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3. Write down short answer of the following questions in your answer script: 110=10 a) What is the cause at Arsenic pollution? b) What is acid rain? c) Write the names of five kinds of energy. d) What is balanced diet? e) How dengue fever spread? f) Why do the sun and moon look equal? g) Give examples of three modern technologies. h) What does humidity of air mean? i) What would happen to the world if no greenhouse gases present in the atmosphere? j) What type of conversion happens through solar panel? 4. Including a and b answer any 8 of the following questions: 58=40 a) Describe how animals and plant are dependent upon each other? b) Explain why the temperature of earth is increasing day by day? c) What is infectious disease? Discuss how infectious diseases can be prevented. d) What are the main causes of water pollution? e) Why do seasons change? f) Describe the technologies through which the food you have eaten has come. g) What is the cause of the Kalboishakhi? Explain. h) Make a list of natural resources and their uses. i) Write down five ways of environmental conservation. j) What is optimum food? Discuss the importance of taking optimum food.

Primary Education completion Examination-2013 Model TestSubject: Elementary Science Time: 2 hours 30 minutes Full marks: 100 1. Write down the correct answer in answer script: 140=40 (1) Which one is the essential energy in this modern age? a) Computer b) Heat c) Electricity d) Sun (2) What is the capacity to do work called? a) Sound b) Energy c) Speed d) Heat (3) Which of the following can be preserved in refrigerator or freezer? a) Vegetables b) Butter c) Cheese d) Ghee (4) Which microbe is the causal agent of Rheumatic fever? a) Streptococcus b) Pneumococcus c) Flu d) BCG (5) Which one is infectious disease? a) Tuberculosis b) Pox c) Diarrhoea d) AIDS (6) Which one is most essential for the survival of plants and animals? a) Heat b) Pressure c) Water d) Light (7) What is the cause of increasing of fertility of soil? a) Plastic b) Cow dung c) Excess fertilizer d) Insects (8) How is the climate of Bangladesh? a) Hot b) Humid c) Cold d) Hot and humid (9) Which one of the following is a greenhouse gas? a) Nitrogen b) Oxygen c) Hydrogen d) Water vapour (10) Which is the nearest planet to the sun? a) Earth b) Venus c) Mercury d) Mars (11) By using air we cana) Drive the car b) Drive engine c) Make food d) Drive fan (12) What is grass? a) Producer b) Primary consumer c) Secondary consumer d) Decomposer (13) Responsible for noise pollutiona) Sudden peak in sound b) Playing songs c) Excess population d) Market beside the house (14) From soil plants absorb water anda) Protein b) Mineral salt c) Vitamin d) Nutrients (15) Why chips are a junk food? a) There are harmful chemicals b) There is formalin c) There is carbide d) There is saccharine

16) The prevention of water pollution is toa) Control of waste b) Not to throw waste to water c) Implementation of waste control law d) Not to create waste 17) According to the scientist which one of the following will be exhausted in next 100 years? a) Natural resources b) Animal resources c) Fossil resources d) Air resources 18) Why does it rain more in the rainy season? a) Because air temperature is high b) Because air pressure is high c) Because air has more vapour d) Because air is dry 19) Information technology has reduced oura) Intellectual activity b) Physical labour c) Communication d) Agricultural lobour 20) Which one is necessary for the invention of a technology? a) Financial ability b) Physical ability c) Knowledge of science d) Family background 21) The reason for day and right isa) The earth moves round the sun b) The sun rises and sets c) The earth moves on it’s axis d) The moon moves round the earth 22) Which one of the following is the symptom for swine flu? a) Running nose b) Increase of appetite c) Sweating d) Body itching 23) The use of artificial colour and chemical in food can causea) Dental problem b) kids getting fat c) Liver and kidney became dysfunctional d) Kids lose weight 24) Which gas is taken in the cylinder to climb a high mountain? a) Oxygen b) Carbon dioxide c) Nitrogen d) Carbon monoxide 25) Which of the following provides nutrition to plants? a) Soil b) Water c) Air d) Light 26) Which is the main reason of air, water and soil pollution? a) Open latrine upon a water-body b) Wastes from industry c) Use of vehicle d) Meet the demand of population increase (27) Which one of the following is a correct food chain? a) GrasshopperGrassesSnakes Frog b) Frog GrasshopperGrassesSnakes c) SnakesGrasshopper GrassesFrog d) GrassesGrasshopper FrogSnakes (28) How often are censures conducted? a) Every 5 years b) Every 10 years c) Every 15 years d) Every 20 years (29) Which one is artificial resource? a) Plants b) Iron c) Glass d) Sand

(30) Which of the two months is winter in Bangladesh? a) Agrohaon and poush b) Poush and Magh c) Magh and Falgun d) Falgun and Chaitra (31) What is the condition of a short time relating to temperature, pressure, humidity and wind called? a) Climate b) Weather c) Omabosha d) Solar eclipse (32) In information technology information isa) Production b) Web page c) Processing d) Raw material or the resource (33) What is the process of acquisition of knowledge through research called? a) Technology b) Knowledge c) Science d) Skill (34) Which one is situated at the centre of the solar system? a) Moon b) Galaxy c) Nebula d) Sun (35) Which one is a water borne disease? a) Dengue b) Tuberculosis c) Pox d) Cholera (36) How many food elements are there in balanced diet? a) 3 b) 4 c) 5 d) 6 (37) How many common properties are there in all matter? a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 5 (38) Without which one of the following we cannot build fire? a) Oxygen b) Nitrogen c) Carbon dioxide d) Sulphur (39) How long time water to be heated more when starts boiling to kill the germs in it? a) 15 minutes b) 20 minutes c) 30 minutes d) 40 minutes (40) Which one is the main cause of natural imbalance? a) Cutting down trees b) Excess vehicles c) Excess population d) Mills and factories 2. Fill in the blanks: 110=10 a) Animals cannot produce its own _______. b) Water turns into _______ by the heat of sun. c) Poisonous ________ is produced in the kitchen. d) Matter is mad of _______. e) The sun is a huge _______. f) The invention of _______ is an important contribution to the development of technology. g) The word’s store of knowledge is _______ at a fast speed. h) The cause of carbon dioxide increase is _______. i) The progress of agricultural technology may be divided into ______ ages. j) ______ is caused by a H1N1 virus.