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Cambridge Connection – School Newsletter October 2013


The PTA at Cambridge Elementary is the proud recipient of the Outstanding Local Unit/Council Newsletter Award by the Missouri PTA! The award was presented during the Missouri PTA Annual Convention in Springfield, MO last week. ***Pirate PRIDE*** Contents Pirate Principle School News


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October’s character trait is RESPONSIBILITY: taking care of yourself and your things. Here are a few ways of showing how responsible you can be:  When you agree to do something, do it! If you let people down, they’ll stop believing you. When you follow through on your commitments, people take you seriously.  Answer for your actions. Don’t make excuses or blame others.  Take care of your own matters. Don’t rely on other people reminding you when you’re supposed to be somewhere or what you’re supposed to be doing. YOU take the responsibility.  Be trustworthy. If someone trusts you to borrow or take care of something, take care of it. If somebody tells you something in confidence, keep it to yourself. It’s important for people to know they can trust you.  Don’t put things off. When you have a job to do, do it.

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10/9 – Nat’l Walk to School Day 10/10 – Early Release 10/17 – Pumpkin Palooza 10/23-24 – Parent Teacher Conferences 10/24 & 25 – NO SCHOOL 10/29 – BHS Haunted Hallways

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A powerful voice for all children A relevant resource for all families and communities, and A strong advocate for the education and well-being of every child.

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Parent Portal and Online Meal Pay Now Available! The new Parent Portal with online meal pay service is now available for use. You should have gotten an email with login instructions that came from If you have not received an email, make sure to check your SPAM email folder. If an email is still not received, or you have problems logging into Parent Portal with the instructions provided, please email for assistance or call the Cambridge office at 348-1008.

Belton CARES Red Ribbon Art Contest Belton CARES is hosting a Red Ribbon Week Student Art Contest being held in the spirit of Red Ribbon Week, Oct. 23-31. The deadline to enter is Oct. 7. The theme is 'A Healthy Me is Drug Free'. Artwork may include drawing, sketching, charcoal, photography, graphic design, etc. as long as the resulting artwork is a still, and fits onto an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper. Artwork will be judged based on how well the poster attractively presents the positive message in a creative way. There will be one winner for each grade level. Awards will be given at the district level and those winners will be entered in the state competition sponsored by ACT MO. To enter, contact Mary Cummings at

Mrs. Wilson Receives Gift of Reading Each year, the Cambridge Elementary PTA gives new teachers new to Cambridge $100 in 'Scholastic Dollars' to use at the Fall Book Fair. While teacher Elaine Wilson is new to Cambridge, she has been a teacher in the district for over twenty years. When she learned of this gift, she asked the PTA if she could use the scholastic dollars for her students. Mrs. Wilson explained that when her class previewed the book fair she was surprised at the number of students who said they had very few, if any, books at home to read. The Cambridge PTA agreed to award Mrs. Wilson the 'dollars' to use for her class.

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New Smart Board Makes Learning Fun! Students in Brandi Pope's first grade class are very excited about the new SMART Board in their classroom. There are many uses throughout the day, including: taking attendance, working on vowels, addition problems, finding sight words in books, and predicting and inferring strategies through the cover of a book. The SMART Board allows students to look at the cover of a book and circle the things on the cover. They are able to write notes on the cover of a book while it is on the board. Mrs. Pope says, "It’s been fun to learn new things with my class, as we grow and learn together."

Cambridge Celebrates Grandfriend’s Day On Sept. 20, Cambridge Elementary celebrated their annual Grandfriend's Day with many in attendance. The day started out with a breakfast of biscuits and gravy with their student in the cafeteria. The Grandfriends were then encouraged to visit the classroom and the book fair. Every classroom had many Grandfriends to share with students. The Grandfriends ended their morning with coffee and cookies in the cafeteria. Principal Michelle Biondo gave a brief presentation on the use of technology in the building through iPads and the new Remind101 text messages.

Third Grader’s Get a Lesson in Shaving… Cream, that is! Brandie Harvey's class wrapped up their lesson on states of matter by reviewing the material for their science test and spelling test using shaving cream. Students would respond to questions by writing the answers into shaving cream. It was a great way to engage the students while learning.

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Cambridge Receives Donation PTA President, Crystall McClain, recently submitted a request to, a website where requests can be made for free supplies for Cambridge staff. To date, the building has received two cases of paper towels, a dozen packs of magic erasers, scissors, and even a few Justin Bieber notebooks and folders. Another shipment of free goodies is expected in the coming days.

Non-Fiction Books Needed

Books that are nonfiction, or true, are about real things, people, events, and places. Our classrooms have a shortage of nonfiction books. If you have some nonfiction books that you would like to donate to Cambridge Elementary classrooms (levels K through 4th or 5th), please send them to school with your children and we will be more than happy to accept them. Thank you for your help!

Mark Your Calendar

Pumpkin Palooza OCTOBER 17th 6:00 – 7:30 Staff Chili Cook-off Contest Games, Activities, FREE photos Bring a canned good to help support our upcoming Adopt-A-Family drive!! This one will be special, so don’t miss out!

All kids should feel safe at school and in their communities. Our platform gives them the tools they need to report bullying and other safety threats anonymously at www.

Go to to learn about the impacts of bullying Together, we'll empower kids to speak out and spark change. Let’s prevent bullying!

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Fun & Games & Healthy Kids With the new school year in full swing, there are many exciting things going on throughout the school. Down in the gym, students are kicking the year off by working on cooperative / teamwork games. These games are being done at the beginning of the year to build trust and friendships between new classmates. A few of the games students have played include: cross the river, hula-hoop pass, parachute day and relays. Students go to class each day excited to exercise and increase their physical fitness. Now, students are learning a fitness unit which includes lessons on eating healthy and the importance of exercise, fitness centers, fitness relays, and other fun games such as germ tag. The fitness unit will come to an exciting close with the first round of Fitnessgram Testing, a test that includes multiple fitness tests that are used to indicate a student's level of physical fitness.

Drill Sergeants Spotted in Second Grade Second grade students learned about place value with the help of their teachers, 'Sergeant' Whitney Szczucinski, 'Sergeant' Kelly Daniels, and 'Sergeant' Elaine Wilson. They learned the chant "I don't know but I've been told! Tens are tall and ones are small! First you add up all the tens! Then all the babies onto the end..." They also practiced identifying the place value of numbers by actually becoming the tens and ones.

Science Matters at Cambridge! Elena Cooper's third grade students explored Jell-O, looking at and wondering why it exists as a different state of matter. According to Tim and Moby of Brain Pop, the on-line science learning website, 'colloids', are two different substances that will not combine. Students found out that gelatin and other mixtures such as butter and paint are examples of this state of matter. Using the scientific method, student determined how energy affects the form of these colloids.

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Upcoming Music Show and More… Mrs. McDonald, the music teacher, is in search of clean 5 gallon plastic buckets. She needs a total of 28. If you know someone who works with food service or any other industry that uses plastic buckets, please email her at They will be used as drums for music activities with 3rd and 4th grade. The 4th grade show is coming! Parents mark Nov. 7th on your calendar. The show will take place at the BHS at 6:30 on Nov. 7th. All 4th grade students will be performing "Hungry to Learn." 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders have been learning famous American folk songs in music class. The kid's will call these 'poster songs.' Ask your child which song is his/her favorite. As students learn the songs, they also learn facts about what life was like in early America.

D.O.G.S. on Watch Cambridge Elementary students, staff and parent’s appreciate the efforts that our Watch D.O.G.S. put into caring for our students. The D.O.G.S. pictured here is Dennis Hull, who is also Logan Myland’s grand dad. He is sharing some one on one time with Chole Sidorius from Ms. Hamilton’s class.

Art in Motion Samantha Sullentrup's art room is full of movement these days. Kindergarten students are learning about all the types of lines found in art and all around them. The first step of this lesson: seeing how they can make those different types of lines with their bodies.


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Health and Wellness

National Walk to School Day October 3, 2012

ADHD Awareness Month

Started in 1997 as a one-day event. Over time, this event has become part of a movement for year-round safe routes to school, and a celebration of healthier habits. Today, not only do our 50 states participate, but it also includes the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. What a great way to be active with our children! We hope to see many of you participate in this event.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC,) ADHD is one of the most common neurobehavioral disorders of childhood. It is usually first diagnosed in childhood and often lasts into adulthood. Children with ADHD may have trouble paying attention, controlling impulsive behaviors (may act without thinking about what the result will be), or be overly active. Raise awareness, Reduce the stigma. Please see insert for more information.

Oct. 26, 2013 is Make A Difference Day! Millions of volunteers will unite to improve the lives of others in their communities. Here are a few ideas on how to improve the life of someone else: • Organize a neighborhood “Trash Clean-Up” • Build and decorate recycling containers • Construct bird feeders or houses (see Kid’s Korner for one idea) • Remove weeds from cracks in sidewalks and flowerbeds • Build a compost pile • Organize a book drive • Provide entertainment for a local hospice or nursing home • Coordinate a collection drive of a specific item (diapers, socks, camping gear) • Organize a coin drive • Create or restore a community garden • Provide entertainment to residents of assisted living homes, group homes, or to people who are not able to leave their own homes due to illness. • Send a card to one of our armed service men and women. Or adopt a family who has a loved one overseas in the military. Visit for other ways to show support. No good deed is too small, if you've made a difference in someone's day!

Dental Hygiene Month Patients can review the following “Brush. Floss. Rinse. Chew.” guidelines and apply them to their daily oral health regimen. Those needing more information about oral health can go to the Patient Resources category in the Resources Brush - 2 minutes, 2 times a day Research shows that brushing for two minutes is the single most important method for reducing plaque and preventing cavities, gingivitis and other plaque-related diseases. Floss - Every day Daily flossing removes plaque and food particles that cannot be reached by a toothbrush, particularly under the gum line and between teeth. Plaque that builds up in these areas can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 10/18 - National Mammography Day

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

is a chance to raise awareness about the importance of screening and the early detection of breast cancer. About 1 in 8 women born today in the U.S. will get breast cancer at some point during her life. After skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common kind of cancer in women. The good news? Many women can survive breast cancer if it’s found and treated early. A mammogram – the screening test for breast cancer – can help find breast cancer early. Make a difference! Spread the word about mammograms and encourage women between the ages of 40 – 74 to go get one!

Rinse - With mouthwash Rinsing your mouth each day with an anti-microbial mouth rinse is another important step you can take to prevent gum disease (gingivitis). Brushing and flossing cannot get all plaque and germs. Be sure to finish your oral care routine with an antiseptic mouthwash with the ADA Seal of Acceptance. Chew - Sugar-free gum after eating Chewing sugar-free gum after eating is clinically proven to be an important part of good oral health. It stimulates the most important natural defense against tooth decay—saliva—which in turn helps fight cavities, neutralizes plaque acids, remineralizes enamel to strengthen teeth and washes away food particles. Scientific evidence clearly shows that chewing sugarfree gum, especially after eating and drinking, has a positive impact on oral health.

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Health and Wellness

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Health and Wellness

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Health and Wellness

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TRICK-OR-TREATING SAFETY TIPS Children love Halloween; they get to dress up and eat candy. What else could a child ask for in a holiday? Although it’s fun, there are some common sense tips to keep your children safe during this yearly tradition. • Get on the internet and check the local state website sex offender registry list. Make sure that your children stay away from these houses. •

Know the route your children will be taking if you aren’t going Trick-or-Treating with them and check in with them periodically.

Be sure your children know how to cross the street properly.

Teach your kids about not getting into cars with strangers or talking to those they don’t know – even if they seem friendly, ask for help, or know the child’s name. They should never go into the house of a person they don’t know. Also, tell them what they should do if a stranger takes them- scream as loud as possible to attract attention and to run away as fast as they can to someplace safe.

Help your young child pick out or make a costume that will be safe. Make sure that it is fire proof or treated with fire retardant. If they are wearing a mask of any kind, make sure that the eye holes are large enough for good peripheral vision. And have them wear reflectors if possible.

Make sure to check your children’s candy before they dig in.

Have fun but be SAFE!!

Cambridge Cambridge Connection Connection

Box Top Drive

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The school earns 10 cents for each Box Top! Last year, Cambridge Elementary earned over $1000 thanks to you!!! Please CLIP and SAVE Box Tops, Best Choice and Campbells labels and send them to school with your child. Use the Halloween sheet below to save the Box Top labels. The more we earn, the more we can do!

Health & Wellness

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Kids Korner Did you know? Kids

beware! About 9 out of 10 parents admit to sneaking a treat from their kids trick or treat bag!!!

Q: What do ghosts put on top of an ice cream sundae? A: Whipped scream

Cooking with Kids Spooky Eyes Krafty Kids Great Idea!

Milk Carton Bird Feeder

A super cute bird feeder than can be decorated as your children see fit. Once you've filled it with bird seed you can take it outside and watch the birds enjoy their feast

What you’ll need: These spooky eye eggs are a great way to add a little spookiness to your Halloween celebration snack menu. You can make these with hard boiled eggs, Miracle whip and mustard. Add green food coloring, decorate with sliced olives and ketchup (or if you are really bold, try adding some Tabasco sauce!). Who knew hard boiled eggs could have such a kick?

Half-gallon milk carton X-Acto knife Acrylic paint Paintbrush Birdseed

Glue Buttons Hole Punch Thin sticks

Have an adult cut the opening. Paint carton & let dry. Securely glue the sticks and other decorations as seen in picture. Fill with seeds, set outside and let the birds enjoy your handy work!

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