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Heavyweight Coat/Sweater Hanger Specifically designed with slanted shoulders to allow for the bulk of heavy sweaters or jackets. Available with long hook or short hook. Available in: FIX-HGR/221256 - 300/17SH Short Hook FIX-HGR/221255 - 300/17LH Long Hook

Heavyweight Dress Hangers Super heavyweight dress/shirt hangers with metal hooks are our most popular hanger. 100 per box. Available in: FIX-HGR/220060 - 920 17" Clear FIX-HGR/221287 - 920B 17" Black FIX-HGR/221670 - 670 14"

Heavyweight Clear Suit Hanger Heavyweight, clear plastic suit hangers with metal hook and metal bar with clothespin clips. Ideal for hanging combination outfits of jackets or shirts with pants or skirts. 100 per box. Available in: FIX-HGR/220055 - 17" Adult FIX-HGR/221281 - 14" Youth FIX-HGR/221283 - 12" Children

Opaque Bridal Hanger During the manufacturing process, chemicals are added to create a crisp, clear hanger. Unfortunately, this chemical reduces the strength of the plastic. Our 17" opaque bridal hangers have avoided this chemical addition resulting in a stronger, milky white hanger that is ideal for wedding dresses or evening gowns. 100 per box. FIX-HGR/220065

Unbreakable Dress/Shirt Hangers Unbreakable dress hangers will almost bend in half before they snap, which means less breakage for you! Complete with built in hanger drop for attaching a skirt/pant hanger to display or stock complete outfits. 100 per box. Available in: FIX-HGR/221320 - Clear FIX-HGR/220320 - Black

Wide Body Display Hangers Walnut Dress Hanger Premium, high varnish, walnut, contoured dress hanger with gold hook. For a high class, elegant look. FIX-HGR/210015

Wide body display hangers are an effective yet inexpensive way to display shirts, dresses, or jackets. Black. FIX-HGR/221100

Disposable Dress Hanger with Bar Disposable plastic dress hangers with support bar are an inexpensive alternative to use as give away hangers. Support bar adds extra strength to the hanger. Available in: FIX-HGR/221967 - Black FIX-HGR/221965 - White

A popular salesman chrome hanger which allows for hanging of lingerie or garments with thin straps. Long, thin neck with loop makes this hanger ideal for use in transportation bags. FIX-HGR/210023


Men's Suit Hanger

Men's Suit Hanger

Men's wishbone suit hangers are a medium width hanger. Black. 100 per box. FIXHGR/221215

Men's regular width suit hangers. Black. 100 per box. FIX-GR/221225

Men's Suit Hanger Wide body, 19" men's suit hangers. The largest suit hanger that we carry. Black. 100/Box. FIX-HGR/221210

Heavyweight Skirt/Pant Hangers

Unbreakable Skirt/Pant Hangers

One of our most popular hanger for skirts as it allows you to hang different sizes of skirts/pants on the same size of hanger. The metal bar with metal clothespin clips makes adjusting the hanger for the correct garment effortless. 100 per box. Available in: FIX-HGR/220045 - 14" Clear FIX-HGR/221663 - 14" Black FIX-HGR/221660 - 12" Clear

Unbreakable skirt/pant hangers will almost bend in half before they snap, which means less breakage for you! 100 per box. Available in: FIX-HGR/220520 - 12" Clear FIX-HGR/220515 - 10" Clear

Soft Lock Hanger Popular for delicate items like satin or leather because of the soft rubber pad that grips the garments. 100 per box. Available in: FIX-HGR/221726 - Black FIX-HGR/221728 - Clear

Hanger Retriever This handy chrome plated hanger retriever with wooden handle will assist you in getting items that are out of your reach. Available in: FIX-HGR/221935 - 52" long FIX-HGR/221930 - 72" long

Hanger Stacker Hanger stackers help you keep your excess hangers behind the counter neat and organized. FIX-HGR/221937


Hanger Reference Guide  

Hangers reference guide

Hanger Reference Guide  

Hangers reference guide