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industrial design

& unbroken glass emily campbell portfolio 2013


who’s that? i’m emily. I am a native-born Clevelander and transplant Angeleno. I was born with an immunity to Lake Erie’s harsh weather long before I started at The Cleveland Institute of Art in 2008. But out of adversity blooms creativity. At CIA I developed my design philosophy – to change the perceptions and assumptions made about household tools, appliances and products, while diverting away from traditional or presumed functions for these goods. My designs focus on finding solutions that pair utility-inspired innovation with compelling forms. Oftentimes my work is focused on the marriage of creativity and brand identity. As a result, my inspirations often surface. These inspirations are varied, ranging anywhere from Bauhaus architecture to seventeenth-century glass. I have been fortunate to have design experience as both an intern and as a designer at several consultancy. Hands-on opportunities with graphic design, architectural and product design have given me a comprehensive understanding of Industrial Design as a whole. And although I have chosen to focus on Industrial Design as my field of study, my fascination with other arts, notably glass, often finds its way into my work.









storage solution





glass work

81-85 3

Glean™ 4

Senior thesis 2012


Glean™ Bottle System

tackling antibacterial over-exposure

briefly stated; Create a project which serves as a solution to an existing problem or issue facing the product market. This problem can be domestic or global and should be researchable. Once your problem has been identified begin study of the subject, conduct interviews with experts and general consumers, formulate a plan of addressing this problem with design.

the problem; After years of overuse and misuse of germ fighting chemicals, bacteria have developed an antibiotic resistance. Consumers who claim to comprehend the detrimental effect of antibacterials exhibit a discrepancy between declared knowledge and purchase choices. It has become necessary to educate the uninformed consumer and present an alternative choice to established cleaning traditions.

tick-tock; This projects timelime was 12 weeks senior year. 6

project evolution


A week with the common cold or chronic immune concepts marketing


problems for life?

Protect the good germs. 7




types of detrimental


antibacterials sanitizers


definition; additive chemicals that destroy or ihibitthe growth of bacteria. Approximately one billion dollars are spent per year on antimicrobial products.

definition; molecules that can kill, modify, or stop the growth of, microorganisms, including both bacteria and fungi.


products are More than registered as antimicrobial pesticides with the EPA as antibacterials. Antimicrobial agents are publicly registered and are required to pass all efficiency reviews. However, in 2004 approximately 1/2 of all disinfectants, sterilant and pesticides the efficiency tests.



definition; an alternative to hand washing. Various preparations are available, including gel, foam, and liquid solutions. The active ingredient in hand sanitizers may be isopropanol, ethanol, n-propanol, or povidone-iodine.

Antibiotics remain the treatment of choice against bacterial infections like staph and


Sanitizers can aggravate existing cuts or strep; but are against scrapes and cause burning, itching, or the vast range of viruses. rashes. Wrongly prescribed, antibiotics can Emerging Infectious Diseases found kill off weaker bacteria that naturally that many brands of sanitizer contain live in the body allowing the stronger significantly less than the 60 percent ones to survive and later transfer their minimum alcohol concentration resistant genes to other, more required. dangerous bacteria



D a E

Soap: Dial® Liquid handsoap and bodywash; Softsoap® Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap; Tea Tree Therapy™ what be scared Liquid Soap;to Clearasil® Daily Faceof Wash; Dermalogica® Skin Purifying Wipes; Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Cleanser; DermaKleen™ Antibacterial Lotion Soap; CVS Antibacterial Soap, Ajax Antibacterial Dishsoap, Ultra Concentrated Dawn Antibacterial Dishsoap, Kimcare Antibacterial Clear Soap, Bath and Body Works Antibacterial Hand Soaps, Gels and Foaming Sanitizers. Dental Care: Colgate Total®; Breeze™ Daily Mouthwash; Reach® Antibacterial Toothbrush

Radio, Hourglass, Sounds Around Driver, Roll 'n Rattle Ball, Animal Sounds Phone, Busy Beads Pal, Pop 'n Spin Top, Lights 'n Surprise Laptop.

Other: Ticonderoga® Antibacterial pencil, Bionare® Cool Mist Humidifier; Deciguard AB Ear Plugs; Bauer® hockey helmets; Miller Paint Interior Paint; Holmes Foot Buddy™ Foot Warmer

Computer Equipment: Fellowes Cordless Microban Keyboar Microban Mouse Pad.

Cosmetics: Garden Botanika® Powder Foundation; Mavala Lip Base; Movate® Skin Litening Cream HQ; Paul Mitchell Detang Comb, Revlon ColorStay LipSHINE Lipcolor Plus Gloss, Babo Volume Mascara, Phytomer Perfect Visage Gentle Cleansing M Phytomer Hydracontinue Instant Moisture Cream, Bath and B Works Antibacterial Moisturizing Lotions.

Cosmetics: Garden Botanika® Powder Foundation; Mavala Lip Base; Movate® Skin Litening Cream HQ; Paul Mitchell Detangler Comb, Revlon triclosan ColorStay LipSHINE Lipcolor Plus Gloss, Babor chemical, 1000s of products Volume Mascara, Phytomer1Perfect Visage Gentle what it is: The chemical, triclosan, is a synthetic, broad-spectrum what it does: Evidence suggests that triclosan causes photoallergic Cleansing Milk, Phytomer Hydracontinue Instant antimicrobial agent that in recent years has exploded onto the consumer contact dermatitis (PACD). Soap: Dial® Liquid handsoap and bodywash; Softsoap® Antiba Moisture Cream, Bath and Body market. Works Antibacterial There have been reported cases of an immunotoxic and neurotoxic Liquid Hand Soap; Tea Tree Therapy™ Liquid Soap; Clearasil® Moisturizing Lotions. Triclosan has been used for over 30 years. Its uses were originally confined reactions to triclosan. mostly to health care settings, first introduced in theFace health care industryDermalogica® in a Wash; Skin Purifying Wipes; Clean & Clear Fo surgical scrub in 1972. Recently triclosan has been closely studied for its link to dioxin. Dioxin can Facial Cleanser;cause DermaKleen™ Antibacterial Lotion Clothes: Biofresh® socks. severe health problems such as weakening of the immune system,Soap; Triclosan works by blocking the active site of the enoyl-acyl carrier protein Soap, decreased fertility, altered sex hormones, miscarriage, birth defects,Concen and Antibacterial Ajax Antibacterial Dishsoap, Ultra reductase enzyme (ENR), which is an essential enzyme in fatty acid synthesis in cancer. Deodorant: Queen Helene®bacteria. Tea Trea Oil Deodorant Dawn Antibacterial Dishsoap, Kimcare Antibacterial Clear Soap Another potential problem with overuse of triclosan is its link to allergies. and Body Works Antibacterial HandSoaps,Gels andFoamingSan and Aloe Deodorant; DeCleor Deodorant Stick; All products listed in the background text are known to contain ticlosan. The “hygiene hypothesis,” theorizes that there is a correlation between too much hygiene and increased allergies and asthma. Epoch® Deodorant with Citrisomes. 99

on the record research interview groups

school nurse parents

#1 works for the public school system school uses large number of anti-bacterial products #2 works for a private school concerned about children’s handwashing practices school in the process of limiting chemical exposure

mother of two girls, 11 and 6 very concerned about daily germ exposure seeks to limit germ threats in her home avid consumer of “germ fighting” products and chemicals


mother of two boys, 3 and 7 concerned about rough play and food messes uses “germ fighting” products on sports equipment

polled 32 in an online survey tried to find out if the next generation was following “Is the next generation following the same cleaning practices as their parents?” “Have cleaning practices changed over time?”

doctor practicing pediatrician physician concerned about parent’s health practices has been practicing medicine for 11 years 10

phrase association “Clean”




“yellow gloves”

“my grandma” “Pinesol” “fake fragrance” “bubbles”

“cure” “antibiotics”

“painful” “alcohol”

“bubble gum flavor”

“smelly” “hospital”

“smells fresh”

“bubbles” “scented” “hard on hands”

“remedy” “antibiotics” “science”


“mop” “obsessive” “showers”

“all surfaces sanitary”

“try your best” “balance in you household” “simple washing” “hand washing” “using the right cleanser”

“prescriptions” “hand washing” “crucial for small children”

“desired by parents” “appropriate treatment”


“used to clean cuts” “wash your hands” “different kinds”


“broad spectrum antibiotics” “pushed for”

“portable” “sanitize”

“over drying” “emergency

alternative” “alcohol” “overused”

“last resort” “poor substitution”


it’s everywhere!

school the office

the car


chemical locations Healthy immune systems require the practice of protecting the body from a certain amount of viral attacks. Without this immune strengthening simple infections can become devastating. The number of locations where people are using antibacterials is perpetually increasing therefore, exposure to chemicals is multiplying.

medical office the home floors


points to address Scare tactics of illness motivate and influence purchase choices Parents purchase out of fear and the deceptive use of unexplained disease related statistics.

The population is not fully educated on recommended cleaning regimens Hand washing is important however, soap choice should be part of that message. Scientific and medical advice does not prescribe antibacterials.

Notion that all bacteria needs to be removed from the home Most bacteria actually help humans. Intestinal bacteria helps us to digest food. The ‘good’ bacteria that naturally live on and inside our bodies help us stay healthy by keeping the numbers of ‘bad’, disease-causing bacteria under control.

Consumers value the ease of the disinfectant wipe. Consumers greatly value the ease of the cleaning wipe but do not equate its easy usage to the treat of triclosan. It is importance to make this connection and offer an alternative.


know your market(ing) direction The direction I chose for my marketing strategy was inspired by the second generation of anti-smoking propaganda of the early 90’s. The strength of this ad campaign lies in placing the focus on parents to make health decisions for their children rather then for their own freedom and choice, I draw on the parallels between smoking risk and antibacterial risk.



direction Concept refinement consisted of deciding in what parts could be cohesively linked into a product line unit. The emphasis of the Glean™ brand is the lack of chemicals on your household surfaces. However, the aesthetic continuity and the multi-functionality is also crucial to the three parts of Glean™; the spray bottle, the wipe dispenser, and the soap pump.


ideas refined 16

direction After initial form direction was established final refinement took place in SolidWorks to adjust the form with a 3D perspective. During refinement the most important points were keeping the profile of the bottles nonthreatening and friendly while retaining the most simplicity possible for “easy of use�.


marketing direction It was important to me that the Glean line message was as valued as the product. The goal of my thesis was to help the consumer understand the threats of chemical cleaning. Cleansers aren’t always the heroes that their characterized bubbles would have you believe. Glean offers a solution to chemical-based cleaning, while providing an important message to the consumer. The cleanser industry markets its products with scare tactics, playing off a perceived threat of all germs. I was inspired by the “Responsibility” campaign of the anti-tobacco advocates of the 1990’s - turning the choice to smoke on its head by relating it to your loved ones, not just the sole consumer. In coining the phrase “second hand smoke kills” people drew connections between their vices and those around them. Glean marketing would mimic this tactic emphasizing when you put chemicals in your home it is a choice you are making for more than just yourself.


A week with the common cold or chronic immune

problems for life?

Protect the good germs. Chemicals sterilize. Glean™ cleans.


ant : Disinfect s borax, easpoon

2t oons vine 4 tablesp ater tw 3 cups ho Stir Spray

Dishwashing Soap: s of . oonG 3 tablesp angar evine l : s e ip W rial cte e tiba non s s -an All-Purpo r 2 cup

rubberband tag can be hung on hook inside cabinet to prevent loss

ap inega handso 1/4 cup v g soda in k a b s n oo Mix 2 tablesp r e t a Wash 2 cups w Mix n. Glea ean. oll Gl Insert rB a Wipe1 throo mm c up recipe book and 2 caun. hydrog old: en p pw instructions GSle erox hake ater ide Spra y Let s s: it 60 pet stain salt mC ina sr ach of 1/4 cup e Glea n. 1/4 cup boraxar ineg 1/2 cup v Ai Rub 1 q r Fr rs 30 uart eshe Let sit 2 h w d 1 t rop ate ner Vaculuemaner: a r V:inyl C s Damp Moalco blesp esse v a e p l u h G p c p ol g oon ntia 1/2 oil Wood FSloShake in l o rops baby ater i s o o pro il5 d mw 1 quart vGin prayrs: rt war a p e u g a q r y l1 1 quart walea te r n Wipe : s15 dro e . p i p W r s of p Wood warm wpaeteppermint ure p oil 1/2 cu lemonSohilake s 5 drop ean. Glecalonth. l G to Mix htly on g i l y a Spr Wipe ry


soap dispenser

Dishwashing Soap: 3 tablespoons of vinegar 2 cups non-antibacterial handsoap Mix Wash Glean.

Carpet stains: 1/4 cup each of salt 1/4 cup borax 1/2 cup vinegar Rub Let sit 2 hours Vacuum Glean.

Damp Mopping Wood Floors: 1 quart vinegar 1 quart water 15 drops of pure peppermint oil Shake




2 push- button dispenser teaches kids the right amount of soap to use


easy twist to refill


dispenser sling allows for hanging storage on towel rack


2 teaspoons borax, 4 tablespoons vinegar 3 cups hot water Stir Spray

spray bottle



Bathroom mold: 1 cup hydrogen peroxide 2 cup water Shake Spray Let sit 60 mins Glean.

Air Freshener: 1 quart water 30 drops essential oil 1 tablespoon isopropyl alcohol Shake Spray Glean. 22 22



wide mouth prevents spills during refilling

1 twist off spray top with child safety lock


sprayer head directs liquid down towards surface not out into the air


wipe dispenser

All-Purpose Wipes:

1/4 cup vinegar 2 tablespoons baking soda 2 cups water Mix Insert roll Wipe


Vinyl Cleaner: 1/2 cup vinegar 5 drops baby oil 1 quart warm water Wipe Glean.

Wood Wipes: 1/2 cup warm water 5 drops lemon oil Mix Spray lightly onto cloth Wipe Dry

Glean™ 24


easy dispense wipe top


wrap wipe around scrubber to clean in nooks and crannies

fill bottle with liquid and wipe roll


3 snap on “corner scrubber”



Glean™ e h t h t i w k e e w d l A o c e n n o u m m m com i c i n ? o r e f h i l c r o or f ms

e l b o pr

e h t t c e t o r P . s m r e g d goo




il ize. r e t s icals m ns. e a h e l C c ™ Glean



Sustainability and Biomimicry



VAPOUR Sustainable Dehumidifier with biomimicry considerations

design brief; Create a project which serves as a solution to an existing product’s problem with sustainability. Whether this product is not sustainable because of material choice, production methods, or energy consumption, through research find and explore possible means to make an existing product or process more “green”.

pick a product; The dehumidifier is a consumer product with many sustainability issues – energy consumption, waster grey-water potential, design aesthetics, and use of hazardous materials. I began my research with other dehumidification methods that could add to the health and air monitoring of ones home hoping to find a more appropriate solution.





refinement final form


research how heat pumps work Current dehumidifiers, by virtue of their design are constantly consuming large amounts of energy. They work using the radiant R-410A, a near-azeotropic mixture of difluoromethane and pentafluoroethane. Unlike many haloalkane refrigerants this radiant does not contribute to ozone depletion however, it has a high global warming potential (1725 times the effect of CO2), similar to that of R-22.

A dehumidifier removes moisture from room-temperature air by passing it over an evaporator coil. The moisture condenses out of the room air onto the cold surface of the coil and drains into a tray that must be periodically emptied. The drier room air is then discharged over a condenser coil and out the front of the dehumidifier, which warms it by several degrees further reducing its relative humidity.

drawn conclusions

not sustainable chemically dependant 32

no usable yield expensive energy costs

imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

natural occurrences of aerial water absorption ++ orchids ++ philodendron

++ bromeliads

++ trunk-born fruit ++ rmangrove trees

There are repeating occurrences in nature of plants adapting their root structures to accommodate for an over abundance or water or severe dehydration. This is accomplished through aerial root structures pulling moisture from the air. This ability is possible through a specific cell structure adaptation. 33

clips onto the side of any standard fish aquarium

er the us n lets of g statio bottlin e receptacle th e us to oice their ch

locking sp during de out allows for pouring humidifi even cation

‘waste” wate r dispenses into the fish tank

f, on, of

switch; stage three g (idle) bottlin

ling ttle fil

r bo

lows fo

age al

idle st

Jfiltered release for fish tank

works as a wall model or can stand alone when charged



serves as

an attra

ctive re


Fpitcher humidity cap


ttle op bo


damp ai r sucked in through top half


top bo


to turn

on an

narrow profile keeps door usage from being hindered

d off

right side sucks in damp air left side expels dry air


rechargeable plug-in circul ar disbur form al semen lows fo r even t

vents lower need for a in the pr od water pumpi uct remov e ng sy stem the

bottle gather “pod” co llects ed w ater



wate C r pod fille

form directs processed air down to the damper bottom of cabinet

in the cation eded lo te to ne ng the unit naviga d rolli an g in kick

r s take p vent


lateral side out reservoir


cabinet dryer

house by


top al


for ea

sy pl



en absorb ll to wa

in air

s into

low pr

t slide

ee ted sh perfora single le sides ib collaps

ofile ve

power as th chord in e hang tegr ing sy ated by serv stem


ater easy w e releas

side one has easy

on/off switch

side two has the water release spout l air s expe


concept driven front ve


ter ca


battery power ed kick-aroun D d



r for


ing p

lants chord of th descends e plan from t the ce



wall mounte d chemical dehumidifie



n cont




ains ce

ant desicc

refillable and emptiable





release poi


nt for used



mi folds ional origa from a like tradit be folded orchid can sheet are squ single

pads sit in desiccant ds orchid fol


model g fan

tin to exis clips on

n ant fa desicc


sits on sim

handle to move product

ment attach


absorb bulb


s orchid fold



ple circular



s� p

ar tic


to am

mad e form in mesh s ho lding aluminu m desic cant


of m


pull-away replaceable desiccant pads

solid silica desiccant roots are removable and reusable for added moisture removal

s r pad

ke nt suc


form orch inspired id ro b ot st y intern ructu al re

orchid tubers



Ltop-dry wall i

cotton mesh holds in desiccant

rchid ytic o epiph

cardboard corrugated recycled ls side pane and lower





d were ry po batte excites the l whee esiccant d e insid


simple use


foldable de


um l deh e e h cant w desic



d desicca





final form

The final form was inspired by the orchid root tubers researched at the Cleveland Botanical Garden. These organic forms give the plant strength in challenging climates. I modified the bulb form to allow a fold-flat design. Folding-flat allows for easier shelving, shipping, and dehydrating of the form in the buyers oven.

fold up/down sides

asymmetrical “bulb panels� 36

the stuff MATERIALS The contents of the desiccant bags is bentonite clay. Bentonite clay is a naturally occurring absorbent granular material. Even when fully saturated bentonite clay does not clump and remains dry to the touch. It is able to be dehydrated and reused. Absorbent up to 120ยบ F, this clay desiccant is most effective at 77ยบ F and can absorb up to 25% of its own weight in moisture.

steel separator tray The steel separator tray allows air to circulate during the dehydration process in the oven.

tryvek paper coated bags Tryvek paper coated bags contain the clay desiccant and allow moisture to penetrate. The special coating on these bags also allows moisture to escape when heated.

matte aluminum heating tray The aluminum tray is re-usable and easy to clean after water has been collected. The tray also serves as a durable packaging material.

recycled paper packaging Recyled paper packaging makes for a more sustainable means of branding. 37

how to vapour



Place the Vapour dehumidifier in an area of your home where the air feels damp or you have been experiencing wetness problems.

Arrange the bags on the wire tray in a single layer. The oven’s inside temperature should be room or ambient temperature (77º F- 85º F) at the start of this process.

Once the excess “grey water” has been collected it can be used for a multitude of uses. Additionally, because it has not been exposed to radiants or other internal components of a traditional dehumidifier this water is safe for use in the home.

Simple airflow throughout your home will cause the vapour to collect moisture.

Then set the temperature of the oven to 245º F, and allow the bags of desiccant to reach equilibrium temperature.

Use to water plants

Cleaning and washing

After approximately 7 days (depending of the air’s moisture content) the Vapour should be ready to empty.

Desiccant bags should be allowed to remain in the oven at the assigned temperature for up to 24 hours.

Give to household pets

Filter then use for cooking

After the dehumidifier has collected its maximum take of moisture from the air proceed to step two. 38


VAPOUR Sustainable Dehumidifier with biomimicry considerations


Toy Design



KITCHENCUBE Modular kitchen kit sponsored by little tikes ™

design brief; This Little Tikes project was a challenge to redesign their successful toy kitchen using some of their preexisting brand language. The prompt of this project included an invitation to think about modern kitchen ideas and changing trends in food preparation.


As a sponsored design project, limitations were placed on designers in terms of materials and construction means. The Little Tike’s factory in Ohio is set up to produce all ranges of toys using a plastic roto-molding process, for that reason production techniques were predetermined.


project evolution



A week with the common cold or chronic imm user


final form

problems for lif

Protect the good germs. 43

little tikes’ kitchen

_ pros+ cons has lasting entertainment longevity can cater to boys and girls children can emulate their parents teaches self-sufficiency easy to clean and use


presence too large in the room built with a narrow design aesthetic stereotypical gender roles competition has more eclectic designs narrow “kitchen� idea

their kitchen

Fisher Price

Step 2

Fisher Price utilizes bold colors and renewable resources in construction. They use limited realistic imagery and few photographic details. Primary colors are their main color palate.

Uses the same plastic roto-molding techniques as Little Tikes. Many of their kitchens are more themedriven than those in the Little Tikes catalog with brighter plastics used.

Pottery Barn Kids

Uses minimal details and has a natural wood aesthetic. The Pottery Barn line caters to parents who want less “loud� toys in their homes, in terms of color and attitude.


Kid Craft uses alternative materials that are painted and finished. Many of their kitchens have distinct themes and are decorated in bright color schemes. 45

lily: the user 5 year old female


After interviewing several moms I found a reoccurring theme relating to the size of the Little Tikes Kitchen in smaller apartments. Lily is the daughter of one such mother. I interviewed her in depth to find out what considerations should be taken into account (prioritized by Lily). Her likes and dislikes helped shape my concepting phase.

playing with friends bubbles

bright colors

finger foods being helpful

small closures and fasteners


difficult instructions


fragile things

boring toys

nap time

being too small to participate things out of reach 46



teddy bear

new toys

parents dress-up

ideas! My initial concepts were built around the likes and dislikes of Lily, the restraints of her apartment lifestyle, and the needs and wants of Little Tikes brand.


the results timer on oven changes door image


As a sponsored design project, limitations were placed on designers in terms of materials and construction means. The Little Tike’s factory in Ohio is set up to produce all ranges of toys using a plastic roto-molding process, for that reason production techniques were predetermined. turn knobs to change color heat on burners

all six sides make dishwasher/toy chest

separate for shipping and storage

sides fold to short stools or food boxes


flip convert to table with placemats




Flat-Pack Furniture with Conscious Resources

storage solution



Storage and Shelving Solution with flat-packing inspiration

design brief; This project centered around designing for a single user, with this is mind consideration had to be paid to a “knockdown� ability. Key to that concept was portability and minimal shipping costs. As always reverence to the issue of sustainability was a factor as this product was to be built with natural reclaimed materials.

direction; The Stakk is a modular furniture system that, through its geometry, lends itself to easy storage and shipping. Due to the Stakk’s three interlocking segments portability can be achieved without compromising joint integrity. The Stakk focuses on the issue of shelving needs for young adults and can be customized to fit each users specific shelf contents.

tick-tock; This projects time-line was 10 weeks. 52

project evolution









Research focused on the flat-pack furniture ideas popularized by Ikea. I also looked at older 1950-60s transformable furniture designs. I wanted to offer ideas for furniture pieces that one does not typically consider to be modular or multipurpose. I also looked at non-furniture imagery that seemed fitting for my users Mark and Jenna. 54

user inspired

limited resources post college grad

Mark and Jenna 2 twenty-somethings in shared space many mutual interests living together for the first time compromise crucial due to low funds

involved in art and music culture

limited space

durability during design is an important to self identity

repacking and moves

moves around for work




3 ideas as 1

1 direction and material choices My furniture design incorporates 3 concepts; stacking ability, graduation in height and multi-use functionality. Resources and material choice were also major considerationsI also keep my resource choices in mind. In the end I chose to use Metro Hardwood lumber. Metro Hardwood is a one-man enterprise that repurposes urban trees from becoming mulch.


3 57

alias refinement

Ships Flat

ing ck o l r Inte es Cubbi

Varie d




build it!

biscuit joinery

spalted hard and soft maple

standard angle allows for reproduction glue assembly

Stakk Traits user customizable minimal shipping size responsible materials hardwood is durable to ship 59

the results





Storage and Shelving Solution


Brand Identity



the bar essentials

3-piece Bar Organization Kit brand identity focus

design brief; Create a family of three products that address a problem in the home or workplace. These products need to be connected by design language, material choices, and function. The emphasis for this project was to make careful and well thought decisions about how three projects could best work together as a cohesive brand.

brand concept; The design objective was to create a brand family comprised of three likeminded products, works that should connect to each other as a cohesive group, röja tackles the issue of bar chaos. The name röja means to unclutter and to organize. The three products in the röja brand are designed to reduce waste and cut down on excess water use of a bar by reducing the need for extraneous glasses and tools.

brand components; The brand concept inspired three co-working pieces; kopp the multifunction glassware, the åter inverted pitcher, and tjäna a single unit shaker/strainer.

time-line; This projects time-line was 6 weeks. 66

project evolution

research concepts


final design



present tools

? problems


stackable unstackable vessels build-up of glassware 68

impractical tools

elegance lost to clutter

modern forms with heritage multi-use tools and vessels



choice direction My design focused on narrowing down the number bar vessels that are deemed “necessary� in a bar to just three. By perfecting the interaction of this group; pitcher, cup, and shaker I honed the most important aspect of refinement.




serve from pitcher to glass

strain into glass

mix with glass and shaker


The final three co-working pieces; kopp the multifunction glassware, the åter inverted pitcher, and tjäna a single unit shaker/strainer are formally based on the simplicity of traditional Scandinavian glassware and vessels. As depicted above this brand series can be interchanged and multifunctional. The pivotal piece of the brand is the “kopp” and it is the link that makes the three pieces work together. Stackable, simple, and convenient are the traits conveyed in the design of this brand.

usage of pieces 70


stack to save space

roja final and orthographic views


multifunction glassware


single unit shaker/strainer


inverted pitcher



the bar essentials





DIGIRAATII emerged onto the electronic music scene, in early 2009, not with a bang but with a sonic boom. Establishing themselves, from the start, as electronic music’s own “digital elite” or digerati. They quickly made a name for themselves by causing a near panic every time they hit the decks, equipped with their throbbing bass lines and frantic melodies. Fueled by hype generated from their two-time, number one position on Hype Machine (Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll DIGIRAATII remix) as well as a recent feature on the Mishka Blog, DIGIRAATII began tearing down clubs all over the country with a live performance more akin to a hardcore punk show than an electronic act, they take you on a journey from 130 to 175 Beats Per Minute with effortless transitions and enough double-drops to make your head spin. For the DIGIRAATII boys, no genre (or level of debauchery for that matter) is off limits.


logo design

It is this incredible versatility that makes When I design any project I work to make the brand as complete as possible. DIGIRAATII first on the list of performers Logos are integral to the sought aesthetic of each project a necessary after to help pack and a dance floor part of each design strategy. This brought about amy interest in creating and cause frenzy. Having sharedlogos the for mine and others brands. stage with everyone from Dubstep’s dark lords Deathface and Datsik, to electro pop phenoms Designer Drugs, Data, and Frankmusik.

glass design


In 2010, DIGIRAATII, now a two-man operation (Zucco and Young), was signed to Killpop Records by West Coast tastemaker/So Sweet Records Cofounder Eli Smith, and UK Billboard Top 100 Electropop superstar, Frankmusik. Immediately following the signing, they embarked on a multi-city West Coast tour featuring dates in Los Angeles alongside Major Lazer at Avalon/Bardot, as well as Florentine Gardens, and even making a stop to tear down Steve Aoki’s famed Dim Mak Tuesday’s. Currently they are putting the finishing

After taking an introductory class in glass blowing I decided to extend my major to

package. They’ve a very with an arsenal incorporate of fresh heaters, a minorand in Glass. Due to my focus inlanded productondesign the majority of this intricate, layered even more original the detailed, workproduction is based oninutilitarian glass usage paired and with heavily simple forms and decoration. pipeline, it appears that these two brand of Electro, a far cry from the Midwest party monsters are about to “Bangers” on which they first made permanently make their mark on the their mark. Recently, they’ve incorporate EDM community, and do some major the musical stylings of Electro House, Dubstep and Drumgraphic & Bass into their damage to the nightclubs all Iover the During 2007 began working as a freelance designer creating corporate own massive, big room, super-genre. world, unfortunate enough to have to letterhead and marketing packets. My clients include include KillPop Records, host them and their wildly inappropriate However you choose classify it, one Justin Roberts Paintings, HeyNow! Entertainment, and Commonwealth thing is for certain, the sound is heavy, antics on a nightly basis. Development Consulting. I feel experience in graphic design compliments how I infectious, and refreshing in a market look at and develop products overly saturated with unimaginative and unexciting production.

freelance work

studio style

logo design and modification





el lab

Logo modified for band branding

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design brief DIGIRAATII is a Columbus based DJing and production group. They, and their then label KillPop Records, commissioned me to create a press-kit. This kit is the means by which DIGIRAATII communicates their accomplishments to other labels or booking agencies. Keeping the band’s image defined was the most important factor of this project.

JUSTIN ROBERTS design brief Justin Roberts’ manager needed a professional portfolio that could be used both as distribution material to galleries but also as a buyers catalog. The challenge of this project was compiling a large collection of work in different media with many themes in a cohessive manor. The formatting of this portfolio was later used as the template of all artists signed to the management group.




design brief HeyNow Entertainment is a Cleveland based production, management, and event company. I was hired to create a new corporate logo from their old branding and design. I designed a corporate letterhead, business cards, and envelopes all with branding we deemed fitting to the brand.


back 80



design brief Commonwealth Development Consulting commissioned me with recreating and slightly updating their original branding after the design firm who created it went out of business. I recreated the basic letterhead by aquiring the original typeface while adding modern type elements to the overall design. 81

fallen leaves 82

the idea

This work is meant to illustrate the progression of “time� through glass. The falling of leaves and the time it took to rake and collect them portrayed the passing of the seasons. This project allowed for experimentation in color variation and was my first foray into hot color work. 83

unbroken glass

warped vessel

sea-glass reductive sculpture spiraled ornament#1

warped hot-glass form

blown foot goblet

hot glass plaster casting double-blown pitcher hot stem goblet

luncheon set With my utilitarian forms I try to pair the beauty of glass with the user-friendly properties of plastic. Thicker vessels and simple design patterns allow the user to “mix and match� according to their preference. 84


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Industrial Design and Unbroken Glass  

My 2013 Industrial Design Portfolio