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Volume 1, Issue 1

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Mark Lavery CEO

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Inside this issue:

Preston Motorpark Refurbishment


Motorparks Revamp!


Scrappage Scheme Update


Northampton Motors

- Manjit Kang 3 furbishment of Warrington andand Blackburn Refurbishment of Warrington Blackburn

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Most Improved Volvo Dealer


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SpotLight On - Richard Jackson


Showroom Tax (VED)


Number One for Aston Martin Customer Care


associate Of-

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fers tax. This can add fers for Goals, and New Office success in their new careers with Cambria. and New Office way,up the headline will help wish them implementing a newSee car showroom toGoals, fers Inside See Inside for carefully. Opens Near You. Opens Near You. lines include Product Wins Industry Award, New Prodof Doves Volvo in Horsham which uct Can Save You Time!, Membership Drive Exceeds national award for most improved guests Goals, and New Office Opens Near You.


has won the prestigious Volvo business in the UK.

Congratulations to Conrad Staines and the team at Horsham.

Grange dealerships launch the

GRANGE CAR CLUB The Grange group of dealerships kicked off the New Year with the launch of the Grange Car Club a new and interesting concept for customers focusing on the three main luxury brands, Aston Martin, Jaguar and Lotus.

Visitors to the site will be greeted with

The web-site is available for anyone to

regular news up-dates and information

browse although to book an event you

relating to our social event programme.

will have to own one of the luxury brands.

Although still in it’s early stages the

Visit the website:

objectives of the Grange Car Club will be

to encourage new visitors and enthusiasts to the brand thus creating an interest in


the marque, it is also a valuable tool in

retaining existing guest loyalty by keeping

if you have any content that may be

them up to date with the latest press

of interest.

releases first hand.


Hit Refresh

by Ian Godbold Group Marketing and GRM Director

Motorparks website getting revamp Preston Motorpark

Refurbishment by Shaz Anjam Executive Director

What do you do when your website is already at the top of its game? Well if you’re Cambria you make it even better. Since the launch of Motorparks the Cambria group website in June 2008 has grown to 400k visitors per month and regularly appears in the top 10 dealers in the automotive sector, such growth has come in a rush, the genesis behind the site being strong marketing campaigns.

When Cambria first acquired the Preston dealership in

The website is undergoing a site refresh as the old look and feel could be described as

January 2008 nothing had changed since I was first

aesthetically weary. The visuals while still acceptable were not polished as many consumers

here as General Manager in 1993. Now we have a class

now demand from a website. The new refresh will focus on homepage re-design allowing one

leading dealership and a team of associates who are

click access area for intuitive content with a motorparks content channel featuring news and

well trained, motivated, keen and reliable. Interestingly

events across all our brands and dealers.We will continue our exploration of social media through

20% of our associates I engaged whilst here in the

facebook and a twitter news story . Furthermore there has been the launch of a whole host of

nineties. Recent associates to Preston benefit from

extra technology giving guests and dealers lots of new features to help them along the process

having a team with stability and experience.

including a refresh to the vehicle search page, incorporating running costs and environmental information providing the guest with quality content, superb vehicle imagery through slideshows,

The refurbishment including the signage, meant an

videos and vehicle information helping them make an informed decision on their next vehicle

investment of just under one million pounds. This shows

purchase.Other enhancements will include dealer video tours, lifestyle search facilities and the

Cambria’s commitment. Our three new car franchises

integration of our motorcycle stock

Volvo, Lotus and Fiat each have their own dedicated

Crucially, however the main principle of the website remains unchanged - providing our

showroom area and sales team, and the used car

dealerships with a highly visible platform to advertise new and used vehicles, with easy to use

display area now accommodates 120 quality used cars.

search facilities and clear call to actions to an eager, large and importantly high quality audience.

The enlarged parts department turns over £1.5 million, supplying parts to our own 10 bay service department,

site, instant chat, email, service booking online all help

Scrappage schemes sent car sales soaring towards the end of 2009 by Mike Barrett

enhance the guests experience and enable them to

In the UK, a late rush sparked a 38.9% rise in sales in December when compared with the

interact with us gaining more information more quickly,

same month in 2008, further building on months of strong sales since May when the scrappage

and enable us to respond to their needs.

scheme came into effect. Since its introduction, the scrappage scheme has accounted for over

our guests and many of our competitors, who benefit from a regular delivery service. The modern ‘tools of the trade’ the internet, our web

a fifth of all new car registrations, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). 2010 figures will be affected by the impending end of scrappage, the increase in value added tax and the rising input costs resulting from the fall in sterling.

Company Cars Fleet buyers are ready to fill the void, according to John Lewis, chief executive of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association. “Companies have been putting off their buying decisions and running their existing fleets for longer before replacing them, so 2009 saw a real slump in the business car market, which saw its share of new car registrations fall below 50% for the first time in 16 years,” Mr Lewis says. “These vehicles will need to be replaced soon and with an economic recovery underway, we expect fleet car sales to pass the million mark in 2010, providing a vital shot in the arm for manufacturers.”


Manjit Kang

by Mike Barrett

Northampton Motors – Mazda Manjit graduated in 1990,but his passion was always to be in the automotive sector, that opportunity came in 1993 when he joined Lex. Having experienced many departments Manjit achieved General Manager level at the age of 30. He has been involved for 17 years with a number of large Plc’s. His time with Mercedes-Benz has given Manjit a passion for guest delight. Manjit joined Cambria in November 2009 to run Northampton Motors our first Mazda dealership.

I asked Manjit why Cambria and why now? “We are in unprecedented times and Cambria’s four pillars, guest delight, stakeholder delight, associate delight, brand and partner delight and the empowerment of autonomy to run our business with entrepreneurial skill is in my belief why the group has achieved so much so far and why it will be successful in the future. Cambria offer help and assistance but not interference”.



Most Improved Volvo Dealer in the UK Winner 2009

Richard joined the group in February 2008, having previously been employed by the Summit Motor Group supporting IT infrastructure throughout the South East. Richard has a strong technical

During 2008 the Doves Horsham team struggled without their own

understanding of the groups IT

dedicated head of business and were doing the best they could

infrastructure. Since taking on his new role he has helped the group

without a main link into the Cambria culture.

substantially reduce its IT costs by reviewing each of the supplier

Change began during late 2008 and the winds of the Cambria Four pillars blew through Doves Horsham.

contracts and reshaping and focusing the services provided.

During the early part of 2009 we concentrated on the basics in all areas

During 2009 Richard has primarily focused on the North West

of the business, including a robust sales process, working as one team,

assisting with the deployment of the DMS and managing the IT

treating guests as welcome visitors, and making sure our stock mix and

infrastructure through the refurbishments at Blackburn, Warrington

marketing was right for the area, competitive and looking sharp.

and more recently at Preston.

The team here embraced the culture change and after a great start to 2009 momentum grew in all departments and we all began to enjoy

“I am keen to progress with the consolidation of the IT systems

being part of a successful and profitable team.

within the group; each acquisition has introduced a number

Many varied successes followed during 2009 in all areas of our business

of inconsistencies from the email systems to network usage.

and now our associates are completely guest delight focused and always

Standardisation will provide an improved service to users by

strive to provide world class service.

allowing more consistency, resilience and it will further reduce the

I would personally like to thank and congratulate all the associates involved in the Horsham team for their enthusiasm, hard work and dedication over the past year and remind them that complacency is now our biggest enemy to future success. Congratulations and well done.

by Conrad Staines Brand Manager

support required, while enabling the group to continue to expand without substantially increasing IT costs” “I am really looking forward to the challenges of 2010 and the continued development of Cambria Automobiles”



by Mike Barrett

From April 2010 the new ‘showroom tax’ will be introduced for all new vehicles being registered. The idea of the tax is to encourage drivers to choose less polluting vehicles that attract the lower rate of tax. Now you can see why commentators are calling this a ‘stealth showroom tax’! With this and the increase in VAT to 17.5% from January and the ever increases in petrol tax it doesn’t look like this Government plan to help Motor Vehicle Retailers in their election year.

A sample of popular models is below Tax Band

2009-10 From 2010-11 CO2 emissions 'Showroom' Annual Tax Annual Tax (g/km) Tax

Typical Car

% drivers paying more


Up to 100




Fiat Grande Punto 1.3 MultiJet 90 Dualogic Diesel







Fiat 500 multijet 1.3 16 valve







Mazda 2 1.4 (diesel)/ New Ford Ka 1.3







Fiesta 1.6 Duratorq TDCi 90ps







Renault Clio 1.2 Quickshift (petrol)







Citroen C3 1.4i 16v 90hp







Ford Focus 1.6 Duratec Ti-VCT (115PS) 3/5 Door







Ford Focus 1.8 Duratec (125PS) 3/5 Door Saloon







Jaguar XF TDV6 cDPF







Nissan Qashqai +2 , 2.0, 4x4







Lotus Exige 2 seater sports Coupe







Honda S2000, 2.0VTec GT



Over 255




Aston Martin DB9 Coupe


Examples of cars in tax bands provided by Act on CO2

Is it only the most polluting cars which face the showroom tax? No. All cars classed in the current bands E and F - which produce between 166g and 226g of CO2/km will also have to pay a higher rate in the first year. This will range from £250 to £550 in the first year and from £180 to £310 thereafter, depending on the extent of CO2 emissions.

Grange of Exeter

by Scott Pomery Dealer Principal

Number One for Aston Martin Customer Care - United kingdom! As you can see from the photograph, Grange of

so many ways been a difficult journey. For me the

Exeter is a truly stunning location to spend your

one key pillar of the Cambria 4 pillars philosophy,

working day, add to this the privilege of working

our Associates, has been the most enjoyable part

with two of the most iconic brands in our industry

of transforming Exeter’s fortunes. As with many

and you can start to appreciate just how tough life

of our acquisitions, if Cambria had not become

is in the West Country!

involved, Grange of Exeter could not have sustained

As with everything in our business, the picture and the brands have the “iceberg effect”, you only see the small attractive part on the surface and don’t always get an understanding of the enormity of the hard work below the surface. Whilst Exeter is now starting to realise the potential that Mark and the rest of the senior Cambria management team saw when they purchased the business, it has in

the losses for much longer and many people would

the business, not just those dedicated to Aston

have lost their jobs. However, in Dawn Bear, Mark

Martin, was being named as Aston Martin’s

Shipp, Alastair Mills and Kirk Broome we now

joint top performer in 2009 for Customer Care -

have a management team that are working with a

United Kingdom!

professional and dedicated team of Associates who

Our manufacturer partners are launching some

are individually and as a team making massive

outstanding products this year, the all new XJ from

differences on a daily basis. A great tribute to the

Jaguar and the first 4 Door Aston Martin, the Rapide,

hard work that has been done by everyone in

2010 really is looking like a very exciting year for us.

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Cambria Newsletter March 2010  

Cambria Automobiles plc

Cambria Newsletter March 2010  

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