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Insight Winter 2017


A Message from the President

A Message from the CEO

Paul Simmonds, President

Krista Ross, CEO


he last quarter at the Fredericton chamber has been very busy - I am always amazed at the engagement our chamber team exhibits in serving its valued membership. The Fredericton chamber is a vibrant, engaged organization that strives to work with its vast membership representing numerous sectors of our business community.


We attended the Canadian Chamber of Commerce annual general meeting and conference and had some important resolutions passed as an Atlantic caucus that will positively impact local business, such as the Fredericton airport & funding for long-haul trucking training. These initiatives have been put forward in previous years and through the persistence of our chambers got passed. As we prepare to host this conference next year, several members of the Fredericton chamber team traveled to Regina to experience first-hand the mechanics of hosting the Canadian chamber national convention. The takeaways were numerous and the insight for planning purposes was of tremendous value for our hosting of this conference September 2017 in Fredericton. The chamber’s strategic plan is paying dividends - our action and measurement plans are taking shape nicely. The chamber established, with the help of Corporate Research Associates, a first-ever Business Confidence Index report for Fredericton that ties into a larger provincial and Atlantic report, giving us key indicators to how our region is faring. Another strategic initiative, the one-on-one member interviews, have been very informative for our chamber to learn more of what is important to its members and help us increase our organization’s value to our membership. The Fredericton Chamber is very proud to be the initiator of a unique business program that addresses a couple of very important growth issues to help with our mission statement of ‘Community Prosperity through Business’. The Succession matching program, “ Succession Connect,” is the first of its kind and if our pilot is successful, will be modeled in other regions to address key issues of succession and immigration. These are two growth strategies that will enable New Brunswick to prosper into the future. Krista and Janet worked diligently to coordinate municipal, provincial and federal Continues on page 5 Insight Winter 2017


his fall has been a busy and exciting one at the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce. We were thrilled to have announced in October a new program called Succession Connect, which is the first of its kind that we are aware of! ACOA, the Government of NB and the City of Fredericton, along with corporate partners McInnis Cooper, Grant Thornton, Scotiabank and Priority Personnel have dedicated their financial resources and, in the case of our corporate sponsors, also professional resources into a program that we are thinking of as a game changer. Succession Connect will be housed in our satellite office in Knowledge Park building 5 directly adjacent to Planet Hatch! The program will be an excellent compliment to our current Business Immigrant Mentorship Program and “The Hive” business incubator centre. One of the many challenges that newcomers face when they arrive in a new country is getting established. Here in New Brunswick, we have newcomers that come to the province with an agreement to start or purchase a business - creating employment not just for themselves but for others as well! Of course, when coming to a new place - it is challenging to determine just what business might be a good fit and then, getting it up and running within a designated time period! Our experience has shown us that those who purchase a ‘going concern’ often have a better chance of success. And, if these newcomers are successful… they will stay in our province and in our community! Given our aging demographic, our economy needs these newcomers! We need them not just to come here…. but to stay! In October, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce reported that a staggering 75% of business owners in Canada are looking to retire in the next 10 years and that less than 50% of them have a succession plan. Hendrik Brakel, the Canadian Chamber’s Senior Director of Economic, Financial and Tax Policy says; “We often hear that owners don’t like talking about retirement. They’ve been leading their business for decades and it’s part of their identity. Many just assume that they will be able to sell the business or pass it along to kids when the time comes. And because it’s years away, the awkward discussion can always be put off to another day.” Continues on page 6

A Message from the President continued.. government funding to establish this unique program, kudos to them for a job well done.

Success in Succession is coming our way Fredericton By Morgan Peters


he Fredericton Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that we will be increasing our services for immigrant investors in New Brunswick with the addition of our newly-launched Succession Connect pilot program. Going back to our roots in supporting immigrant investment success in the Fredericton region, we once again are “breaking ground” in a space that will become increasingly more visible as our local business owners age and look for succession opportunities in transferring their business to new ownership. New immigrants who are wanting to invest in local business will be matched with New Brunswick entrepreneurs seeking to sell existing businesses. This pilot venture will be carried out within the Fredericton Region during its initial build with plans to roll it out provincially and throughout Atlantic Canada as a working model with a tool kit to be attached after our initial build and growth years.

“Succession Connect will employ two new staff members who will be working out of the Fredericton Intercultural Business Service Center located in Knowledge Park, as well becoming part of our growing team at the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce under the direction of Krista Ross, our CEO. Our current anticipated start date of program matches of investor to local business owners will begin in the spring of 2017. We couldn’t be happier to once again be on the leading edge of innovative programming that has already caught the attention of a national audience. The team is ready to take on this new challenge that will benefit and serve the mandate of increased population by supporting local community business sustainability and avoidance of lost jobs and tax revenues while also supporting retention and settlement numbers in the Fredericton region and across the Province of New Brunswick”. - Janet Moser - Director

Thank you to our funding partners

& Corporate Sponsors

The advocacy component of the Fredericton chamber is always working hard to identify the relevant issues that affect the chamber’s membership. The chamber meets regularly with all levels of government to convey our position on how policy will affect your business, we are very fortunate to have such a knowledgeable and respected advocacy team. The events component of the chamber has been very busy with the success of the sold-out annual chamber golf tournament that saw great business connections being made in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. The proceeds from “putting pandemonium” were directed to the chamber’s scholarship fund, administered by the Fredericton Community Foundation. It was a pleasure to present our annual scholarship to another very worthy candidate again this year. The chamber also saw its wonderful Business Excellence Awards very well attended to celebrate the impressive array of businesses and business people that populate our community. The breath of business expertise and entrepreneurism is a testament to our chamber’s commitment in our business community. The State of The City event was another successful Chamber event, it is always such a positive dinner to recognize the strides our great city is making in establishing Fredericton as THE place to live and do business! The Fredericton Chamber is very appreciative of the hard work our team does to execute these events as well as the dedication and generosity of the sponsors that help make these events so successful. Membership is growing thanks to our wonderful membership team. Many engaged members have been participating in our Business After Hours and Business Over Breakfast programs Continues on page 6 Insight Winter 2017


SAY HELLO TO OUR NEWEST CHAMBER MEMBERS A Message from the President continued.. - I would highly recommend these premier networking opportunities as chamber members enjoy the comradery and connections of these well attended events. So another great quarter at the Fredericton chamber, thanks to our wonderful members and engaged chamber team helping bring Community Prosperity Through Business. Best regards, Paul

A Message from the CEO continued..


These two factors newcomers looking for businesses to buy, and business owners looking to retire is a perfect storm! The Succession Connect program will serve newcomers by first identifying businesses that are ready to transition to a new owner - and then, ensuring that the newcomer is a good match for the opportunity. We see this as a win win win…. the newcomer, the business owner… and our community! We are currently getting the program initiated and will hopefully hit the ground running in the new year! Your input and insight is welcome - please feel free to reach out to myself or to Janet Moser - the Director of our Intercultural Business Services Centre with your thoughts and ideas on this innovative new program. Best Regards, Krista

Insight Winter 2017

True Vision Designs 50 Crowther Lane, Suite 120, Fredericton, NB E3C 0J1 Tel: (506) 292-3998 Main Contact: Mohamed Khirallah The Royal Barbershop 397 King Street Fredericton, NB E3B 1E4 Tel: (506) 206-6680 Main Contact: Robert Reese TD Commercial Banking 77 Westmorland Street Fredericton, NB E3B 6Z3 Tel: (506) 461-8186 Main Contact: George Tahan Louis Fortin 533 Northumberland Street Fredericton, NB E3B 3K7 Tel: (506) 478-0175 Main Contact: Louis Fortin

CanStar Property Management Ltd. 514 Regent Street Fredericton, NB E3B 3X9 Tel: (844) 766-7827 Main Contact: Nathalie Sturgeon Carmen Hu 50 Crowther Lane, #120 Fredericton, NB E3C 0J1 Main Contact: Carmen Hu Heinz Fitness Tel: (506) 440-4348 Main Contact: Chris Heinz Unforgotten Metal Art 1336 Route 104 Burtts Corner, NB E6L 2G7 Tel: (506) 444-1782 Main Contact: Kristianne Levesque Cora’s Breakfast & Lunch 476 Queen Street Fredericton, NB E3B 1B6 Tel: (506) 472-2672 Main Contact: Mike Babineau Continues on page 14

Employment Standards Consultation In October the Fredericton chamber responded to a series of three related consultations from the Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour: • Minimum Wage • Protection of Young Workers • Coverage Under the Employment Standards Act We reached out to the membership directly to gather feedback on how the proposed changes may affect business in the area. The resulting submission can be found on our website.

Advocacy Update by Morgan Peters


his past quarter has been very busy for the Fredericton chamber on the advocacy front. Our committees are back up and running, we participated in the Canadian Chamber of Commerce policy debates and a number of issues have arisen that impact business. If members have questions or comments about our advocacy efforts or have specific issues to bring to our attention, please contact Policy and Research Manager, Morgan Peters at or (506) 451-9742. Curious what our current advocacy priorities are? Check out the advocacy section of our website, which provides a brief explanation of our five priorities for 2016-17. Provincial Pre-Budget Brief In early November we submitted our annual pre-budget brief to Finance Minister Cathy Rogers. The brief, which is published on our website, calls on the

government to take urgent action to reduce our public debt. New Brunswick now spends over $700 million per year in interest payments on our growing $14 billion debt. This restricts our ability to invest in areas - such as human capital - that promote economic growth. We also plan to meet with Minister Rogers to discuss our submission in more detail. 2017 WorkSafeNB Assessment Rates WorkSafe New Brunswick’s announced week that the average assessment rate for New Brunswick employers in 2017 will increase 33% from $1.11 per $100 of payroll to $1.48 per $100 of payroll. We participated in a conference call with WorkSafeNB President and CEO Gerard Adams as well as the WorkSafe appeals tribunal to gather more information. Based on this, we wrote a letter to Minister Donald Arseneault outlining our concerns and continue to work on the issue with the NB Coalition of Employers, including meeting with department officials.

Canadian Chamber of Commerce Annual General Meeting and Conference Members of the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce recently attended the Canadian chamber’s AGM in Regina. While there, we voted on 70 policy resolutions on a variety of topics. A resolution co-sponsored by the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce was adopted by the delegates in attendance which supports funding for small National Airport System (“NAS”) airports such as the Fredericton International Airport, one of 26 airports that form the system. These airports have been identified as being strategically important to the country’s air travel system. However, NAS airports are excluded from ACAP funding - which was established to help airports with fewer than 525,000 annual passengers with capital project funding. Fredericton is one of six such airports that are small enough to otherwise need and receive ACAP funding but for this policy. Presentation to Standing Committee on Finance - Federal Pre-Budget Consultation On 17 October 2016, Fredericton Chamber CEO Krista Ross presented to the Standing Committee on Finance of the House of Commons in a prebudget consultation. Her presentation focused on local priorities such as taxes, succession and trade-enabling infrastructure such as the Fredericton International Airport. Krista’s full comments can be found on our website. Insight Winter 2017


We say welcome to Fredericton’s newest residents Introducing Hive Incubator Members... by Janet Moser


eet our Mentees ~ Fredericton’s newest residents to become local business developers with the support of the Fredericton chamber’s immigrant investment programs.


Over the past ten years, Fredericton has welcomed thousands of new immigrants into the community. Almost 7% of the city’s population are newcomers who have moved to Fredericton from some 50 countries around the world; however the majority of the clients we assist in our business programs are most often from China, South Korea, Iran, Vietnam and a few other countries in South Asia, South America, Eastern and Western Europe. “Our need for population and economic growth is essential in New Brunswick and immigration remains a big piece of the the puzzle of economic stability and the creation of jobs and new global perspectives. We as local communities must recognize not only the need but also the value and richness that cultural inclusion brings to our towns, cities and province. This is why the provincial government of New Brunswick and the Fredericton chamber are working diligently to promote immigration and to raise the bar for inclusive, productive and welcoming communities that will engage and support our newest residents and their goals of investing in our province, which is a direct investment for our future in Fredericton and all of New Brunswick.” - Janet Moser, Programs Director In our grand mosaic of cultural inclusion we say #Welcome to Michael Shin and Mohmamed Khirallah, both members of the Hive and BIM Programs.

Insight Winter 2017

“The HIVE never fails to inspire and let me believe in myself in a continuous and consistent motion” -Mohamed Khirallah, Owner of True Vision Designs

“When I first arrived in Fredericton, I felt like I was on a small boat floating on boundless ocean. BIMP, The HIVE and the mentors were my lighthouse” -Michael Shin, Owner of GenInk

Pay It Forward: Ken LeBlanc Mentors Young Entrepreneurs by Futurpreneur Canada


en LeBlanc, President of PropertyGuys. com, has seen the benefits of mentoring from both sides – as an entrepreneur looking for guidance and as a mentor helping aspiring business owners build confidence and navigate start-up challenges. Ken started out two decades ago with a small loan and a local mentor from Futurpreneur Canada, a national nonprofit organization that provides financing,

mentoring and resources to entrepreneurs aged 18-39. Futurpreneur, formerly the Canadian Youth Business Foundation, has been fueling the entrepreneurial passions of Canada’s young entrepreneurs like Ken for 20 years. Its internationally-recognized mentoring program matches young entrepreneurs with a business expert from a network of almost 3,000 volunteer mentors. Once his business was established and he was armed with a strong sense of community, Ken volunteered as a mentor with Futurpreneur to pay forward the positive experience he had with his mentor. He soon discovered that as a mentor he was benefitting even more - both professionally and personally. The individuals he has mentored have helped him make connections, avoid pitfalls, be accountable to someone with an outside perspective, stay current with the latest trends and maintain a fresh perspective on business by answering questions he had never even thought of asking. When asked for one piece of advice to pass along to the next wave of entrepreneurs, Ken implored them to follow their passion above all else. If an aspiring entrepreneur`s

vision matches their passion, he says that the chances that profit will follow improve dramatically, but if their vision is profit, it is easy to get knocked off their path. “Every enterprise has ups and downs. If you’re not passionate about what you are doing, it’s too easy to throw in the towel during the hard times,” says Ken. “Your passion allows you to remain focused on your vision no matter the circumstances.” Ken has now mentored with Futurpreneur on multiple occasions, sat on their board and been part of other local initiatives, including an upcoming event in the new year in partnership with the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce. On February 15, 2017, Futurpreneur will be hosting a free reception where Ken will share his experiences as a mentor and mentee. The event will centre on mentoring and how to further engage successful entrepreneurs in their community. Register Here. Do you have experiences and advice to pass on to fledgling entrepreneurs? Think about becoming a Futurpreneur mentor! You can learn more about Futurpreneur and its mentoring offering at mentoring.


Insight Winter 2017

Community Based Charitable Giving: Beyond the Paperwork 10

by Josh Astle, Executive Director, Special Olympics New Brunswick


one are the days of handshake deals over cocktail-fueled conversations about charitable giving between friends. Now more than ever, non-profits and charitable corporations are being scrutinized by donors; large and small. After all, it is the donor’s money and they want to see how it is working in their community. The charitable sector has become extremely competitive with an onslaught of worthy suitors all searching for the same donors interest. This is why these old agreements between friends have grown into full contractual agreements strife with legal documents and letters of understanding. Today, in many cases, the donation of funds is done to reach a strategic goal of community outreach and development by partnering with like minded nonprofits and charities. Charitable giving is a business and like any business deal should not be done without some course of due diligence. Many corporations, foundations and government agencies recognize the large Insight Winter 2017

number of worthy organizations there are in our community and often hold a tendering or application process where these charities explain their mandate and/ or outline a specific project they wish to be funded. This process involves storytelling, financial disposition as well as creative writing to make an application stand out among the pile. After receiving the funding, the charity is asked to complete a report to explain how the funds were actually spent and if the project was deemed a success for the charity. This entire process is actually very rewarding for the organization as it forces the project lead to deeply scrutinize the project through a formulated evaluation; which in my mind is a necessity for all projects. Evaluations allow you to observe weak points and improve for the next project cycle; making the overall organization stronger and more successful in the future. In some cases the charitable sector is BIG business and in other cases, like more local or community based organizations, it is all about grassroots activation right

here in our community. Small to medium sized charities are often forced to do more with less funding and because of this inherently attract some of the best staff and supporters; knowing that what they are doing is benefiting someone they know or their community as a whole. For the past 5 years I have found a home in a small to medium sized charity and have seen firsthand the amazing support of community businesses and donors. In my case, I have seen the funds expand services, open new doors to participation, and increase the health of our participants. From the outside looking into other charities in our community I see families being supported during hard times, children receiving new healthcare related supports, trauma victims receiving much needed guidance and the list goes on. The funds obtained by smaller charities is stretched to benefit the most people possible, yet they continually manage to do so by providing the highest quality experience for the beneficiary. As a self-appointed spokesperson and advocate for our community I want, and almost demand, that as a donor you continue to scrutinize the organizations you support financially. Look beyond the paperwork and the fancy branding and discover the actual work that is being done. Sit down with someone from the organization, have a discussion about the great work many local charities are doing, speak to those affected by the work and make an educated decision. Sure, funding is in constant demand in our relatively limited market but what is more important is matching a donor with our services and having both organizations benefit; as individuals and as partnered organizations. By supporting community based organizations a donor can witness first-hand the power of their dollars on a weekly basis. They can be connected directly to the work that is being done and take pride in knowing they helped make it happen. Together, you can build a stronger, healthier and more vibrant community just by taking the time to understand the community needs and the organizations out there willing to go to great lengths to support them.

The Power of Relationship Building in Sales by Jeremy S. DeMerchant, CEO, Permission To Sell Consulting Group “All things being equal, people will do business with and refer business to, those people they know, like and trust.” - Bob Burg


usiness has changed. The days of door knocking and cold-calling through the yellow pages as primary lead generation strategies are drifting away. As business owners, we are in search of the greatest return on our marketing investment. Many business owners are choosing digital marketing strategies over more traditional avenues because of the ability to target audiences most likely to be interested in your product or service. But these strategies are about more than just building awareness. Businesses across the globe are creating online experiences for their prospects, specifically designed to help them feel like they “know, like and trust” their brand. Although digital marketing (when done correctly) can be highly effective in building relationships with prospects, the strongest relationships are still created face-to-face. In my experience, you will almost always have a shorter sales cycle and, in turn, higher value sales from a strong in-person relationship. Here are the 7 keys to building relationships in sales (online or offline):

Be Authentic People like to connect with people, now more than ever. With that being said, there’s nothing that will kill a relationship quicker than being fake.

Be Interested Here’s a secret; if you spend an entire conversation asking about the other person they will feel like YOU are the most interesting person in the room. Ask sincere, open-ended questions to learn more about them, their challenges, and what they want to achieve. Even those who market primarily online will offer some form of voice-to-voice or face-toface contact to develop a higher level of rapport with a prospect and understand their needs before making a high-ticket offer. Build Authority Through Value Sharing your expertise is a great way to add value to your client relationship. Avoid overwhelming and just give them support on the issue at hand. Online you will find this in the form of a digital download, a webinar, an e-book or a video series. If you help your prospect overcome an initial challenge, they will see you as an authority and are more likely to come back to you for additional support. Follow Through On Your Commitments We all have a lot on our plate. Automate and systematise as much as you possibly can throughout your day to allow for the easy fulfilment of commitments.

Follow Up People get busy. New priorities overtake the best intentions to follow up. Create a process for how you follow up with prospects. If someone isn’t getting back to you, don’t assume the worst. Simply send a gentle reminder so you get back to the top of their inbox. Make An Offer The fastest way to qualify someone as a potential buyer is to make an offer. This shouldn’t be an offer for a large purchase if you haven’t established trust and taken the time to truly understand the problem you’ll be solving. Online this may be a $7 digital product, and offline this may be an initial consultation. Be The Connector Your prospect faces challenges outside the scope of your expertise. I bet you know someone who may be able to help, connect them. Online this is known as affiliate marketing, while in-person you would know this as a referral. When you do this with sincerity, and not just trying to sell someone else’s product, both parties will appreciate it. Whether you are promoting yourself online or offline (and you should be doing both), your focus must be on building a relationship with your client. This will create the opportunity for repeat business, referrals, and even clients for life.

Insight Winter 2017


What a great event with 315 people in attendance

A special Thank You to our event sponsors ~ without you this event would not be possible


Congratulations to the award recipients: Credit Unions Small Business Award Second Showing Boutique UPS Large Business Award Dillon Consulting Limited Jim Gilberts Wheels & Deals Not-For-Profit Organization Award Special Olympics New Brunswick Elliott McCrea Hill Community Leadership Through Business Award Gallery 78 Wilson Insurance Ltd. Start-Up Award East Coast Chiropractic Opportunities New Brunswick Business Person of the Year Award Adam Clawson, Red Rover Brewing Insight Winter Company Ltd.2017

The Job Seeker Perspective by Grant McDonnell, Job Seekers of NB

Better use of previous interview candidates Employers and job seekers can both benefit from better utilization of a “Remember and Recall” type of program. In brief, employers provide unsuccessful applicants with job referrals for similar types of work and in return the job seeker provides business leads and articles for growth of the employer’s business. For the job seeker, this allows them to see that even if one opportunity fails that the person at the other end still wants to see their community grow and by referring the candidate onto others, they are passionate about this. Job seekers are not only able to provide the employer with growth potential, they may also be available should something else similar come to fruition, whether it be within the company or in a similar role.

hen we think of how our job search processes are done, we see little change from how it was completed years ago outside of electronic communications. There is a need to change our way of thinking and how we approach this in order to make things better for employers and potential employees - finding the right fit is critical for both. The following are a few suggestions from the perspective of job seekers.

Appreciating job seekers as potential customers/clients In a world that revolves around communication, and leaving great impressions, many tend to forget this in the job search processes. Rather than simply brush off applicants (especially those who have been interviewed), use them to the advantage to expand business leads and opportunities to grow customer base.

When we look at the job search market today, there are many processes and job posting formats that are out of date. By starting with these process basics, it may change things for the better and improve opportunities for job seekers and more leads for business growth for employers. Showing caring of people in general is something we all want to see more, even outside the job market scope. It would help improve the view of this province, city and create a foundation for growth for all who reside here.

Job Posting Improvements The resume / C.V. has undertaken numerous changes over the past 30 years, but job postings have remained much the same. For example, the phrase, “Only those chosen will be contacted” sends the message that one’s application is only important if the employer wants to talk with you. With the electronic age we are in, there are many approaches to use to save time on the end of the employer/recruiter and thus also give the job seeker the necessary information they seek. E-mail lists, database mail-outs and clearly stating process guidelines in the posting itself, are ways to overcome this.

Putting more value into “talents” in much the same light as “skills” More often, we hear how there are skills shortages various areas, but oftentimes “skills” is cast very tightly and thus missing out on many great candidates. A talent is something that each one of us has that we do regularly for the joy of doing it, and not always because we would get paid to do it. A talent is something that can be an asset to any employer because it comes from a natural place of passion. It is easier to teach someone a skill if they are passionate and have a related talent.

“THE JOB SEEKERS OF NB” A collection of job seekers and caring NB residents who want to see new and improved methods to make our province better, stronger both for employers and job seekers alike. We encourage discussion of the issues in a fair and open manner provide support, and encouragement to fellow job seekers in their quest to find suitable work. Employers are encouraged to talk with us and post comments in our weekly discussions through both LinkedIn and Facebook. The more we both get to understand each other, the better we can all find that success we seek.


Insight Winter 2017


Preparing For Your Corporate Year End Kenny Kyle, CPA, CA, Partner, Teed Saunders Doyle & Co. The City Motel 1216 Regent Street Fredericton, NB E3B 3Z4 Tel: (506) 450-9000 Main Contact: Will Phillips UREC 15 Peter Kelly Drive Fredericton, NB E3B 5A3 Tel: (506) 453-4603 Main Contact: Hannah Davies


Capital Dental Clinic 123 York Street Fredericton, NB E3B 3N6 Tel: (506) 458-9669 Main Contact: Debbie Lawrence CertaPro Painters 154 Main Street #B003 Fredericton, NB E3A 1CX8 Tel: (506) 458-8412 Main Contact: Linden Clark CAN Exchange Inc. 19 Cat Tail Lane Charters Settlement, NB E3C 0K7 Tel: (506) 471-4416 Main Contact: Clifford Pitts Lepton Management Ltd. 5050 Jupiter Crescent Hanwell, NB E3C 1M7 Tel: (506) 447-7024 Main Contact: Barb Scott Bullying Canada Inc. PO Box 29009 Fredericton, NB E3B 9M1 Tel: (877) 352-4497 Main Contact: Rob Benn-Frenette

Insight Winter 2017


reparing for your corporate year-end does not have to be a challenging task. Proper planning goes a long way to making this process seamless. Here are some helpful tips that will make the process easier for you and can also help you gain a better understanding of the financial aspects of your business. • Talk to your accountant in advanceAs year-end approaches you should consult with your accountant to begin preparing. Your accountant can assist you by providing a detailed list of the items required to complete your year end and explaining why these items are important to you and your business. This time also serves as opportunity to discuss changes to your business that may have occurred over the year and allows time to explore possible planning opportunities. • Know your deadlines – Although your corporate tax return is due to the Canada Revenue Agency six months after your corporate year end to avoid late filing penalties, many business owners forget that any taxes owing begin to accrue interest three months after your year end. Being prepared for year end can greatly assist in ensuring your corporate tax return is filed in a timely manner. In addition make sure you are aware of banking requirements and financial covenants which often specify financial reporting deadlines applicable to your lending institution – often three months after year end. • Review your balance sheet – Reviewing accounts on your balance sheet is an important process in preparing for year end. At a minimum the following items should be reviewed, adjusted and documented for year end:

o Bank statements and reconciliations o Aged account receivable listings and doubtful (non-collectable) accounts identified o Investment statements o Inventory listings o Capital asset listings o Aged accounts payable listing o CRA source deduction statements and HST returns o Loan and capital leasing documents • Review your income statement – In addition to reviewing your balance sheet, take the time to review the details of your income statement. Scan your revenue and expense accounts to ensure items are recorded in the appropriate period and to the proper accounts. Consistently recording revenue and expenses to the proper accounts allows you and your accountant to see trends and variances that occur and is an important process in making business decisions. • Resolutions and minutes – Take the time to discuss with your accountant and lawyer any requirement for updating and preparing resolutions for your corporate minute book. These items are often overlooked but are important to ensuring your records are accurate and complete. Being prepared for year end allows your accountant to prepare your financial statements and corporate tax returns in an efficient, timely and cost-effective manner. It also provides an ideal opportunity for you and your accountant to discuss important issues affecting your business and planning to maximize future success.

Fredericton Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Presented by Morgan Peters


he Fredericton Chamber of Commerce has awarded its annual post-secondary scholarship to Tanya Smith, who is currently completing a Master of Social Work program at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia.

Already a community leader, Tanya is an instructor at da Vinci College after several years of working with Kingsclear Child & Family Services. She also has extensive experience volunteering her time for various issues and organizations that include child protection services, the Fredericton Food Bank, Meals on Wheels and the Fort Smith Animal Society. She has been a director of the New Brunswick Association

of Social Workers’ Social Action Committee. Tanya is also a high academic achiever, having received a 4.1 GPA during her undergraduate degree and now maintaining a 4.2 GPA in the masters program. “Our post-secondary scholarship is one of the reasons I’m proud to be part of the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce” said chamber President Paul Simmonds. “It’s a good example of how our organization lives our vision - Community Prosperity Through Business. A successful business community and growing economy is key to a healthy community that is able effectively do essential things like support students, provide effective social programs, offer a variety of recreational activities and all of the other parts of civic life that we deem important. Administered by the Fredericton Community Foundation, recipients of the scholarship are selected by a panel of Fredericton chamber past-presidents. “Any employee of a chamber member; or their child or their spouse that is attending a post-secondary institution in the fall is eligible for the scholarship,” added Simmonds. “Our members employ about 27,000 people, so there was no shortage of high-qualified candidates. Simply put, Tanya was the best of the best.” Tanya received her scholarship at the chamber’s annual golf tournament on August 25, 2016.


Insight Winter 2017

Facebook Advertising: 5 ways to target your audience… without breaking the bank! by Stacey Russell, Fredericton Tourism 2. Monitor your audience insights Facebook provides detailed insights on both your fans and those who are engaged with your page. The insights are broken down into demographics and include geographic info as well as timing in which your fans are most active on your page. This information will help you determine the appropriate demographics to choose when creating your ads as well as the best time of day to get engagement.



ave you ever tried to yell out in a crowd full of people? Trying to be heard over all of the commotion around you? That’s how it can feel when you don’t properly target your advertising audience on Facebook. With more than 1.71 billion active users on Facebook (that’s more than the population of China!) you need to focus your advertising strategy around reaching the appropriate audience, with the right message – at the right time. Sound a bit overwhelming? Not if you follow some of these easy tips. 1. Grow & manage your contact (email) list Whether it’s contest entries, past purchasers, newsletter sign ups etc… you will want to manage a clean email list which can be used for email marketing – and will also come in handy for tip #4. Don’t forget to abide by Canada’s Anti Spam legislation and gain permission before adding people to your email list.

Insight Winter 2017

3. Add a facebook pixel to your website Ever wonder why, after visiting a certain website, you start seeing ads for that company on other pages you visit? They’ve added a facebook pixel to their site which allows them to reach people who have visited their website. By adding a pixel you can also target people who have visited certain pages on your site, who haven’t been on your site in awhile, you can even exclude certain audiences. Lots of possibilities to reach people who’ve already visited your website (and likely already close to converting to a sale!). 4. Create Custom Audiences Remember tip #1? Why not also use your email list on facebook! By uploading your email list(s) to Facebook you can create a custom email audience to drive your ads to – an audience that has already expressed interest in your business. It’s always great to cross sell to a list where possible (besides, have you ever had a 100% open rate on eblasts?). 5. Geographic targeting Did you know you can target an audience by street address? What if

you’re a restaurant who is looking for walk-ins? A store with a 1-hour pop up sale? A festival with a select number of tickets available at the door? With Facebook you have the opportunity to reach audiences by simply adding a physical address. Work in the tourism industry? Why not target people who are traveling in your area and are at least 200km from home. You can do that and more with geographic targeting! Regardless of which tactic you choose (and I hope you try many) the opportunities are endless! So next time, instead of just yelling into the crowd, look at these great targeting options to pin point your audience and reach people who have already shown interest in your business. Stacey works at Fredericton Tourism in the role of Assistant Manager. In addition, she also manages Fredericton Tourism’s digital & social media strategy. When Stacey doesn’t have a digital device in hand she’s out enjoying life in Fredericton with her family. Find her on twitter at @StaceyRussell13

Here are some of the savings the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce helps you and your employees to save on costs and encourage local shopping. For the complete list of savings, check out

Dana’s Collision Centre / CSN With every collision repair we provide two applications of Aquapel Glass Treatment good for one year at no charge when you present your M2M card. Aquapel Glass Treatment improves a driver’s ability to see clearly and drive safer. This innovative technology is a long-lasting rain repellent that: • Remarkably improves vision in the rain; • Causes rain to bead up and roll right off; • Makes it easier to clear ice, snow, and even dirt and bugs; • Reduces glare in the rain, especially at night. • Lasts for months in normal driving conditions.

Downtown Optometry Clinic

Show your M2M card to receive 15% off all products, including eyeglasses and contact lenses. Excluding eye exams/professional services.

Escape Logic Games

Corporate pricing $20 taxes included - must show valid M2M card.

Silverwood Inn & Suites

Receive $100 off monthly rents.

Simms Home Hardware

Receive a 5% discount on regular priced items. Must show M2M card at the time or purchase.

Lynn Thier

$100.00 off Quit Smoking 2 Hour Session using NLP Techniques and Hypnosis! (275 plus hst with discount) FREE 30 minute strategy session - pick one area to focus on - (business/career, personal, health, relationships.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Fredericton Enjoy a whole new level of comfort and sophistication at Holiday Inn Express & Suites Fredericton Our friendly, professional service and exceptional value has made us Fredericton’s favourite hotel on! Allergyfriendly room types, we welcome pets at no extra charge in almost all rooms. Complimentary Express Start hot breakfast, WiFi, parking, and more included! A DP Murphy Hotels & Resorts location. Provide a M2M card at arrival and enjoy a 15% Member to Member discount off of the Best Flexible Rate on any available room type. Some blackout dates may apply.

Sorella Salon & Spa

Save 10% on aesthetic services, haircut/style combos.

York Dental

Rod Hussey’s Auto Repair/ OK Tire & Auto Service

Receive a 10% discount on initial visit, 5% off any future visits up to a maximum of $1000.

Receive a 5% discount on the next tire and steel wheel purchase (labour not included).

Premier Van Lines

Use of moving boxes at no charge for local residential and office moves.

Windsor Court Retirement Residence Receive a 50% discount on a full service permanent stay at Windsor Court for the first month (subject to availability).

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fter a life of work and responsibilities, you’ve earned the right to spend each day as you like. Why not simplify and enjoy more time to do what you love, right here in Fredericton? You can, at the vibrant retirement community of Ste. Anne’s Court.

Three times a day, you’ll feel like an honoured guest. The talented culinary staff caters to you with menu options full of flavour, variety and local flair, all brought to your table by a friendly server who knows your name – and how you take your coffee.

Situated near the scenic St. John River, this welcoming community offers an attentive, 24-hour staff that takes care of the cooking, cleaning and maintenance – even the driving, when you prefer.

And since everything’s included in your monthly rent, bills are easier to manage, too.

Your spacious apartment is located a few steps away from everything you need to look and feel your best and lead a meaningful life. Work out in the fitness center, relax in the salon and gather with family and friends in the cozy fireplace lounge. Getting to know your neighbours is easy when you engage in the social events scheduled each month. Laugh and have fun while learning a new hobby or expressing your creativity. Clubs, classes and outings bring together residents who share common interests.

Once you see how fulfilling life can be in a community of interesting people – once you experience how refreshing it feels to wake up every morning knowing your day is what you decide to make it – then you’ll understand why so many older adults choose Ste. Anne’s Court. Get in touch with us today: 81 Duncan Lane Fredericton, NB E3B 9T1 506.450.9433

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Insight Winter 2017

2 by Stacey Murray



1. In August the Chamber hosted the 27th annual Golf Tournament. Congratulations to the Beaverbrook Art Gallery for placing first place in this year’s tournament! Thank you to all our sponsors for making this tournament possible. 2. In August the chamber hosted a Lunch & Learn Webinar Series entitled, Let’s Get Exporting: Export Igniter with presenter, Adam Peabody, Investment Attraction & Growth Specialist at Ignite Fredericton.


3. September’s Business After Hours was hosted by Newcap Radio. 4. In September the chamber, Rotary Club of Hanwell and the Sunrise Rotary Club hosted a breakfast with Minister Cathy Rogers on New Brunswick’s Economic Growth Plan. 5. September’s Business Over Breakfast was hosted by The Happy Baker at their new location on Dundonald Street. 6. In September the chamber hosted a Lunch & Learn Webinar Series entitled, How to use social media for your business with presenter, Stacey Russell, Fredericton Tourism.

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7. October’s Business After Hours was hosted by Teed Saunders Doyle & Co. 8. October’s Business Over Breakfast was hosted by Planet Hatch. 9. In October the chamber hosted the Business Excellence Awards. Congratulations to all the nominees, finalists and recipients for demonstrating excellence in our business community. This event would not be possible without our sponsors, thank you!



10. In October the chamber hosted a Lunch & Learn Webinar entitled, Facebook Advertising 101 with presenter, Stacey Russell, Fredericton Tourism.



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