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STRUCTURAL CONCEPT Shed Roof design Three different roofs, Central roof raised 1.5m, while the outer two are raised 0.5m each. Columns raised at one side of the building to allow for the angle of the roof Central beams would take the weight of the roof structures, with the Aluminium sheeting attached onto this structure. Load bearing walls would take the main weight of the roof structure.

MATERIALS AND CONSTRUCTION Keeping materials in type with the rest of the building. Wood, Glass and Aluminium sheeting would be the main components of the build. Construction would be undertaken in a series of steps. foundations, initial framework, columns then beams. The central load bearing beams for each roof would be inserted on the structure, then the other essential beams and bracing. Following this the roofing material would be placed on these beams.

AESTHETIC DESIGN AND FUNCTION The design allows for lighting of the kitchen/laundry area. While skylights allow for lighting of the main room. The three individual sections create an interesting contrast as well as act functionally covering the space without any wasted material. Possible to use a different material for the middle section, to further highlight the different areas. References: Glen Murchett, House Photos, viewed Friday 30 August 2013, pid-4009390-dt-content-rid-12622102_2/courses/ ENVS10003_2013_SM2/ENVS10003_2013s2/ A02%20INFORMATION/Murcutt%20Guest%20Studio %20Images.pdf

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