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2. Fill in the blanks : 110 = 10 a) ___ was the Prime Minister of Mujibnagar Government. b) People became conscious because of advanced education and____. c) A ________ inscription was found in Mahasthangar. d) In many countries ___ is the main food. e) Human resource is a country‟s ____. f) Stay completely ____ during earthquake. g) The rights required for humans to live properly are called _____. h) Right and ___ are closely linked. i) Autistic friends do not want to _____ with us. j) Democracy means ____ rule. 3. Write the short answer of the following questions in your answer script: 1×10=10 a) What is Wari-Bateshwar? b) What does democracy mean? c) Write the names of permanent members of the Security Council. d) What is manpower? e) What is the percentage of women in our country? f) What is the name of the traditional religion of the Garos? g) Whose responsibility is to make their children educated? h) write three names of the contributors of renaissance. i) What is the highest National Title given for bravery and courage in the liberation war? j) How many types of paddy is cultivated in Bangladesh? 4. answer any 8 questions including ‘a’ and ‘b’: 58 = 40 a) What type of behavior you should do with those friends of yours who do not want to make eye contact or make friendship with others? b) Why equal participation of men and women is necessary for the development of a country? c) Why are brotherhood and alliance required between nations? d) Write about the society of the Khasi. e) How does democracy help to form of peaceful society? f) Why should the citizens of a state pay tax regularly? g) Write the necessity of human rights. h) What damages are caused due to climate change? i) Write the impacts of population growth on food. j) Describe the importance of Mujibnagar government in our liberation war.

Set-10 Primary Education Completion Examination-2013 Model Test Subject: Bangladesh & Global Studies Time: 2 hours 30 minutes Full Marks: 100 [The marks in the right margin indicate full marks] 1. Write the correct answer in your answer script: 1×40=40 1) When did Mujibnagar government take oath? a) 25th April, 1971 b) 10th April, 1971 th c) 17 April, 1971 d) 20th April, 1972 2) Who was the chief of Z Brigade Force? a) Major K M Shafiullah b) Major Ziaur Rahman c) Major Khaled Mosharraf d) Colonel Osmani 3) When did the Battle of Palashi happen? a) 1st January, 1755 b) 30th October, 1756 rd c) 23 June, 1756 d) 23rd June, 1757 4) Who was involved in renaissance? a) Khudiram b) Chittaranjan Das c) Titumir d) Ishwarchandra Bidyasagar 5) Ruins of which ancient city of the Bengal is in Mahasthangar? a) Panam city b) Pundranagar c) Pandua d) Vasubihar 6) In which king‟s period „Shompur Mahbihar‟ was built? a) Gopal b) Devpal c) Dharmapal d) Mahipal 7) Which is the main national food crop of Bangladesh? a) Paddy b) Wheat c) Maize d) Potato 8) Exporting which good Bangladesh earns the highest amount of foreign currency? a) Tea b) Tobacco c) Sugar d) Garments 9) Which of these is not a determinant of living standard? a) Food b) Clothing c) Status d) Health care 10) Which is not one of the main ways of transforming population into human resources? a) Education b) Training c) Recreation d) Exporting human resources 11) By which year 20% of Bangladesh may go under water? a) 2020 b) 2030 c) 2040 d) 2050 12) How many hectares of land are destroyed because of river bank erosion? a. 7000 b. 8000 c. 9000 d. 10000

13) What is human right? a. Rights of the people in lower class b. Rights as humans c. Children‟s rights d. Rights of the people in upper class 14) Which is a violation of human rights? a. Providing security b. Able to follow religion c. Equal rights for all d. Not providing chance for education 15) Which is a negligence of our duties towards the society? a. Following the rules b. Protecting wealth c. Cooperating others d. To harm others 16) What type of people should be voted for having good governance in country? a. Honest and compatible person b. Rich and famous person c. People of own party d. Influential person 17) How do the autistic friends behave? a. Play with everyone b. become everybody‟s friend c. Stays calm with self-overwhelmed d. Always get along with everyone 18) What is basis of taking decisions in democratic system? a. One‟s opinion b. Opinion of team leader c. Opinions of 2-3 persons d. Opinions of majority 19) Which is not acceptable in democracy? a. Imposing an opinion on someone forcefully b. Endurance c. Tolerant of others‟ opinions d. Peace and harmony 20) What is in the core of a country‟s development? a. Government b. Environment c. Population d. Geographic Condition 21) Which day is observed as International Women‟s Day? a. 8th January b. 8th February c. 8th March d. 8th April 22) Which minor race is known as „achikmandi‟? a. Mro b. Garo c. Tripura d. Oraon 23) How many groups of Oraon are there in Bangladesh? a. One b. Two c. Three d. Four 24) What is the main objective of the United Nation? a. Ensuring peace in the world b Children‟s development c. Economic development d. Development of Trade and Commerce

25) Which is the work of World Bank? a. Fulfilling the demand of food b. Improving the health situation of world population c. Electing the secretary general d. Providing loans and assistance 26) Ratan is from Dinajpur. In his area which disaster is remarkable? a. Drought b. River erosion c. Earthquake d. Cyclone 27) Karim is a citizen of Bangladesh. He has to abide by the Laws. If he does not follow it, what will happen to him? a. Will get award b. Will get punishment c. Everybody will avoid him d. Everybody will love him 28) Russell is twelve years old. He works in a hotel instead of going to school. What has happened in Russell‟s case a. Violation of human right b. Violation of fundamental right c. Violation of social right d. Violation of economical right 29) Which of the following is not human right? a. Right to move freely b. Right to follow own religion c. Right to have education d. Right to disobey the laws 30) Betal leaf is a sacred thing to a. The Oraons b. The Tripuras c. The Khasis d. The Mros 31) With how many countries was SAARC formed? a. Three b. Five c. Eight d. Six 32) What is the number of member countries of UN at present? a. 191 b. 180 c. 193 d. 190 33) What is the main food of the people of Bangladesh? a.Fish b. Paddy c.Rice d.Potato 34) Where did Begum Roquia establish her school? a. Rangpur b. Alipur c. Bhagolpur d. Bhobanipur 35) What do we expect from each member of the society? a. Dictatorial attitude b. Anarchy c. Monarchy d. democratic attitude 36) Which is not citizen‟s duty? a. Pay tax b. Cast vote c. Abide by the laws d. Disobey the laws 37) What is the main cause of child labour? a. Education b. Environment pollution c. Poverty d. Population Problem 38) What does weather related to? a. A week b. A month c. A year d. A day 39) Which of the following rivers Mahasthangar stands on? a. Madhumati b. Korotoa c. Kaberi d. Irawati 40) In which year Battle of Boxer took place? a. 1757 b. 1764 c. 1755 d. 1857

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