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Admissions Many Alumni Groups have members who are interested in the Cambridge admissions process. They may have friends and relatives who would like to apply to Cambridge, or may know someone who does.

Alumni Volunteer Resources

Admissions The Admissions Office has prepared the following guidance for prospective students and we encourage you to share this information with them. Interviews While there's no blueprint for the ideal Cambridge student, there are certain academic qualities we look for – ability, potential and commitment. Almost all of our applicants are predicted top grades so it's difficult to select applicants fairly based on their UCAS application alone. Therefore, interviewing applicants: • allows us to assess whether their interests and aptitudes are suited to the course they've chosen, and that they have the potential to study it to a very high level, engage with new ideas and think conceptually • gives applicants the opportunity to expand on the information they provided in their UCAS application, and to demonstrate their passion for and commitment to their subject, and their ability to think critically and independently. Interviews usually take place in the first three weeks of December so we strongly recommend that you don't make any unbreakable commitments for this time. If you have any specific learning difficulties, a disability or other special need, the Colleges will make every effort to meet your requirements, but make sure you tell them well in advance of your interview.

Admissions tests Depending on the course and College you apply to, an interview may be the only additional assessment we undertake. However, in addition you may be asked to: • submit one or two school/college essays, which may be discussed at interview • take a further test either when you attend for interview or beforehand (either a subject-based test organised by your College or one of the tests outlined in this section)

International Currently, there are around 1,200 overseas students from over 120 countries studying undergraduate courses at the University of Cambridge. A Levels, the International Baccalaureate or equivalent qualifications, covering three or four subjects in depth, are the usual preparation for undergraduate study at Cambridge. We ask for the highest grades in these subjects, and assess students not only on their achievements in these exams, but also on their ability and readiness to join in discussion of their subject. Typical offer levels for a range of qualifications can be found in the main Entrance Requirements section. If you're studying for a different education qualification, you should get in touch as soon as possible to discuss the appropriateness of your qualifications for study at Cambridge. In the first instance you should contact the Cambridge Admissions Office for advice, providing: • brief details of the qualifications that you have taken/are taking • your achieved/expected grades • the subject you're interested in applying for at the University You'll then be advised on course requirements, further information needed, and how you'll be assessed.

If you require further information about the admissions process please visit the Admissions Office website at

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