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Fill in the blanks with appropriate word/words in your Answer script. 110=10 a. We need –––––– for allegiance to Allah. b. –––––– part of Iman. c. –––––– means items of expenditure of Zakat. d. Man will show –––––– to all creations of Allah. e. After the conquest of Makka, Great Prophet (Sm) –––––– all inhabitants of Makka. f. ‫ ع – ح‬pronounced from the –––––– of the throat tube. g. Hazrat Muhammad (Sm) took shelter in the caves of –––––– mountain during Hizrat. h. Hazrat Daud (As) was a –––––– in his childhood. i. There are –––––– verses in Sura Al-Kafirun. j. Plural form of Aqidah is ––––––. Answer in short: 110=10 a. Write down the names of five times Salat. b. Who is a Musafir? c. How shall we behave with the parents? d. How many letters which are pronounced from the throat? e. Where was the Hazre Aswad placed? f. What is the Madina charter? g. Who was the first human being? h. Give examples of bravery of Hazrat Daud (As) i. Where will be Hazrat Isa (As) buried? j. What is the work of Khalifa? Answer the following questions including a & b. 58=40 a. Who is the sustainer of this world? Describe how he sustains and protects his creation. b. What was the condition of Arabia like at the time of the birth of Hazrat Muhammad (Sm)? c. Write the Ahkams of Salat. d. Write in brief the importance and significance of Saum. e. Write the history of Qurbani in brief. f. What are the bad conducts from which we shall keep ourselve away? g. Describe the honesty of Hazrat Omar (R) h. What is Waqf? What is its purpose? Who was the first person to use these signs? i. Write Sura Al-Kawsar in Arabic. j. Write down about Good Governance and fair judgement by Hazrat Daud (As).


Primary Education Completion Examination-2013

Model Test Subject: Islam and Moral Education Time: 2 Hours 30 Minutes

Full Marks: 100


Write the correct answer in your answer script:


What does the word æSameeun” in reference to Allah mean? a. The All-Hearer b. The Al-Knowing c. The All-Seer d. The Oft-Forgiving What is the name of the last Prophet? a. Hazrat Abu Bakar (R) b. Hazrat Isa (As) c. Hazrat Muhammad (Sm) d. Hazrat Musa (As) How many Arkans are there in Salat? a. Five b. Seven c. Thirteen d. Fifteen What of Qurbani reaches to Allah? a. Meat b. Blood c. Taqwa d. Skin What one should do with others in doing good deeds? a. Rebuke b. Beat c. Command d. Co-operate Whose statement is this æMan gets what he strives for?” a. Human being b. Angel c. Great Prophet (Sm) d. Allah Which one is an element of natural environment? a. Window b. Building c. Door d. Trees and Plants The pronunciation which comes when the tongue frontal edge touches the upper portion of the lower two teeth. a. ‫د ط ث‬ b. ‫ص س ز‬ c. ۙ - ۶ d. ‫ف‬ Letters that are pronunced touching the middle of the tongue with the upper palate  a. ‫ح ش ي‬ b. ‫ر‬ c. ‫ط د ث‬ d. ‫ص س ز‬ What was Hazrat Adam (As) made of? a. Fire b. Stone c. Clay d. Water


3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.



140 = 40

11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25.

In which dynasty was Hazrat Daud (As) born? a. Banu Israel b. Banu Kayes c. Banu Tamim d. Banu Galib What is the meaning of Meejan? a. Amalnama b. Measuring Balance c. Religion d. Believers Which is the first pillar of Islam? a. Salat b. Kalima c. Hajj d. Zakat How many Rakats of Tarabih? a. Fifteen Rakats b. Twenty Five Rakats c. Twenty Rakats d. Twelve Rakats Whose order is obeyed performing Ibadat? a. Allah’s order b. Parent’s order c. Teachers order d. Eldest brother’s order What is the meaning of the word Masjid? a. the place of conference b. the place of joy c. the place of sijdah d. the place of play æPerform Salat and Pay Zakat” who said this? a. Muhammad (Sm) b. Allah c. Followers d. People of Arab Who are called Ashraful Makhlukat? a. Trees b. Animals c. Birds d. Human beings Which is the greatest and last Heavenly Book? a. Bible b. Quran c. Gita d. Tripitak Who is called Adam-e-Sani or second Adam? a. Hazrat Isa (As) b. Hazrat Nuh (As) c. Hazrat Ibrahim (As) d. Hazrat Daud (As) Who is the first man and Prophet? a. Hazrat Nuh (As) b. Hazrat Muhammad (Sm) c. Hazrat Adam (As) d. Hazrat Ibrahim (As) Who was thrown into fire-pit? a. Hazrat Ibrahim (As) b. Hazrat Adam (As) c. Hazrat Isa (As) d. Hazrat Daud (As) What can man make? a. Planet b. Animal c. Chair-table d. Fruits What do we take in breathing? a. Carbon-di-oxide b. Water c. Oxygen d. Food What is the meaning Al-Asmaul Husna? a. Mens attributes b. Sky c. Animals attributes d. Names of Allah Attributes

26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40.

Which is the eternal of peace? a. Own house b. Grave c. Jahannam d. Jannat Which dua is to be recited during sijdah in Salat? a. Subhana Rabbial Ala b. Alhamdulillah c. Subhana Rabbial Azeem d. Allahu Akbar How many Rakats are performed in the Salat of Eid? a. three rakats b. six rakats c. four rakats d. two rakats In which month the salat of Tarabee is to be performed? a. In the month of Muharram b. In the month of Ramadan c. In the month of Zilhajj d. In the month of Shawal What is the meaning of Abd? a. weak servant b. honest servant c. obedient servant d. wise servant What is the father’s name of Hazrat Ismail (As)? a. Hazrat Daud (As) b. Hazrat Sulaiman (As) c. Hazrat Musa (As) d. Hazrat Ibrahim (As) Akika is performed after how many days a child is born? a. 5th b. 6th th c. 7 d. 8th Whom did Allah declare Rahmatulil Alamin? a. Musa (As) b. Daud (As) c. Isa (As) d. Muhammad (Sm) By whose order did Muhammad (Sm) emigrate from Makka to Madina? a. Allah’s order b. Quraish’s order c. Sahabee’s order d. people’s order of Madina What was the name of Muhammad (Sm)’s foster son? a. Ikrama (R) b. Zayed (R) c. Musanna (R) d. Jafar (R) Who was with Muhammad (Sm) when he visited to Taef? a. Abu Bakar (R) b. Hazrat Ali (R) c. Zayed (R) d. Ibne Abbas (R) æMy lord is Allah” what is it in Arabic? a. Man Rabbuka b. Rabbi Allah c. Hajakallah d. Haja Rabbuka Sagor wants to make him obedient servant to Allah. For that he should  a. Perform salat regularly b. to bring Iman c. perform Hajj d. Pay zakat properly What do honesty and truthfulness gives to men? a. Freedom b. Peace c. Punishment d. Peaceful How many letters of Gunnah? a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4