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Front Cover Photo 1 - Beth Crowell, Mayday Fine Print Inc., Opportunities NB Business Person of the Year Award; 2/7/8 - Susan Cochrane, Maureen Schmidt, Lisa Horsman, Platinum Salon & Spa, Spacek Armstrong & Norrad Professional Accountants Resilience Award; 3/11 - Jeff Clowater, Jill Dickinson, Clowater’s Plumbing & Heating; 4/5 Patti Hollenberg, Eric Hollenberg Chess Piece Patisserie & Cafe, Wilson Insurance Ltd Start-Up Award; 6 - Adam Sprague, BrunNet, Credit Union Small Business Award; 9 - Shawn Lean, Office Interiors, Ellioitt McCrea Hill Community Involvement Award; 10 - David Parkinson, AMEC Foster Wheeler, UPS Large Business Award; 12 - Warren Maddox, Fredericton Homeless Shelters, Jim Gilbert’s Wheels & Deals Not-for-Profit Organization Award

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fton_Chamber Insight Winter 2017

A Message from the President

A Message from the CEO

Keir Clark, President

Krista Ross, CEO

It’s going great, but you can help make it even better


he more time I spend in this role the more I understand and appreciate all the positive things that are happening in our city and within our Fredericton Chamber of Commerce.


On the advocacy front our Policy and Research Manager Morgan Peters, CEO Krista Ross, and incredible volunteers are doing an outstanding job representing the interests of our members to all levels of government. The work they’ve done on behalf of our members around the illadvised tax proposals Minister Morneau introduced in the dead of summer is an excellent example. Their efforts have arguably contributed to some of the recently announced business friendly changes to Morneau’s proposals. If you haven’t been watching all that was done on your behalf as Chamber members, get in touch with the team and we’ll get you up to speed. From an events standpoint, we continue create terrific opportunities for business people to meet and build relationships. Our new Event Manager Tanya Senechal is exploiting her global experience to organize and execute first class events for our members. The most recent examples include the Annual Chamber Golf Tournament, hosting the Canadian Chamber of Commerce AGM, the Business Excellence Awards, and the State of the City. I encourage you to take advantage of as many of these chances to grow your network and business as you are able. You may not realize it but the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce is at the epicenter of efforts underway to grow our community population and economy. We have a team lead by our Director of Immigrant Business Services, Janet Moser. They work hard every day on enhancing our city by helping high achieving newcomers get set up and participating in our community. We all stand to benefit greatly from the fine work these folks are doing. One of the most recent examples of what they are doing to help attract and retain newcomers is a program called Succession Connect. It’s a nationally recognized program developed right here in Fredericton. It is a program designed to connect newcomers who have the required financial resources, skills and desires interested in buying a business with those Continues on page 6 Insight Winter 2018


he Canadian Chamber of Commerce conference which we hosted in September was a HUGE success with delegates from all across Canada enjoying an excellent conference, our exceptional Fredericton hospitality along with unseasonably warm weather. A huge thanks goes out to our sponsors led by Opportunities NB, the various committees that worked on the conference, our many volunteers, and of course, the Chamber team who, along with Conference Chair Karen Grant dedicated their talents and time to make this conference the best one in recent history! Thanks also to those who submitted my name and wrote letters of support for my nomination as Chamber Executive of the Year for Canada. I was honoured and humbled to be chosen by my peers for this prestigious award. We have also held two other very successful large events this fall and we thank our sponsors for both the Business Excellence Awards and the State of the City. Our hearty congratulations go out to the recipients of the awards as well as those nominated! And a sincere thank you to Mayor Mike for his time and effort in presenting the State of the City. We are excited to launch a new program for our members. In September of 2018, we will be hosting a trip to China. This is a great opportunity to explore China with a group of your Chamber peers. Our host, Citslinc is a travel company that focuses exclusively on Chamber travel with Chambers across Canada and the US experiencing China with them. The company is endorsed by the Canadian Chamber and provides an exception experience including 4 & 5 star accomodations, 3 meals daily, airfare from Toronto and english guides. I travelled to China with the MOncton Chamber and Citslinc earlier this year and head a great experience which I hope to share with many of our members. The fall has included a great deal of work in advocacy with a major focus on the proposed changes to federal taxes affecting incorporated businesses. Since the proposals were released in July your Chamber has been vocal on your behalf. We’ve met with our federal representatives and communicated the issues you’ve shared with us to the finance minister as part of the consultation. In November - I was selected to present to the Senate committee on this issue. This issue continues to be a focus for our advocacy efforts. Continues on page 6

a new addition to the Succession Connect program. Our first and only information session in September generated a lot of interest and enthusiasm from the local community, which is why we have been working to expand our program to include more of these sessions, along with workshops, such as how to buy and sell a business, accounting, etc.

Succession Connect Program by Janet Moser & Monique Hong


ctober marks Succession Connect’s first anniversary and we couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming year. While Year One was focused on building the foundation of our program, hiring staff, evaluating software options, establishing an advisory committee, and developing a marketing strategy; in our second year, we begin operations in earnest. We will be moving forward with sourcing and locating new buyers and sellers, focusing primarily on immigrant investors interested in “turnkey” businesses. We will also be working with businesses that are on the market or quietly being sold through brokerage firms, legal and/or accounting firms. We are improving our understanding of the needs of sellers who, for various reasons, wish to keep the sale private and confidential. By keeping the early stages confidential, business owners and buyers are better able to negotiate. Now, let’s talk about what to expect when you meet with our team. Meetings are by appointment and you can contact our office by emailing or calling the Office Administrator, Monique Hong, for scheduling. During your first meeting with our Succession Connect Specialist, Layla Rahmeh, you will introduce yourself as either a buyer or a seller. From there, Layla will assess your needs and enter your information into our confidential database. Our database is setup to house information for all the buyers and sellers we have met with, or who have expressed future interest in buying or selling. Based on your needs, a list of potential buyers or industries with businesses for sale will be generated by the specialist. Depending on how sizeable the report is, you will either schedule a second appointment or discuss the options available to you right away. Buyer information and business names are not given out until an expression of interest has been put forward by our team. All information is handled with a high level of care and confidentiality and only industry information is given prior to contacting the business directly. If this is something that interests you, but you are not yet ready to dive in, we will be offering several training and information sessions in the coming months. While our Business Immigrant Mentorship Program (BIMP) is mostly focused on providing training and workshops for newcomer immigrants, this will be

Get involved early! New data from the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) indicates that the expected number of retiring business owners will create a boom in business transitions in the next five years. According to the BDC, “40% of entrepreneurs expect to exit their business without acquiring another in the next five years.” In addition, “52% of sellers expect to sell or transfer their business outside the family.” In other words, it is absolutely the right time to be planning for business succession. Whether you are looking to buy or sell, meet with us to discuss your options. Entrepreneurs 41% Expect to exit their business, but not to aquire another 8% Expect to exit and aquire a business 51% Do not expect to exit their business

Sales and Transfers 26% Family succession 52% Sale/Transfer of control outside family 22% Wind down business and sell assets Source: The Coming Wave of Business Transitions in Canada: Factsheet, September 2017. Available from: pages/coming-wave-business-transitions-in-canada.aspx

A competitive market A wave of retirement will create a boom in business transitions in the next five years.

41% of entrepreneurs expect to exit their business

without aquiring another in the next five years.

41% Expect to exit their business, but not to aquire another 8% Expect to exit and aquire a business 51% Do not expect to exit their business

52% of sellersexpect to sell or transfer their business outside the family.

26% Family succession 52% Sale/Transfer of control outside family 22% Wind down business and sell assets

Insight Winter 2018


A Message from the President continued... who are interested in selling one. You would think this would have happened long ago in a bigger city somewhere but it is a new and very promising initiative. If you own a business and have not made plans for your exit to retirement, or are a newcomer who wants to buy a business be sure to check this one out online at immigration/succession-connect or by contacting us by phone.


While the chamber team is working hard on growing our community by assisting newcomers, today I want to share a challenge we are having and to ask for your help. While we are getting many to come to Fredericton, we are still having trouble getting newcomers to settle in Fredericton for the long term. This is where you can help. Just like the rest of us, newcomers appreciate and are drawn to communities that are welcoming, friendly and open. Without that kind of welcoming environment, it is easy to feel quite isolated. Many of us more established citizens already enjoy rich personal lives with many friends and family nearby. That’s why it’s so easy to ”not bother” getting to know and make friends with newcomers. From their perspective though it’s critically important. They want their spouses and children to enjoy the rich personal and social life we already have. Getting outside our comfort zone and making the effort to reach out and befriend newcomers is hard – but we need to be better at that. We have a wonderful quality of life here in NB with reasonable economic opportunities, a safe place for our families, reasonably affordable housing, and rich personal lives with friends and family. Let’s all work harder to share the lifestyle we enjoy with newcomers. Remember many of them have left everything that’s familiar, including family, to make Fredericton their new home.

Insight Winter 2018

A Message from the CEO continued... We have also been active in advocating for our members relating to Worksafe NB. After hearing from stakeholders - including the Fredericton Chamber, the government appointed task force released a discussion paper. In November, your Chamber appeared in front of the task force and presented on your behalf.

We will continue to work for a fair and sustainable system. As we head into a new year - we wish you the best of success and prosperity with your business, and we hope that we can continue to be a strong advocate on your behalf. If there are issues of concern you feel we should be addressing please get in touch!

Atlantic Chamber of Commerce Welcomes New CEO


heri Somerville joined the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce on August 1, 2017 as its new Chief Executive Officer to serve as the voice of business in Atlantic Canada, drive member initiatives, and support business growth and achievement in the region. Sheri takes the reins from Valerie Roy, who retired earlier in the year. Sheri comes to the Chamber with more than 20 years of business and communications experience in several sectors, including: small business, economic development, energy, resources, transportation, manufacturing, health and pharmaceutical, education, consumer goods and IT. Before joining ACC Sheri founded and was Principal & Chief Counsel at Pure Symmetry Public Relations Inc. Previously, she was the natural gas advisor to the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) in New Brunswick and oversaw the association activities of New Brunswick Petroleum Alliance (NBPA). She has also held leadership positions as director at MT&L Public Relations in New Brunswick, Director of Communications Canada for Michelin North America (Canada) in Nova Scotia, and Communications Manager for the Ontario Centre of Excellence (OCE)Inc. in Toronto, Ontario.

SAY HELLO TO OUR NEWEST CHAMBER MEMBERS New Brunswick SPCA Box 1412, Station A Fredericton, NB E3B 5E3 Tel: (506) 458-8208 Main Contact: Bernadette MacFarlane

Phan Hong Duc Doan (Desjardins) 3480 Havenwood Drive Mississauga, ON L4X 2M8 Tel: (647) 532-5477 Main Contact: (Judy) Phan Hong Duc Doan

The Property Ladies 1176 Wiggins Drive Fredericton, NB E3A 5N7 Tel: (506) 470-9226 Main Contact: Fanny Bodart

Unplugged A Boardgames Cafe 418 Queen Street Fredericton, NB E3B 1B6 Tel: (506) 206-6500 Main Contact: Travis Grant

Nashwaak Watershed Association PO Box 314, Station A Fredericton, NB E3B 4Y2 Tel: (506) 261-4664 Main Contact: Marieka Chaplin

Raffy Astour Fredericton, NB Tel: (506) 478-3899 Main Contact: Raffy Astour

Whole Home Discounts 1180 Prospect Street Fredericton, NB E3B 3C1 Tel: (506) 471-6299 Main Contact: Tracy Broadley

Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick 336 Regent Street Fredericton, NB E3B 3X4 Tel: (506) 453-3456 Main Contact: Stephen Smith

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Insight Winter 2018

SAY HELLO TO OUR NEWEST CHAMBER MEMBERS The Go Do Project 50 Crowther Lane, Suite 140 Fredericton, NB E3C 0J1 Tel: (506) 639-4031 Main Contact: Erin Flood

Cap City Creative Co 38 Legere Street Fredericton, NB E3B 8M6 Tel: (506) 472-1198 Main Contact: Steve Boulter

Mohamad Ghali Madani 50 Crowther Lane, Suite 120 Fredericton, NB E3C 0J1 Tel: (506) 471-2040 Main Contact: Mohamad Ghali Madani

Collaborative Play 35 Coburn Drive Fredericton, NB E3B 6Z7 Tel: (780) 935-6978 Main Contact: Seth Barkhouse

Ian McIntyre Media Relations 303 - 65 Brayson Boulevard Oromocto, NB E2V 0J2 Tel: (506) 260-4984 Main Contact: Ian McIntyre


Canadian Home Builders Association of New Brunswick 207 - 403 Regent Street Fredericton, NB E3B 3X6 Tel: (506) 459-7219 Main Contact: Claudia Simmonds King Street Ale House 546 King Street Fredericton, NB E3B 1E6 Tel: (506) 206-3923 Main Contact: Doug Williams Ahmed Designs 930 Prospect Street, Suite 203 Fredericton, NB E3B 2T8 Tel: (506) 292-4866 Main Contact: Ahmed Hallak Spatial Quest (Solutions) 50 Crowther Lane Fredericton, NB Tel: (506) 440-3854 Main Contact: Eddie Oldfield 10260312 Canada Inc. Fredericton, NB Tel: (902) 402-1605 Main Contact: David Kershaw Insight Winter 2018

TruCarpentry Inc. 1307 Route 620 Estey’s Bridge, NB E3G 6M7 Tel: (506) 261-1021 Main Contact: Tavis Griffin

TLW Yoga 133 Fawn Crescent Hanwell, NB E3E 1B4 Tel: (506) 455-0959 Main Contact: Tammy Ward Dr. Scott A Myles Prof. Corp 1015 Regent Street, Suite 102 Fredericton, NB E3B 6H5 Tel: (506) 260-6434 Main Contact: Scott Myles Avis Budget Group 1285 Hanwell Road Fredericton, NB E3C 1A6 Tel: (506) 452-8016 Main Contact: Tamara Higgins Continues on page 15

Chamber Awards Annual Scholarship


he Fredericton Chamber of Commerce has proudly awarded its annual post-secondary scholarship to Brianna Corey of Fredericton. A high academic achiever, talented musician and tireless volunteer, Brianna is off to study pre-med at Bishop’s University. Awarded the distinctions of a Black Kat Scholar and Duke of Edinburgh Award recipient, Brianna is a well-rounded student poised for success with her post-secondary studies. She is a past recipient of the Royal Conservatory of Music Gold Award winner on two separate occasions, she has volunteered with Theatre New Brunswick as well as an instructor with the Fredericton Speed Skating Club. Administered by the Fredericton Community Foundation, recipients of the scholarship are selected by a panel of Fredericton chamber past-presidents. The Fredericton Chamber of Commerce’s scholarship was created in 2013 to recognize a deserving student who has

made a significant positive contribution to the betterment of their school and / or community at the same time has demonstrated sound academic achievement. The fund is held and managed by the Fredericton Community Foundation. Brianna received her scholarship at the chamber’s annual golf tournament on August 24, 2017.

Pictured from left to right: Brianna Corey, scholarship recipient; Keir Clark, Fredericton Chamber of Commerce President. Photo credit: James West Photography

changes. The national chamber is also a founding member of a national coalition which now features 78 associations and business groups. Chamber CEO Krista Ross also appeared before the Senate committee studying the issue on November 22, 2017.

Advocacy Update by Morgan Peters Proposed Federal Tax Changes Earlier this fall, the federal govenment has unveiled four primary changes to their controversial tax planning changes proposals: 1. No changes will be made to the lifetime capital gains exemption 2. Moving forward with plan to end income splitting for people who do not contribute to the business with ‘simple and clear measures’ 3. Introducing a threshold of $50,000 for passive income earnings to be taxed at the lower rate

We have been very active on this file to date and will continue to advocate for the benefit of our members - we have heard from more members on this issue than any in recent history. The chamber’s board of directors sent a letter to Matt DeCourcey in late August outlining our concerns. When NB MP Alaina Lockhart was named Parliamentary Secretary for Small Business, we sent a letter jointly with Ignite Fredericton to Ms. Lockhart. We have also met Mr DeCourcey and Karen Ludwig (MP, NB Southwest), who have sent feedback to Ottawa.

4. As promised in their 2015 election platform, the federal small business tax rate will be lowered from 10.5% on 1 January 2018 and furthered lowered to 9% on 1 January 2019

Additionally, we are part of a local coalition letter-writing campaign, and a national campaign with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce called #ProtectGrowth. We encourage our members to check out and participate in these campaigns.

It is our position that the government has moved in the right direction, but there is still work to do. Fredericton Chamber of Commerce CEO has written a commentary on the changes announcements, which can be found on our website. She has also previously penned two other op-eds on the subject, the first in September and another earlier in October.

In September, Finance Minister Morneau also made an appearance at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce conference (hosted in Fredericton), which was followed by a press conference, where Fredericton Chamber CEO Krista Ross participated, along with five local chamber members. At that conference, 98.6% of delegates voted in favour of a policy resolution opposing the proposed

WorkSafeNB Rates At the beginning of October, WorkSafeNB announced that in order to keep the rate increase for 2018 as low as possible (15%), they would be changing their funding target from 110% to 100%. This means they are now mandated to return to 110% within eight years. Employers will be charged an additional amount over the next eight years to get to that point. Even so, the average rate will be 53% higher in 2018 than 2016. The government’s task force is set to release its report in late 2017 or 2018. Canadian Chamber of Commerce Policy Resolution We submitted a policy resolution to the Canadian Chamber delegates that calls on the federal government to change regulations to make it easier for international students to gain work experience during their studies, a quicker path to permanent residency and an extended post-graduation search period. We received support in the community prior to the conference and delegates of the conference were also enthusiastic about the concept and 93.6% voted to pass the resolution, which will now become part of the national chamber’s advocacy efforts. Policy Priorities Our 2017-18 policy priorities have been published to our website and CEO Krista Ross has recorded a complimentary video explaining them, which can be viewed on our website: 1. Competitive Business Environment 2. Provincial Debt 3. Fredericton International Airport Expansion 4. Natural Resource Development 5. Workforce Development

Insight Winter 2018


Canadian Chamber Conference September 23-25/17 by Karen Grant, Conference Chair


fter two years of planning Canadian Chamber Conference weekend was finally here. And what a glorious weekend it was. Delegates were impressed with the beauty of our city and our facilities, and the weather was perfect. Many chamber members stepped up and volunteered for this event. Members signed up to participate with planning committees, being onsite at the events, and hosting the companion program, ensuring that the companions of the delegates enjoyed their time in Fredericton. Thank you to these volunteers, your help made planning and executing this conference so much easier.


Our big night, the Maritime Kitchen Party, was an absolute hit. The Delta Fredericton and Fredericton Chamber event manager Tanya Senechal knocked it out of the park. Fish mongers greeted the guests upon arrival, a food and drink tasting led guests to the ballroom. The décor, ambiance and food were exceptional. While sampling a wide

Insight Winter 2018

selection of food, guests enjoyed music, games and a photo booth, while outside, there was a bonfire with s’mores and more music. Our sponsors deserve a round of applause, their contribution to this event enabled the Fredericton chamber to leave a great impression on visitors to our city, and members of our business community had the opportunity to meet and network with business professionals from across Canada. Thank you for your support of the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce. As a member of the Fredericton Chamber board and chair of the conference committee, I owe a round of applause to the Fredericton chamber staff. They were dedicated to making this event first-rate. They worked throughout the conference, and represented our chamber well with their friendliness and hospitality. I’m proud to say I’m part of this great group of people, and they certainly made my role as chair of the committee easy. Thank you.

A huge “Thank You” to our local sponsors of the Maritime Kitchen Party. Without your generosity, this event would not be possible. PRESENTING SPONSOR Opportunities NB/Opportunités NB GOLD SPONSORS Ignite Fredericton Elliott McCrea Hill AV Group SILVER SPONSOR Alcool NB Liquor BRONZE SPONSORS Fredericton International Airport Authority Atlantic Chamber of Commerce J.D. Irving Limited City of Fredericton Todd Holmes - Investors Group D.P. Murphy Hotels & Resorts Kiers Marketing Toronto World Leadership Forum Energie NB Power Naveco Power Crowne Plaza Fredericton NBCC Oasis And how could we have such a wonderful event and conference without the countless hours from our many volunteers ~ Thank you all so much~


Chamber CEO Wins National Award by Morgan Peters


t the Chamber of Commerce Executives of Canada conference hosted in Fredericton in September, Fredericton Chamber of Commerce chief executive officer, Krista Ross was named Executive of the Year for 2016-17. The conference, hosted in Fredericton, immediately preceding the Canadian Chamber of Commerce conference was attended by more than 100 local chamber executives from coast-to-coast. It was the second time receiving the award for Krista, who previously received the award during her first stint as chamber CEO in the 1990s. Several members of the Fredericton chamber’s board of directors were on-hand as she received the award. The honour was presented on 22 September 2017 at a recognition dinner at the Wu Conference Centre on UNB’s campus. Insight Winter 2018

Portage Atlantic by Carol Tracey, Director of Development for Portage Atlantic Testimonial by Branden Blanchard, Portage Atlantic Graduate 2017


he safest approach to drug abuse is not to begin. However, too many do start, become habitual users, dependent and in critical need of rehabilitation. Taking the wrong course can affect a life or in a worst case scenario end a life. Either outcome robs families, schools and communities of the potential each and every youth has to offer.


Portage Atlantic, the bilingual residential rehabilitation treatment center, located near Sussex, helps transform youth, (ages 14 to 21) with substance abuse issues, from being-in-need to being-incontrol of their life; being a responsible, contributing member of society. Upon admission, youth who are new to the program are welcomed by those currently in treatment, who help them understand how the program works. Under the supervision of a team of clinical staff members, residents support and encourage each other. They help each other acquire the necessary competencies and knowledge to move through the program and eventually become role models to youth who are new to Portage Atlantic. The services include an on-site school under the NB Department of Education, cultural, recreational and fitness activities, family services and social reintegration services, to name a few. I invite you to read Branden’s testimonial about his life-saving transformation at Portage Atlantic. Branden was one of 31 graduates at this year’s Fall Recognition Ceremony, an annual gathering to recognize youth for having successfully completed the residential program or Insight Winter 2018

having been living a positive lifestyle for one year in their community. I am Branden Blanchard, a 19 year old man born and raised in Fredericton. I recently finished my program at Portage Atlantic. I have resided at this beautiful location of life changing wonder over the last 6 months. I have always heard mention of Portage due to its capacity to help people inflicted with addiction. Many people in Atlantic Canada have likely heard of Portage or have had a member of their family affected positively by Portage; the countless lives it has saved, the endless pain it has stopped, the families it has reunited, the darkness it has enlightened. My addiction was difficult. I grew up abused and fell into the smoking marijuana lifestyle. That way of living struck with me my whole life until I was old enough to live on my own. Old enough to make bad decisions that would endanger my survival. My addiction took me to a dark place. The grave I was digging only got deeper and deeper. I spent many

months rehabilitating myself in an adult psychiatric unit trying to fix the damage I caused to my brain, only to get addicted to prescription medication. My life spiraled out of control, in a horrific unimaginable twist. My lust and greed led me to a path of carelessness; abusing needles smoking and using hard drugs in every way possible. I lost everything. I lost my identity, my family, my health and just about everything I could possibly care or not care about. Since arriving at Portage half a year ago, I have never been so grateful about absolutely every little thing life has to offer. I slowly regained a positive family relationship and I rekindled the relationship I lost with my little sister, one I thought gone forever. I also reconstructed my physical and mental health. Now I am six months sober and going to take a Licensed Practical Nursing course at NBCC Fredericton. I am not just thankful for Portage but everyone who supports Portage in one way or another. For more information about Portage Atlantic, go to, call Carol Tracey at the Fredericton office at 506-459-1284 or visit us on social media.

Climate Change is Upon Us: Are You Ready for It? by Tom O’Handley, Manager, Government Relations, Insurance Bureau of Canada


he property and casualty (P&C) insurance industry has a responsibility to be there in tough moments and in hard times for its customers. It’s also our duty to work with the government and regulators to ensure Atlantic Canadians are prepared for all manner of risk – including catastrophic weather. For several years now, Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) – on behalf of its members – has called for collaboration between all levels of government and the private sector to reduce the economic costs of natural disasters. Atlantic Canada is particularly vulnerable to severe weather. From record-breaking winters to heavy rainstorms (think last year’s Thanksgiving floods) to several hurricanes, the region has seen more than its share of Mother Nature’s wrath in recent years. Water, water everywhere Years ago, the most prevalent property risk was fire – but not anymore. An increase in rainstorms, caused by ever-changing weather patterns, has vaulted water damage ahead of fire as the leading cause of property insurance claims. With the exception of 2015, claims related to natural catastrophes have surpassed $1 billion each year since 2009. Similarly, the average annual expenditure of the federal government’s Disaster Financial Assistance Arrangements program has risen from $40 million in the 1970s to nearly $600 million this decade. Against this backdrop, the need for a more comprehensive, long-term approach to the problem becomes clear. The industry has begun to respond, with several insurers introducing overland flood insurance products in the last few years. Flood insurance may not be available everywhere, or to everyone, but is gaining traction as more insurers add it to their portfolio. But insurance in itself is not sufficient. For its part, IBC has made disaster-proofing Canada a top priority in recent years, advocating for measures that: • Educate and empower consumers to mitigate their risk • Target priority infrastructure investments • Improve land use planning • Improve and implement climate resilient building codes and standards • Promote the sharing of data on infrastructure investments; and • Encourage wetland preservation and restoration.

Progress being made Fortunately, governments have begun to take notice. The 2017 federal budget dedicated significant funding to disaster mitigation, including a landmark investment of $2 billion for a Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund. The federal government has also allocated nearly $200 million to implement new building codes that focus on climate resilience. Here in Atlantic Canada, the race to adapt to climate change continues. The Atlantic Climate Adaptation Solutions Association, a partnership among the provincial governments of Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick, along with regional stakeholders, continues its efforts to manage risks and opportunities related to climate change, with a focus on coastal hazards such as flooding and erosion. What you can do Despite the threat of flooding across the country, few Canadians appreciate their flood risk and even fewer understand the coverage that’s available. This doesn’t just hurt business owners – it affects the economic health of the entire community. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, over 40% of businesses impacted by disaster never reopen. For those that do, only 29% make it past the first year. Whether you’re a business owner or not, a great place to start to ensure you’re “flood-ready” is reviewing, and more importantly, understanding your insurance policy. Take the time to think things through and develop a realistic business continuity plan. Speak with your insurance representative regarding any questions or concerns about your coverage. In addition, visit for a list of steps you can take to protect your business and property. It’s imperative that we – governments, businesses, consumers and the insurance industry – take action now to adapt to our changing climate. Because when we speak of the next big weather event, it’s not a question of “if” but “when”. Tom O’Handley, Manager, Government Relations, Insurance Bureau of Canada Insight Winter 2018


Canadian Mental Health by Cheryl Edwards



s you are likely aware, mental health awareness and support has been growing in our province with current legislation and policy is changing to hold businesses accountable for providing a psychologically healthy and safe work environment for all employees. Workplace mental health disorders cost Canadian companies nearly 14% of their net annual profits and up to $16 billion annually.1 The Mental Health Commission of Canada has developed The National Standard of Canada Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace to assist businesses in determining their current standard levels and provides real solutions to make your business a leader in mental health wellness in your community. The Canadian Mental Health Association of New Brunswick also has Mental Health Works training to assist businesses to recognize and understand depression and anxiety in the workplace and how to effectively manage them, reducing time off-thus improving presenteeism, absenteeism, extended time off and your financial bottom-line. Mental Health Works is suitable for all levels of staff and will help all employees better understand and respond to mental health challenges in the workplace. We also offer Working Minds TOGETHER which is suitable for supervisors, human resources, management, etc. Working Minds TOGETHER assist your staff to understand mental health/mental illness, workplace mental health issues,

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and how to communicate and and support colleagues. It also touches on accommodations/return to work, and a brief introduction on crisis. Additionally, you are provided with information about local community resources to help ensure that you remain supported in your efforts toward a psychologically safe and healthy workplace. In Canada, one in five people are affected by mental illness.2 It stands to reason that you already have employees who are dealing with mental illness or know someone that is. With mental health and wellness becoming a priority to the business community, it naturally leads to concerns about the validity of hiring someone who identifies as having mental health challenges. One of the best ways for an individual identifying as having mental illness to thrive and be successful is to find and maintain long-term sustainable employment. We would like to introduce you to the Canadian Mental Health Associations At Work Program. How valuable would it be to have a candidate for a position trained and prepared to be a success? Not only do we provide basic employment skills such as cover letter, resume and interview skills, we go further and provide our clients with coping and resiliency skills. Our one on one career counselling ensures that they are equipped with all the tools necessary to succeed in the work

world. This individualized support is invaluable and enable our clients to have a better understanding of their mental health challenges while providing them the opportunity to manage their symptoms and triggers. We ensure that our clients are prepared with job retention skills and strategies to encourage employment success. To further assist our clients, we continue to work with them as long as they need us. For employers, At Work has access to wage subsidies, job coaching and job carving. Once clients begin working, we provide our employers continued support and follow up. We appreciate our employer partners and have a special wall of our “Community Champions� where we recognise businesses that participate in our program. Additionally, our business partners receive recognition on both our national and provincial social media and access to education, training and resources. We are confident that you can identify the value of the At Work Program. We look forward to meeting with you in the future to discuss the At Work Program as well as working with you to help fill employment positions with enthusiastic and capable workers. For further information please contact: Cheryl Edwards Becky Arseneault Employment Coordinator Employment Specialist (506) 455-5231 Ext: 113 (506)455-5231 Ext: 114


Mental health and substance use at work: Perspectives from research and implications for leaders. 2002. Scientific Advisory Committee to the Global Business and Economic Roundtable on Addiction and Mental Health. http:// nov11_021.pdf (accessed February 12, 2010). 2 (Accessed October 27, 2017). 1

SAY HELLO TO OUR NEWEST CHAMBER MEMBERS 11th Mile Food Co. 87 Regent Street Fredericton, NB E3B 1L7 Tel: (506) 443-1187 Main Contact: Jennie Wilson

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Social media – a tempest in a teapot? by Ian McIntyre


ave you ever heard of Eric Monkman? I wouldn’t be surprised if you hadn’t - it would mean that you are not accustomed to watching British, college-level trivia television shows. But, that being said, it might also mean you don’t watch CBC or Global or read the local paper or listen to the radio or log onto Facebook. So, maybe I WOULD be a little surprised.

Three years ago, when American Apparel initiated a social media campaign for the 4th of July, their team confused a picture of the 1986 explosion of the space shuttle Challenger for fireworks. One wonders how exactly such a mistake can be made in the first place but the fact is that it resulted in the company issuing a public apology. Not exactly a social media “win”!

For some nearly inexplicable reason, this Canadian-born economics student recently captured the attention of millions of people around the world. But how, exactly? What was his secret? Whatever the reason or reasons, he can now be added to the list of other web-based phenomena like Slender Man, the Ice Bucket Challenge and of course, the often imitated but never duplicated, white and gold dress. Or was it blue or black? I could never tell.

With every new technology, there are those who will own it and are masters of it (or attempt to be, as much as they can) and those who must serve these masters. Today’s organizations must embrace these changes, remaining ever vigilant in their efforts to respect the principles of openness and transparency - which must be the cornerstone of any communications initiative.

Given the potential of social media to get your message to a broad audience, its use isn’t optional for most businesses these days. But gaining traction isn’t always so easy and there are pitfalls along the way. Consider the ever-popular Grumpy Cat. There are countless photos of cats on the internet. About the only thing that outnumbers cat pics are stars in the sky. So, what made Grumpy Cat different? It certainly wasn’t some universal message of peace. What was the magical combination of seemingly ineffable ingredients that culminated in this internet and pop-culture sensation? What went right? Or wrong, depending on your attitude toward cats (Sorry, cat lovers - no offence intended)!

Social media is hardly new technology… not anymore. How can this still be considered revolutionary? Officially, the 90’s brought us what we now know as the world wide web - the same decade that introduced the world to the Hubble Telescope and you wouldn’t call that new. Therein lies the problem. For a tool that has been around for as long as the internet and, specifically, social media, our capacity to make rules for it, interact with it and defend ourselves against it is less than inspiring.

EVERY perspective. It is through these that people have a sounding board. They are a kind of petri dish where opinions, attitudes and values can grow and develop. Sure, left to go on long enough, someone will inevitably start arguing over who the better starship captain was. (It was Kirk!) In a time when social and conventional media allow for a level of scrutiny that is deeper than ever before, all organizations must ensure they engage with their public - internal and external – as responsibly as possible. So, the question remains: how do you ensure the success of your social media presence? If you are stumped, don’t worry. Organizations ask themselves this question constantly, as if it were somehow in their power to capture a tempest in a teapot. The real answer lies in persistence. It may not sound exciting but the first priority in any communications effort should be to increase your positive profile in a socially responsible way. (Ian McIntyre is a proud member of the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce and the owner of Ian McIntyre Media Relations, a New Brunswick-based public relations and media consulting firm.)

These forums act as a kind of big bang theory for opinions and each one of us is a part of an ever-expanding universe of information. These sites - much like nature – abhors a vacuum. In the absence of a single perspective, comment threads and social media sites give us

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York Dental Receive a 10% discount on initial visit, 5% off any future visits up to a maximum of $1000. Insight Winter 2018

1. The 28th Annual Golf Tournament was held at Kingswood on August 24th. 2. Our September Business After Hours was hosted by Cominar. 3. We hosted the Canadian Chamber of Commerce AGM & Conference in September and held a Maritime Kitchen Party for the delegates and our members.


4. The Lunch & Learn Webinar for September featured speaker Mike Mazerolle of Ignite Fredericton and the topic was Business Basics. 5. Our October Business After Hours was hosted at The Learning Bar. 6. October’s Business Over Breakfast was hosted by Fredericton Marathon. 7. Our October Lunch & Learn Seminar featured Marc Gauvin of Momentum Consults: Engaging & Growing Your Online Social Community.


19 3


8. On October 26th we held our Business Excellence Awards at the Delta FrederictonCongratulations to the recipients in 8 categories.


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