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3) Write down the short answer of the following questions in your answer script: 110=10 a) What are the diseases caused by drinking polluted water? b) How can air pollution in kitchen be decreased? c) Which scientist said matter was made of atoms? d) What is infectious disease? e) What is star? f) What are the three ages of agricultural technology? g) What are the names of the output devices of a computer? h) What are the factors of changes in weather? i) What is the reason of building green houses in the colder countries? j) What is called food web? 4) Including a and b answer any 8 to the following questions: 48=40 a) Observe the picture given below and describe the food chain.

b) Explain how the elements of air help us to live? c) How is water pollution prevented? d) Give some examples in which energy is wasted. e) Discuss the scientific methods of food preservation. f) What is adolescence? What changes happen during this period? g) Give a short description of the members of the solar system. h) Prove the relationship of science and technology with examples. i) What is influence of information technology in our life? j) How the earth is compared to the green house?

Primary Education completion Examination-2013 Model TestSubject: Elementary Science Time: 2 hours 30 minutes Full marks: 100 1. Write down the correct answer in answer script: 140=40 (1) Which one is responsible for swine flu disease? a) HIV b) H1N1 c) TMV d) E-coli (2) Which one is the huge disc of gas? a) Earth b) Moon c) Sun d) Mercury (3) Which one is the biggest wonder of this modern age? a) Medical technology b) Agricultural technology c) Communication technology d) Information technology (4) What does the living beings inhale during respiration? a) Nitrogen b) Oxygen c) Carbon dioxide d) Methane (5) Which energy is responsible for the lightning in the sky? a) Electrical energy b) Heat energy c) Light energy d) Sound energy (6) Which one helps in plants pollination? a) Human b) Beast c) Animals d) Insects (7) Which pollution does the vehicles create? a) Air and water b) Soil and air c) Sound and air d) Sound and soil (8) Which one is not an infectious disease? a) Pox b) Ring guard c) Arsenic d) (9) Which mosquito carries dengue virus? a) Culex b) Malaria c) Aedes d) Anopheles (10) Which one of the following exchange information? a) RAM b) Pen drive c) Key board d) Mouse (11) Which one is created from the low pressure in the Bay of Bengal? a) Rain b) Earth quake c) Flood d) Cyclone (12) Dead body of animals are destroyed bya) Decomposer b) Producer c) Small animal d) Large animal (13) Drinking polluted water may be cause of attack bya) Jaundice b) Pox c) Diabetes d) Rheumatic fever (14) To increase the speed of car, we needa) Energy b) Capacity of engine c) Petrol d) Well road (15) Which disease can be spread through the cough and spit? a) Jaundice b) Cholera c) Dysentery d) Diarrhoea

(16) In which state does water remain on high mountain peaks? a) Water b) Water vapour c) Dew d) Ice (17) Which one is a poisonous gas? a) Oxygen b) Carbon dioxide c) Nitrogen d) Carbon monoxide (18) Which of the following chemical is used as to adulterant food? a) Iodine b) Formalin c) Calcium d) Carbohydrate (19) Which one of the following happens during the adolescence changes? a) Getting friendly with all b) More keen to studies c) Likes to go school everyday d) Physical, mental, behavioral change (20) Why does season change? a) Due to diurnal motion of earth b) Due to annual motion of earth c) Due to elliptical orbit of earth d) Due to temperature change of sun (21) Which one is not influenced by technology? a) Education b) Communication c) Agriculture d) Lengths of day and night (22) The most modern technology isa) Agricultural technology b) Communication technology c) Information technology d) Construction technology (23) What does happen when air pressure falls down excessively? a) Storm b) Rain c) Heat wave d) Cold wave (24) In which work does the chlorophyll of green plants help? a) Food production b) Reproduction c) Respiration d) Polle nation (25) What can be damage by sudden peak in sound, crowd and different noises? a) Liver b) Kidney c) Mental and physical d) Stomach (26) What is Arsenic that mixed with tube well water? a) Mineral salt b) Poisonous matter c) Zinc d) Carbide (27) In how many states can matters exist? a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 5 (28) What happen when the salt water of sea enters into the coastal area? a) Increase the fertility of the soil b) Increase the salinity of the soil c) Increase the productivity of the soil d) All of the above (29) Which one of the following is the source of fresh energy? a) Air b) Plants c) Coal d) Oil (30) To convert the population into resources we needa) Quality science teachers b) Quality books c) Basic knowledge and skill d) Realistic science education

(31) Which one of the following is highly populated country of the world? a) England b) Portugal c) Bangladesh d) Malay (32) Which one is renewable natural resources? a) Petroleum b) Water c) Natural gas d) Fossil fuel (33) Which of the following indicates the condition of weather? a) Climate b) Humidity c) Rainfall d) Air (34) What is the full form of CPU? a) Central Programme Unit b) Central Processing Unit c) Centre programme Unit d) Centre Processing Unit (35) What is the basic of science? a) Asking b) Curiosity c) Research d) Encourage (36) How many times smallers the moon is than the volume of the earth? a) 30 times b) 40 times c) 50 times d) 60 time (37) Which one is infectious disease? a) Scabies b) Dysentery c) Cholera d) Diarrhoea (38) Which one of the following food elements increase the immunity of our body? a) Protein b) Carbohydrate c) Vitamin d) Water (39) Which one of the following can be preserved in this or packets by using nitrogen? a) Soft drinks b) Sugar c) Fish d) Oil (40) Which part of plants contain green pigments? a) Stem b) Leaves c) Root d) Flower 2. Fill in the blanks: 1ď‚´10=10 a) Several _____ are connected to created food web. b) Water is _______ for life. c) We sweat if there is more ______ in air. d) The southern region of our country can be _______ due to the climate change. e) There are countless ______ in the Milky Way. f) There is various _______ changes during adolescence stages. g) Energy cannot be ________ or cannot be ________. h) Information is _______ of information technology. i) We get _______ and _______ from the sun. j) The main source of energy is ________.