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3. Write down the short answer of the following questions in your answer script: 110=10 a) Which elements are mostly needed for the various works of the body? b) Write the names of the output devices of the computer. c) What is water cycle? d) Write three examples of old technology. e) What is the latest and modern technology you use? f) Which elements are mostly found in junk food? g) What is greenhouse effect? h) What do you mean by population? i) By which the universe made off? J) What is the output of a computer? 4) Including a and b answer any 8 of the following questions: 58=40 a) What steps should you take to face the cyclone affected people of the coastal area? Explain. b) Which star is nearest to us? How it helps you? Explain. c) Write three sources of sound pollution and write the prevention of sound pollution. d) Write about the ways to save or store information. e) How the earth is compared to the greenhouse? f) Why there is more rainfall in rainy season in Bangladesh? g) How is water pollution prevented? h) Write the differences between matter and energy? i) Write about the natural resources of Bangladesh. j) Why do seasons change?

Primary Education completion Examination-2013 Model TestSubject: Elementary Science Time: 2 hours 30 minutes Full marks: 100 1. Write down the correct answer in answer script: 140=40 (1) What is the green pigment of leaf called? a) Carbohydrate b) Chlorophyll c) Photosynthesis d) Mesophyll (2) Which living thing including the environment? a) Air b) Crow c) Sea d) Soil (3) Chlorophyll helps to do what? a) Making food b) Breeding c) Pollination d) Respiration (4) What is the cause of air pollution? a) Use of insecticide b) Burning break in break fields c) Gather rainwater d) Using chemical fertilizer (5) What is the main cause of polluting air, water and soil? a) Over population b) Wastes of factories c) Making open latrine up on water body d) Using vehicles (6) Which gas is needed in cylinder during climbing mountain? a) Oxygen b) Carbon dioxide c) Nitrogen d) Carbon monoxide (7) What is increased due to burning fuel? a) Helium b) Neon c) Carbon monoxide d) Oxygen (8) How many processes are there to transmission of heat? a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 5 (9) Which one of the following can be preserve by drying? a) Pulses b) Fish c) Meat d) Fruit (10) Which energy can form with Harmonium? a) Light b) Magnetic c) Heat d) Sound (11) How many years ago man started social life? a) 5 thousand b) 10 thousand c) 20 thousand d) 30 thousand (12) Information technology reduces oura) Mental work b) Physical labour c) Communication d) Agriculture (13) What is the minimum temperature of Swine flu patient? a) 1010F b) 1020F c) 1030F d) 1040F (14) During winter how sunlight falls? a) Paralally b) Vertically c) Horizontally d) Partially (15) Which one is browsing software? a) Google b) Bing c) Yahoo d) Internet explorer

(16) According to the scientist how many years take to exhaust natural resource? a) 50 years b) 100 years c) 150 years d) 200 years (17) What kind of resource lime stone is? a) Fossil b) Animal c) Natural d) Artificial (18) What is self-employment? a) Government job b) Generating income by own self c) Working in industries d) Private job (19) Which scientist said that, “The earth rotates round the sun”? a) Galileo b) Newton c) Kaplan d) Copernicus (20) A lot of information can be carry by which device? a) DVD b) Pen drive c) CD d) Laptop (21) What would be happen due to excessive increase of earth’s temperature? a) Reducing water level of earth b) Reducing winter from earth c) Large portion of earth may go under water d) Causes earthquake (22) What is the greatest wander of modern technology? a) Information technology b) Computer c) Artificial Satellite d) Bio-technology (23) What is called the knowledge gathered by experiment? a) Technology b) Efficiency c) Science d) Experiment (24) Which of the following chemical mixes with fish? a) Calcium b) Poisonous powder c) Formalin d) Saccharine (25) Artificial colour and chemical causesa) Defect of teeth b) Increase of weight c) Damage of liver and kidney d) Reduce weight (26) Which poisonous gas creates in kitchen? a) Carbon dioxide b) Carbon monoxide c) Oxygen d) Nitrogen (27) Calcium carbide is mixed with what? a) Fish b) Fruit c) Dry fish d) Sweets (28) Which gas is used to make soft drink? a) Nitrogen b) Oxygen c) Hydrogen d) Water vapour (29) Which one provides heat energy to our body? a) Carbohydrates b) Minerals c) Water d) Vitamins (30) People made stone weapon how many years ago? a) About 20 lacs b) About 25 lacs c) About 40 lacs d) About 35 lacs

(31) Whose help is needed during adolescence? a) Friends b) Neighbors c) Doctors d) Parents (32) Which one is used in agriculture? a) Pump b) Watch c) Thermometer d) Radio (33) What is the reason of cyclone? a) High pressure b) Low pressure c) Very high pressure d) Very low pressure (34) Which two months make summer? a) Chaitra and Baishakh b) Baishakh and Jhaistha c) Sraban and Vadra d) Ashar and Sraban (35) The ancient people thougha) The earth is motionless b) The earth moves round the stars c) The earth is not motionless d) The stars are motion less (36) Which part of the agricultural technology consists of crop cutting machine? a) First b) Second c) Third d) Fifth (37) Which one of the following is the basic need of people? a) Accommodation b) Cinema c) Vehicle d) Electricity (38) What should we do to prevent infectious disease? a) Brushing teeth after some days b) Keeping clean the clothes c) Splitting here and there d) Cutting nails irregularly (39) Which one is the greenhouse gas? a) Carbon dioxide b) Methane c) Water vapour d) Neon (40) Which one is found a little in cities? a) Population b) vehicles c) Mills and factories d) Trees 2. Fill in the blanks: 110=10 a) During winter we are staying _______ to the sun. b) _________ is a cause of increasing carbon dioxide. c) Energy is the agent of __________. d) There are unanimous ________ in the Milky Way. e) Generally cyclones are created in the ________. f) Solar energy is called _______ energy also. g) Heat transmits through solid by _________. h) ________ occurs due to drinking arsenic contaminated water. i) _________ is the raw material of urea. J) Air pollution impacts on people’s _________.

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