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positron emission tomography permeability imaging iron imaging


multidetector X-ray CT scan

biomedical imaging

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magnetic resonance spectroscopy



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…a very useful book, especially as a supporting text for teaching Medical Imaging to physicists and engineers and I strongly recommend it for this purpose. It would also form a useful addition to a departmental library.

Techniques and Applications

99 Excellent teaching guidance with Q and A appendix 99 Learn from outstanding illustrations; full colour scans and line figures put the mathematical and physical principles into clinical context 99Ancillary website contains numerous state-of-theart 3D animations

Published August 2009 264 pages 76 b/w illustrations Hardback 978-0-521-51915-1 £75.00

COMING SOON Clinical MR Neuroimaging Physiological and Functional Techniques 2nd Edition Jonathan H. Gillard, University of Cambridge Adam Waldman, Charing Cross Hospital Peter B. Barker, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine This beautifully presented, new edition delivers a clear description of the physiological MR methodologies and their applications to the major neurological diseases. Radiologists, neuroscientists and researchers will find everything they need to know about neuroimaging including recent advances and applications, with greatly increased coverage of permeability imaging, susceptibility imaging, iron imaging, MR spectroscopy and fMRI. 99 Exhaustive coverage of all aspects of MR neuroimaging; the physical principles and their clinical applications 99 See amazing detail in images, reflecting the huge advances in scan quality 99 Learn from real life with over 30 new, additional case studies

Available from November 2009 832 pages 37 tables Hardback



R. Nick Bryan, University of Pennsylvania This innovative books presents scientific imaging principles, introduces the major biomedical imaging modalities, reviews the basics of human and computer image analysis and provides examples of major clinical and research applications. This is a landmark text on image acquisition and interpretation. Revolutionary advances in imaging technology that provide high resolution, 3-D, non-invasive imaging of biological subjects have made biomedical imaging an essential tool in clinical medicine and biomedical research. Key technological advances include MRI, positron emission tomography (PET) and multidetector X-ray CT scanners. Common to all contemporary imaging modalities is the creation of digital data and pictures. The evolution from analog to digital image data is driving the rapidly expanding field of digital image analysis. 99 An excellent teaching tool, using clinical and research images 99 Presents verbal, pictorial and quantitative formats enabling readers to understand the increasingly critical link between images and

Topics covered include an introduction to MRS physics, information content of spectra from different organ systems, spectral analysis methods, recommended protocols and localization techniques, and normal age and region related spectral variations in the brain. Clinical applications in the brain are discussed for brain tumors, hypoxic and ischemic injury, infectious, inflammatory and demyelinating diseases, epilepsy, neurodegenerative disorders, trauma and metabolic diseases. Outside of the brain, techniques and applications are discussed for MRS in the musculosketal system, breast and prostate. 99 An invaluable guide to in vivo MRS, including radiologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, oncologists and medical researchers 99 Select the right technique for each disease by following recommended protocols and techniques 99 Get a quick overview of the main uses of MRS from handy summaries of key findings

Available from December 2009 288 pages 84 b/w illustrations 60 colour illustrations 7 tables Hardback 978-0-521-86898-3 £70.00

99 Written by one of the world’s most highly respected neuroradiologists

Available from November 2009 320 pages 159 b/w illustrations 31 tables Paperback



w e N


An invaluable aid for engineers, clinicians, mathematicians and physicists in understanding the physical principles of imaging and their clinical applications.

Acta Neurochirugica on the 1st ed

In vivo magnetic resonance spectrosopy (MRS) is increasingly being used in the clinical setting, particularly for neurological disorders. This in-depth text explains both the underlying physical principles of MRS and provides a perceptive review of clinical MRS applications.


This second edition, is an invaluable technical introduction to each imaging modality, explaining the mathematical and physical principles. It gives a clear understanding of how images are obtained and interpreted. Individual chapters cover each imaging modality; radiography, CT, MRI, nuclear medicine and ultrasound. It reviews the physics of the signal and its interaction with tissue, the image formation or reconstruction process, a discussion of image quality and equipment, clinical applications and biological effects and safety issues. It looks at image analysis and visualization for diagnosis, treatment and surgery.

COMING SOON Introduction to the Science of Medical Imaging

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Paul Suetens, University Hospital Leuven, Belgium

Congratulations … a book that bridges a gap in the market, addressing both the technical aspects of diffusion, perfusion and spectroscopy and their clinical applications … This detailed text offers chapters from a wide range of eminent authors from both sides of the Atlantic … I can highly recommend this book … Without doubt this book should be in the library of neuroimaging centres.


NEW Fundamentals of Medical Imaging, 2nd Edition


David Barber, Medical Engineering & Physics on the 1st ed

Peter Barker, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Alberto Bizzi, Istituto Neurologico Carlo Besta, Milan Nicola De Stefano, Università degli Studi, Siena Rao Gullapalli, University of Maryland, Baltimore Doris D. M. Lin, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

d n a

COMING SOON Clinical MR Spectroscopy

NEW Fetal Echocardiography

99 An invaluable resource and practical guide for all practitioners involved in obstetric scanning 99 Get help with diagnosis fast from detailed reference – an invaluable aid

A Practical Guide Lindsey D. Allan, King’s College Hospital, London Andrew C. Cook, Institute of Child Health, University College London Ian C. Huggon, King’s College Hospital, London A comprehensive, beautifully illustrated guide to fetal heart scanning for anyone involved in obstetric ultrasound. Authored by a leading pediatric cardiologist with over 30 years of experience, it brings together all the information needed by cardiologists, obstetricians, sonographers or maternal-fetal medicine clinicians in order to obtain clear, high-quality echocardiograms and interpret them.

99 Familiarise yourself with imagery of abnormal findings and likely prognosis


Published July 2009 272 pages 300 b/w illustrations 7 tables Hardback


positron emission tomography


permeability imaging iron imaging


multidetector X-ray CT scan

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biomedical imaging

magnetic resonance spectroscopy


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