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Positive mental health

Positive mental health What it is Positive Mental Health is when we feel as though we are in a state of social and emotional well-being where we can be our best selves. We are able to realise our abilities, engage in our best learning, cope with the normal stresses of life and make a positive contribution to our community. There may be times when you are not functioning at your best. This might be due to you feeling stressed, anxious, tired, sad, or overwhelmed by work or things that are happening at home. These feelings may affect your ability to concentrate, sleep, eat as you normally would or interact with others. Positive mental health means you are equipped with strategies and support that allow you to recognise and work with or through these emotions.

What to do 1

If you are unable to work with or through your emotions, it is important to seek help.


As best you can, focus on exercise, getting enough sleep and maintaining a healthy diet.


Try mindfulness apps such as ‘Smiling Mind’ or other forms of mindfulness/meditation.


If someone comes to you for help, listen. Encourage them to see a trusted adult.


If you are aware of someone who needs help, speak to a trusted adult.

Where to find help There are people who can help you.

•  Your Class Teacher, Form Teacher, Tutor or Head of House

•  The School Counsellor •  A teacher or adult whom you trust •  Your parents •  Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800 or


Talk to someone you trust.

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Mental Health  

Mental Health