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We value

by our deeds

Learning We are curious about and engage with the wider world, explore ideas and strive to be our best, individually and as members of a team. We are open-minded and able to evaluate information critically.

Learning is vital if you want to thrive. Never stop learning. There is always something to learn. Junior School Student Try to learn something about everything and everything about something. Senior School Student Learning is applying yourself to new opportunities and giving 100%. Middle School Student

When you encounter something new, you

give it your

best shot.

Middle School Student

Respect We are self-aware and treat others with respect, kindness and compassion, acknowledging strength in diversity. We connect effectively and operate responsibly within the School and wider communities, and treat our environment with a view to a sustainable future.

We don’t always like the same things but it is important to respect that we all have our own likes, thoughts and games to play. Junior School Student We need to respect everyone for who they are and where they come from. Middle School Student It is important to connect responsibly with other people online, because if you don’t it may have a lasting impact on someone’s future, as well as your own. Middle School Student We challenge stereotypes and strive for positive gender relationships and equity. Senior School Student

Draw a line and don’t cross it. Senior School Student

Integrity We are honest, trustworthy and sincere.

Integrity is important; your friends expect you to have integrity and later on the people you work with will too. Junior School Student We stay true to our beliefs and follow through with promises. Senior School Student We take responsibility for our actions and the consequences that accompany them. Senior School Student

Act morally even if nobody knows or notices Middle School Student

Courage We show courage in standing up for ourselves and others, and face new challenges with confidence.

As leaders, we have the courage to call out disrespect when we see it and support others to do the same. Senior School Student Whether you have success or failure it doesn’t matter as long as you have the courage to try. Senior School Student You need courage to speak up against something you think is wrong. Junior School Student

Be brave.

Tell the truth and accept the truth. Middle School Student

Optimism We approach life with a spirit of optimism and a sense of perspective. We develop strategies to deal with adversity, and celebrate our successes, large and small.

In every difficulty there is opportunity. Senior School Student Look on the bright side! Middle School Student Remember things might be bad but then good things happen again. Junior School Student

We are grateful and cherish those around us. Junior School Student


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CGS Values  

CGS Values