average; with the net contribution from the card shop ($28,000) similar to 2011. Camcare has renegotiated its agreement with the City of Boroondara for a further three years commencing in July 2012. A new agreement with DHS also commences in 2012/13.

The Board established the Margaret Chadwick Education Scholarship in recognition of the contribution made by one of Camcare’s longest serving volunteers. The Scholarship will be supported by the interest generated from the investment of allocated reserve funds. It is expected that the first scholarship will be awarded in February 2013.




We have undertaken an Occupational Health and Safety review of the premises and have put in place revised policies and practices to enhance the safety of staff, volunteers, clients and visitors. The implementation of operational changes and policy reviews has been facilitated by the excellent administration team across both sites. Without their ongoing tolerance and support, such changes would be a challenge still under consideration instead of being implemented.

Camcare’s principal operating cost is salaries and associated on-cost. Staffing costs are determined by the various service agreements and the specified targets and outcomes sought by the funder. The successful operation of Camcare is greatly enhanced by the contribution of its many volunteers. Of particular note is the contribution in the areas of reception administration and operation of the card shop. We would estimate the total value of this contribution at approximately $353,000 per year.



Salaries and wages

Council Grants - City of Boroondara


Dept of Justice - Financial Counselling (State Govt.)


Dept. Human Services - Family Support


24% 3%

Sundry Income


Card Shop Revenue


Use of Buildings


Other Grants


FaHCSIA - Emergency Relief - Aust. Govt.



Training & Staff Development

Emergency Relief Payments and Supplies



Card Shop expenses



Admin cost recovery



Family Fund, Hampers and Loans Scheme





SURPLUS/(DEFICIT) FOR YEAR Net gain/(loss) on revaluation of financial assets

(16,239) (4,775)

51,138 2,335




Rent of buildings TOTAL EXPENSES


Camcare Annual Report 2012

Financial Performance

Camcare Incorporated

Camcare Incorporated

Summary Statement of Financial Position As at 30 June 2012

Summary Statement of Changes in Equity For the Year Ended 30 June 2012 2012










Retained Surplus






Balance at 1 July 2011




Profit attributable to members of the entity





ASSETS CURRENT ASSETS Cash and cash equivalents Trade receivables NILS Loans





Investments available for sale



Property, plant and equipment












Balance at 30 June 2012




Retained Surplus































Total other comprehensive income for the year






Balance at 1 July 2011 Profit attributable to members of the entity Total other comprehensive income for the year



CURRENT LIABILITIES Creditors & accrued charges Taxes Payable














Employee benefits









Provisions for employee benefits Grants received in advance TOTAL CURRENT LIABILITIES

Balance at 30 June 2011

Summary Statement of Cash Flows For the Year Ended 30 June 2012

CASH FLOWS FROM OPERATING ACTIVITIES: Receipts of grants from council and governments Receipts from donations and other income


Payments to suppliers and employees

Retained Earnings



Interest received






Net cash provided by (used in) operating activities



Payment of furniture & equipment



Net cash used by investing activities



Net increase (decrease) in cash and cash equivalents held



Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of year



Cash and cash equivalents at end of financial year






Camcare Annual Report 2012

Organisation Structure

Organisation Structure Board of Governance Karen White, Russell Lane, John Lester, Margaret Adams, Betty Pearce, Kerry Pratt, Owen Vanzuyden, Judith Voce, Vivien Millane, Suzanne Teese, Keith Reid

Chief Executive Officer

Executive Assistant

Jane Broadhead

Christine Goh

Financial Counsellors

Business Manager

Manager Counselling & Family Services

Manager Community Support

Donna Letchford / Julie Turner • Financial Counselling - Information about credit law - Debt collection practice - Advice about entitlements • No Interest Loan Scheme

David McLaughlan • Finance • Human Resources • Administration Services • Information Technology • Camcare Enterprise • OH&S • Fleet Management • Property Maintenance

Helen Consta • Counselling - General - Youth • Family Services • Parenting • School Based Programs • Family Violence

Pari Sanyü • Volunteer Management • Community support and liaison • Emergency Relief (ER) • Case Management for ER clients with mental health issues


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Camcare Annual Report 2012

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Offering emergency relief and material aid such as food and food vouchers Providing information about services in the community Linking people into Camcare’s counselling and support services Undertaking important administrative roles.

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Camcare Annual Report 2012  

Camcare Annual Report for financial year 2012 - 2013

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