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40) What was the most favourite slogan of freedom fighters during the liberation war? a. „Joy Bangabandhu‟ b. „Mukti juddho shofol hok‟ c. „Joy Bangla” d. „Bangladesh Jindabad‟ 2. Fill in the blanks: 1×10=10 a) Almost ____ people lost lives at the liberation war. b) The British ruled this country for almost ____ years. c) Many monuments of ____ civilization were found in Maynamoti. d) There is economic ___ in the exports and imports of Bangladesh. e) Increase of human population ___ impact on our heath. f) It is the duty of ____Council to protect world peace. g) Climate change causes the tendency of disaster to ____. h) All people have the rights to have their own ____. i) There will be _____ in the society if we break the laws. j) Sometimes they get ____ by normal sounds too. 3. Write the short answer of the following questions in your answer script: 1×10=10 a) Which is very glorious event for our national history? b) What is disaster? c) In which regions of Bangladesh, cocoons are cultivated? d) What is human right? e) How should we cross the roads? f) What type of problem is „autism‟? g) How will transform our country into a better democratic state? h) What is the main cause of domestic violence against women? i) According to the Oraon, who is the creator of the world? j) Write the full form of SAARC. 4. Answer any 8 questions including a and b: 5×8=40 a) Sabina works in a house. Sometimes she is physically tortured for very tiny or no reason at all. What kind of behaviors we should do towards them? b) Recent very important archaeological sites have found in two neighboring villages in Norshingdi district. Describe the historic monuments of these sites. c) What kind of tortures and oppressions carried out by Pakistani army during the liberation war? d) Write the names of main agricultural products of Bangladesh. e) What should we do to protect human rights? f) Why should the citizens of a state pay tax regularly? g) How does democracy help to form a peaceful society? h) What are the main reasons of violence against women? i) Describe the festivals of Tripura. j) Mention the reason of founding United Nations.

Set-6 Primary Education Completion Examination-2013 Model Test Subject: Bangladesh & Global Studies Time: 2 hours 30 minutes Full Marks: 100 [The marks in the right margin indicate full marks] 1. Write the correct answer in your answer script: 1×40=40 1) Who was the president of Mujibnagar Government? a. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibar Rahman b. Syed Nazrul Islam c. Tajuddin Ahmed d. Maulana Bhashani 2) Who was involved in renaissance? a. Khudiram b. Chittaranjan Das c. Titumir d. Ishwarchandra Bidyasagar 3) In which king‟s period „Shompur Mahabihar‟ was built? a. Gopal b. Devpal c. Dharmapal d. Mahipal 4) Exporting which good Bangladesh earns the highest amount of foreign currency? a. Tea b. Tobacco c. Sugar d. Garments 5) Which of these is not a determinant of living standard? a. Food b. Clothing c. Status d. Health care 6) When did Mujibnagar Government take oath? a. 25th April, 1971 b. 10th April, 1971 th c. 17 April, 1971 d. 20th April, 1972 7) Which country produces the largest amount of jute? a. India b. China c. Bangladesh d. Nepal 8) Which is not one of the main ways of transforming population into human resources? a. Education b. Training c. Recreation d. Exporting human resources 9) Which is a negligence of our duties towards the society? a. Following the rules b. Protecting wealth c. Cooperating others d. To harm other‟s 10) Which is not acceptable in democracy? a. Imposing an opinion on someone forcefully b. Endurance c. Tolerant of others opinions d. Peace and harmony 11) Which minor race is known as „achikmandi‟? a. Mro b. Garo c. Tripura d. Oraon

12) What is the name of the school founded by Begum Roquia? a. Sakhawat Girls‟ school b. Sakhawat Memorial Girls‟ School c. Sakhawat Memorial School d. Begum Roquia Girls‟ School 13) What was found within few kilometers around Wari-Bateshwar? a. Printed currency b. Terracotta plates c. Shields of steel d. Brass utensils 14) What type of people should be voted for having good governance in country? a. Honest and compatible person b. Rich and famous person c. People of own party d. Influential person 15) How do the autistic friends behave? a. Play with everybody b. Become everybody‟s friends c. Stays calm with self over-whelmed d. Always get along with everyone 16) What is basis of taking decisions in democratic system? a. One‟s opinion b. Opinion of team leader c. Opinions of 2-3 persons d. Opinions of majority 17) When did the battle of Palashi happen? a. 1st January, 1755 b. 30th October, 1756 rd c. 23 June, 1756 d. 23rd June, 1757 18) Which is an example of Human Rights? a. Torturing people b. Hold captive c. Child trafficking d. Freedom of speech 19) Which day is observed as International Women‟s Day? a. 8th January b. 8th February c. 8th March d. 8th April 20) What happens because of dry weather and insufficient rainfall? a. Flood b. Drought c. River erosion d. Earthquake 21) How many groups of Oraon are in Bangladesh? a. One b. Two c. Three d. Four 22) Which organization‟s target is to improve the living standards of the member nations? a. United Nations b. SAARC c. UNICEF d. UNESCO 23) By which year 20% of Bangladesh may go under water? a. 2020 b. 2030 c. 2040 d. 2050 24) What is Human Right? a. Rights of the people in lower class b. Rights as humans c. Children‟s rights d. Rights of the people in upper class 25) How many hactares of land are destroyed because of Riverbank erosion? a. 7000 b. 8000 c. 9000 d. 10000 26) In which year did United Nations approve „The Universal Declaration of Human Rights‟? a. 23th October,1945 b. 8th December,1985 th c. 10 December,1948 d. 24th August,1971

27) Raihan always keeps a toy with him. He does not play with it and does not give it others to play. What type of child is he? a. Normal child b. Crazy child c. Autistic child d. Sick child 28) What is the responsibility of every parent to their children? a. To make their children educated b. To play with their children c. To pay affection to their children d. To give them good food 29) What is the effect of climate change in Bangladesh? a. Increasing average temperature b. Increasing unemployment c. Increasing population of country d. Increasing population of village 30) Which of the following is not a basic human need? a. Clothing b. Television c. Home d. Education 31) How much rice is extracted from the paddy in every year in Bangladesh? a. 3.4 crore metric tons b. almost 2.5 million metric tons c. 3.5 million metric tons d. almost 1 million metric tons 32) Who started to build the Lalbagh Fort? a. Isa Khan b. Nawab Ahsanullah c. Shahjada Mohammad Azam d. Shahjada Mohiullah 33) During the Company rule there was a devastating famine occurred in Bengal in Bengali year 1176. This is known asa. Division of Bengal b. Famine of Chhiyattor c. Sipahi mutiny d. Chhiyattorer Monnontor 34) In which country the nuclear bombs were dropped during the world war II? a. In Bangladesh b. In India c. In Japan d. In China 35) An organization of United Nations works for the welfare of children and other people. What is its name? a. UNESCO b. UNICEF c. World Health Organization d. UNDP 36) Ontu went to visit a festival in a village with his uncle. He saw there, the young girls were wearing flowers on their ears, displaying necklaces made of money, „Kuchibala‟ in hands and get involved in joyful festivals. What festival is it? a. Fagua b. Boishu c. Wangala d. Destruction 37) What is the name of the traditional religion of the „Mro‟ tribe? a. Sangsarek b. Buddhism c. Torai d. Christian 38) With whom, we will show domocratic attitudes at our homes? a. with parents, siblings and others b. with all in the society c. with parents, siblings and neighbors d. with all of home and society 39) “Everything that is great in the world, must be credited half to women and half to men.” –who said this? a. Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam b. Begum Roquia Sakhawat Hussain c. Robindranath Tagoare d. Ishwar Chandra Bidyasagar

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