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Stand up, Speak up

Stand up, Speak up What it is A bystander is someone who stands by while someone else is being wronged or doing something wrong, without doing anything to help or intervene.


Comfort anyone who may have been upset. Have a quiet chat with them to make sure they are OK.

An upstander is also someone who is there while something wrong is taking place or watching someone do the wrong thing, but an upstander stands up - for example, by speaking out - to help those who are being wronged, calling out poor behaviour or getting help.


Save evidence of the incident (such as nasty notes, emails) and give them to a teacher.


Tell a teacher. Telling a teacher is not dobbing. Dobbing is when you try to get someone INTO trouble; by telling a teacher about someone who is being targeted, you are getting them OUT of trouble, keeping them safe and stopping something bad from happening.

What to do If you see someone being wronged or doing something wrong, you must always consider safety first. You should try not do anything that might endanger any of the people involved in the incident, including yourself. Some of the things you can do include:

Where to find help

Tell those doing the wrong thing to stop. You might say something like “Stop doing that”, or “Leave him alone”.

There are people who can help you.


Walk away. If you don’t feel comfortable speaking out, you can walk away. It is even better if you walk away with a friend or a group of friends. By doing this, you are no longer providing an audience for the bad behaviour.


In the case of someone being targeted - walk away and take the person with you. You might say “Let’s get out of here” or “Come with me”.

•  The School Counsellor •  A teacher or adult whom you trust •  Your parents •  Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800 or


•  Your Class Teacher, Form Teacher, Tutor or Head of House


Talk to someone you trust.

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