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3) Write down the short answer of the following questions in your answer script: 110=10 a) What is food web? b) Write the names of four elements of air. c) Which scientist said that matters made of atoms? d) What do you mean by junk food? e) What is galaxy? f) What are the greenhouse gases? g) What is moon? h) Write down three examples of modern technology. i) How many years after population census usually done? j) Write the names of natural resources of Bangladesh. 4) Including a and b answer any 8 of the following questions: 58=40 a) Animals are dependent on environment- Explain. b) Explain the impact of information technology in the field of Education. c) Write the ways of preventing air pollution. d) Explain the three states of matter. e) What changes happen to boys and girls during adolescence? f) What would happen to the world if no greenhouse gases present in the atmosphere? g) What are the symptoms of Rheumatic fever? h) Describe water cycle with figure. i) What measures can be taken to convert population to human resources? j) How many methods of optimum use of resource? Explain.

Primary Education completion Examination-2013 Model TestSubject: Elementary Science Time: 2 hours 30 minutes Full marks: 100 1. Write down the correct answer in answer script: 140=40 (1) Which of the following plant does not have chlorophyll? a) Agaricus b) Fern c) Chili d) Bringal (2) Which state of consumer does grasshopper is? a) Primary b) Secondary c) Tertiary d) Decomposer (3) In which state does water remain on high mountain peak?? a) Water b) Water vapour c) Dew d) Ice (4) Which colour is used to mark high mountain peaks Arsenic free tubewell? a) Blue b) Red c) Green d) Sky blue (5) Which poisonous material does found in tube-well water? a) Arsenic b) Iron c) Mercury d) Carbon (6) Who needs more energy? a) Doctors b) Students c) Labours d) Teachers (7) Which one is the main food element? a) Vitamin b) Protein c) Water d) Mineral Water (8) H1N1 virus causes which disease? a) Rheumatic fever b) Swine flu c) Dengue d) Malaria (9) When does Aedes mosquito bite? a) Morning and evening b) Before morning and evening c) Morning and afternoon d) Morning and night (10) How many planets are there in solar system? a) 7 b) 8 c) 9 d) 10 (11) Knowledge that gained from experiment is calleda) Technology b) Practice c) Science d) Efficiency (12) Which one is used in research work? a) Telephone b) Tractor c) Microscope d) Pen (13) What is used to teach in the class room all over the world? a) Computer b) Television c) Recorder d) Multimedia (14) What is occurred due to low air pressure? a) Storm b) Heat transmission c) Rain d) Flood (15) How many main parts are there in computer? a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 5

(16) Which one is reduced due to information technology? a) Mental work b) Physical work c) Communication d) Agriculture (17) Water vapour is ________ than water. a) Heavy b) Light c) Hot d) Hard (18) How many times smaller the volume of moon than the earth? 1 1 1 1 a) 60 b) 50 c) 40 d) 100 (19) What is increased in the air due to burn fuel? a) Oxygen b) Carbon dioxide c) Neon d) Argon (20) How many time does earth takes to rotate around the sun? a) 365 days 6 hours b) 365 days 8 hours c) 368 days 9 hours d) 465 days 6 hours (21) Plants take nutrition from soil using which of the following? a) Soil b) Water c) Air d) Light (22) The Part of earth that faces sun experiencesa) Night b) Day c) Morning d) Afternoon (23) To convert the population to resource, we needa) Quality science teacher b) Quality books c) Basic Knowledge and skill d) Realistic science education (24) Which one is the factor of weather? a) Cloud b) Fog c) Air d) Water vapour (25) What is output? a) Information to technology b) Information to information c) Technology to information d) Technology to technology (26) How many common properties are there of the matters? a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 5 (27) Where unanimous stars found? a) Solar system b) Milky way c) Planet d) Satellite (28) It takes how many years to increase food production up to three times in Bangladesh? a) 40 b) 50 c) 60 d) 65 (29) How was the population of Bangladesh during 1981? a) 9 crore b) 10 crore c) 11 crore d) 12 crore (30) Which one of the following is green energy? a) Oil b) Gas c) Wind flow d) Coal (31) According to the scientist which one of the following will be exhausted in next 100 years? a) Natural resource b) Animal resource c) Fossil resource d) Air resource

(32) Which one is non-renewable natural resource? a) Air b) Wood c) Oil d) Water (33) What measures should be taken after getting the alarm of cyclone? a) Take shelter on rooftop b) Take shelter in cyclone centre c) Close the doors d) Take shelter in village (34) Cause of changing environmenta) Global warming b) Carbon dioxide c) Wind flow d) Solar energy (35) Plants produce food using which of the following? a) Carbon dioxide b) Oxygen c) Nitrogen d) Hydrogen (36) What is the main way to prevent water pollution? a) Purifying wastes b) Not to fell wastes in water c) Maintain the waste Law d) Not to fell wastes in water (37) What is the only satellite of earth? a) Moon b) Sun c) Star d) Mars (38) Which one occurs every year in Bangladesh? a) Flood b) Earth quake c) Kalbaishakhi d) Hurricane (39) What is the main difference of weather and climate? a) Time b) Place c) Name d) property (40) What is the latest technology? a) Agricultural technology b) Communication technology c) Information technology d) House building technology 2. Fill in the blanks: a) The green pigment of plant is _________. b) Animals take ________ during breathing. c) ________ is present even in the soil particles. d) Matters are made of ________. e) We cannot ________ energy? f) Air pollution influences on our _______. g) There is no dietary fiber in ________ food. h) The aim of technology is to control ________. i) _________ motion of earth causes day and night. j) Moon has no __________________ if its own.


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