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What is the Immerse Education Global Scholars initiative? This initiative offers a select number of international schools the opportunity to award scholarships directly to students who would benefit from an intensive pre-university insights programme.

How will it benefit your students? If your school is selected for the Global Scholars initiative, our committee will allocate your school a number of scholarships to award your students. Please see below for an example:

How will it benefit your school? We understand that parents expect

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leading schools to be able to offer opportunities and pathways for their students that will benefit their academic future. Established since 2012, Immerse Education has educated thousands of motivated and able high school students from around the world through our award-winning pre-university academic programmes.


These programmes provide an unparalleled insight into what it’s like to study a subject at leading universities. The Immerse Education Global Scholars initiative offers schools the control over rewarding students who teachers consider would benefit most from reduced fee access to the programme.

How do I participate? A total of 20 schools from across the world will be selected to participate in this initiative. If you would like your school to be considered, please complete the short form at: https://www.immerse.education/ global-scholars-initiative/ While completing the form, please provide a short statement indicating how your school’s ethos is aligned with students attending the Immerse summer programmes. The committee will select schools that it believes stand to benefit the most from the scholarships provided. If your school is chosen, you will be contacted with the scholarship schema, suggested award criteria, and access to the direct nomination form.

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Immerse Global Scholars Initiative 2020  

Immerse Global Scholars Initiative 2020