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Insight Summer 2018

A Message from the President

A Message from the CEO

Keir Clark, President

Krista Ross, CEO

Welcome to the summer edition of our Insight Magazine. I hope you find some useful tidbits within these pages. Business Owners – How we think:



usiness owners are a pretty practical group of people. Of course we’re not all the same but there are similarities, particularly around how we think finances should be handled. We’re more inclined than other citizens to recognize that the government has no money of its own, it simply redistributes wealth (mainly generated through taxes) in ways that are supposed to benefit the citizens of New Brunswick. That means that “the government” is incapable of actually paying an employee’s salary, fixing someone’s flooded home or repairing a road. That money all comes from our family, friends and neighbours - taxpayers. Business owners are often concerned about minimizing waste in administering government. Drawing on our own experience where we haven’t had the luxury of extra money to spend on niceties, we are less tolerant of government policies that add unnecessary costs. We are concerned for our fellow citizens’ well-being and are generous in helping when we see a need - happy to help those unable to take responsibility for their own keep. Those who have had some success in business also often realize that there are times when a project or initiative will require some more patient, taxpayer investment for the period of repayment to make sense. A great example of this is public infrastructure like roads, bridges, and airports. Private investment in these projects can make sense but when ownership and use of the asset will be by the general population, government often has a role to play. Business Owners – How we vote: There is no evidence I’m aware of to suggest that business owners vote as a block, but we do share some similar beliefs and perspectives. I think the most important thing we can do as voters is to get fully informed about the important issues of the day. Gone are the days where we can afford to vote for a party of candidate just because that’s how we (or our family) always has. Continues on page 6

Insight Summer 2018


et’s start out this message with a CELEBRATION! After having the airport expansion project as one of our policy and advocacy priorities for the past several years - I am beyond delighted that we are able to check it off of our list as of May 2018! We applaud Joanne Gallant, CEO of the Airport Authority along with her staff and the airport board for presenting a convincing case for expansion and we give credit to our local political leaders for pushing for funding within their governments - particularly Fredericton MP Matt DeCourcey and Deputy Premier Stephen Horsman. This airport expansion will be a catalyst for growth in our region - local airports facilitate economic growth in a number of ways for a region focused on the global economy. New Brunswick is already the most export-dependent province in the country and our next major wave of exports will likely be services. Success in sectors such as biosciences, information and communications technology, cyber security, engineering and many others means that the Fredericton Region is creating a hub of expertise that we can bring to the world. We look forward to the excitement of seeing the airport expansion become a reality and for construction to start this year! To segue into my next topic… the airport will be a bit busier in September with 90+ chamber members participating in the chamber’s tour to China! On September 30th, we will depart for 11 days in China - including visits to Beijing, Shanghai and points in between! If you have ever had China on your travel bucket list - consider joining our group for this great trip that features many tourist attractions, english speaking guides, 10th line - all meals and 4- and 5-star accommodations! Registration closes May 31, 2018. As we come to the end of our chamber year and welcome our new board members in June - it is a good time to show appreciation to the team of volunteers who participate in the chamber board and committees! Continues on page 14

Succession Connect Midpoint Review Janet Moser

The Goal - The Succession Connect program was designed and funded as a three-year pilot program with a mandate to address the challenge of connecting immigrating entrepreneurs and investors with local turnkey business opportunities. The program was also designed to address the reciprocal challenge of our aging business owners struggling to find succession opportunities. Progress To Date - As of April 2018, the Succession Connect program has operated for 18 months - we are currently at the midway point of the three-year pilot and are right on track for success! We are on schedule and in-line with expectations! Some of our milestones include: 1. Connections Made! Over the initial 12 months, many of our systems and procedures were developed and in early 2018 the processes were further refined and then implemented. We are now meeting with both immigrant entrepreneurs and owners of local turnkey opportunities for sale and making matches between the most alike in interest, experience and investment fit.

2. Community Awareness The Succession Connect program has started and continues to create community awareness and amongst stakeholder networks. Measurable performance in this area can be identified in the following milestones. • Website: Successfully launched a website and virtual information platform at www.SuccessionConnect. ca • Social Media: Have created a social media strategy and identity including a Facebook page, Linkedin company page, and Twitter handle. • Webinar: Developed and recorded a 45-minute, webinar for marketing purposes specifically targeting our local “Seller” stakeholders. The presentation is titled “Understanding the Immigrant Entrepreneur to “Make Better Business Connections” and is a presentation that has become a part of our transferable toolkit going forward. 3. Toolkit Development In early 2018 a plan was developed to address educational and awareness challenges for both immigrant entrepreneurs and local business owners through the development of various tools for specific topics and audiences including:

• Written Literature: Guides and informational material for all client types - but with a special focus on informing our local seller market who we have determined is less likely to want group or interactive sessions. • Video Series: Story-driven information delivered through short videos highlighting specific issues, challenges or tips for the immigrant entrepreneur. • Instructional Curriculum: An educational seminar is being developed for September 2018 specifically tailored for the immigrant entrepreneur considering purchasing or partnering with local business opportunities.

Next Steps… The next half of the Succession Connect program is all about working with stakeholders and making connections happen. We are actively looking for more clients and partners to work with so if you are a local business owner thinking about selling in the next five years or if you are new to our region and want to consider buying a local business… We Should Talk! Connect with us at succession@ and learn more about our services at www.

We would like to acknowledge and thank our funding partners for their support of the Succession Connect Pilot

We would like to acknowledge and thank our corporate and community partners for their support of the Succession Connect Pilot:

Insight Summer 2018


A Message from the President continued... To help members make informed decisions, the Fredericton chamber is offering opportunities opportunities for members to interact with each of the provincial party leaders in a small group setting. There, members can learn firsthand what those leaders’ vision is for our collective future. Along with these sessions with the leaders, during the runup to the election we will be publishing Fredericton-area candidate responses to something we call, “Questions that Count”. (You’ll be able to locate everything you need to get informed on the FCC website under the “Advocacy” tab and clicking “2018 NB Election.”)


What we think is important in Election 2018: As we consider the 2018 NB Election, the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce have joined an effort called: ”We Choose Growth” - the full document is reproduced later in this magazine. See below a short list of things we think are critical to the future success of our Province and ultimately our citizens. I. A Private Sector Driven Economy As business owners, we don’t believe it is the government’s role to increase its own workforce as a job creation strategy. Private businesses create jobs, governments support business in those efforts in various ways. It is only with a thriving private sector we can create the tax base required to sustain health, education, economic development and social programs in our province. II. Responsible Resource Development It’s time to responsibly develop our own natural resources in NB. We need a development-friendly and environmentally-sound approval processes with clear timelines for projects right here at home. This will allow NB to attract major private sector investment for projects that will grow employment and opportunities while protecting our natural environments. III. Improved Export Performance With such a small population and market at home in NB we think most NB companies will need to focus on Insight Summer 2018

customers outside of our area. A strategy to develop New Brunswick companies as export ready and increase our global profile for trade is critical. IV. Labour Force Development We currently have a serious skills shortage in NB. To clarify, we have unemployed workers, but not with the skills or in the locations needed by employers today. We believe it is important to retain our talent and attract an appropriately skilled workforce. V. Responsible Financial Management This one is huge! Our province needs to get a handle on its out-of-control finances. That will mean being selective

rather than political about investing taxpayer money in projects that have a real potential return on investment. It will also mean citizens accepting some tough decisions around the cost of operating government. We simply can’t continue to spend as we are. Right now, we are borrowing money to pay the interest on previously borrowed money. That’s never a good thing! As you prepare to place your vote in this upcoming provincial election, I hope this has been helpful in getting you prepared to make your best decision in the ballot box. Keir Clark President 2017 - 2018

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Canada is ranked 19th (2016) in the Indonesian list of investors by country with the total amount of CAD$ 600 million. Already, Indonesia is the largest market and the 2nd major investment destination for Canadian companies in Southeast Asia.

Going the Extra Miles to Discover Southeast Asia’s Hidden Gem - Indonesia Dr. Teuku Faizasyah


ncreasingly, there is a growing awareness among Canadians about Indonesia’s position as Southeast Asia’s hidden gem. For sometime Indonesia’ economic potential as one of world’s economic powerhouses has been outshone by stories of the big Asian economies, notably China and India.

launched by President Joko Widodo, among others by providing tax holidays and incentives, as well as shortening and simplifying investment procedures. Canadian business communities can benefit from these simultaneous efforts by the Indonesian government to ease doing business in Indonesia.

As a member of the G-20, Indonesia is the 16th largest economy globally, with population of around 260 million people. The country also continues to enjoy positive economic growth, which reached up to 5.07% in 2017.

To stimulate further economic progress, Indonesia has embarked on massive infrastructure development projects. Indonesia is currently constructing thousands of kilometers of new railroad and highways as well as airports and seaports across the archipelago. Consequently from 2014 to 2019 Indonesia needs an additional electricity supply of 7.000 MegaWatts per year. This is a tremendous opportunity for Canadian companies to be Indonesia’s partner through investment, benefiting from Canada’s technological advancement and innovation.

Based on PricewaterhouseCoopers’ study in 2017, Indonesia will be the world’s 4th most powerful economy by 2050 based on purchase power parity. Indonesia’s ease of doing business has significantly improved, moving from ranked 91st in 2017 to 72nd in 2018. In 2018, Indonesia’s outlook was upgraded to positive from stable by Moody’s, while Fitch and Japan Credit Rating Agency (JCRA) raised Indonesia’ Long-Term Foreign and Local Currency Issuer Default Ratings from BBB- with positive outlook to BBB+ with a stable outlook. These progresses are significant results of the sixteen economic stimulus packages

Over the years, the governments of Indonesia and Canada have developed several frameworks to stimulate trade. In 2017, Canada’s total export to Indonesia reached USD 1.332 billion while Canada’s total import from Indonesia was USD 1.332 billion. In terms of investment,

In Indonesia’s effort to strengthen its economic co-operation with Canada, Atlantic provinces are among top priority destination. Based on 2017 trade data, the top-10 products from Indonesia to Atlantic Provinces includes, rubber, wood, seafood, furniture, electronic equipment, coffee/tea/spices, mechanical appliances, woven clothing and apparel, confectionary and amusement. While the top-10 products from Atlantic provinces to Indonesia are pulp of wood, seafood, vegetables/fruits/nuts, wood, aircrafts and spacecrafts, musical instruments, optical and scientific technical instruments, electronic equipment, printed books and articles of base metal - Indonesia believes that there are still room to improve the economic co-operation. In relations to New Brunswick, currently, Indonesia ranks as the province 41st exporting partner and 6th as its importing partner. Total trade volume between Indonesia and New Brunswick amounts to CAD $99.6 million. With unexplored economic potential both Indonesia and New Brunswick have, this number can still be increased further in wide varieties of investment and trade sectors. As half of Indonesia’s population is under the age of 30, the country will have a large pool of young individuals entering workforce sectors for years to come. This is an advantage for Indonesia at a time when much of the industrialized countries experience declines in birth rates. As a result, demographics and productivity will be the main drivers of Indonesia’s economic growth and making the country a potential partner both for trade and investment. Moreover, New Brunswick can tap on the highly-skilled workers in related sectors from Indonesia to fill unfulfilled skillsets, particularly in service and health sectors. Continues on page 16 Insight Summer 2018


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Continues on page 12

more competitive globally? Will it make us more innovative? More productive? Will it help add to our skilled labour force? Will it create jobs? If we can answer positively to these questions, then all parties will stand to benefit - if not then we have to consider if we are just introducing yet more red tape and cost to business. Employment Standards Consultation The chamber submitted a response to the provincial government’s consultation regarding proposed changes to employment standards legislation. First, new legislation to introduce domestic/intimate partner/sexual violence leave. Second, new regulations regarding a workplace violence risk assessment policy and procedures. Our full submissions can be found on our website.

Advocacy Update Morgan Peters


t has been a busy start to 2018 for the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce’s advocacy efforts. Members are encouraged to contact Policy & Research Manager Morgan Peters ( to discuss any of our activities in more detail. Airport Expansion Funding On May 1, 2018, Fredericton MP Matt DeCourcey and Premier Brian Gallant announced $18 million in funding for expanding the Fredericton International Airport. This expansion has been one of the chamber’s top priority for several years. At the 2016 Canadian Chamber of Commerce annual conference, the chamber sponsored a policy resolution that lead to a policy change for National Airport System funding which was required to facilitate today’s investment. Independent consultant InterVISTAS measured the airport’s impact to be 586 jobs and $24-million in GDP (including direct and indirect impacts), and an expansion would 1,015 jobs and $41.5-million in GDP to New Brunswick by 2030 - in addition to the short-term construction economic and 319 job boost. After eight consecutive years of record-breaking passenger traffic, the airport now sees double the number of annual passengers the terminal was designed to accommodate. First Contract Legislation In the Fall, the Government of New Brunswick introduced Bill 4 - First Contract Legislation. This would guarantee that newlyformed unions would get a negotiated first contract, thereby increasing the likelihood that the union will be ratified by members in the first place. The chamber opposes this legislation at least until the government can answer these questions: Did the government examine the economic impact of this legislation before introducing Bill 4. Will it make New Brunswick

Destination Marketing Levy On 7 April 2018, Tourism, Heritage and Culture Minister John Ames announced that the Government of New Brunswick would not introduce enabling legislation authorizing a province-wide destination marketing levy, as requested by the tourism industry for at least a decade. This leaves NB as one of the few jurisdictions in North America without this competitive advantage - in fact, some pockets of NB are allowed to collect (Saint John and Edmundston amongst others). We have supported the DMF in the past in government briefs as well as in two letters late in 2017, one copied Minister Ames and one to Premier Gallant (as part of congratulations for their tourism announcement). We sent another letter in response to the announcement. 2018 Provincial Election Leading up to the vote in September, the chamber’s preelection activities are three-prong. Our goal is to make our members as informed as possible after the issues that most affect business and where the various parties stand on these issues. We Choose Growth We Choose Growth is an alliance of the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce, the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce, Conseil économique du Nouveau Brunswick, the New Brunswick Business Council, the Greater Moncton Chamber of Commerce, and the Saint John Region Chamber of Commerce. The alliance has identified five key areas as election issues for the business community: The five key areas identified are: • A private-sector driven economy • Responsible resource development • Increased export performance • Workforce development • Responsible financial management Continues on page 16

Insight Summer 2018


2018 Provincial Election - We Choose Growth Morgan Peters



s more candidates put their names forward to seek riding nominations and ultimately run in the 2018 provincial election, the business community looks forward to engaging with all of the candidates, party leaders and other stakeholders. To this end, an alliance of business groups has come together in advance of the election to put forward five key priorities that will allow the next government to create a climate that attracts new business investment to the province while allowing existing businesses to grow and thrive. Our organizations agree: New Brunswickers have tough choices to make in the coming years and ultimately we can choose to manage growth or manage decline. We choose growth. A private-sector driven economy means that the next government must commit to making New Brunswick the best place to establish and grow a business through competitive tax and regulatory policy, supporting access to new and existing markets and reducing cost of doing business. The government can’t create jobs but it can create conditions that allow businesses to do so. In turn, economic growth allows the government to provide public services to New Brunswickers. Responsible resource development has been the backbone of New Brunswick’s economy for centuries. The idea that we cannot have regulations and processes that are both businessfriendly and environmentally sound is false. In order to attract major private sector project investment New Brunswick needs a review process that has clear timelines and parameters for approvals that do not shift mid-process. Nothing scares large investments away faster than uncertainty. The provincial government can have an active role in their efforts to help New Brunswick companies become more export ready and to increase our global profile for trade. Every $1 million in exports creates approximately six jobs in the province - including services. Our group would like to see Insight Summer 2018

exports double by 2030, which will take a concerted effort by both the public and private sector. We are also hopeful that the province’s exports can diversify over that time with 90% of our exports heading to the United States and a large piece of that is energy-related exports. Key to attracting new investments in the province is expanding and diversifying our labour force by developing strategies to retain our youth, create opportunities for ex-patriot New Brunswickers to return home, attract and retain immigrants, and create the conditions to convince international students to stay after their period of study is finished. Somewhat paradoxically, the most important factor to growing our labour force is the availability of jobs - which shows that each of these five priorities are intrinsically linked - the government must embrace all of them. The province’s debt load, which has been accumulated over many years and several changes in government is a drag on any growth progress made. Whichever party forms the next government in New Brunswick must prioritize responsible financial management, including a commitment to reducing New Brunswick’s net debt. In part, this means restraining spending to true, economically justifiable investments with a measurable ROI. We cannot deal with the debt by continuing to ask businesses and individuals in the province to pay more - New Brunswick has hit the limit in its ability to support spending via tax increases. The fact of the matter is, all of our collective efforts to stimulate growth won’t matter if we keep downloading our spending to future generations. We are already spending $700 million a year to service debt that paid for past services. We are borrowing to pay for current services. We have no answer for future services. A solution to that problem is the minimum fiscal requirement for New Brunswick’s next government.

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Insight Summer 2018

and share this information resource with your staff so they will have a better understanding of how to deliver good customer service and avoid an unnecessary negative situation.

Tips on How to Better Serve Customers with Various Disabilities

Creating a good customer experience for those older adults and those with a disability will potentially have significant positive benefits to your bottom line and that is an objective that all businesses should strive to achieve. Please check out the following link files/recreation/serving_customers_ with_disabilities_e.pdf

An article from the Fredericton Age Friendly Community Advisory Committee


mart businesses are always looking for ways to better respond to customer needs in order to increase their market share. Most people would be surprised to learn that persons with disabilities in Canada had real spending totalling $165 billion in 2017 according to a report from the Conference Board of Canada. This important, but often under tapped market, is also increasing rapidly with the aging of our population. New Brunswick in general, and Fredericton in particular, have a large and growing population of older adults and persons with different types of disabilities. These persons purchase goods and services at stores, restaurants, hotels and other commercial outlets. Smart businesses should be marketing to this growing population. One should realize that those older adults and persons with disabilities will often be shopping, eating out, or attending meetings with their family, their friends and/or their co-workers. The word certainly gets out which establishments are customer friendly to persons with disability issues and those businesses who are more supportive will benefit with repeat business. These other people involved with older adults and persons with disabilities add to your bottom line when they bring other customers to your establishments as well. Great customer service does not mean your staff have to become experts on

every type of issue or situation that they may encounter but they do need to be aware of some of the basics. Customers want to be treated with respect and dignity and reasonable flexibility to accommodate their specific needs. This is especially true of older adults and those living with a disability. Smiling and talking directly to the customer to ask them if they require any assistance, and if so, how might you help them are good techniques for dealing with all customers. Making eye contact is critical to showing the customer that you are really listening and trying to help meet their needs. Remember that customers have other options for their patronage if they are unhappy with how they are treated. Fredericton has many different stores, restaurants, hotels and other retail outlets as well as online options so these customers can spend their money elsewhere if they are not treated well.

M. Robert Jette, Q.C. 839 Aberdeen Street Fredericton, NB E3B 1S9 Tel: (506) 444-6555 Main Contact: Robert Jette

While physical barrier free access to your establishment is important, such as wheelchair accessible entrances and washrooms, customer service is extremely important as well. The Fredericton Age Friendly Community Advisory Committee has put together some useful tips on how staff can better serve customers with various disabilities. Please take a look at the following link

Partners Global Corporate Real Estate Inc. 364 York Street, Suite 205 Fredericton, NB E3B 3P7 Tel: (506) 260-7203 Main Contact: Mark LeBlanc

Graystone Brewing 221 King Street Fredericton, NB E3B 1E1 Tel: (506) 459-7710 Main Contact: Wes Ward Envirem Organics Inc. PO Box 3509, Station B Fredericton, NB E3A 5J8 Tel: (506) 459-3464 Main Contact: Bob Kiely

Insight Summer 2018


A Message from the CEO continued from page 4 First of all, a huge thank you and shout out to Keir Clark Keir has been an excellent president of your chamber. He has represented you well, meeting with members, government officials and business and chamber leaders on your behalf from all parts of Canada. He has also chaired our board in a way that engaged the board in participating and contributing‌ introducing excellent roundtable discussion forums for our board that have been interesting, informative and engaging! During his year, we hosted the Canadian chamber conference and that is certainly a feather in his chamber hat! On your behalf, I thank Keir for the countless hours that he has contributed to your chamber since he joined the board at our AGM in 2012 - and, he is not off the hook yet - after the AGM in June - he will serve a final year as past president. A huge thanks also to all members who served on committees this year - in particular Karen Grant who chaired our Canadian Chamber Conference Committee‌ WOW, awesome job Karen! Thanks also to those who served on the board this year - we had a very engaged group who contributed and represented your interests and concerns. Another huge shout out of appreciation to Paul Simmonds who also joined the board in 2012 and is just finishing his final year on the board in his outgoing position as past president. What a huge commitment Paul has made to the betterment of the business


Insight Summer 2018

community - I thank him on your behalf! And, of course, thanks to the other outgoing board members who have served two years on the board, Dan Myers of the Crowne Plaza, Sheri McKillop from University of Fredericton, Ali Reid of the Fredericton Animal Hospital, Danielle Harding from Stewart McKelvey, Mark Scaplen of Dillon Consulting and Erin Flood from the GoDo Project. Appreciation is also owed to our incoming directors, those who are heading into their second year as directors as well as those who have positions on the executive - your dedication is incredibly valuable. By the way, if this type of involvement interests you - please get in touch - we are always looking for people interested in participating in our committees and activities! As we jump into our new chamber year - we are looking forward to having Ryan Boyer as our president - Ryan joined the board in 2014 and has served as co-chair of practically every committee during his time with us - we know Ryan will be an excellent representative of business in the coming year. As our chamber year draws to a close - a personal thank you to the great team of professionals that work at the chamber. You as members are so fortunate to have these passionate individuals working on your behalf. Every. Single. Day‌. they work to serve you better and help your business succeed! Reach out to myself or any one of Team Chamber if you have an idea or question you think we can help you with!

Networking Rachel Mathis, Invigorate Leaders …You walk into the convention centre, and you hear the chatter of the event from upstairs. You take in a little breath, square your shoulders, and head up the escalator. Your heart starts beating faster as you hang up your coat and register at the registration desk. You put on your nametag and take a cursory glance around the room, and realize you don’t recognize anyone… Networking does not need to cause this much internal stress, in fact, you can be excited about it. For those of you who read the snippet above and resonated with it, you’re not alone. Walking into a room full of people you may or may not know takes courage. The truth is, this isn’t a skill you were likely armed with in your tool box until you were thrown into the situation for the first time and tried to pick it up. One of the integral ways of learning is through observation, and it does a lot to inform us on how to act, what to say, what to bring, and what is appropriate- but it doesn’t cover everything. One of the questions I’m often asked is, “How do I find someone to start a conversation with someone?” I tend to ask myself the following 3 questions: 1: Is there anyone here that I know? I may take a walk through the room to the bar and scan for a familiar face. If I don’t see anyone I know, I go to my second question; 2: Is there anyone standing alone? Sometimes when people can’t find someone they know or can’t find a conversation to enter, they will go to the side of the room and busy themselves

with their phones. Let’s be honest, they probably didn’t come to this event to answer emails. I would strike up conversation with this person since they are probably feeling awkward about not having someone to talk to. If everyone is already engaged in conversation, then I go to question number 3; 3: Is there a group that looks open and friendly? I’ll scan the room for a group who is standing far enough apart that there is room for someone else to stand. I then would take up that room and introduce myself. As far as conversation starters, it would be nice if we didn’t need to open every conversation with the weather, so try to brainstorm a few questions before you go to the event. If there is a speaker presenting at the event, you could use that as an opener. If the event is honoring something or someone, you could ask how the other person knows the honoree. Find something that feels authentic to you and will be easy for you to remember. These are just some quick starter tips from me to you with the aim that you may feel a little more comfortable the next time you find yourself invited to an event. Just remember that this is something that takes practice. The more you do it, the more comfortable you’ll feel. Interested in more tips? Check out our online course on networking at: networking-beginner-intermediate

Insight Summer 2018


Asia’s Hidden Jem continued from page 7 The province’s achievement in technology and higher learning sectors, open up opportunity for Indonesian students to enroll or intern in colleges or universities in New Brunswick on related subjects. Furthermore, creativity among Indonesia’s young generation offers unique advantages for entrepreneurs in New Brunswick to collaborate in various creative industry projects. As Indonesia will enjoy demographic dividend; with over 104 million of digitally savvy young generation; digital economy will become the new frontier of Indonesia`s economy. Indonesia is optimistic that economic cooperation between Indonesia and Canada, including New Brunswick, can grow swiftly in the coming years. In anticipation of such promising era in the economic relations, the two governments need to set up relevant platforms and infrastructures Dr. Teuku Faizasyah is Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Canada and the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Indonesia to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Contact him by email at or phone at +1 (613) 724-1100


Advocacy Update continued from page 9 More information about We Choose Growth is available in this magazine. Questions that Count This initiative is aimed at local candidates in ridings in and around the Fredericton Region. We will be sending the same set of questions out to all registered candidates in the area and will post the responses on our website. Party Leaders Series Throughout May and June we hosted each of the leaders from New Brunswick’s six registered political parties. The sessions were free to attend, open to the public and available for viewing on our website.

CHAMBER BLOG Do you follow the chamber’s blog? It’s updated regularly so check it out communications/chamber-blog

Insight Summer 2018

At Roticana, we strive in bringing you the perfect cup of coffee for every occasion. There is a sophisticated experience that accompanies brewing coffee. From the rich aroma during the process of grinding the beans to the fresh aroma while brewing the coffee, this is the personalized experience we hope that RotiCana will bring to our customers. My family has been roasting coffee for generations and with our brand our customers have always received the finest quality product and service possible. After sixty years in the coffee industry, we are still going strong. I plan to continue to maintain the traditions and standard of quality our name represents as I build this new extension of the old tradition held by my family for so many years. My goal is to take Roticana to market within Canada and the United States. Mohamed Khirallah President & CEO Roticana

Creating Healthy and Effective Workplace Cultures Dr. Patti Peterson and Dr. Bill Morrison, WMA Wellness Team


urrent research underscores the importance of creating workplace cultures that foster the psychological health and wellness of employees within their team and work environments. Healthy workplaces support wellbeing, are psychologically safe, and provide the basis for effective team functioning. Organizations can be proactive by taking targeted actions to safeguard the wellbeing of employees and ensuring the creation of positive and healthy workplace cultures (Seppeala & Cameron, 2015). Research in positive psychology has identified three key environmental conditions that are essential for building healthy and effective workplace environments that contribute to employee wellbeing, engagement, and thriving (Deci & Ryan 2012). The first condition involves the development a sense of “relatedness” or connectedness among employees. This workplace characteristic is created when employees feel welcomed and included, and people practice greeting and acknowledging one another on a daily basis. Interactions among employees include friendly exchanges which contribute to a sense of knowing others and being known. As people gain a sense of positive connectedness with each other, they also become sensitive to each other when stressors are experienced, and practice checking in with one another and providing mutual support when additional assistance may be needed to carry out or complete work-related routines. A second core condition is the development of a sense of “competency” among employees. The creation of this workplace characteristic involves recognizing and valuing the strengths, skills and potential of all members of the team. Ideally, shared work goals provide opportunities for employees to be engaged in using their strengths and skills, and to recognize how their skills complement the areas of strength of other team members, maximizing the collective effectiveness and performance of the full team. In contrast to workplace gossip or conversations that are destructive to

team relationships, developing a sense of competency in the workplace is supported by expressions of appreciation and gratitude among employees and managers for the strengths and contributions that all members bring to the team. A third condition that is critical to building healthy and effective workplace is “autonomy support.” In contrast to over-controlling environments, this workplace characteristic is evident when people’s voices, perspectives, and ideas are heard and valued in workplace routines and interactions. Practices that promote autonomy-support include asking others’ perspectives instead of just giving advice, seeking opportunities to collaborate with colleagues or peers on work projects, and inviting team members to collectively build solutions or strategies for addressing emerging or existing challenges or goals. Developing autonomy supportive workplace environments counteract behaviours that intend to bully or marginalize others and create psychological safe work spaces for all employees. The creation of autonomy supportive workplace environments depends in large part on the development of trust among employees and leaders. Building a sense of relatedness, and competency on workplace teams is foundational to the growth of trust in teams, and often precedes the development of autonomy-support practices in the workplace culture. In summary, creating healthy and effective workplace cultures involves being intentional about creating environmental conditions that foster relatedness, competency and autonomy support within team relationships and routines. Targeted training for team and managers on relationship practices that promote these conditions may be an important initial step in optimizing the workplace cultures. WMA Wellness Team, May 2018 Insight Summer 2018


Here are some of the member to member deals the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce offers to you and your employees to save on costs and encourage local shopping. For the complete list of savings, check out


The Schnitzel Parlour & Chocolaterie Fackelmann Receive a 10% discount on all regular priced items. (discounts not available on credit card purchases.)

Hotchkiss Home Furnishings Receive a 10% discount on all furniture, mattresses and decor (can’t be combined with any other offer. Appliances not included.)

Fredericton Naturopathic Clinic Receive a 15% discount on products sold from our natural health products dispensary.

JA Towing & Recovery Receive a 10% discount on towing when you present your M2M card.

Golf New Brunswick Receive $10 off the regular price of the Golf NB 2 for 1 card.

Rod Hussey’s Auto Repair/ OK Tire & Auto Service Receive a 5% discount on the next tire and steel wheel purchase (labour not included).

Lang House Bed & Breakfast 15% Off a Night’s Stay at Lang House Bed and Breakfast

New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame Receive a 10% discount on any rentals at their facility rentals/#meetings-events

Premier Van Lines Use of moving boxes at no charge for local residential and office moves.

James West Photography We are pleased to offer our fellow Chamber members a 15% discount on all our corporate photography packages. Furthermore, we would like to extend that discount to your employees and provide a 15% discount on all our personal packages including, family, graduate and wedding packages. Please contact us for more details.

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1. Our February Business After Hours was hosted by the Beaverbrook Art Gallery.


2. February’s Business Over Breakfast was hosted by the Centre international d’apprentissage du francais. 3. The Lunch & Learn Webinar for February was hosted by Brent Hawrylak of The Medicine Shoppe Brookside and the topic was “How Chronic Pain affects Employee Absenteeism and What You Can do About it” 4. Our March Business After Hours was held at Kingswood and hosted by Avis Budget Group.




5. On March 15th, we hosted a Panel Discussion on the Upcoming Legalization of Recreational Cannabis as well as Current Medical Use. 6. March’s Business Over Breakfast was held at My Closet Consignment.



7. Our March Lunch & Learn Webinar was “Tax Updated” by Katie Rogers of Deloitte. 8. April’s Business After Hours was hosted by Gallery 78. 9. On April 13th, we held our Annual Curling Funspiel and ‘fun’ was definitely had by all!


10. A Learning to Network workshop was held in April and was run by Invigorate Leaders. 11. In April, the Business Over Breakfast was held at Fredericton’s Health Source. 12. The Lunch & Learn Webinar for April was held by the Chamber’s own Levi Lawrence and was on “Succession Connect : Understanding the Immigrant Entrepreneurial Journey for Better Business Connections”

9 10 11


Insight Summer 2018

Insight summer 2018  

Fredericton Chamber of Commerce Insight Summer 2018

Insight summer 2018  

Fredericton Chamber of Commerce Insight Summer 2018