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Visitors guide

Welcome to Koh Rong The tropical paradise of Koh Rong, situated two hours from Sihanoukville, provides the perfect island escape. Whether you spend the days lazing on the white sandy beaches, volunteering at the English school or discovering Cambodia’s tropical array of marine life, you’ll have an unforgettable time.

Do’s and don’t 

Do respect the local culture - avoid wandering round the village in bikinis. They are fine for the long white sandy stretches of beaches in front of the bungalow resorts and bars but not left of the Koh Rong Dive Center pier.

Do not add to the litter - refill water bottles where possible.

Do use water sparingly - this is a tropical island, which has very low rainfall and we are reliant on the natural resources all year round.

Do not use flash photograph around the water buffalos.

Do support the local community - buy from the local shop, try the noodle soup and take locally organized boat tours.

Do take care of your belongings - please keep valuables locked away.

Do support the Cambodian Conservation Centre - see page 5 for the ways you can help.

Ferry information The ferry to Sihanoukville leaves at 10am and 4pm. There is no need to book in advance. Please wait at the Koh Rong Dive Centre benches 15 minutes prior to departure. If you have any queries, please ask at Coco’s



Monkey Island

Bamboo Rising Sun Island boys Mango

Backpackers and the Dive Shop

Coco’s Local shop  Noodle shop  Ty Ty Guesthouse 

Koh Rong Dive Center

To Sihanoukville

Cambodian Conservation Centre

Diving and snorkeling - The Cambodian Diving Group offer PADI courses for complete beginners through to professional divemasters. So why not book your next adventure today: _________________________________________________________________ Boat tours - Want to explore the rest of Koh Rong or some of the nearby islands? If so, hire a longtail boat and a guide from the local shop or visit Island Boys, they organise local boat tours and ensure the community receive the proceeds. _________________________________________________________________ Sunset trips - They also do sunset tours across to long beach. Why not make an evening of it and have a meal and a few drinks at one of the local restaurants. _________________________________________________________________ Kayaking - Fancy something a little more energetic, why not explore Koh Rong by kayak. Both single and double seated kayaks are available to hire from the Rising Sun - choose from half or a full day. _________________________________________________________________ Jungle trekking - take the relatively simple 45 min/1hour trek to the 7km beach. The route is marked along the way with red paint. Wear sturdy shoes & take plenty of water. _________________________________________________________________ Volleyball - A fun way to spend an afternoon at Monkey Island. There’s always plenty of people willing to get involved.

_____________________________________________________ Massage - Fancy trying a local Khmer massage? They are now available upstairs in Coco’s. Enjoy an hour of complete relaxation while watching the calm waters lap at the shore.

Volunteer at the local English school - They hold regular drop in session for travellers who want to help. If you’ve got an hour to spare why not spend it reading to a child. __________________________________________________________________ Help clean the reef - Booked a fun dive? Why not turn it into a reef clean up. Simply ask your local dive centre for a mesh bag before you go out. __________________________________________________________________ Participate in beach clean-ups - The Conservation Centre run regular clean-ups. If you want to take part simply pop down to the Centre and add your name to the next one. __________________________________________________________________ Provide supplies - Almost all unwanted items in your backpack can go to good use. Simply drop donations at the Cambodian Conservation Centre. __________________________________________________________________ Donate - If your running short on time and want to give something back to the local community, why not donate to the Conservation Centre. $5 can buy a child’s school books for the year. __________________________________________________________________ Are you a qualified Doctor or Nurse? If so, we would love your help. Please let the crew know where you are staying and if you’re happy to be on call. _________________________________________________________________ Spread the word - Even if you do not have the time or money to donate, you can still help by telling fellow travellers about the Cambodian Conservation Centre:

Useful information and contacts Ferry back am Departs at 10 and 4pm

Bus Tickets Rising Sun Guesthouse book and sell tickets

ek 7km beach tr lue Head under b ign people party s and follow red s marks on tree

ws & o h s Fire ll at a b y volle land s I y e Monk

Thank you = Ah kow n Please = Soum


Snorkeling tr Koh Rong Dive Center

First Aid Dive Cen ter or Cambodia n Conserva tion Centre

Water refills at Are available nts most restaura and bars

Volunteering Cambodian Conservation Centre

Boat hire The loca l shop marked o n the map

Kayak hire Rising Sun Guesthouse

PS Don’t f orget suncream /repellant. Available a t Rising sun and th e local shop

Koh Rong Visitors Guide  

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