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Vapers InAle Issue 1 Š


Over the last two years, the Campaign for Vaping in Pubs has been spreading the word about the legal alternative to smoking in pubs. The aim has been to increase awareness to smokers that there is an alternative to standing outside your local with a pint and missing all the fun going off inside. Traditional pubs and what they have to offer, are becoming a real rarity. A large section of society in 2012, does not understand the concept of a traditional community pub and what it can offer its locality. Many people under the age of 40, have not been exposed to a real pub. Instead, they associate pubs with either extortionately priced alcohol, somewhere to eat out or take the kids, as part of a bingeing pub crawl or a trendy 'pulling' place. Many of the younger generation have never spent the whole of a single night in one pub. This lost generation is possibly the main reason why traditional pubs are failing, however, the 'smoking ban', along with the price differential between on and off sales, has contributed to the decline. Despite the Government's attempts to stop people from smoking or discourage people from taking up the 'nasty' habit, many people (like myself) still enjoy a smoke, especially with a pint or two. The same holds true for the younger generation of smokers who we wish to attract into our traditional pubs.

One possible way of doing this is to encourage traditional pubs to become the local 21st century tobacconist or ebacconist - a place for smokers to buy their favourite brand of electronic cigarette (ecig). 3

Tobacco cigarettes seem to have no place in our future; ",,, both at home and internationally, we will continue to act against the vested and commercial interests of the tobacco industry. As Secretary of State for Health, I haven’t met with those companies. Not now or when I was in Opposition as the Conservative’s health spokesman. Their interests are not my interests. My objective is to achieve smoke-free communities; theirs is to make a profit from selling intrinsically harmful products. We don’t have common ground. This is not like alcohol, where there is a level of responsible drinking and potential shared campaigns between Government and retailers. That’s why there is no place in the Responsibility Deal for tobacco companies. There is no responsible level of tobacco consumption." and "We’ll also be looking at the best ways to reduce the damage that tobacco does to smokers’ bodies, even if they can’t or won’t break their addiction to nicotine. As you know, although nicotine is an addictive substance in cigarettes, the damage mostly comes from the inhalation of the smoke itself. Anything we can do to reduce that damage is well worth doing, even if some smokers can’t kick the nicotine." (Speech: 6 March 2012, Andrew Lansley, Smoking and Health)

Smoking is becoming a very expensive and 'socially uncomfortable' pastime due to Government policies . The good old days when we could browse the different brands on offer at our local tobacconist or choose from a selection of 'goodies' on display at our local supermarket have gone for good. We now feel like druggies at a chemist queuing up for a methadone fix when we visit out local Tesco or Morrisons. Another alternative is to go abroad for our supplies or descend into the 'Black Market' by purchasing those imported on our behalf. As the policies on tobacco become harsher and harsher, smokers will have to look for an alternative to smoking tobacco. Electronic cigarettes will become more and more popular as the Government's plans to eradicate 'tobacco consumption' and 'reduce the damage that tobacco does to smokers' bodies' take effect. Already tobacco companies are looking to market their own brands of ecigs to replace traditional cigarettes and there will also be 'medicinal' ecigs sold in chemists throughout the country in an attempt to wean people off nicotine (the latter is not something we are interested in). 4

Vapers InAle Issue 1 Š Ecigs have been on the market for about 5 years in this country. Initially the majority of the brands available were a poor replacement for cigarettes and they were expensive. In the last year or so, the technology has moved on and the costs have tumbled. Ecigs are now a true alternative to smoking where you cannot smoke, providing you buy the correct brand - a task which is much easier said than done! CAM-VIP has been studying the ecig market for the last two years and one thing is clear. The brands which spend the most money on advertising in the press and other media, tend to be massively overpriced for what they are. Many of those brands have given smokers unrealistic expectations of what an ecig can do and make false claims about how long they will last and what is actually in the vapour we inhale and exhale. This eMag aims to correct any false information and show the impact that ecigs have had in the UK over the last 2 years. Vapers InAle is also a celebration of the Great British Pub.

Russell VR Ord Founder of the Campaign for Vaping in Pubs


How to find a vaping pub electronic cigarettes: THE legal alternative to smoking in pubs Over 400 vape friendly pubs have already been discovered, these can be found on our map via the CAM-VIP website. If you want to find out if your local will allow vaping, the following tips should help; ✔ Approach the licensee at a quiet time and ask if they have heard of electronic cigarettes. ✔ Explain how they work and why vaping is different to smoking. ✔ Ask if it is all right to use the electronic cigarette in their pub. ✗ Never assume that you are allowed to vape in the pub, always ask first. The general response is usually positive when the pubs are approached in this manner. NOTE

Some large companies such as JD Wetherspoon and Sam Smith's

have policies that do not allow ecigs to be used on their premises. If your landlord says no to vaping, do not argue, just move on to the next pub.


Vapers InAle Issue 1 Š

Away with the Dolphins A Bournemouth Guest House

The Dolphins Hotel in Bournemouth is a small family-run Guest House (ie no bar). Within 10 minutes walk of the pier and beach, and less to the town centre. Lena and I run the hotel on our own so it is a low key affair, quiet and suitable for family holidays or the businessman down here to work. Since I have stopped using tobacco cigarettes early this year, and switched to the delights of the e-cigs, this has been a Vape-Friendly hotel, and two of the nearer pubs are also happy to have people vaping away inside their bars.

As one of the smaller of Bournemouth's Hotels, whether you are looking for Sand, Shopping, Entertainment or business, The Dolphins Hotel is an alternative to some of the larger hotels, making it ideal for holiday accommodation or for the visitor on a budget. All bedrooms are en-suite (shower) and supplied with TV, kettle, Tea, coffee, Freeview capability and flat-screen TVs, also internet access by RJ45 cable. Some rooms have fridges too! Miles Dolphin 7

What is vaping? (a guide for publicans) Vaping is an alternative to smoking. It simulates the sensation of smoking for the smoker, BUT it is perfectly legal to use in pubs. Vaping produces a vapour by heating a liquid which may or may not contain nicotine. Why is vaping legal in pubs? Vaping is NOT smoking. The Health Act of 2006, refers to smoking as; • Smoking tobacco or anything which contains tobacco, or smoking any other substance. • Smoking includes being in the possession of lit tobacco or of anything lit which contains tobacco, or being in possession of any other lit substance in a form in which it could be smoked. The liquid that is vaporised, contains NO tobacco and it is heated up, not lit, so it is not smoking. What are ecigs and PVs? Ecigs (Electronic Cigarettes) and PVs (Personal Vaporisers) are the devices used to produce the vapour. These usually consist of two parts; Cartomiser: This contains the liquid to be heated and a heating element that converts the liquid into a vapour. Battery: This supplies power to the atomiser. It may or may not look like a traditional cigarette.

How do I tell vaping apart from smoking? Two easy ways to distinguish vaping from smoking are; • Vaping produces almost no odour. • Ecigs and PVs only produce vapour when inhaled.


Vapers InAle Issue 1 Š How would vaping benefit pubs? Since the smoking ban came into force on the 1st of July 2007, many smokers often choose to stay at home rather than regularly patronise their local pub. It is not surprising, as they have been forced to stand outside away from their non-smoking friends, in all weathers, rather than enjoy a pint in peace. Most pubs have suffered financially, and many thousands have been forced to close. Vaping is an alternative legal pastime that will encourage the smokers to come back and enjoy pub life. As the smokers return, so will the atmosphere and hopefully the revenue. How can pubs promote vaping? The easiest way to promote vaping and get the smokers back in the pubs, is to display a vaping or esmoking allowed sign like the ones below:

Alternatively, you can join the Campaign for Vaping in Pubs via our website at and advertise your pub for free. 9

Vapours 'n' Ale (a collaboration) In September 2011, CAM-VIP, Paula from VapourWorld and Dekang started working together to produce some unique Real Ale and Tobacco flavoured nicotine liquids for electronic cigarette users. Dekang is the longest established and the World's largest producer of nicotine liquid (eliquid). They are based in China but have established themselves as the major eliquid supplier Internationally.

VapourWorld is an English company based at Withernsea near Hull, that has a unique relationship with the Chinese eliquid giants. CAM-VIP approached Paula from VapourWorld a brief to produce some complex flavours based around the Seasons, Ale and Tobacco – flavours that would compliment a good pint of Seasonal Ale but still satisfy the smoker. The brief is as follows; Spring – Floral Dance Tobacco base = Mayfair Added flavours could be = 'alcohol', malted barley, banana, coriander leaf, jasmine and rose. The jasmine and rose give the liquid a floral nose. The coriander leaf gives a hint of sourness which is balanced by the bitterness of the alcohol and the sweetness of the ripe banana and malted barley finish. The flavours should be quite subtle to compliment the light tobacco flavour of the Mayfair. The overall impression should be a light flavour. 10

Vapers InAle Issue 1 © Summer – Hazy Days Tobacco base = Pall Mall Added flavours could be = 'alcohol', hoppy bitterness, lemon, grapefruit, apricot and honey. The lemon and hops should give the liquid a bitter/fruity nose. The alcohol and hops and grapefruit give the bitterness, balanced by the sourness of the lemon and the sweetness of the apricot and honey finish. The bitterness should dominate the inhale with the tobacco and the rest of the flavours being more prominent of the exhale. The overall impression should be a fruity/hoppy flavour. Autumn – Fruitful Harvest Tobacco base = DK Tab Added flavours could be = 'alcohol', hoppy bitterness, roasted hazelnuts, red apples blackberries and caramel. The hops, roasted nuts and caramel give the liquid a sweet/burnt nose. The hops, alcohol and roasted nuts give the bitterness balanced by the sourness of the blackberries and the sweetness of the red apples and caramel. The bitterness should again dominate the inhale. The overall impression should be a bitter/sweet flavour. Winter – Rusty's Stout Tobacco base = Amber Leaf Added flavours could be = whisky, liquorice, coffee, cocoa, malted barley and black cherry/figs. The whisky and liquorice/coffee give the liquid a rich/strong warming nose. The whisky, liquorice and coffee give the bitterness, balanced by the sourness of the black cherry/fig and the sweetness of the malted barley. The cocoa gives added richness. The overall impression should be intense flavour. The Results The samples arrived back from Dekang in early October and they fitted the brief extremely well. By Christmastime, the stock had arrived in the UK and Paula sent out a few 'pre-release' bottles to those people involved in the whole design process. The flavours are rich and complex and they do compliment a great pint of Seasonal Ale exceptionally well. Since the pre-release, the flavours have only been available in 10ml plastic dropper bottles, but hopefully in the near future, the 40ml swing top beer bottles will be available for us to enjoy. Overall the collaboration has worked and it shows that working together can produce some fantastic results. Thank you VapourWorld and Dekang. 11

A Cosy Nook in Cornwall (by AR Grundy)

Sometimes I feel like the luckiest person in the world! Why’s that then? you ask. Am I a millionaire? Nope – about a million quid short of that! Does Cameron Diaz come round for afternoon tea every other Sunday? Sadly, not. Not even once, actually, but there’s always hope. Do I possess the secret to eternal youth? Erm, one look at me would give you your answer to that!


Vapers InAle Issue 1 ©

No, better than all these things – I live in Cornwall! Not only that, but I live in an old bakery constructed in 1840 from the local stone with four-foot-thick walls, beamed ceilings and slate floors. I am less than 2 miles to the spectacular Cornish Coast bang in the middle of the Cornish Riviera. Our cottage is perched atop a hill in a tiny hamlet of around a dozen houses and from my deckchair in the garden I can take in splendidly verdant views of the Looe Valley and the surrounding hills covered in woodland. It is, most definitely, a wonderful, relaxing and beautiful place. So, why am I telling you this? I am telling you this because you too can experience these fabulous surroundings! Hooray! Right next door is the old baker’s shop which has been completely renovated to a very high standard whilst retaining its original features. With a new bathroom and solid oak kitchen, underfloor heating and a lovely snug log burner, Cosy Nook Holiday Cottage makes the ideal retreat to get away from it all, relax in peaceful, beautiful surroundings and explore all that Cornwall has to offer. What’s more, we offer supporters of CAMVIP a 10% reduction on our advertised prices – any time of the year! So, treat yourself – you deserve it! Take a look at our website,, and mention CAMVIP when you book to get that 10% off. 13


Vapers InAle Issue 1 Š


Vaping versus eSmoking (CAM-VIP's dilemma)

This has always been a problem for a group of people wishing to get ecigs into pubs and get smokers to use them whilst there. Two years ago awareness of ecigs was not as it is now. To get eSmoking accepted in pubs, we had to distance ourselves from the words smoke and smoking as smoking was banned in pubs (still is) - so the word vaping was chosen as it was the only other commonly used term - some used fogging or steaming, but they never caught on. CAM-VIP was chosen as a name to mimic CAMRA plus to include the VIP as everyone would like to think they are VIPs - however, two years down the line, the term vaping does not attract the majority of smokers. They see it as something shady, or illegal. Since our aim is to get smokers using ecigs in pubs, we have had to adjust our terminology and revert back to ecigs, eSmoking, eSmoker and even ebacconist to ignite their interest. The ecigs that a smoker (who has no intention of switching) is attracted to are auto-battery look-a-likes unless the time is taken by someone to educate them. If you sell ecigs on a market stall or in a shop, you have that face-to-face contact and more importantly the time to do that. If you are selling them in a pub, the time factor is not there and education away from the look-alikes has to be done via leaflets or guiding the smoker in the direction of good simple websites and forums.


Vapers InAle Issue 1 ©

“When I was younger, so much younger than today, I never needed anybody's help in any way.

Help! But now these days are gone, I'm not so self assured, Now I find I've changed my mind and opened up the doors.” (Lennon and McCartney)


Ecigs saved my life How it All Started I suppose my story starts way back in 1960. I was 12 years old, and smoking, believe it or not, was a way of making yourself more attractive to the girls. It wasn’t frowned upon like it is now – tobacco advertising was everywhere, in fact it was positively encouraged! I can remember one time when my mother was depressed, our doctor advised her to have one of my dad’s ciggies to calm her nerves down! Anyway I started at about twelve years old, with the other lads behind the bike sheds at school. It very soon became quite important to me and I used to do three paper rounds, one in the morning and two at night, to finance my addiction. Looking back on it, I must have looked quite a pathetic little kid. I smoked all my life, starting with Park Drive (you could buy one fag and a match from the corner shop). Moved on to Woodbine, then in around 1964 when I left school I was smoking a new cig on the market called No.6. All my life up to being 60 years old I smoked around 30 a day. Yes, I was a heavy smoker but I loved it. Trying to Quit I remember about 10 years ago trying to stop using an NHS smoking cessation program. I used the gum, and for 6 consecutive weeks had to go along to the meeting and have my CO2 levels taken and given encouragement to “keep up the good work”. After 6 weeks you are on your own, and NRT is very expensive, much more than the cheap knock-off baccy I was using. Anyway, I struggled on for about another week, but I was still dying for a smoke and eventually gave in, and started smoking again. About a month later I received a beautiful diploma from the NHS congratulating me on being a non-smoker and that I should be so proud of myself. (Idiots)


Vapers InAle Issue 1 © Christmas 2008: The Heart Attack This Christmas, all the family were having a big gettogether, and we’d been planning it for weeks. A couple of days before the event, I was taking the dog for a walk when I got this awful tightness in my chest, along with a searing pain in my left arm. I sat on a wall for a couple of minutes and it subsided, and I felt good again. I didn’t mention it to my wife and went off to work. It happened again at work, and again the next morning during the dog walk, but again I said nothing to no-one. Took the dog out on Christmas morning and it happened again, when I returned home the house was full of family, so, not wanting to spoil the occasion, decided to say nothing. I loved a cigar at Christmastime, and I was chain-smoking them. The rest of Christmas day went without another incident, and I had quite a bit to drink (as you do) and went to bed about 2am. About 6am I was woken by a bladder that was at bursting point. I swung my legs out of bed, and I swear to god that Mike Tyson hit me with all his strength in the middle of my chest. Now I had to tell my wife!! It felt as though someone was pumping my left arm full of boiling water and I was struggling to breath, as if I’d got a very heavy weight on my chest. My wife dialed 999. I could hear what she was saying, and she turned to me and said that an ambulance would be here in less than 5 minutes. I tried to roll a fag before it arrived (that’s how stupid we can be), but had another attack. I was rushed to hospital with blue lights flashing, within minutes I was in theatre, where I had two stents fitted. Apparently I was moments from dying. The operation was a complete success and I will never be able to thank the NHS enough! Time to Stop NOW I HAD TO STOP! Went down the NRT route again, patches first. This was no good, I was allergic to them. So I tried the gum again….. Acid indigestion, hiccups, and a bloody awful taste! Ah, the Inhalator, a great idea if it worked! It didn’t and I got more enjoyment from chewing on it that actually using it the way it is intended. After suffering three months of sheer hell, I discovered the electronic cigarette, and loved it from day one! I have NEVER craved a cigarette in the three years since I started vaping. 19

I can walk the dog now first thing in the morning without coughing my lungs up. I simply don’t cough anymore! My sense of taste has returned and I feel great. According to my GP, my lung efficiency has improved, and capacity has increased. My blood pressure is normal, without drugs for the first time in years. I am now looking forward to retirement, without worrying how I can afford to smoke. So, YES, Electronic cigarettes have not just changed my life, they have saved it. Chris Birks

(from smoker to vaper)


Vapers InAle Issue 1 Š


Playing Cards Four playing cards are numbered 2, 3, 4 and 5. Each card is of a different suit. These cards are dealt to 4 players, including Sarah. Mike holds the highest red card which is one lower than Jane's. Fred and Jane hold the same colour cards. The 4 is a black card. The sum of the diamond and spade is higher than the sum of the heart and club. Who has which card? On your travels you come to an old man on the side of the road holding three cards from a standard deck face down. Trying to make conversation you ask him what the three cards are. He tells you, "To the left of the queen, are one or two jacks. To the right of the jack, are one or two jacks. To the right of the club, are one or two diamonds. To the left of the diamond, are one or two diamonds." What are the three cards?


Vapers InAle Issue 1 Š

Mensa Brainteasers I am a friend. Change one letter and I am a spice. Change another letter and I am a fine fabric. Change another letter and I am a rural road. Change one final letter and I am animal hair. What was I and what did I become?

What should be the value of the bottom row in the Football themed grid?

From the clues given can you correctly label the towns A to F and answer the following questions? Town F is north of town E and southwest of town C Town C is east of town B and north of town D i) Which town is northwest of town E? ii) Which town is north of town F? iii) Which town is west of town F? iv) Which town is southwest of town D? 23

The Anglers Rest

A traditional pub, just off the beaten track in Wombwell The Anglers Rest is a traditional public house situated along the main street into Wombwell with close links to Barnsley, Sheffield and within minutes from the M1 and A1 link roads.

We pride ourselves on serving well kept cask ales from local breweries such as Barnsley's Geeves Brewery and the nearby Wentworth Brewery along with guest ales from other parts of Yorkshire. There are always three real ales on tap in addition to a selection of four traditional ciders and perrys. If real ale is not for you, we also serve John Smiths, Carling and Fosters as well as a variety of bottled beers. The Anglers Rest appears in the 2012 'Good Beer Guide' for the second year running and was the Barnsley CAMRA Winter Pub of the Season 2010/11. It has also recently been awarded the honour of being Barnsley CAMRA's Cider Pub of the Year for 2012. There is a small court yard to the rear of the pub with a shelter for smoking and an array of potted flowers and hanging baskets which brighten any day and a wood burner to keep the chills away on an evening. In addition, we fully support the use of ecigs in the pub and have been actively involved with CAM-VIP over the last two years. We regularly stage vaping nights and recently we became CAM-VIP's first ebacconist, stocking a range of ecigs, eliquids and accessories from a number of the top UK vendors. We hope to see you soon for a drink and a vape. 24

Vapers InAle Issue 1 Š



Vapers InAle Issue 1 Š

East Anglian Supplement Summer into Autumn 2012

Campaign for Vaping in Pubs 27

The Green Man – Rackheath, Norfolk

The Green Man was once a 17th century coaching inn and has long since been a formidable landmark on the Wroxham Road between the beautiful and historic city of Norwich and the Broads in Wroxham and Hoveton. The building retains it's historic charm with high vaulted ceilings and exposed beams throughout. The pub has a very homely feel and friendly atmosphere. Our welcoming staff are on hand to ensure you enjoy your visit. As well as a traditional bar which serves a variety of local ales and ciders, we have a spacious restaurant area which serves quality locally sourced food. The new extension offers an ideal setting for families. In addition we have a large beer garden, covered outside smoking area and ample parking. There is always something happening at the Green Man, including regular quiz nights and our popular weekly Jazz night and new Blues Club. The Green Man welcome Vapers and E-Cig users in the bar area. 28

Vapers InAle Issue 1 Š



St Benedict's Street Norwich (by Mark Davis) I wanted to briefly write about my good friend Jonathan Brown's new venture here in Norwich. I met Jonathan (or JB as I call him) in the Plasterers Arms pub in Cowgate, one of my favourite vape-friendly pubs. We struck up a conversation and realised we had a few things in common including spending some of our past in Kent. We share a passion for beer and 'proper' pubs. JB used to be a landlord in Deal, Kent and has given me an insight into the trade. JB is neither a smoker nor a vaper but has shown an interest in their development even attending a CAM-VIP 'Stay Inside Night' where he had a toke on a cig-a-like. He agrees they are a real step forward, not only for health reasons, but he also sees how they may benefit the small local pubs without the fancy heated smoking areas to keep the business of smokers who might otherwise go elsewhere or not even come out. JB opened his new cafĂŠ on 29th of June this year. I attended the open evening and it was a great night. JB is a great chef. I sampled some of his menu and my mouth is watering as I remember the devilled kidneys with sour cream on toast. 30

Vapers InAle Issue 1 ©

Ecigs are welcomed at The Boho.

Good coffee is available and JB is planning on being licensed in the future probably selling bottled ales from the numerous local breweries. He uses only locally sourced ingredients for all his dishes which he personally prepares himself. So, you may be asking, what has this got to do with ecigs? The answer is that the café is vaping friendly, something JB wanted from the start. If you’re in Norwich and fancy a tasty bite to eat why not come visit the Boho? Say Hi to JB, enjoy the ambience, fabulous food and a vape. Afterwards if you fancy a pint, the cafe sits between two rather decent ale houses, the Plough, and the Ten Bells but we can leave that story until another day. THE BOHO 60-62 St. Benedict's Street Norwich NR2 4AR 31

East Anglian Vape Meet By Joel Inman – an enthusiast

My name is Joel Inman and I first started vaping at the end of February this year. After trying just about every NRT product available from the NHS and recommended by "quit smoking" groups, I turned to ecigs as nothing previous had worked, as I'd imagine a lot of smokers have experienced. I think I wasted more money trying to quit tobacco cigarettes with NRT products than I would have if I had just carried on smoking! I received my ecig from a vendor online. I didn't really know what to expect but when I took my first puff, you should have seen my face! The end lit up like a real cigarette and I exhaled a lung full of vapour.... This amused me to no end! I think that was what really helped me stay off the fags at first, the fact that my brain still saw me as blowing out clouds of smoke. And so it began...... My enthusiasm led me to the vaping forums and I found a whole community of people who had switched from smoking tobacco cigarettes to using ecigs. The social side inspired me to organise my own gathering of vapers. The EAVM will be held at The Dog House Bar in Norwich. on Saturday the 3rd November 2012. The opening times are to be roughly 11am - 1am, although this will be confirmed shortly. The Dog House Bar 18 St Georges Street Norwich NR3 1BA Telephone: 01603 765378 32

Vapers InAle Issue 1 © What to expect There will be a couple of Vendors attending the event and setting up stalls with wicked prices, so if your looking to buy your first ecigarette kit, just spares and eliquids or even just something new and shiny to add to your collection! They can be purchased on the day.... We have a growing prize fund, filling up with goodies donated from multiple vendors, most of which sadly cannot make it to the Vape Meet, but were happy to support us and give some goodies guaranteed to put smiles on some lucky peoples faces!!! For a chance to win some of these 'Goodies' make sure you buy your raffle tickets! (£1 each), with a maximum of 10 tickets per person. I have also managed to get my hands on some popular mods donated kindly from a few of the mod makers over on the ukvapers forum. You wont need to join any year long lists to be the new proud owner of these quality just need to have the winning bid! They are going to be auctioned off to the highest bidder and 50% of the winning bid from each item will be donated to charity ( As if that wasn't enough already, Alex the creator and seller of the fantastic Redwood eliquid, is working on a custom eliquid just for the event! No details of the mysterious liquid will be revealed until the day of the Vape Meet, so you'll have to come on down, if you want to have a vape on this magic mix! Later on in the day we have a local band named AfterGlow playing a small set for you all. Oh, and most importantly for some of all day bar! Tickets for the event are at a modest price of £3 for the first years event. if your quick enough though....theres a 10% discount on ticket sales now, using the code "TICKET10" in the facebook store, or if you wish you can e-mail me about purchases. Don't forget to share this publication with anyone you know that already vapes, is looking to stump out the fags or even just a random stranger you make eye contact with awkwardly in the street..... Regular updates can be found here: I hope to see you there! Joel Inman aka DarthVaperUK on


The Plasterers Arms 43 Cowgate, Norwich

'The Plasterers opened for trade in 1822, one of the many pubs in Norwich named after local tradesmen who would meet regularly there. Over the years it has been owned by many of the large local breweries. For a period in the 1970s when the pub was a Free House it was one of the very few pubs in Norwich serving real ale, and became renowned for being an 'ale Nirvana' (as described by another local licensee). In 2011 it was completely refurbished and now boasts 15 real ale pumps, restoring it a step closer to its former heavenly state.' The pub is now managed by Tamara Cripps with Tom King as assistant manager.

Tamara says, "Welcoming vaping to the pub has not only created a nice atmosphere but also brought customers together with a interest in what it is all about. This in turn has meant that more and more people in the pub are quitting smoking and giving vaping a go. It helps that Mark Davis our resident vaping guru is at hand to provide advise and point people in the right direction to getting all the parts needed. Hopefully soon with the increase of people vaping in the pub, I will be able to provide a range of liquids so customers don't need to worry about running out while in the pub." Tom adds, "Vaping in the pub helps to keep that old traditional pub feel, but with the lovely smell." Tamara & Tom agree, "We happy that The Plasterers Arms has been there early on to help our customers with the transition from smoking to vaping" 34

Vapers InAle Issue 1 ©

NORWICH ‘City of Ale’ (Part One)

When I was asked to do a short article on the City of Ale I naturally decided to do a small bit of research. I looked at the history of Norwich which is fascinating in itself. Founded by the Anglo-Saxons around the 5th-7th Century’s as Northwic. The Vikings had a substantial settlement in the 9th Century and by the 11th Century it was the largest City in England outside of London. I could talk about the Normans, who built the fine castle, the influence of the Dutch and the Flemish (the latter introducing pet canaries to England, bred locally in the 16th Century and thought to be the source of the City’s football clubs nickname). But no. This is about the City of Ale. Famously it was once said of Norwich that it boasted a pub for every day of the week and a church for every Sunday. I have not been able to attribute that quote to anyone in particular despite some searching but it is true there are plenty of churches of every denomination but, more importantly to me as an atheist and pub goer (not that they are mutually exclusive you understand) there are PLENTY of interesting, welcoming pubs in ‘The Fine City’. This is despite Hitler destroying around 100 of them, the result of slum eradication in the 60’s and more recently the affects of the Smoking ban introduced in 2007. 35

Researching the population of Norwich I found that 132,200 people live in the centre of Norwich (myself included) whilst the ‘area of Norwich in which most people both live and work’ numbers 376,500. I have been unable to get an accurate figure on the number of ‘pubs’ still operating, hampered by definitions of pubs, bars and other licensed establishments. It’s difficult therefore to say that Norwich has more pubs per capita, or per square mile than anywhere else. In fact whilst in 1873 it could say it boasted a pub for every 121 inhabitants I fear the figure has changed dramatically! My interest lies in what I call a ‘proper’ pub, the community pub, the place you go to for the evening to relax and unwind, chat with regulars. Sadly they are disappearing. The smoking ban has had a huge impact especially for those pubs that can’t offer heated or covered outside smoking areas. The joy of having a pint and a smoke in the bar have gone. So why does it have the lofty title ‘City of Ale’? I prey in aide the comments of CAMRA in its publication 101 Beer Days Out. Whatever one thinks of CAMRA (and that’s an entirely different topic) they have it right here: “Many cities have one beer festival, but, supporting the claims that it is the top and thriving place for real ale, Norwich has two. For more than 30 years CAMRA’s Norwich and Norfolk branch has been organising the Norwich Beer Festival. Held in October in St Andrew’s and Blackfriars Halls, it features more than 200 different real ales. In addition, for the first time in 2011, the city authorities organised their own festival, the City of Ale. Several pub trails and other events were organised with the intention of getting people back into pubs.”

The City has the full support of its local newspaper The Evening News and its daily sister the Eastern Daily Press with its ‘Love Your Local’ campaign regularly featuring local pubs in an effort to highlight the role pubs play in the community and warning punters to either ‘use them or lose them‘. This year was the second CITY OF ALE FESTIVAL. 36

Vapers InAle Issue 1 © As the Evening News put it in an article published on 30/5/12 “The first ever City of Ale festival this time last year proved Norwich to be the true ale capital of England. And the second celebration is set to cement that reputation even further – with even more beers, more pubs and more breweries on offer. There are 45 pubs taking part this year, compared to 30 last time around, and there will be 218 beers – several more than 2011 – to choose from at the festival, which starts tomorrow and runs to Sunday, June 10. Meanwhile, participating pubs are prominently displaying a banner giving the festival a visible profile throughout the city. Last year pubs reported increased sales and footfall, and this year’s programme of events has something for everyone, organisers said. There are pub and brewery-oriented heritage walks conducted by blue-badge guides, a multimedia extravaganza of Norwich’s pub and brewing heritage airing daily on the big screen at Fusion at the Forum. The City of Ale bus – a 1954 LoDekka displaying the City of Ale banner loaned by Eastern Transport Collection – is back, as big and beautiful as ever. St Gregory’s Centre for the Arts in Pottergate will be the festival hub, where, between the launch and closing parties, a range of events will be held including a political debate focused on beer and pub industry issues, a local produce fair, a pub quiz grand final, and a fund-raising auction. The brewers’ market returns to Millennium Plain outside the Forum, showcasing brewers’ stalls with ales to try and buy. There’s even a Bloomin’ Ale Trail organised by Friends of Norwich in Bloom. Norwich in Bloom is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, and visitors will be asked to pick the three pubs they think are the most bloomin’. There will be eight ale trails to follow and these will be kept open until the end of June for people to collect their stamps by visiting them all.”

The City of Ale festival is all about celebrating the heritage of fine pubs within the City and the fantastic ales available from dozens of local breweries that are served in them. Promoting and supporting the pubs and the breweries that supply them. I will continue with future articles on some of the local brews and my favourite pubs in the City with a more obvious focus on those in which vaping is welcome. Mark Davis 37


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What is ECCA UK?

The Electronic Cigarette Consumer Association of the UK was founded in early 2011 to ensure that e-cigarette owners in the UK had a voice. The trade association ECITA had become strongly established at that time and was proving itself the best-organised in the world; we wanted to make sure that the consumers also had representation, and had a strong voice that could present our view to the media and government. There were, and always have been, many different viewpoints represented within ECCA. As one example, some members feel they are still smoking ('e-smoking') but with a much safer method; others feel they have quit and are actually doing something entirely different; still others are somewhere in the middle and say they are using a harmreduction product which is neither one thing nor the other. Nevertheless, all agree that we need to make sure that we are seen and heard, and not ignored in the battles between the various interests that might control the outcome of the regulatory debate or future sales issues. The main influence that ECCA has had up to now is on internet visibility and media affairs. As examples, the world's media come to us for data research because we publish the only wide set of e-cigarette statistics on the web, for the UK and US situation. The NY Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Times (UK), and Euromonitor (the EU commercial data analysts) are some of the enterprises who consult us on world and UK stats and trends. Because of this influence our voice is heard widely. We also carry out projects such as the World Vaping Day event. This was an idea from James Dunworth and Sam Munro that we turned into a global event. The first event in March 2012 was a success even though there was a huge amount of work to do and an impossible timescale; next year's will be massive. The website we created for the event will stay online and become a good resource for community groups worldwide: . Once we have sufficient active members join and participate, there are many more projects that we will be able to undertake. Join today: - and make sure your voice is heard. We need active vapers to speak up, take part, and work for the community. If you are a UK-based vaper, feel strongly about the issues, and are prepared to contribute time and effort: there is a place for you in ECCA UK. Or, just let governments and commercial vested interests squash ecigs for their own benefit. Up to you. Chris Price Secretary of ECCA UK 39

Top Smoking Quotes "If smoking is not allowed in heaven, I shall not go." Mark Twain “I believe that pipe smoking contributes to a somewhat calm and objective judgement in all human affairs.” Albert Einstein “I used to smoke two packs a day and I just hate being a non-smoker…. but I will never consider myself a non-smoker because I always find smokers the most interesting people at the table.” Michelle Pfeiffer "I drink a great deal. I sleep a little, and I smoke cigar after cigar. That is why I am in two-hundred-percent form." Winston Churchill

Top Booze Quotes “Beauty lies in the hands of the beer holder.” Anonymous “He was a wise man who invented beer.” Plato “I feel sorry for people that don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they are going to feel all day” Frank Sinatra “Alcohol, the cause and solution to all of life's problems.” Homer Simpson 40

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LECTRIC VAPE -CIGARETTES and ACCESSORIES Attending Four Local Markets in South Yorkshire Rotherham - Denaby - Hoyland - Penistone 07813131057 Andrew


Vaping and the Blues (Mojo Morgan and The Hoochie Coochie Band) Tony 'Mojo' Morgan and The Hoochie Coochie Band first came to our attention in September 2010. Mojo and the other members of the four piece rocky blues band were ecig users and spreading the word at gigs throughout Pembrokeshire in South West Wales. Mojo Morgan has been performing the Blues for over 40 years. Originally from Coventry, he played bass in numerous Blues bands from the area throughout the 1970s and 1980s. He later moved to Wales, forming The Hoochie Coochie Band which he still fronts as it's lead singer and song writer. The original bass player of The Hoochie Coochie Band, Phil 'Mr Chilli' Corney began using electronic cigarettes in 2009. By the Spring of 2010, he had stopped smoking tobacco cigarettes all together. Mr Chilli's enjoyment and knowledge of ecigs sparked the curiosity of Mojo Morgan, as Mr Chilli was able to 'smoke' on stage at all of their gigs and he was also saving a lot of money. Although Mojo Morgan loved smoking, the spiralling costs of cigarettes and the inconvenience of not being able to smoke whilst performing, convinced him to give ecigs a go. “It's great! Your still getting your hit without tobacco! For me it works out about ÂŁ1 a day, and I'm vaping all day! I have more energy, I can taste and smell now, and I can vape anywhere, and no more coughs in the mornings, plus it's helping my vocals!.....respect...Mojo! “

Mojo's enthusiasm for his newly found alternative to smoking rubbed off on the remaining members of the band and the UK's first Vaping Band was born.


Vapers InAle Issue 1 © Update Mojo Morgan and The Hoochie Coochie Band have the current line up; Mojo on Vocals Davey Jones on Guitar Dom on Bass Terry Beecham on Drums

Mr Chilli has moved on to new projects and continues to use ecigs exclusively. However after six months smoke free, Mojo returned to smoking cigarettes. He had a bad case of the vaping blues. In his own words; “I found it too fiddly all the time! Sometimes it wouldn't work right, and that done my head in!”

All is not lost though. “Sometimes I buy one from the shop just for gig night so I can vape on stage!......much respect... Mojo!

Upcoming Gigs AUG 10: The Station House, Whitland. SEP 29: The Cellar Bar, Cardigan. NOV 10: The Tenby Blues Festival, Tenby.



Vapers InAle Issue 1 ©

CAM-VIP recommends the SD Keyring Finally, after almost two and a half years of trying to find a suitable device (ecig) for pubgoing smokers, such a device has been invented in the UK by Ted Rogers from He is getting the SDK manufactured in China so that the kit can be sold for about the price of 40 cigarettes = £14. The kit consists of a rechargeable battery, a USB charger and two tips called cartomisers which hold the flavoured nicotine containing liquid that is to be 'vaporised'. On the first charge with the first cartomiser, the ecig will last the equivalent to between 10 and 15 cigarettes - just enough for a night IN the pub. A fresh charge and the second cartomiser will see you through the second night socialising INSIDE the pub. Additional cartomisers will cost about £1.50, so the more often you use it, the more money it saves you compared to tobacco cigarettes and the more money you can spend on ale. Why is it better than all the other ecigs out there? • • • • • •

The battery lasts for a full night on the beer. It does not look like a cigarette yet it is small and light enough to feel like one. It is the same size as a King Size cigarette. It has no LED so it can be used discreetly at work or in a strange pub! It is cheaper than cigarettes after 5 nights out - smoking IN the pub. You can hang it around your neck so that you do not lose it at the end of a good night!

It is a slinky little device that comes in a range of flavours. It actually makes smoking enjoyable again.

What can be better than a night in a pub, 'smoking' with your friends and enjoying what the pub has to offer? Support the Great British Pub, support vaping in pubs and let's treat smokers like VIPs again. The SDK can be purchased from many of the supporting vendors BUT if you are a Pub, contact for wholesale prices and quote CAMVIP.


Top Tipples – Great Beer Recommendations (on a lighter note!)

Name of Beer: Trade Winds Abv %: 4.3% Brewery: Cairngorm Brewery Beer type: Ale Description: Light golden in colour with a high proportion of wheat giving the beer a clean fresh taste. The mash blends together with the Perle hops and elderflower, providing a bouquet of fruit and citrus flavours.

Name of Beer: Barnsley Bitter Abv %: 3.8% Brewery: Acorn Brewery Beer type: Bitter Description: A full bodied beer brewed with Maris Otter malt and English hops. The rounded flavour is finished off with a lasting bitter finish. 46

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Top Tipples – Great Beer Recommendations (a couple of strong ones)

Name of Beer: Guinness Foreign Extra Stout Abv %: 7.5% Brewery: Guinness Beer type: Stout Description: This is like distilled bottled Guinness, more flavour and more alcohol. 330ml bottles - a great sipping beer.

Name of Beer: Normans Conquest Abv %: 7% Brewery: Cottage Brewing Co Beer type: Strong Ale Description: brewed with Maris Otter pale, crystal and chocolate malts and hopped with Challenger. It is a full bodied, deep ruby beer with delicious hints of chocolate, bitter orange and vine fruits. 49

Tamworth (The Mecca for Vapers in the UK) In May 2010, following on from the successful York Brewery meet-up of ecig users from the UK Vapers forum, plans were in full swing for the UK's first Vapefest. Finding a venue was to prove difficult at first until organiser Chris Heseltine found a pub in the small town of Fazeley, adjacent to Tamworth, called the Plough and Harrow. The Plough and Harrow had a function room that could accommodate up to 60 people, it was 'vape friendly' and the location, just north east of Birmingham seemed ideal. When asked on the forum why she had not picked central Birmingham as the rail and road links were better, Chris answered; “Cost was playing a big part in this, and most central places are expensive, I decided that the outskirts of the city were a better idea. I searched through quite a few places, and this one stood out as it had most things we were searching for within one venue.”

The first UK Vapefest was held on Saturday 23rd October. Over 50 people attended and it was well supported by the vendors, who donated tombola and raffle prizes, which helped raise funds for the next annual event. Due to the massive success of the event and the way that the vapers were made welcome in the town's Guest Houses,Tamworth instantly became the spiritual home of the UK's ecig users. The Plough and Harrow hosted the first Midland's 'Mini-Meet' in February 2011 but as the year progressed, it became obvious that a bigger venue was needed for the next Vapefest as the numbers showing interest was increasing dramatically. A new organising committee was formed and headed by Wayne Murphy (centre). Around 100 people were expected to attend the event on 22nd October and the ideal venue was found – The Moat House. Wayne's energy and enthusiasm over the next few months resulted in over 300 people attending the event – the largest ever gathering of vapers in the whole of Europe. 50

Vapers InAle Issue 1 Š

(UK Vapefest 2011 at The Moat House, Tamworth)

This year's UK Vapefest will again be held at The Moat House on the 25th August. Already Wayne and the committee are planning for over 800 visitors, utilising the grounds of The Moat House as well as the upstairs function room and downstairs bar. Two marquees are to be erected in the grounds to host the main event which will run from 10am until 5pm. The evening festivities will take place inside from 7pm onwards. The Campaign for Vaping in Pubs will be making it's annual pilgrimage to Tamworth to support UK Vapefest 2012. We hope to see some of you there, it should be a fantastic day. 51

Alston Moor (a vaping paradise)

High in the North Pennines, in the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a short drive from both Hadrian’s Wall and the Lake District, Alston Moor is unique in many ways, from being the highest market town in England to its infamy in being regularly cut-off by winter snow. The poet WH Auden fell in love with the place at a young age and even after he had moved to the USA, he kept an ordinance survey map of the area on his wall.

The small community of Alston Moor, in the heart of the North Pennines, is a brilliant place for a holiday, whether that be a weekend or a longer stay. However, what will come as a great surprise is that it is also a paradise for ecig users. Amongst the wonderful scenery, excellent walks, fascinating historic sites from Roman to recent, and delightful town and villages, are many pubs, cafes and hotels - and you can vape in all of them! Alix Martin is the person to thank for all this - a lifelong smoker, she changed to using ecigs after a serious health condition was diagnosed and has since convinced the various establishments to permit their use after explaining the difference between the vapour and cigarette smoke. Well-known in this community of 2000 people, she now sells ecigs and vaping supplies to many residents and visitors to the town. Alston Moor has always been a relaxing place and now it's been made even more so, for the many ecig users out there. 52

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Getting ecigs into pubs (The ebacconist Project)

2nd June 2012 saw the official launch of the first CAM-VIP ebacconist at a traditional pub in South Yorkshire. The pub is initially stocking a range of reasonably priced disposables, entry level kits and consumables. If successful, the pub will be able to source a greater variety of products from a number of the top online UK vendors. Why is it called an ebacconist? A traditional tobacconist sells a range of cigarettes and tobacco brands. Most pubs which already sell ecigs, only promote one brand, the ebacconist sells and promotes a greater variety of ecigs hence the term ebacconist. Who are the target customers? There are two sets of customers that the ebacconist will be aimed at; • Smokers in the area. • Established vapers in the area. Many smokers still haven't heard of ecigs or they are reluctant to purchase online as they are not sure which ecig will work for them. A physical shop means that they can be given 'in the flesh' advice on the different types of ecigs available and which will best suit their needs. The main focus will be on attracting smokers to the pub to give ecigs a try. There will be information leaflets on how ecigs work, the different components, safety and possible health and financial benefits, over smoking.


The evolution of the ecig community in the UK – Part 1 Electronic cigarettes are a relatively new phenomenon. The current form of ecig was invented in China by a pharmacist called Hon Lik as recently as 2003 and they didn't hit the shores of the UK until 2007. A small online community was formed around a British website called e-cigarette-forum (ECF), set up at the end of that year and soon the community began to grow and diversify. ECF was the starting point for most people 'discovering' ecigs in the early days, whether they were smokers wanting to find out more about the healthier alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes, existing ecig users and enthusiasts or new businesses importing ecigs from China. Soon it became the bustling marketplace it is today, heavily influenced by the largest group of ecig users in the world – the Americans. Our solely UK based story starts in mid 2008 in the area around Blackburn in Lancashire. Within the space of a few miles were the first footings of what would become two of the largest ecig companies in Britain, Totally Wicked and Intellicig. The two companies are both passionate about ecigs and their brands and have taken markedly different routes in promoting ecigs and their businesses, something we will return to in the next issue. Pillbox 38 trading as Totally Wicked (TW) is based in Darwen just south of Blackburn. The charismatic and controversial owner, Jason Cropper, had a major influence on the growth and evolution of the ecig community in the UK in 2009. The new TW forum gave a back voice to the UK vapers that were getting swamped by the Americans over on ECF. Jason saw the social side of ecigs and the growing online community as an important part in promoting and enhancing his brand. Since then, TW and its forum has given a platform to many people who have moved on and diversified into other areas associated with electronic cigarettes either because of, or in spite of, Jason and his company. In late 2009, Jackie Plage set up what was to become the largest independent UK based forum UK Jackie had been an active member on the TW and Liberty-Flights forums (Liberty-Flights evolved out of TW also) and felt the need to set up somewhere that had a UK focus and was independent of the ecig retailers. 2010 saw the forum grow and with it so did the social side of vaping. The first UK meet-up of ecig users was organised via the forum and was held at York Brewery in May 2010. This directly led to the first UK Vapefest in the October that year and subsequently Vapour Trails TV (VTTV). Our own Campaign for Vaping in Pubs (CAM-VIP) was also set up in May as a result of like minds coming together on the UK Vapers forum. 2010 is a fascinating year in the evolution of the UK ecig community in many ways but perhaps the most significant event was the impact of the MHRA consultation document. It showed the community that ecigs were not 'under the radar' of political interference and that we had to work together to ensure that ecigs were regulated not as a medicine. to be continued...


Vapers InAle Issue 1 Š


Do ecigs taste like a real cigarette? The simple answer is NO. There is no burning or smoke so tobacco flavoured ecigs taste more like the way tobacco smells. In fact, as the manufacturers use food flavourings, to make their eliquid flavours, ecigs can be made to taste like almost anything, however they do not taste like smoke.

Do ecigs satisfy like a real cigarette? The satisfaction is not the same although it is similar. The eliquids used in ecigs usually contain nicotine but they do not contain the majority of the other chemicals found in tobacco. Ecigs satisfy the hand to mouth 'action of smoking' and any cravings for nicotine that the smoker may have, but as there is no smoke, there is also no carbon monoxide. The lack of carbon monoxide and tar makes the experience of using an ecig different to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes although many users find it just as satisfying.

What is in the vapour? The majority of the vapour that is exhaled is water along with much smaller amounts of propylene glycol (PG) or glycerine (VG). This is because the visible vapour is formed by the vaporised PG or VG attracting water from the surroundings to it. There may be trace amounts of food flavourings in the exhaled vapour as well.

Does the vapour smell? Most vapours have a slight sweet smell which disperses after a few seconds.

How many cigarettes is one cartomiser the same as? This is an area of much debate and where exaggerations occur with a number of ecig vendors (from 20 to 40 cigarettes each!). There are two basic sizes of cartomiser and CAM-VIP suggests that the smaller one is about the same as ten cigarettes and the larger is worth about fifteen cigarettes.


Vapers InAle Issue 1 © Are ecigs cheaper than traditional cigarettes? After the initial outlay of buying a battery and charger, ecigs are significantly cheaper than traditional cigarettes. The break even point between the cost of cigarettes avoided and the spend on ecigs can be within the first week for most smokers, but this depends upon which ecig they choose and how often they replace their usual cigarettes with their ecig. A conservative example is, a twenty-a-day smoker replaces fifteen of his normal cigarettes by using an ecig. He buys a starter kit that has one battery, one large cartomiser and a charger for £10. He also buys a second battery for £8 to charge while the other is in use. His traditional cigarettes are £6 a pack and each additional cartomiser is £2; Normal spend per week is £6 x 7 = £42 Spend on his new smoking habit is £10 + £8 + £2 x 6 = £30 for his ecig and £6 x 1.75 = £10.50 on his normal cigarettes for the first week. New spend in first week = £40.50 (He has broken even in week1) Future weeks (until his batteries need replacing), the cost is only £10.50 + £2 x 7 = £24.50

A saving of over 40% Are ecigs healthy? Again the simple answer is NO. Breathing any unnecessary substances into your lungs is not likely to be a healthy activity. The PG and VG in the eliquids dry out the throat causing minor irritation and some people have allergic reactions to PG whilst VG can cause phlegm in others. However, using ecigs is considered to pose much less of a health risk than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Can I use an ecig anywhere? Legally, you can use an ecig anywhere. In reality there are many places that do not allow the use of ecigs and there are a variety of reasons are given for those restrictions. It is important that ecig users accept those reasons and adjust their behaviour accordingly. The main reason given by pubs against their use is that it 'looks like smoking and will cause smokers to light up'. There are two ways in which using ecigs can look similar to smoking. The first is by using one that looks like a real cigarette from a distance – white and tan body with a red LED on the end. We suggest that this type of ecig should not be used in a pub. The second reason is that the vapour looks like smoke. We suggest stealth vaping - but only as a last resort.

What is 'stealth vaping'? Stealth vaping is the subversive act of making the use of an ecig invisible to others. The device itself can be disguised by holding it in the palm of your hand. The easiest way to hide the vapour is to take a deep inhale into the lungs and hold it there for a few seconds. On the exhale, almost no vapour can be seen. Stealth vaping is not a satisfying way of using an ecig. We suggest that if the pub you are in objects to ecigs, go outside with the smokers for a while then quickly head on to pubs where you can use them.


The Loco in Haxey (a pub built around steam) Set in the beautiful village of Haxey, in the heart of Lincolnshire's Isle of Axholme, The Loco is a vaping pub with a difference.

“The loco was founded by its one-time chip shop owner, who purchased the locomotive (currently positioned in the bar area) from the local Bentley colliery, intending to use it as a garden barbeque. When he decided to convert the chip shop into a pub, he thought it would be a good idea to make a feature of the loco and theme the entire pub around it. And so it has remained for the last 20 years.” The first thing you notice as you enter the pub is the front end of the old steam locomotive set into the wall next to the old world wooden bar. The seating and overall décor is modern, clean and comfortable. On offer there is the usual selection of lagers, wines, spirits and soft drinks. For real ale lovers, there is also a range of traditional cask ales including a rotating selection of guest beers.

In the pool room, there is a large mural on the wall depicting the Haxey Hood – one of the oldest traditions in England. The Haxey Hood still takes place in the village on the 6th of January (Twelfth day of Christmas), unless it falls on a Sunday. as in 2013, when it is held the day before. During the game, the villagers of Haxey and Westwoodside form a huge rugby-like scrum called a sway and attempt to get the Hood to one of the four pubs in Haxey and Weswoodside. Once the Hood reaches the front step of the winning pub, the landlord is supposed to give everyone a free drink as he takes charge of the Hood until the following year. The Loco is one of the participating pubs and last received the Hood in 2005. 60

Vapers InAle Issue 1 Š The accommodation at The Loco also has a steam theme. Each of the seven rooms is named after an old steam locomotive and displays its picture on the wall. The rooms are compact but they are clean and comfortable. A further attraction of The Loco is its Kashmir Sidings restaurant, serving authentic Indian food and 'steaming hot' curries in addition to traditional fayre. CAM-VIP held a 'Stay Inside' VIP Night at The Loco last February and the vapers who attended were made to feel very welcome. The landlord Ziggy tried a disposable ecig, as did a couple of regulars at the bar, the beer flowed throughout the night and to top it off we all had a curry. The night was a 'steaming' success.

The Loco 31-33 Church Street Haxey Nr Doncaster DN9 2HY Telephone: 01427 752879 (after 4pm) or 01427 753779


At The Cutting Edge (trying to beat the smoking ban)

The smoking ban came into effect in on the 1st July 2007 in England. One pub in Worsbrough, near Barnsley in South Yorkshire made the National news almost two years later with its ingenious interpretation of the law. The Cutting Edge (left) diversified its business to become a 'Smoking Research Centre' in addition to a public house.

The story A regular customer at the pub, studied the law that prohibits smoking in all public places and noticed a loophole. If a building or part of one was solely used for conducting research about smoking, it would be exempt from the ban. The Cutting Edge had a tap room that was separate from the bar area and there was no through route to other rooms, so it could be set up to conduct 'smoking research'. On the 8th May 2009, the research centre opened its doors. Customers were allowed to smoke in the tap room, whilst enjoying a drink from the bar as long as they completed a questionnaire. It asked them how their smoking habits had changed since the introduction of the smoking ban, their age and the number of cigarettes smoked. The research could then be used by academics in colleges and universities interested in the effects of the law. The outcome The interest from smokers wishing to participate in the research saw a massive increase in custom over the weeks following the introduction of the centre. Many pubs enquired as to how they could join in the research by setting up their own centres and Westminster was confused. Unfortunately Barnsley Council were not confused and they enforced the ban stating that the pub was obviously not a test centre or research facility. Within days, the custom declined back to its normal 'post ban' levels and the pub closed soon after. Less than six months later, The Cutting Edge was demolished.


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Profile for Campaign for Vaping in Pubs

Vapers InAle Autumn 2012  

The first issue of the magazine from the Campaign for Vaping in Pubs

Vapers InAle Autumn 2012  

The first issue of the magazine from the Campaign for Vaping in Pubs

Profile for cam-vip

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