CGS Prospectus

Page 17


Our teachers are specialists in educating boys, engaging, supporting and challenging them as they progress through each stage of development in our Junior, Middle and Senior schools. Our school is a place that recognises and addresses the unique learning style of boys and harnesses that understanding to help students succeed. It’s also a place where your son can be himself, free of gender stereotypes about what boys ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ be interested in. We make learning an adventure, which is why our school is filled with energy from both students and teachers. Our school is renowned for its thriving performing arts program, which includes four school orchestras (Junior, Middle, Senior and String), a school choir, and full-scale school productions and concerts. Events are held in the auditorium of our 1,000-seat Performing Arts Centre capable of accommodating a full symphony orchestra. Graphic design, photography, sculpture and painting are also popular with students. We encourage our students to try new experiences, to explore and to stretch their views of themselves and the world.