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Studio Journal Week 9 3D Detailing This week we were looking at the case study buildings once again. We were tasked to draw a 3D sketch of our respective 2D section. This drawing is of the window section at Queens College.

Primary Structure From the the primary the precast concrete this the secondary attached or

drawing structure of area are the panels. From structure is placed within.

Secondary The structure includes the which is attached by a frame, and consists of rods and an expansion heat changes. Also the plasterboard is the primary structure. plasterboard is a C shaped steel is attached to the and to the timber plasterboard. At head the attached in a with the timber sill, instead plasterboard is used. This attachment also steel purloin to clad the concrete panels. Expansion material An expansion material was also included in this detail. This is used to accommodate movement of the building, in particular the avoid cracking (GoBrick, 2006). Sill

structure secondary window area, glass block reinforcing material for included is how attached from At the sill the attached using purloin, which concrete wall sill and the window plasterboard is similar fashion exception of a uses a C shaped

concrete panels and to

The concrete sill of the window is at an angle. This is to ensure that water moves down the side of the building to the ground to stop water pooling at the window or making its way into the building.

Photo: window seen in section, Technical Notes, November 2006, viewed 3 October 2013 Ching, R, 2008, Building Construction illustrated, John Wiley & Sons, Hoboken, New Jersey, pp. A.18 Graphic Material Symbols

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