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Health and Human Development Fourth Edition Sonia Goodacre, Chrissy Collins, Alison Howard, Janine Konoroth, Emily Mathews, Kate Sims & Carolyn Slattery

The most up-to-date and comprehensive resource available for VCE Health and Human Development


What’s new in this edition Cambridge VCE Health and Human Development Fourth Edition continues to provide students with the skills and knowledge to make informed decisions about their individual health while understanding the role of health and wellbeing within local and global communities.

This new edition provides the depth of content students and teachers have come to rely on, and the support every student needs for VCE success. •

Comprehensively revised and updated data, text extracts and case studies ensure students have the most up-to-date information for their studies.

Chapter introductions with a list of key knowledge and key skills to be covered in student-friendly language, as well as chapter summaries categorised according to the key knowledge areas, support consolidation and revision of each topic.

Additional extension questions throughout the text as well as extended-response questions in the end-of-chapter summary encourage critical thinking and help develop the skills students require for their VCE exams.

QR code integration in the print textbook allows students to gain instant access to exam-preparation videos.

Activity worksheets, available as downloadable, editable chapter workbooks in the Interactive Textbook Teacher Edition can be distributed to students for additional class or homework tasks.

Discover more features •

Margin icons indicate where rich materials including short concept review tests, videos and external links are available in the Interactive Textbook.

In-depth coverage of each topic in the 2018-22 VCE study design includes up-to-date data, text extracts and case studies.

Easy navigation and a highly visual design including graphic organisers ensure the student text is engaging and accessible for all students.

Short interactive activities in the Interactive Textbook provide students with quick concept revision.

Digital components The Interactive Textbook The online version of the student text delivers a host of interactive features to enhance the teaching and learning experience. Interactive features: •

Revision support: videos outline the main concepts and skills required to ensure exam success

Examination support: a second video for each chapter guides students on how to approach and respond to examination style questions

Drag-and-drop interactive activities

Rollover glossary definitions

Videos and image galleries

Links to external websites

Access to the Offline Textbook, a downloadable version of the student text with note-taking and bookmarking enabled

The Interactive Textbook is available as a calendar-year subscription and is accessed online through Cambridge GO using a unique 16-character code supplied on purchase. The Interactive Textbook is provided with the printed text, or is available for purchase separately as a digital-only option. cambridge.edu.au/go

The Interactive Textbook Teacher Edition The Interactive Textbook Teacher Edition offers valuable time-saving planning, classroom and assessment support for all teachers, including those new to teaching Health and Human Development, integrated within a teacher version of the Interactive Textbook. Additional support: •

Teaching programs

Working programs

Access to the student textbook

Assessment tasks

Suggested responses

Additional exam-preparation questions and suggested responses per chapter of the student text

Activity worksheets available as downloadable, editable chapter workbooks

The Interactive Textbook Teacher Edition is accessed through a Cambridge GO teacher account using the unique 16-character code supplied on purchase or by your Cambridge Education Resource Consultant when your school purchases or booklists Cambridge VCE Health and Human Development Fourth Edition. cambridge.edu.au/go



Sonia Goodacre Sonia has taught VCE Health and Human Development since its inception and has worked with subject associations and other organisations to provide support for teachers since 2000. An author for Cambridge since 2003, she is actively involved in providing professional development for teachers and has prepared a number of support materials and curriculum packages for VCE Health and Human Development. She also presents to students to assist them with their preparation for the exam and is passionate about helping students achieve their best. Sonia is currently the Head of Teaching and Learning at Plenty Valley Christian College where she teaches VCE Health and Human Development. Over the past 22 years, in addition to teaching independent and government schools and in the TAFE sector, Sonia has worked with the VCAA as an assessor and in the development of VCE Health and Human Development study designs.

Units 1&2 Available October 2020

Unit 1 Understanding health and wellbeing Area of Study 1: Health perspectives and influences 1 The concepts of health and wellbeing

Chrissy Collins

2 Evaluating the health status of Australian youth

Chrissy is an experienced Health and Human Development, Food Technology and Food Studies teacher. She has been an author with Cambridge since 2007, developing Health and Human Development, junior and senior Food Technology and Food Studies textbooks. Chrissy regularly presents at professional development events, with a focus on student engagement, pedagogy and exam success. She is also an experienced VCAA exam assessor, writer of trial exams and support material. Chrissy aims to motivate and inspire her own students, through sharing her love of learning and passion for her subject areas, working with each student to ensure they can reach their full potential.

3 Sociocultural factors

Alison Howard After initially studying Health Promotion, Alison graduated as a Health and Human Development and Food Studies teacher from Deakin University. Throughout her career, she has taught at a range of government, Catholic and independent schools and has been involved in various roles with VCAA. She has extensive experience in examination development for various professional bodies, and as an examination assessor. Alison is passionate about teaching Health and Human Development, and developing curriculum that engages and inspires students.

Area of Study 2: Health and nutrition 4 Nutrition and health and wellbeing 5 Promoting healthy eating Area of Study 3: Youth health and wellbeing 6 Aspects of youth health and wellbeing 7 A focus on a youth health issue: Road safety Unit 2 Managing health and development Area of Study 1: Developmental transitions 8 The transition from youth to adulthood 9 A focus on adulthood 10 Responsible parenthood Area of Study 2: Healthcare in Australia 11 The health system in Australia Glossary Index

Janine Konoroth Janine Konoroth is an enthusiastic Health and Human Development teacher with a passion for ensuring students achieve their personal best. Janine’s extensive experience and accomplishments have been developed over her 20 years teaching experience in both independent and government schools. She has held various leadership roles including Leading Teacher, Head of Year, Student Wellbeing Leader and Head of Department. Prior to teaching Janine worked in the health and not-forprofit sector, with a strong interest in health education and public relations. Janine has also conducted examination preparation professional development for teachers, reviewed association Unit 3&4 trial examination papers and been a VCAA Health and Human Development examination assessor for eight years. Emily Mathews Emily’s passion for Health and Human Development began early in her life and has continued to develop throughout her career. She has been teaching Health and Human Development for a number of years and has gained additional experience as an examination assessor. Emily enjoys teaching junior and senior students inspiring a passion for health and wellbeing, to not only succeed in their studies but to live a long and healthy life. Kate Sims Kate Sims has been working in a government school in country Victoria for more than 20 years. As a teacher of Health and Human Development she has enjoyed seeing the study evolve to reflect the changing needs of individual and population health and wellbeing. Kate has undertaken a variety of roles outside of school, such as working with pre-service teachers at university institutions, VCAA exam marking, being a member of the VCAA study design review panel in 2016, and writing for the VCAA Advice for Teachers. Her biggest passion is being in the classroom, sharing her knowledge and seeing her students became health-literate citizens. Carolyn Slattery Carolyn has been a teacher of Health and Human Development subjects at both senior and middle secondary levels in Catholic colleges for more than 25 years. She has provided examination preparation sessions for students in VCE Health and Human Development, has been an examination assessor for a number of VCE subjects and an educational consultant for a leading video production company. Carolyn currently specialises in digital learning and student engagement.

Units 3&4 Available July 2020

Unit 3 Australia’s health in a globalised world Area of Study 1: Understanding health and wellbeing 1 Understanding health outcomes 2 Exploring differences in health status 3 Factors contributing to health status Area of Study 2: Promoting health and wellbeing 4 Improvements in health 5 The Australian healthcare system 6 Promoting health in Australia 7 Healthy eating in Australia Unit 4 Health and human development in a global context Area of Study 1: Health and wellbeing in a global context 8 Comparisons in health status and human development 9 Factors contributing to differences in health Area of Study 2: Health and the Sustainable Development Goals 10 Sustainable Development Goals 11 Promoting global health 12 Effective programs Glossary Index

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