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August 2013 Welcome to the Summer edition of the Camboaters newsletter! Notes on Meeting with Cam Conservancy/City Council 04/07/2013

Camboaters BBQ 30th August at 7pm, Stourbridge Common (rainy day backup: The Green Dragon) Come along (bring your boat if you want!) to catch up with fellow boaters. Please bring some food to share. Welcome to our newly co-opted committee members, Chris and Simone of narrowboat Light Enough to Travel If you would like to be part of a community coal order please get in touch with Amy (atillson@gmail.com/ 07828763885) or James (07724056240). Sorry but we haven’t got the space to store any this year! Visit www.camboaters.co.uk for • the latest news

• the mailing list and messageboards Find us on Twitter @camboaters & on Facebook as “Cam Buccaneers”


If you would like to add your details to the Camboaters contacts list (we only use this on rare occasions for very important/urgent information such as your boat being in danger or emergency meetings) email camboaters.committee@gmail.com or text 07828763885

Navigation Issues Issue of boats moored blocking access to waterpoints. The new sign is up but seems to have had little effect. The gap between the railings and the Waterpoint on Stourbridge is consistently full, making it difficult for boats to wait for water. We stressed that because this is a navigation issue, both the Cam Con and the Council should make efforts to deal with it. The enforcement officers are continuing to tackle this issue "Rosie" using waterpoint for pick up of passengers. They do have permission for this but boaters needing access to the waterpoint have priority, and the trip boat must to move up if boats need the waterpoint. We asked about trimming back the Crack Willow near the Jesus Green waterpoint such that it is no longer dangerous to moor under.

Moorings Several boats have left following the crack-down on unlived on boats, but the exact details of these and the negotiations ongoing with some boaters are private matters and the Council will not divulge details. The Council is also considering stopping people joining the waiting list for a while because it is so long but this is not yet decided upon Riverside/Railings moorings Consultation The Consultants have yet to report back on this - we expect to hear the results at the October Environment Scrutiny Committee Meeting.

Waterways Chaplaincy The Waterways Chaplaincy started in the St Albans area but has expanded significantly since then. It is a strictly non-evangelical (i.e no preaching) group who minister to the needs of the boating community, as objective but informed people who can help those in need get access to services or just provide a sympathetic ear. The scheme has been very successful and well received by boaters on the Grand Union and the Rivers Lee and Stort. Currently our nearest chaplain is based in Huntingdon, but there is a possibility that we will get one for the Cambridge area.

River Festival 2014 We really hope that this will go ahead next year. Various other groups eg Cam Valley Forum are interested in helping organise. Our next meeting will be the first week in September.

If there are any issues you would like us to bring up at the next Council meeting on September 9th, or at our meetings with the Cam Conservators or the River User Group meetings, do let us know. Email camboaters.committee@gmail.com

Trusted Tradespeople We are compiling a list of people in the Anglian waterways region who are trusted to carry out boat/engine maintenance and surveys/boat safety exams, based on personal recommendations from boaters. No-one has paid to be on this list! If you would like to recommend someone email camboaters.committee@gmail.com. This list can also be found at http://www.camboaters.co.uk/p/trusted-people.html

Chandlery Jones' Boatyard, St Ives www.jonesboatyard.co.uk 01480 494040 (number of recommendations: 2) Engine Maintenance Barry Flytton, Boat Engineer : 07714 706090/ 01223 860880 (number of recommendations: 2) Boat electrics/solar panels Midsummer Energy www.midsummerenergy.co.uk 01223 858414 (number of recommendations: 2) Brokerage Services Hartford Marina 01480 454677 (number of recommendations: 2) Boat Safety Examiners Tony Pope http://www.boatsafetyexaminer.co.uk 07833 393928 / 01353 725369 (number of recommendations: 1) Alan Winter Ely 07836541558 (number of recommendations: 2) Structural Steelwork/Welding/Fabrication Mango Engineering 07756 362 252 info@mango-engineering.co.uk (number of recommendations: 2) Gas Safe Registered Contractors Tony Pope http://www.boatsafetyexaminer.co.uk 07833 393928 / 01353 725369 (number of recommendations: 1) Craneage Westview Marina, Earith (number of recommedations: 1) Surveyors Tony Pope http://www.boatsafetyexaminer.co.uk 07833 393928 / 01353 725369 (number of recommedations: 1) Blacking/hull maintenance/dry dock Little Ouse Moorings http://www.littleousemoorings.co.uk 07713 465791 info@littleousemoorings.co.uk (number of recommendations: 3) Streatham Ferry Marina: 07900114135/07581458069 highgreenlodge@hotmail.co.uk www.strethamferrymarina.co.uk (Number of recommendations: 1)

Reporting Incidents Reporting Noise: Cambridge City Council 01223 457890 or email at env.health@cambridge.gov.uk. Out of hours service operates Between 7pm and 7am every night and between 9am and 5pm at weekends and bank holidays for serious noise problems. 0300 303 8389. For rowing noise, note the blade colour (see below) and report university rowers to CUCBC holly@cucbc.org and Town rowers to the CRA billkey65@hotmail.com. Or contact the club itself. Reporting Wildlife incidents: email: rivercamwildlife@gmail.com For all river-related incidents, please inform the Conservancy. Pip Noon: river.manager@camconservancy.org.uk

Events Diary For events in bold call 07927 459 165 on the day (University Rowing Events) For events in italics, call 07742 086 214 on the day (Town Rowing Events) Note Sailing events at Waterbeach are not listed – powered boats can navigate through these races with caution, following marshalls’ instructions Date





Junior/OAP/Ladies Fishing Match

Cam A - above Baits Bite Lock

09:30 to 13:00 hr


Dragon Boat Festival

Long Reach

09:00 to 19:00 hr


Cambridge Autumn Regatta

Long Reach

08:30 to 19:30 hr


Club Match

Above Baits Bite Lock

09:00 to 15:00 hr


Cambridge Small Boats Head

Baits Bite to Chesterton

09:30 to 15:00 hr


Cambridge Autumn Head Race

Baits Bite to Chesterton

09:30 to 15:00 hr


Winter League Fishing Match


09:00 to 16:00 hr


Winter League Fishing Match

Penny Ferry to Clayhithe Bridge

09:00 to 16:00 hr

28/10/2013 02/11/2013

University Fours

Baits Bite to Chesterton Footbridge

13:15 to 16:30 hr


Winter League Fishing Match

Penny Ferry to Clayhithe Bridge

09:00 to 16:00 hr


Cambridge Winter Head

Baits Bite to Chesterton

07:45 to 15:00 hr


Emma Sprints

Long Reach

10:30 to 17:00 hr

28/11/2013 30/11/2013

Clare Novice Regatta

Long Reach

13:30 to17:30 hr (08:30 to 17:30 hr on Sat 30th)


Fairbairn Cup Races

Goldie Boathouse to Baits Bite

08:30 to 17:00


Fairbairn Cup Races

Goldie Boathouse to Baits Bite

08:30 to 17:00


Christmas Head

Baits Bite to Chesterton

10:30 to 14:30 hr

 Blades of the River Cam. Pin up so you know which club is which for reporting incidents.

Gonville and Caius

St Catharine’s



St Edmund’s

Hughes Hall

St John’s (LMBC)


Trinity (1st and 3rd)


Trinity Hall

Lucy Cavendish


Anglia Ruskin Cambridge Cambridge Colleges Christs Churchill


Town Clubs

Clare Clare Hall Corpus Christi Darwin Downing Emmanuel Fitzwilliam Girton

Murray Edwards



Champs (Champion of the Thames)




City of Cambridge




Rob Roy


St Radegund

Sidney Sussex

X - Press

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Camboaters newsletter summer 2013  

Camboaters newsletter summer 2013