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Camcare Annual Report 2014

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04 Vision and Strategic Plan 07 Introducing the Patron

08 CEO and President Reports 10 The Board 12 Camcare Programs: Our Services 24 Thank you to our Supporters 25 Organisational Statistics 28 Corporate Services 29 Financials 33 Support Camcare 34 Key Events & Partners

Acknowledgement Camcare would like to thank the Board, staff and volunteers who contributed to this publication. Special thanks to John Best, photographer, who provided his professional services on a pro bono basis and Christie Davis Design for her production,

Privacy Statement We respect your privacy and we comply with privacy laws. Our privacy policy is available on site and at our website and sets out our responsibilities and your rights about the collection, use and disclosure of information we collect.

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Camcare Annual Report 2014

Vision & Strategic Plan

Vision & Strategic Plan

Key Result Areas & Objectives Evidence informed & effective Nuturing Connected Sustainable EVIDENCE INFORMED & EFFECTIVE


To deliver services that assist our clients to achieve the outcomes that they seek

A fair and inclusive community

Objective 1: Deliver a set of relevant, client-focussed services that are used and valued


We are an Independent Community Service Organisation committed to social justice, building individual and community well-being through advocacy and the provision of individualised services for people facing personal adversity


Objective 2: Utilise relevant, contemporary research and data to understand and respond to community issues and needs Objective 3: Have sound evidence to be able to demonstrate the impact and effectiveness of our services Objective 4: Build indigenous cultural competence across the


Social Equity • W  e facilitate social inclusion by promoting the rights of individuals to participate in the community • We prioritise service delivery according to need

NURTURING To maintain an inclusive, respectful and supportive organisational culture

Objective 5: Encourage a culture of community involvement and secure improved participation and partnerships with key stakeholders

Respect • We treat people with dignity and courtesy • We promote individual strengths • We value difference and diversity

Objective 6: Ensure all staff and volunteers are skilled, motivated

and supported

Care and Compassion

CONNECTED To have the right relationships with our variety of stakeholders

• We listen to all with empathy and understanding • We respond effectively and with care

Objective 7: Engage with the clients, government and other

Working Together

stakeholders to promote our services

• We work collaboratively towards shared goals and outcomes


Objective 8: Assist our clients and community to identify key issues for service development and advocacy with decision makers.

• We meet our commitments to our clients • We meet our responsibilities to our stakeholders

Objective 9: Maintain strong, effective relationships with partner organisations for collaborative delivery of services

Striving for Quality


• W  e are committed to improving our performance • We are proactive in recognising and addressing emerging needs

To ensure we have secure long-term funding and the required resources and infrastructure

Objective 10: Maximise government and non-government funding Objective 11: Maximise the amount of unencumbered funds available to Camcare to support infrastructure and innovation Objective 12: Integrate environmentally responsible practices Objective 13: Explore and promote opportunities for expansion of services consistent with the organisation’s mission to enhance sustainability and gain efficiency of scale

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Camcare Annual Report 2014

Camcare Launch of Strategic Plan

Introducing the Patron Camcare is honoured to have secured Professor David de Kretser, AC as our new Patron. A distinguished medical researcher and academic, former Governor of Victoria (2006 – 2011) and local resident, Professor de Kretser is a reproductive endocrinologist with appointments at Monash University as Professor of Anatomy, the founding Director of the Monash Institute of Medical Research and Associate Dean for Biotechnology Development. He is a Sir John Monash Distinguished Professor; a Companion of the Order of Australia; a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, the Australian Academy of Science and the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering. He has served as the President of the International Society of Andrology. Professor de Kretser continues to undertake research in areas including defining the causes of male infertility and the hormonal regulation of reproduction. In 2000 he initiated a highly successful program of community and professional education in male reproductive health called Andrology Australia.

Camcare Launch of Strategic Plan Last year, Camcare’s Board developed a new Strategic Plan. The plan features four key result areas to strengthen Camcare and ensure our continued relevance to the local community. They are Evidence Informed and Effective, Nurturing, Connected and Sustainable. The Strategic Plan is included here for your information. Already in the first year, much has been achieved. Highlights include diversification of service and funding sources with the advent of new programs: clinical services for children (PS4Kids), youth and adults and the after hours counselling service with Cairnmillar Institute. Camcare has also commenced a relationship with Boorndawan Healing Centre to promote increased understanding and cooperation between our organization and local indigenous groups. A second round of Margaret Chadwick Scholarships was awarded to two students from low income backgrounds who were in need of support to encourage their continued participation and improved achievement at school. Camcare has engaged with specific

communities including those living on low incomes and attending our organization for emergency relief through the fresh food market, kitchen garden and monthly community BBQs. We have also consulted and worked with the Ashburton public housing residents to understand the issues they are grappling with and provide opportunities to address these through service provision and advocacy. We continue to develop a range of strong partnerships with other organisations, including the Victorian Women’s Legal Service, which enable the delivery of expanded or new service responses to critical needs in our community. The Strategic Plan was launched by our Patron, Professor David de Kretser, in March 2014 before an audience of funding bodies, supporters and staff. Professor de Kretser highlighted the importance of the current work undertaken by Camcare in the local community through its continued support to people who are impacted by disadvantage and personal adversity.

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Camcare Annual Report 2014

From the CEO

From the President

What a challenging and significant year it has been, provoking a range of emotions among staff and supporters of Camcare. Camcare and other organisations in the sector have been impacted by changes in government policy and purchasing practices. The year ended with the closure of a highly valued Financial Counselling service, due to re-commissioning decisions made by the Department of Justice, Consumer Affairs Victoria. These decisions rationalized the number of providers and changed the model of service. Despite our best efforts Camcare was unable to successfully partner with other community service organisations in the inner eastern area of Melbourne to continue to deliver a service. Camcare had successfully provided Financial Counselling services since 1976 in the municipalities of Boroondara and Monash. People in these areas now need to attend services in Box Hill or Oakleigh. One of our staff was made redundant and another has been seconded for eighteen months to a new funded project at the Victorian Women’s Legal Service. Both financial counsellors, Julie Turner and Donna Letchford, made an enormous contribution to the organisation, the many people they provided services to and the sector through their tireless advocacy on local and national issues, including reforming banking hardship practices. The Federal Department of Social Services (DSS) has reduced budget allocations and re-commissioned services, including Emergency Relief. Agencies have formed partnerships to provide in bigger catchments. Camcare has yet to be advised whether the submission in which we participated has been successful. Helen Consta, Manager Counselling and Family Services, resigned from Camcare in May after more than eight years service. She was a much respected professional within Camcare and among her colleagues in the Eastern Region. One of her key contributions was to develop new programs and forge constructive partnerships to expand Camcare’s service delivery.

“Camcare has received further funding via Inner Eastern Melbourne Medicare Local for twelve months”

From the President

On the up side, Camcare has also applied to DSS as the lead agency to provide federally funded financial counselling services in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne in partnership with Doncare, Uniting Care East Burwood Centre and Box Hill Citizen’s Advice Bureau. Camcare has received further funding via Inner Eastern Melbourne Medicare Local for twelve months to continue to deliver clinical psychological services to children 0-12 years and new funding to June 2015 to extend services to youth and adults. We are a participant in a submission for a new service pilot which is part of the DHS reform agenda, called Services Connect. This initiative brings together staff from a consortium of DHS funded agencies including disability, youth, health, family violence and family services to provide integrated services to people who need access to a suite of interventions to meet their needs.

The year 2013-14 was one of significant internal growth and development for the Board and the organisation. It enhanced the growing professionalism of Camcare and increased the respect that Camcare has earned — both in our local community and in the wider not-for-profit sector. The external environment, however, was one of ever greater turbulence and challenge.

Camcare. Matt Walker is a local business person who has helped particularly in raising awareness of Camcare in the business community. We were honoured during the year to welcome our new Patron, former Governor of Victoria, Professor David de Kretser, AC. At a ceremony to welcome David, we also launched our new strategic plan. The plan sets out our intentions for the next three years. Key among these lie the twin themes of size and scale.

After four years of unstinting commitment and hard work, Karen White stepped down as President. She did agree, I am delighted to say, to accept the position of Vice President and I am extremely fortunate to be able to seek her advice (which I do frequently) and rely upon her to support me when the occasion demands. The Board itself has seen some change and we farewelled Vivien Millane and Viviane Chemali. Both contributed conscientiously to the Board’s various undertakings and Vivien brought a keen lawyer’s mind to the role of chair of the Board’s Policy & Compliance Committee — this at a time when we were required to review and revise our constitution to meet the requirements of the new Associations Incorporation Reform Act. We thank Vivien especially for this major contribution to our good governance and are especially pleased that she has maintained a connection by staying on as a co-opted member of that committee. In their place, the Board was proud to welcome two new members, both local residents as well as highly effective contributors. Martin Vaughan rejoined the Board after seven years absence. Martin brings particular skills in and knowledge of project management as well as a good understanding of the road already travelled by

If we are to continue our commitment to social justice, building individual and community wellbeing through advocacy and the provision of individualised services for people facing personal adversity, we will need to face up to some difficult questions as the environment for small notfor-profit non-government organisations like Camcare becomes increasingly challenging. Our CEO, Jane Broadhead, has provided examples of some of these dangers in her report. The Board has accepted that we cannot stay the same. We are looking to join with others to build collective sustainability and capability. Also, we are actively seeking out opportunities for partnering, collaborations, alliances and mergers. My personal thanks go to my fellow Board members, to Jane Broadhead and her management team, to the staff of the organisation whether paid or unpaid. I offer my special thanks also to all those many and varied individuals who have contributed by their hard work or their donations (often both) to helping Camcare achieve its vision of a fair and inclusive community.

Geoff Lavender

We are excited by an internal initiative supported by the City of Boroondara – the completion of new premises for Camcare’s Charity Christmas Card and Gift Shop above the Camberwell Market. Following an independent review of the Card Shop and consideration of market opportunities, a Board Working Group has been focused on how best to capitalize on the new position in the heart of the retail precinct. This season will see the introduction of improved business systems, including a point of sale system which will enable more efficient service and provide vital sales statistics to inform future purchasing and marketing decisions. It has been a significant year with much achieved by staff and the Board towards building sustainability and strengthening our connection to the communities we serve.

Jane Broadhead Page 8

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Camcare Annual Report 2014


Our Services Family Services The Family Services team continues to provide a high quality child and family focussed service that works in partnership with families and their children and professional and social networks. The service’s aim is to help parents meet their children’s social, emotional and developmental needs and maintain a safe and secure environment for all members of the family. An emerging trend within Camcare’s Family

Family Violence The ongoing issues related to family violence in the work of Family Services and Counselling at Camcare have necessitated the development of a strong working relationship with the regional Family Violence Network. Helen Consta represented Family Services on this network and chaired the local Boroondara Family Violence Network.

Services program has been the increase in referrals where at least one and at times two or more children have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Camcare’s Family Workers assist parents to manage the differing behaviour of their children and advocate on the family’s behalf with Disability Services and other professional networks.

Family Services Target program hours


Hours of service delivered


Our Services

Parenting Support Outreach Program

Group Work & Community Education

The Parenting Support Outreach Program continues to be well used by the new mothers in Boroondara. There is one part-time worker who provides support and assistance in the homes of new mothers who are at risk of, or diagnosed with Post Natal Depression (PND). The demand has been high and the program closed to new referrals for a period of time on three occasions in the last twelve months.

Socialisation, Nurture and Play (SNAP) Evaluation

Baby’s Okay, What about You? Groups This group caters for the same target group of women who are at risk of or diagnosed with Post Natal Depression. The group was held three times in the past year and there was an average of seven participants in each group. The group is run in partnership with Boroondara City Council Maternal and Child Health Service.

In Term 4 2013 the SNAP Play group was evaluated. This group was run to promote the attachment between women and children who had experienced family violence. As needs developed, it became evident that the program needed to broaden its scope. A new group was developed by Family Services and the PS4 Kids practitioner called the Sunrise Playgroup. This play group is co-facilitated by a clinical psychologist and focusses on relationship development between women and their young children.

Parenting Preschoolers Early in 2014 the PS4Kids Practitioner presented a two-hour session on Parenting Your Preschooler as part of the Pointers for Parents information sessions run in collaboration between Inner East Community Health Service and Camcare. That session was so popular that a larger venue was required to accommodate the numbers interested in the session. After such positive interest and feedback from the session, it was decided to develop a more comprehensive group program to address the needs that were being expressed. A pilot four-week group was developed and positively received by participants. Future groups are planned for late 2014 and early 2015.

Cool Kids

Inner East Integrated Family Services Alliance

This group program is for children who have experienced homelessness, often due to past family violence. It is a fun program that helps children understand their emotions and develop strategies to increase their sense of safety. The team has provided a Cool Kids group each term for several years. It is run in collaboration with Connections UnitingCare with Camcare as the lead agency.

Camcare has continued to be a significant contributor to the Inner East Integrated Family Services Alliance, with both Jane Broadhead and the Manager Counselling and Family Services, Helen Consta, participating in regular monthly meetings. For the last three years, Helen Consta chaired the Alliance’s Operations meeting, resigning from that position in early 2014.

Quality Review Process The Family Services team is scheduled to undergo its third review against the DHS Family Services Standards. Camcare has engaged the services of Quality Innovation Performance (QIP – formerly QICSA) to assist the organisation and to undertake the review in March 2015.

Tuning Into Kids This is a parent education program to assist parents to understand the emotional needs of their children and to provide a family environment where children will flourish. Two different Camcare programs, Counselling and Parenting Outreach Support, collaborated to run this group.

Who’s In Charge? Who’s in Charge is a group for the parents of adolescents whose adolescents are showing negative and or aggressive behaviour towards them. This group was run at Camcare in partnership with Connections UnitingCare.

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Camcare Annual Report 2014

Financial Counselling

Participant Numbers in Group Programs


Parenting Support Outreach


Baby’s Okay, What about You?


SNAP Playgroup


Parenting Pre-schoolers


Report Camcare’s Financial Counsellors were busy during the year seeing people in need of options to manage financial stress. They also provided training to volunteers to deliver community programs which enhanced people’s understanding of the financial options open to them and advocated strongly on a range of matters, including banking hardship policies, which impact on those in our community on low incomes. This year the Department of Justice, Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV), concluded a review of State funded financial counselling services with the aim of rationalizing the number of providers, achieving greater cost efficiencies and area based service models. One of Camcare’s financial counsellors, Donna Letchford, was a representative on the Advisory Committee.

Cool Kids


Tuning Into Kids


Who’s In Charge?

PS4 Kids This new program for Camcare is being run in collaboration with Inner East Melbourne Medicare Local (IEMML). The program is for low income families in the City of Boroondara who have children between 0 and 12 years with the focus on developing strategies that will nurture the child’s wellbeing and support families. Fifty children have been seen in the program in 143 sessions this year. The psychologist also has a small case load of women experiencing difficulties with post natal depression. She provided 54 sessions to 8 women.

Referrers to PS4 Kids

Referred by

Our Services


Family Support Professional


Maternal and Child Health Nurse


General Practitioner


School Welfare Officer


School Nurse




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“Two year olds are so lovely to work with. I have one at the moment who came to me with anxiety about leaving her mother and held onto her mother’s leg wherever they went. After a few sessions she can now play happily in my office with me while her mother is in the waiting room. It is so satisfying and enjoyable!” Amy Kelly – Clinical Psychologist (PS4 Kids)

veronica’s story

During 2013-14, Camcare was fortunate to have a trained financial counsellor as a volunteer. This increased our service’s capacity to respond to the needs of a number of people on Centrelink payments or earning low incomes. Many of the clients presented with complex issues including multiple debts, housing issues, relationship breakdown or ill health. Sometimes factors beyond their control, including redundancy, meant a dramatic change in their circumstances and an inability to sustain their financial commitments. Those receiving service included people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, older citizens, single mothers with dependent children and families. Most people seen in the program reported improvements in their financial circumstances and in their understanding of the options open to them. The result was a reduction in stress and an increased ability to manage their affairs effectively. Camcare volunteers played a key role in the delivery of financial information and negotiation of some matters including payment plans for overdue utility bills. They received training and applied guidelines developed by the Financial Counsellors. Earlier in 2014, Camcare agreed to a partnership with the Victorian Women’s Legal Service in a newly funded project, Stepping Stones. This resulted in the secondment of Donna Letchford to the Service to work alongside lawyers in the development of a financial counselling service for women impacted by relationship breakdown, often as a result of family violence. This project:

A young, single mother, Veronica, approached Camcare for Financial Counselling on advice from her GP. Veronica is a part time student and receives Centrelink benefits. In private rental accommodation she found it difficult to meet all her living expenses, including paying some of her utility bills. She had recently had an accident and could not afford to repair the damage to her vehicle which was not insured. There was also a credit card bill for more than $1000 which Veronica was unable to meet. The Financial Counsellor informed Veronica of her options, advocated on her behalf and arranged payment plans for her to repay her bills in affordable instalments. Veronica says that she was stressed believing that she had no alternative but to pay the sums she owed in full immediately. As a result of the information and support she received from Camcare’s Financial Counsellor, Veronica was able to meet her essential bills and continue her studies in child care.

• c  ontributes to the development of an inter-disciplinary service delivery model • p  rovides face-to-face financial counselling services to disadvantaged and vulnerable women experiencing family violence and relationship breakdown • a  dds to the research and data collection for the Stepping Stones report (for example, by identifying systemic issues that emerge from practice and more broadly) and • a  ssists with the interim and final evaluation of the project. Camcare is delighted to be involved in this exciting new initiative.


Funded hours of service#


Hours of service delivered 1,153 (93%) # This involves client work and community development Note: Camcare was required to close the Financial Counselling service from 1 July 2014 due to withdrawal of funding in the re-commissioning process by CAV

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Camcare Annual Report 2014

Our Services

Emergency Relief (ER)

Counselling Intake & Assessment


All clients enquiring about counselling undergo a comprehensive intake interview conducted by a fully qualified professional to ensure that their needs are met in the most appropriate manner. While most are subsequently seen by Camcare’s counsellors, some are referred on to more specialized services. This intake process also ensures that any risk issues are responded to promptly.

Counselling inquiries


Brief interventions


Camcare has a number of highly qualified counsellors who provide individual counselling, couple counselling and family therapy. Presenting issues include adapting to major life transitions, for example; parenthood, grief and loss, anxiety and depression, family violence (historical and current), ill health, unemployment and relationship difficulties. Counsellors have also facilitated a range of groups for young people, parents, older citizens and those impacted by family violence. They assist participants to gain knowledge and skills and provide peer support and social contact. This year Camcare commenced a successful partnership with the Cairnmillar Institute in Camberwell. Cairnmillar Institute provides trainees in psychology and psychotherapy to work in an after hours service on Monday nights with a Camcare senior counsellor and a Cairnmillar supervisor present to provide professional supervision of the work the students undertake. This enables couples, families and individuals who work or attend school to access a counselling service after hours. One of the results of this new extended hours service has been increasing participation by men in Camcare’s counselling service. Additional counselling capacity will also enable us to explore outreach opportunities. Currently co-location of a part time counsellor with Boroondara Council’s Youth Service and Headspace is being planned.

suzie’s story

Suzie [43], works part time as an accountant, is married to Mark and has two children – Peter 11 and Lisa 8. Peter has a slight learning disability and significant behavioural issues. Suzie came to counselling because of high stress levels due to problems with her relationship with Mark, work issues, parenting difficulties, inability to sleep and ‘just feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope’. Counselling identified that Suzie and Mark had a strong and supportive relationship but as Peter’s behaviour became worse there was increased friction in the marriage – Mark minimised Peter’s problems and Suzie was consumed by them. She also felt that Lisa was being ‘overlooked’ in the family with all the focus on Peter. Suzie was a bit of a perfectionist and felt that her work was suffering because so much of her attention was on problems at home. She was concerned about losing her job.

Total number of clients assisted with intensive ER case management


Number of brief interventions


Professional intake and assessment staff support a team of 41 highly trained community support workers who provide information and referral advice and material aid as part of the ER service – often advocating with utilities companies, negotiating payment plans or linking clients to services such as financial counselling.

Above: Jennifer Jones ER Caseworker provides intensive case management, assertive outreach support and advocacy for clients with the most complex needs.

Individuals and families struggle increasingly with rising utilities costs. Over the past year a total of 3,608 people received assistance from the Emergency Relief service. 21% of these were children 12 years and under. Families, including those with secondary school children were assisted with ER grants towards school-related needs such as textbooks, camps, shoes or travel.

The Counsellor worked with Suzie to access support through the school to determine an action plan to address Peter’s learning and problem behaviours and assisted Suzie to get Mark on board. Suzie was encouraged to talk with her manager at work to clarify her position and job security. Suzie learnt that her employer was very happy with her work and also supportive of the demands of her home and children. As Suzie’s stressors were identified and challenged she began to feel more in control and less overwhelmed and her sleep pattern improved. The ongoing focus of counselling is around parenting and getting some fun back in her life.


Number of individuals funded


Total clients assisted with counselling


Group participants Total

54 288

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Camcare Annual Report 2014

Our Services

camcare grants 2012-2013



8.1% 13.5%


7.9% 14.8%

Anastasia’s Story







Transport Costs



School Related

Other (white goods, furniture, removalists)

Anastasia’s marriage broke down after she migrated to Australia ten years ago. She became pregnant whilst on holiday overseas following a brief relationship, but was abandoned by her partner. Complications with the pregnancy meant she was not given clearance to travel back to Australia until after the birth of her daughter – the child had to enter Australia on a tourist visa and became ineligible for medical services through the public health system. As a single mother, Anastasia desperately tried to work in order to pay for her child’s visa. She struggled with shame and isolation.


“I came to Camcare for support because I was penniless, highly depressed, was experiencing family conflict, cultural stigma and had a sick baby in need of formula I could not afford. I was feeling suicidal and had no direction…”

This year, Camcare joined the Last Safety Net Campaign organised by Community Information and Support Victoria (CISVIC) in the lead-up to the Federal budget. Staff, volunteers and clients wrote to their MPs advocating for continued funding of Emergency Relief.

Camcare’s Emergency Relief (ER) caseworker linked Anastasia into multiple services; medical, family support, housing and immigration. Contact was made with a Federal MPs office and negotiations were undertaken with the Royal Children’s Hospital International Patient Liaison Officer when Anastasia’s eight month old baby was refused emergency admission because Anastasia could not afford the hospital’s costs, having no access to Medicare for her daughter. Anastasia also accessed food vouchers and furniture through Camcare.

Economic disadvantage increases social isolation and further marginalises people. Established programs such as our Community BBQ and the Kitchen Garden continued to provide a welcoming and safe community space where workers and clients alike gain support in uncertain times.

Number of Attendees to Monthly Community barbeque as at June 2014 2012-2013










1st Qtr









2nd Qtr









3rd Qtr









4th Qtr


















“..Having someone to talk to helped me develop specific goals, and meant I had someone supportive to accompany me to appointments and provide outreach support, which was very helpful. I felt very supported and encouraged. Today my daughter is well and alive because of my ER Case Worker’s support. I can never thank her enough.” Clients like Anastasia access Camcare’s ER service on a daily basis with many issues - food insecurity, housing, immigration, mental health, relationship breakdown, family violence, isolation, drug and alcohol issues, debts, inability to pay utilities bills, school-related costs ,legal and financial issues.

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Camcare Annual Report 2014

Volunteer Program Report Camcare’s 176 volunteers are a dynamic, diverse and highly motivated group of local people from all walks of life and differing abilities seeking to make a real difference to their neighbours in the community who are facing adversity and disadvantage. Volunteering is a call to active citizenship where ordinary people rally to support the vulnerable and disadvantaged. The aim is to build sustainable communities by enhancing professional client-focussed services that are evidence informed and effective. Our volunteers share common values of authentic connection, nurturing and hope which strengthen community life and give ALL a reciprocal sense of being valued. The social capital gained is especially relevant in the current climate where government appears to be reneging on its responsibility to the most vulnerable. The re-commissioning of services by both state and federal governments has impacted on Camcare and other locality-based services with changed service models resulting in the loss of our Financial Counselling service. New volunteer initiatives this year:

Community Educators Program – Five volunteers were trained to facilitate sessions on ’Dealing with Utilities’ delivered in local neighbourhood houses. A module on “Dealing with Fines” was also developed. Volunteers also conducted “Money Health Checks” during Money Smart Week.

Broadband for Seniors – Connecting people over 50 years of age with IT skills through the internet. A volunteer Tutor was recruited. 28 people have been given basic IT training, and we are developing a Youth Internship to expand and carry the program forward.

Our Services

Volunteer Profile

Youth Volunteering – A Memorandum of Understanding was signed with Swinburne University facilitating volunteer opportunities for Swinburne Students to gain experience and make a positive impact that benefits the broader community. Swinburne Students developed an Electronic Daybook for the agency. Deakin University volunteers participated in two community events.

New Reception Team – six reception volunteers were recruited and trained. Opportunities for celebration and fun contributed also to a sense of community. Thanks to the Rotary Club of Camberwell, we celebrated National Volunteer Week this year with two very special mentions – Betty Hewitt and Diana Hanson, who both completed 30 years of volunteering with Camcare. Thank you to all our volunteers! In addition to the new initiatives, we continued with the following roles in our Volunteer Program:

Ryan Zuzek

Volunteer Community Support Worker (CSW) 20 years old. Lives locally. Currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Criminology at The University of Melbourne.

“I have gradually developed a passion for volunteering my time to help others and have volunteered previously at various not-for-profit events and also as a part-time tutor in a community housing estate in Richmond. I initially volunteered at Camcare to get in touch with my local community and assist those who are genuinely in need. The CSW role allows this and connects me with a diverse range of people from the Boroondara community, many of whom I would not otherwise interact with. It also gives me access to some interesting community events. Most recently I was afforded the opportunity to connect with young asylum seekers at a Ramadan Friendship Dinner. I believe this event provided a positive channel to share cultural differences and similarities as well as to simply swap stories and build common ground. I felt that the experience was valuable and a small but integral act in a drive to create an open and welcoming community. The training for the CSW position provided me with real life skills to interact with clients from diverse backgrounds. My trainer, Michael, had a wealth of knowledge to share as an ex-member of the Victorian Police and provided real insight into the local community. The overall experience of being a CSW has given me a chance to give to others without expecting in return but has also been extremely rewarding personally.”

Administrative Support including IT and Statistics Bread Run & BBQ (Friends of St Johns) Charity Christmas Card and Gift Shop Christmas Hamper Volunteers Community Support Workers Events and Fundraising Volunteers Volunteer Counsellors Financial Counselling (up to June 2014) Fresh Food Team Gardening Mother Infant Group Assistants Reception Tax Help Volunteer Counsellors We acknowledge the voluntary service of the Camcare Board of Governance.

Ramadan Friendship Dinner – Interfaith initiative. Camcare partnered with Life Without Barriers, Friends of St Johns and asylum seekers as part of the World Vision, Welcome to My Place which welcomed refugees and underage asylum seekers in community detention. Four volunteers attended the World Vision training, resulting in a vibrant event for 70 people where refugees shared deeply of their lives, and enjoyed a delicious meal cooked by young asylum seekers. Ongoing initiatives continue with a core interfaith group.

Page 20

“I dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and found that life was service. I served and found that service was joy.” Rabindranth Tagore

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Camcare Annual Report 2014

Our Services

The Ashburton Neighbourhood Harmony Project This year Camcare implemented a project on the Ashburton public housing estate funded by the former Department of Planning & Community Development. The project engaged with residents at the grass roots with the aim of improving neighbourhood safety and security. During the project, the Office of Housing began to relocate a number of residents living on the Markham Housing Estate. Vacancies were also filled with short term transitional residents. The resulting instability in the resident population and uncertainty about redevelopment of the housing impacted the neighbourhood dynamics of the community and the focus of the project. The community development worker for the project undertook community engagement, consultation and education, provided assistance including referral to other services for residents and activities to strengthen the local service system. Consultations identified a number of issues and actions to address these. Education seminars were held for residents on how to approach disputes with neighbours and on mediation as a possible avenue towards resolution of disputes. The project enhanced Camcare’s connection with this group of residents, our appreciation of the issues affecting them and our opportunities to advocate for improved outcomes in their lives.

Concomitantly with this project, Camcare continued to chair the Ashburton Strategic Alliance of Providers (ASAP) which has sought to identify issues requiring a cross organizational response and to better plan and co-ordinate service delivery involving a range of local Ashburton service providers and Boroondara Council. ASAP member organisations have provided activities on the public housing estates, including community BBQs to bring residents together and canvass their views on a range of issues. Chief among their concerns has been the poor quality of public housing in Ashburton and prospects for redevelopment. ASAP has advocated on these issues with local MPs, the regional Department of Human Services and Minister Lovell’s Office. This remains a significant issue with no public commitment yet announced that the Markham Estate will be redeveloped and access to affordable public housing maintained or expanded in the area.

Individual Issues Reasons for referrals


Issues with neighbours


Financial/debt/outstanding fines


Concerns with condition of housing


Relocation issues


Charity Christmas Card & Gift Shop Trading for 2013 The Camcare Charity Christmas Card and Gift Shop (the Card Shop) is run each year by a part time manager and group of committed and skilled volunteers. In 2013 the Card Shop operated from a small pop-up shop within the Camberwell Market precinct. This was a temporary site made available by Boroondara Council when renovations to the new permanent premises on the first floor were delayed. The small area of the pop-up shop required Camcare to reduce the volume of gift stock and range of cards available. Notwithstanding the site challenges and short notice regarding the location, the Shop traded well above expectations. This could not have occurred without the considerable support and commitment of our volunteers.

Trading for 2014 The renovations of the first floor area, above the Riversdale Road entry to the Market are now complete. Volunteers and staff are working hard to complete the set up for shop trading this year. The new site will provide a comfortable environment in which to operate and we are looking forward to establishing a new shop format and welcoming customers, old and new alike, for 2014.

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Camcare Annual Report 2014

Organisational Statistics

Thank You to Donors & Supporters

Organisational Statistics

Donations received by Camcare for year 2013/2014 Judith Batrouney Elwyn Brown Karen Brown Mosteller Andrew Callander Rodney Campain Geoffrey Davey David Hughes Keith Dempster Geoff Dosseter Heather Eather Katherine Ermer April Farlow Leanne Gallagher Mary-Anne Gallagher Ben Gibson Elaine Greaves Gae Hayley Paul Hobson Sonia Irani P James Jack Lambalk Sally Laudman Geoff Lavender Visakah Lee John Lester Patsy Littlejohn (Vale) Manny Margaret Menting Ruth Muir Kath Nicholls Sue Parncott Ken Patterson Dan Pekin Kerry Pratt Ivy Raadik Keith Reid Ruth McGennisken Jenny Smithers Jennifer Stewardson Lola Suttie Gisella Torey Elizabeth Tromans Owen Vanzuyden Susan & Martin Vaughan Helen Wagner Denis Ward Victor Wetherall Karen White Jeffrey Wunderlich Mrs Bacon

Members Margaret Adams Vera Beam Viviane Chemali Helen Coulthard Jennifer Cropley Jessie Duthie Ian Farrer Mary-anne Gallagher Paul Hobson Geoffrey Lavender John Lester Margaret Menting Elaine Merton Vivien Millane Kenneth Patterson Daniel Pekin Kerry Pratt Ivy Raadik Keith Reid Jennifer Smithers Elizabeth Tromans Owen Vanzuyden Martin Vaughan Matthew Walker Karen White

Life Members Reg Adam Kay Bodna Pam McCarthy (Vale) Kath Nicholls Anne Rosenfeldt Ted Russell Jeffrey Wunderlich

Churches Ashburton Baptist Church Ashburton Presbyterian Church Ashburton Uniting Church Auburn Baptist Church Camberwell Baptist Church – Youth Group Camberwell Uniting Church Glen Iris Uniting Church Inclusive Catholic Church North Balwyn Baptist Church North Balwyn Uniting Church Second Church of Christ Scientist St Bridgets Catholic Church St Dunstans Anglican Church St Faiths Anglican Church Burwood

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Total Contacts to Camcare for Information and Service July 2013 – June 2014

St Johns Anglican Church Camberwell St Marks Anglican Church St Oswalds Anglican Church

Corporate Acer (Australian Council for Educational Research) Belmore Hot Bread Bendigo Bank Blue Illusion, Camberwell Breadsteet Bakery Bunnings Hawthorn Core Consulting Group Flare Dance Grill’d Camberwell Hardrock People’s Choice Credit Union Secondbite

source: daybook statistics


Internal Camcare Services Counselling – Financial, Family, General Family Services Group Programs Tax Help

14.4% 44.8%

Emergency Relief Christmas hampers Food Food Vouchers Travel tickets

Schools Auburn South PS Camberwell Girls Grammar Camberwell PS Deepdene PS Glen Iris PS Ruyton Junior School

Service Clubs, Associations Community Groups Boroondara Bushwalking Club Boroondara Gardiners Creek – Lions Club Glen Iris Uniting Church Kindergarten Knit One Give One (KOGO) MCC Croquet Club Children First Foundation North Balwyn Baptist Church – Friendship Group North Balwyn Baptist Church – Craft Club Rotary Club of Camberwell Rotary Club of Glenferrie Rotary Club of North Balwyn Rylands Knitting Group Sackville Grange Craft Club St Dunstans Church – Kindergarten

Other Administration Advocacy Aged Care – Information & Referral Family Violence – Information & Referral Health – Information & Referral Housing – Information & Referral

total number of requests for information and assistance for Camcare last three financial years source: daybook statistics

18000 16000


14000 12000


There has been an 8% increase in Information Needs for the last financial year


10000 8000 6000 4000 2000 0



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Camcare Annual Report 2014

Organisational Statistics

Parenting Issues Number of contacts for information & services 2013-2014 Number of contacts for information & services 2012-2013

16,317 15,107

Percentage of unique emergency relief (ER) clients by income type source: ERS Report “Unique Clients by Income”





No Income


Youth Allowance

Family Services


The top five presenting issues within the families seen by Family Services are:

The top five presenting issues for those seeking counselling are:

• Parenting concerns • History of Family Violence • Relationship issues between parents and their children • Relationship issues between parents • History of involvement with Child Protection.

• • • • •

Parenting Payment




Casual Employment



Family Tax Benefit

Widown Pension or Allowance


Age Pension


Sickness Allowance



Newstart Allowance

Disability Support Pension



Full-time Employment

Part-time Employment

Unique Emergency Relief (ER) clients Total people assisted with ER over financial year Total children assisted with ER over financial year Total adults assisted with ER over financial year

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856 3608 761 2847

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Relationships Separation, grief & loss Social isolation Mental Health Family Violence

Camcare Annual Report 2014

Financial Reports

Corporate Services

Financial Reports

Camcare Incorporated Statement of Profit or Loss and Other Comprehensive Income For the Year Ended 30 June 2014

The 2013/14 financial year presented Camcare with many challenges with the conclusion of two programs and some long term employees leaving Camcare.

2014 $

2013 $

Cash grant



Use of buildings



RECURRENT GRANTS During this financial year Camcare was advised that its funding contract with the Department of Justice for financial counselling services would not be renewed beyond June 2014. As a result, one position was made redundant with another employee taking up a secondment with Women’s Legal Service Victoria. Funding from the City of Boroondara, Social Services (DSS), Department of Human Services (DHS) and Department of Justice totalled $1.366m. In addition, the City of Boroondara provides property services to the value of $137,735. Additional funding sources are donations, interest receipts and various fund raising events.

Camcare’s principal operating costs are salaries and associated on-costs. Staffing levels and service outcome targets are defined by the relevant agreements. Of special note is the contribution that has been made by our many volunteers in the areas of reception, administration, various fund raising events and assisting with the operation of the Charity Christmas Card and Gift shop. We estimate the value of this significant contribution at approximately $372,000 per year. Last year the Board established the Margaret Chadwick Education Scholarship. The inaugural scholarship was awarded in February 2013 with two secondary students from within Boroondara receiving scholarships in 2014.


Victorian Government programs



Australian Government



Other grants





Card shop income other than interest







Client contributions Interest received Family Fund, Hampers and Loan Scheme 2 Sundry income TOTAL NON-GRANT REVENUE TOTAL REVENUE













EXPENSES Salaries and wages









Electricity, gas and water



Gardening and cleaning






Printing and stationery



Professional fees





Sundry expenses

Expenditure on minor projects






Training and staff development



Travel costs



Other employment costs Emergency relief payments and supplies Family Fund, Hampers and Loans Scheme Card shop expenses Admin cost recovery Rent of buildings TOTAL EXPENSES SURPLUS/(DEFICIT) FOR YEAR


















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Camcare Annual Report 2014

Financial Reports

Camcare Incorporated Statement of Financial Position 30 June 2014

Camcare Incorporated Statement of Changes in Equity For the Year Ended 30 June 2014 2014 $

2013 $

Retained Surplus



Financial Assets Reserve $

Balance at 1 July 2013




Deficit attributable to members of the entity










Retained Surplus



Financial Assets Reserve $
















Cash and cash equivalents



Trade receivables



NILS loans














Available for sale financial assets Term deposits Prepayments TOTAL CURRENT ASSETS

Total other comprehensive income for the year Balance at 30 June 2014



Balance at 1 July 2012

Property, plant and equipment



Surplus attributable to members of the entity




Total other comprehensive income for the year





Employee benefits



Funding received in advance







Balance at 30 June 2013


Statement of Cash Flows For the Year Ended 30 June 2014 2014 $

2013 $
















Receipts from customers Payments to suppliers and employees



Interest received



Net cash provided by (used in) operating activities





Purchase of property, plant and equipment



Net cash used by investing activities




EQUITY Reserves



Retained surplus






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Investment in term deposit

Net increase (decrease) in cash and cash equivalents held



Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of year



Cash and cash equivalents at end of financial year



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Camcare Annual Report 2014

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Camcare Annual Report 2014

Key Events & Partners Camcare has enjoyed a range of partnerships in 2013-14 which have contributed much needed funding to diversification of our program offerings and to our capacity to see more people facing hardship or personal adversity who seek a service. Canterbury, Ashburton and Balwyn Bendigo Community Bank

Flare Dance Company We partnered with this local amateur dance company for the first time this year to promote their annual original performance and provide refreshments at their performances in the Renaissance Theatre, Kew on 5 and 6 October 2013. The performance called The World’s a Stage, was choreographed and performed by a talented group of young people under the direction of Jane Khoo, Artistic Director and founder. Nearly $2000 was raised for Camcare.

Once again the Bank has funded Camcare $5000 to provide parent education and a range of children’s activities to parents living in Ashburton. Pointers for Parents parent education addressed a range of hot topics selected by the participants as of current interest and value to them in parenting their young children. Mothers and children also enjoyed excursions to a range of facilities geared to educate and entertain their children. The groups provided peer contact and support for both women and their children, enhancing social connection as well as positive relationships between mothers and their children.

Canterbury, Ashburton, Surrey Hills and Balwyn Community Bank®branches

Other Business Partners

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People’s Choice Credit Union Camcare participated in the People’s Choice Community Lottery. Those in the Camcare community raised $1980 for Camcare by purchasing lottery tickets.

Blue Illusion Camberwell Again this year a fashion parade was held at the Camberwell Blue Illusion Store as a fun fundraising activity for Camcare. A beautiful range of fashion was viewed by an audience of supporters and staff while they sipped on sparkling wine and ate canapes. The event contributed $726 to Camcare.

Camcare Annual Report 2014

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Camcare Annual Report 2014  

Camcare's 2014 Annual Report

Camcare Annual Report 2014  

Camcare's 2014 Annual Report