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Voted #1 Shelving Supplier

SAFETY PRODUCTS PROMOTION! Poly-overPack® 20 SalvaGe DrUM • Versatile unit that can directly contain solids and sludges with securit y • With a 1/2 turn lid, this ergonomically designed unit allows for easy access • Nestable • Accepts bottles, cans and 5-gallon pails • Exterior dimensions: 23" top Dia. x 18" bottom Dia. x 19" H • Sump capacity: 20 US gallons • UN rated


MaX® FoaM ear PlUGS • Pre-shaped foam ear plugs with a smooth outer skin • Packed in poly bags • NRR of 33 dB ENPAC • Uncorded • 200 pairs per box

Model No. SAG189 ProMo Price 70.95

Model No. SD630 SAve wHeN you buy 3* boxeS ProMo Price 21.99/box*

SMokerS ceaSe-FIre® aSHTrayS

cHIll-ITS® coolInG BanDanaS

• Safely and quickly extinguis hes cigarettes to reduce the risk of fire • 16 1/2" Dia. x 38 1/2" H • 16-qt. (15 L) capacity galvanized steel liner pail for easy cleaning • FM approved

• Soak in cold water to activate • Tie closure • Reusable Seb134 • One size

Seb128 NH832

Model No. NH832 Grey Model No. Ni378 Beige ProMo Price 59.99

Model No. Seb128 Blue Western Model No. Seb134 Camouflage Model No. Seb136 Red Western Model No. Seb137 Blue Model No. Seb139 Flames SAve wHeN you buy 12* ProMo Price 1.95/eA.*

Pricing in effect until July 5, 2013 or while quantities last. Taxes and freight extra. Issue #SDS5408NA **DUE To cUrrENT mArkET flUcTUATIoNS, PrIcES mAy vAry WIThoUT PrIor NoTIcE.**



SUre-GrIP® eX FlaMMaBle SToraGe caBIneTS

SUre-GrIP® eX PaInT & Ink SaFeTy SToraGe caBIneTS

• Double-wall, welded, 18-gauge construction with 1 1/2" air insulation • Two 2" flame arrester vents • U-LocTM handle comes with two keys, accepts optional padlock • Haz-AlertTM reflective warning labels offer visibility under dark conditions • 43" W x 18" D • Durable yellow powder coat paint finish • FM approved, meets NFPA and OSHA requirements

• Double-wall, welded, 18-gauge construction • U-LocTM handle comes with two keys, accepts optional padlock • Haz-AlertTM reflective warning labels offer visibility under dark conditions • 43" W x 18" D • FM approved, meets NFPA and OSHA requirements


SAP509 Model No.

Capacity Gallons


Adjustable Shelves

Promo Price

44 65

1 2

649.95 799.95

44 65

1 2

719.95 859.95

MANuAl DoorS SAP509 SAP510

Adjustable Shelves

Promo Price

SAQ081 SAQ084

44 65

3 5

699.95 999.95

44 65

3 5

749.95 1095.95

40 60


Dimensions O.D." x H" 11 7/8 x 15 7/8 13 15/16 x 18 1/4 16 1/16 x 20 1/4 18 3/8 x 23 7/16

Capacity US Gal. 6 10 14 21

SAQ083 SAQ086

40 60

SUre-GrIP® eX acID/corroSIve SToraGe caBIneT

• Essential when using solvent cloths and rags • Cover closes automatically when released • Hand or foot operated • FM approved, UL listed

Promo Price 59.95 73.95 79.95 109.95

• Built to the same standards as Justrite® 's flammable storage cabinets • Poly liners on shelves and poly sump liner are removable for easy cleaning • Equipped with a poly cabinet top work tray • Flush-mounted U-LocTM handle accepts optional padlock • Haz-AlertTM reflective warning labels • 43" W x 18" D x 44" H • Capacity: 30 gallons • FM approved, meets NFPA and OSHA regulations

Model No. SAQ057 ProMo Price 844.95

STeel PlUnGer canS • Plunger fills upper pan for soaking • Surplus liquid drains safely back into pan • Brass pump parts resist corrosion • FM approved


Model No. SA129 SA130 SC309


Self-cloSiNG DoorS

30 45

oIly WaSTe canS

Model No. SR357 SR358 SR359 SR360

Capacity Gallons

MANuAl DoorS

30 45

Self-cloSiNG DoorS SAQ021 SAQ023

Model No.

Dimensions O.D." x H" 4 7/8 x 6 7 1/4 x 6 1/2 7 1/4 x 11

Capacity 1 Pint 1 Quart 1 US Gallon

Promo Price 41.95 44.95 45.95

laBoraTory SaFeTy canS Sec080

• Self-closing faucets offer controlled dispensing of hazardous liquids • Fill spouts have self-closing pressure relief caps with built-in vacuum breakers and double mesh flame arresters • Lab faucet allows easier dispensing into containers with small openings • Capacity: 5 US gallons • FM approved Model No. SEC081 SEC080

Description 3/4" Rigid Brass Faucet 3/4" Brass Lab Faucet

Promo Price 124.95 174.95



11-Gallon oIl only TrUck SPIll kIT

DrIP Pan

Contains: 10 sorbent pads, 15" x 18" 3 sorbent socks, 3" x 4' 2 sorbent pillows, 8" x 18" 1 pair of nitrile gloves 1 pair of goggles 1 disposal bag, 26" x 36"

• Filled with polypropylene sorbent for oils, water-based and other non-aggressive liquids • 10 1/2" L x 10 1/2" W x 3" H • Absorption capacity: 1 gallon per pan

Model No. SAK257 ProMo Price 72.95

Model No. DA105 ProMo Price 14.95

13-Gallon UnIverSal SPIll kIT

SPc BaSIcTM UnIverSal SorBenTS


• Economical single-ply sorbents made from melt-blown polypropylene • Absorbs up to 20 times their weight • Perforated to minimize waste • Low linting finish • 15" x 17" • Absorption capacity: 20.5 gallons per package • 100 pads per package

1 14-gallon polyethylene drum 5 sorbent socks, 3" x 4' 5 sorbent pillows, 8" x 18" 1 pair of nitrile gloves 1 pair of goggles 3 disposal bags, 26" x 36"

Model No. SAK225 ProMo Price 149.00

Model No. Seb512 ProMo Price 49.95/PKG.

PIPe leak DIverTer 34-Gallon UnIverSal SPIll kIT Contains: 1 30-gallon polyethylene drum 75 sorbent pads, 15" x 18" 4 sorbent socks, 3" x 10' 1 drain cover, 36" x 36" x 1/16" 1 caution tape, 3" x 500' 2 Tyvek® coveralls 2 pairs of nitrile gloves 2 pairs of goggles 5 disposal bags, 26" x 36"

Model No. SAK227 ProMo Price 279.00

• Keeps fluid leaks off the floor, eliminating slip hazards and chemical exposure • Rugged, 18-oz. coated vinyl construction • Bottom fitting connects to a standard garden hose • 7-gallon fluid capacity • 18" Dia. x 18" H opening • Includes: Bungee cords and hooks for quick installation

Model No. SAG333 ProMo Price 119.95



Poly-overPack® 30 SalvaGe DrUM

ZeneXTM SaFeTy lockoUT PaDlock

• Versatile unit that can directly contain solids and sludges with security • With a 1/2 turn lid, this ergonomically designed unit allows for easy access • Nestable • Accepts up to 16 US gallon drums • Exterior dimensions: 23" top Dia. x 18" bottom Dia. x 30" H • Sump capacity: 30 US gallons • UN rated

• Designed exclusively for lockout/tagout • Durable, lightweight, non-conductive • Keyed different • 1 1/2" clearance • 1 1/2" W x 1 3/4" H x 1/4" shackle diameter • Compliance with OSHA "one employee, one lock, one key" directive • Other colours available


Model No. SAl138 ProMo Price 13.95


Model No. SAH551 ProMo Price 89.95

10-lock lockoUT STaTIon • Integrated, 1-piece molded construction • Reinforced snap-lock clips provide easy padlock and hasp storage and removal • Exclusive translucent lockable cover • Innovative hinge holds cover open • 22" L x 15 1/2" W x 1 3/4" D • Includes: 10 ZenexTM locks, two Safety SeriesTM hasps, 24 Safety SeriesTM heavy-duty bilingual tags

Poly-Dolly® • Transports 55 US gallon drums with ease • Tilts, as self-dispensing station • 10" polyolefin wheels • 69" L x 32 1/2" W x 26 1/2" H • Sump capacity: 80 US gallons • Load bearing capacity: 600 lbs.

Drum not included

Model No. Sb769 ProMo Price 649.00



Model No. SAo605 ProMo Price 295.00

leak conTaInMenT DrUM DollIeS • Polyethylene dolly will not dent, corrode or rust • Handles 45-gallon drums • Solid bottom construction with a 2" lip contains spills up to 5 L • Overall diameter: 24 1/4" • Capacity: 1000 lbs.

PorTaBle lock BoX • Latch TightTM locking mechanism • Accepts 12 padlocks or lockout hasps


Model No. DC466 DC467 DC465

Casters 3" Polyolefin 4" Polyolefin 3" Polyurethane

Height" 6 1/2 7 1/4 6 1/4

Promo Price 119.00 129.00 139.00

Model No. SAl519 ProMo Price 72.95

EMERGENCY RESPONSE on-SITe® GravITy-FeD eyeWaSH • Transparent tank allows maximum visual inspection • Smaller footprint where space is premium • Mounts on waste cart, wall or bench top for maximum flexibility • 15-minute flushing time • Includes: 8-oz. water preservative bottle and safety sign • SEI certified to ANSI standard Z358.1-2009

5 DrencH SHoWer TeSTer • 84" long, watertight, chemical resistant Tyvek® funnel with weighted bottom • 8' telescoping aluminum handle • Convenient way to comply with ANSI specifications

Model No. SAK609 Eyewash ProMo Price 224.95

Model No. SAK611 On-Site® Waste Cart

ProMo Price 264.95

Model No. Sc338 ProMo Price 99.95


WaTer Jel® eMerGency BUrn kIT II

• Ideal for employee incentive programs, gifts, or fund-raising awards • Contains: Insect sting relief, antiseptic swabs, moist towelettes, hand sanitizer, safety pins, scissors, splinter forceps, instant cold pack, and antiseptic towelettes

• Contains an assortment of sterile burn dressings and Cool Jel® • Bacteriostatic gel formulation works quickly; provides cool and soothing temporary relief of pain, protects against contamination and stops burn progress • Packaged in a wall-mountable 16-unit plastic container with gasket

Model No. SAy233 ProMo Price 17.95

Model No. SAy459 ProMo Price 110.00

InSTanT colD PackS

STerIle PlaSTIc recTanGUlar BanDaGeS • Cushion wounds and protect against infection while allowing skin to breathe • Absorbant non-adherent pad keeps the wound clean and dry • Strong adhesive holds the dressing in place • Latex-free • Water resistant • 3" L x 1" W • 100 bandages per box

Model No. SAy285 ProMo Price 4.95/box

• Easy to activate for emergency use • Reaches 32°F (0°C) within seconds • Single use


Model No. SAY516 SAY518

SAVE when Dimensions" 4 x 6 6 x 9

you buy 6* 1.10/Ea.* 1.40/Ea.*



Z1300 SerIeS SaFeTy eyeWear

Z1100 SerIeS GoGGleS

• Modern design with extended wraparound coverage • Scratch-resistant polycarbonate clear lenses with UV protection • Ultra soft non-slip nosepiece • Non-slip rubber temples for superior comfort and fit • Distortion-free • Compliant with CSA standard Z94.3

• Wraparound style provides excellent 180° panoramic vision • Extremely flexible soft PVC goggle body for greater comfort • Impact resistant, polycarbonate anti-fog lens, ideal for high humidity applications • Indirect vent increases air flow and protects against dust, fumes, and chemical splash • Adjustable elastic headband • Compliant with CSA standard Z94.3

Model No. Sec953 SAve wHeN you buy 6* ProMo Price 3.45/eA.*

Model No. SAx300 SAve wHeN you buy 3* ProMo Price 5.75/eA.*

roBSon PolarIZeD SaFeTy eyeWear • Patented highly flexible black nylon frame • Polarized lens feature a special filtering layer that blocks out reflected light from below and glare from above • Soft megol pads on temples for improved comfort • Blocks 99.9% of UVA/UVB/UVC rays • MCEPS GL-PD 10-12 compliant • Certifed to CSA standard Z94.3

DakUra vaPor SHIelD SaFeTy eyeWear • Highly flexible black nylon frame • Scratch and fog resistant lenses • Soft megol temple tips for improved comfort • Blocks 99.9% of UVA/UVB/UVC rays • MCEPS GL-PD 10-12 compliant • Certified to CSA standard Z94.3



Model No. SEG800 SEG801 SEG802 SEG803 SEG804

Lens Tint Copper Smoke G-15 Silver Mirror Blue Mirror Gradient

SaFeTy eyeWear DISPenSer • Compact unit designed to hold up to six pairs of safety eyewear • Dust cover to isolate eyewear • Wall or table mount • 9" W x 6" D x 3" H

Promo Price 35.99 35.99 35.99 35.99 37.90

Model No. SeG831 Clear Model No. SeG832 Smoke ProMo Price 22.95

BIonIcTM SHIelDS FaceSHIelD • Lightweight and balanced ergonomic design for extended use • Extended chin and top-of-head protection • Adjustable headgear offers four tilt positions, that allows visor to be positioned nearer or further from face • Comfortable cell foam head bridge • Comfortably worn with most goggles and respirators • Compliant with CSA standard Z94.3


Model No. SeD048 ProMo Price 74.99

Model No. SAK421 SAK422

Description w/Clear Uncoated Faceshield w/Clear Anti-Fog Faceshield

SAK423 SAK426

Replacement Faceshield Clear Uncoated Replacement Faceshield Shade 5.0 Uncoated

Promo Price 23.99 36.79 5.59 23.19



7700 SerIeS HalF-MaSk reSPIraTorS

2200 n95 reSPIraTorS

• Made of soft, non-allergenic silicone • Low pressure profile gives a wide field of vision and room for protective eyewear • Cradle suspension gives an even seal without creating pressure points

• Dura-Mesh® shell resists collapsing in heat and humidity • Molded nose bridge seals easily without a metal nose band • Naturally contoured facepiece relieves pressure points • Flame retardants are added to the shell to help decrease flammability • Size: Medium/Large • 20 respirators per box • NIOSH approved

cartridges sold separately

Model No. Zc352 Small Model No. SM802 Medium Model No. SA788 Large ProMo Price 22.95

Model No. Se451 ProMo Price 17.95/box

aIrWaveTM n95 reSPIraTorS • Dura-Mesh® shell adds lasting durability • Exclusive easy-breathing wave design • Less resistance, better breathability • FlexFitTM comfort wave flexes with you • Size: Medium/Large • 10 respirators per box • NIOSH approved

GaS & vaPoUr carTrIDGeS • Two per package


Model No. See821 ProMo Price 15.95/box Model No. ZD796 SM901 SM900

Cartridge Type Organic Vapour Acid Gas Multi-Gas

Promo Price 9.75/Pkg. 10.25/Pkg. 10.49/Pkg.

coMBInaTIon GaS & vaPoUr carTrIDGeS

n95 ParTIcUlaTe reSPIraTorS • Provides excellent worker protection • Lightweight construction • Adjustable nose clip with soft foam nosepiece • Dual rubber strap design • Latex-free • NIOSH approved

• Combined protection of both a gas and vapour cartridge, and a P100 filter • Two per package


Model No. SM797 SI782 SM906

Cartridge Type Organic Vapour Acid Gas Multi-Gas


Promo Price 18.95/Pkg. 18.95/Pkg. 19.49/Pkg.

SAS498 Model No. SAS497 SAS498

Description W/O Exhalation Valve W/Exhalation Valve

Qty /Box 20 12

Promo Price 9.59/Box 10.95/Box



Peak a79 HarD HaTS

oMeGa II cSa TyPe 2 HarD HaTS

• High density polyethylene shell • Side slots for attaching accessories • Adjustable headband with perforated sweatband • Ratchet adjustment • Certified to CSA standard Z94.1-05, Type 1, Class E

• Molded from high-density polyethylene for maximum comfort and protection • Cushioned brow pad absorbs moisture and is removable and washable • Impact-absorbing nylon-woven suspension with easy ratchet adjustment • Reverse headband certified • Certified to CSA standard Z94.1-05, Class E

Model No. SH141 White Model No. SH142 Yellow Model No. SH143 Orange Model No. SH144 Navy Blue Model No. SH145 Green ProMo Price 9.95

Model No. SAx826 Yellow Model No. SAx827 Blue Model No. SAx828 White Model No. SAx838 Dark Blue ProMo Price 23.99

JaZZ BanD® HearInG ProTecTorS

PUra-FIT® FoaM ear PlUGS

• Soft foam pods gently cap ear canal • Offers superior comfort and increased compliance and convenience • Optional breakaway neck cord allows Jazz Band® to hang around neck when not in use • NRR of 25 dB, 22 dB under-the-chin • Includes: Cord and replacement pods

• Tapered for easy insertion • Bright green colour for easy compliance checks • Non-irritating, smooth surface for added comfort • NRR of 33 dB

Model No. Se922 SAve wHeN you buy 12* ProMo Price 6.29/eA.*

Model No. SR831 SAG837

Description Uncorded Corded

Pairs /Box 200 100

THUnDer® earMUFFS • Non-deforming comfort headband • Ventilated inner headband and soft pads • Quick-Click height adjustments • Dielectric design for electrical environments



Model No. SAK150 SAK152

Description T1, Headband T3, Headband

NRR dB 26 30

Promo Price 8.49 19.99

SMarTFIT® ear PlUGS • Superior comfort and fits almost every wearer • Detachable cord system and Hearpack® storage case • NRR of 25 dB • Corded • 100 pairs per box

Model No. SAK348 ProMo Price 77.99/box

SAVE when you buy 3* boxes 28.99/Box* 29.99/Box*


9 FIrSTTM HarneSS • One adjustable dorsal D-ring with supple back plaque • Polyester webbing for durability • Zinc-plated stamped steel hardware • Pass-thru leg and chest closures • Certified to CSA standard Z259.10, Class A

• Web lifeline with self-locking hooks • Compact and lightweight • Durable aluminum housing • Certified to CSA standard Z259.2.2-98, Type 1 SRL


Model No. Seb371 ProMo Price 44.95 Model No. SEB349 SEB350

Harness Connection Swivel Snap Hook Rebar Hook

Length' 10 20

Promo Price 199.95 379.95

conSTrUcTIon & General MaInTenance Fall ProTecTIon kIT • One TitanTM full body universal sized harness with mating buckle leg straps (SN066) • One TitanTM 6' (1.8 m) tubular shock-absorbing lanyard (SN069) • One TitanTM 6' (1.8 m) cross arm strap anchorage connector • Harness certified to CSA standard Z259.10-12, Class A • Lanyard certified to CSA standard Z259.11-05, Class E4

Model No. Sr532 ProMo Price 129.95

SUSPenSIon TraUMa SaFeTy STraPS • Allow a suspended worker to stand up in the harness while waiting for rescue, relieving downward pressure • Deploy when needed and hook together in seconds • Can be quickly attached to most to most harness brands in the field field design • Compact, lightweight design stays out of your way • Sold per pair

DUraFleX® UlTra HarneSSeS • Designed for superior comfort, fit, and safety performance • Back D-ring pad designed with breathable material and quickly orients harness for tangle-free donning • Quick-connect buckles for chest and leg straps feature a dual-tab release mechanism to prevent accidental opening • Universal fit • Certified to CSA standard Z259.10-06, Class A

Model No. SAK309 SAK310

D-Rings Back Back and Side

Promo Price 159.95 169.95

MIller® ManyarD® II SHock-aBSorBInG lanyarDS • Unique stretchable design offers manoeuvrability and safety • Specially woven shock-absorbing core reduces fall arrest forces • Red core makes visual inspection easier and more reliable • Certified to CSA standard Z259.11-05, Class E4


Model No. Seb436 ProMo Price 23.95/PAir

Model No. SAH530 SAH531

Anchorage Connection Snap Hook Rebar Hook

Promo Price 74.95 149.95


STanDarD QUalITy SMooTH GraIn coWHIDe FITTerS GloveS

• Absorbent cotton-lined palm • Performs better in wet applications than cowhide grain or split leather • Superior comfort and breathability • Good abrasion resistance • Better dexterity than cowhide leather • Full leather-tipped fingers and knuckle strap provide increased protection • Safety cuff provides good protection

Model No. SAo156 Large SAve wHeN you buy 24* PAirS ProMo Price 1.55/PAir*

• Excellent comfort and durability • Superior abrasion resistance • Resists oil and water absorption better than split leather • Unlined palm for improved dexterity and sensitivity • Size: Large

SAo051 SAo156

Model No. SAP353 X-Large SAve wHeN you buy 24* PAirS ProMo Price 1.60/PAir*

• Premium cow grain palm and index leather construction • Top split cowhide leather • Velcro tab for adjustable fit • 5" cuff for superior protection

• Good abrasion resistance • Absorbent cotton-lined palm • Fluorescent yellow back and two grey reflective stripes for maximum visibility • Full leather-tipped fingers and knuckle strap • Rubberized safety cuff • Size: Large

Model No. SEE287 SEE288 SEE289 SEE290 SEE291

Model No. SeD160 SAve wHeN you buy 12* PAirS ProMo Price 2.99/PAir*

GraIn coWHIDe PaTcH PalM FITTerS GloveS

Model No. YC386 SAJ497 SAP230 SEC594 SAP234

SAVE when you Size Small Medium Large X-Large 2X-Large

ZM100 MecHanIc GloveS • Ergonomic style and superior comfort • Hook and loop cuff for an adjustable fit • Synthetic leather palm and fingers offer superior protection


SAVE when you Description Standard Quality, Safety Cuff Better Quality, Safety Cuff Better Quality, Rubberized Cuff Better Quality, 4 3/4" Gauntlet Cuff Superior Quality, Rubberized Cuff

Model No. SAo051 Unlined Model No. SAo052 Cotton-Lined SAve wHeN you buy 24* PAirS ProMo Price 2.69/PAir*

PreMIUM QUalITy coWHIDe leaTHer GloveS


• Superior abrasion resistance • Excellent comfort and durability • Resist oil and water absorption better than split leather • Absorbent cotton-lined palm • Full leather-tipped fingers and knuckle strap • Size: Large


buy 24* pairs 2.29/Pr.* 2.39/Pr.* 2.49/Pr.* 2.59/Pr.* 2.59/Pr.*

Model No. Seb047 Medium Model No. Seb048 Large Model No. Seb049 X-Large Model No. Seb050 2X-Large SAve wHeN you buy 12* PAirS ProMo Price 8.59/PAir*

buy 12* pairs 4.65/Pr.* 4.79/Pr.* 5.19/Pr.* 5.49/Pr.* 5.59/Pr.*



HyFleX® 11-500 GloveS

HyFleX® 11-601 GloveS

• Black foam nitrile palm coating • Cut resistant stretch Kevlar® liner provides a comfortable fit • Extended cuff offers extra cut protection around the wrist • Meets ANSI/ISEA 105 level 2, EN388 level 2 for cut resistance • Accepted for use in Canadian food processing facilities

• Light-duty polyurethane-coated, knit nylon liner • Silicone-free • Snug fit for maximum dexterity and tactile sensitivity • Palm dipping technology - keeps back of hands and knuckles open, reducing hand fatigue and promoting comfort and coolness • Cool and comfortable, seamless • Accepted for use in Canadian food processing facilities

Model No. SAw931 Size 6 Model No. SAw932 Size 7 Model No. SAw933 Size 8 Model No. SAw934 Size 9 Model No. SAw935 Size 10 Model No. SAw936 Size 11 SAve wHeN you buy 12* PAirS ProMo Price 6.99/PAir*

Model No. SAw975 Size 7 Model No. SAw976 Size 8 Model No. SAw977 Size 9 Model No. SAw978 Size 10 SAve wHeN you buy 12* PAirS ProMo Price 2.19/PAir*

HyFleX® 11-627 GloveS

HyFleX® 11-800 GloveS

• Dyneema innovative yarn liner with polyurethane coating • Exceptional cut resistance with an optimal layer of Dyneema® • Lycra® and nylon combined for excellent dexterity • Polyurethane palm coating for excellent grip • Accepted for use in Canadian food processing facilities

• Grey foam nitrile palm coating, knit nylon liner • Excellent grip for light oil applications • Resistant to abrasion • Accepted for use in Canadian food processing facilities


Model No. SAy080 Size 6 Model No. SAy081 Size 7 Model No. SAy082 Size 8 Model No. SAy083 Size 9 Model No. SAy084 Size 10 SAve wHeN you buy 12* PAirS ProMo Price 12.19/PAir*

Model No. SAw921 Size 6 Model No. SAw922 Size 7 Model No. SAw923 Size 8 Model No. SAw924 Size 9 Model No. SAw925 Size 10 Model No. SAw926 Size 11 SAve wHeN you buy 12* PAirS ProMo Price 3.99/PAir*

naTUral rUBBer laTeX GloveS

MecHanIX® orIGInal GloveS

• Cotton flock-lined • Embossed diamond pattern provides superior grip • Chlorinated for easy donning • 12" length, 15-mil thick • Accepted for use in Canadian food processing facilities

• Ultra-thin molded TPR (Thermal Plastic Rubber) hook and loop cuff closure • Index finger knuckle reinforcement band • Lycra® insert panels between fingers • Easy-on, easy-off pull-tab

Model No. SAN467 Size 7 Model No. SAN468 Size 8 Model No. SAN469 Size 9 Model No. SAN470 Size 10 SAve wHeN you buy 48* PAirS ProMo Price 0.90/PAir*

Model No. SAN421 Size 7 Model No. SAN422 Size 8 Model No. SAN423 Size 9 Model No. SAN424 Size 10 Model No. SAN425 Size 11 SAve wHeN you buy 3* PAirS ProMo Price 20.95/PAir*



cHIll-ITS® coolInG ToWel BanDana

rZ PoncHo

• Advanced PVA towel material keeps you cool without the bulk • Activates quickly and easily when soaked in water for 2-5 minutes • Lightweight and low profile • Tie closure for a personal fit • One size

• 0.10-mm thick yellow unsupported single-ply PVC material • Ultrasonically-welded seams • One size fits all

Model No. Sec684 ProMo Price 3.49

cHIll-ITS® coolInG ToWel • Reusable • Advanced PVA material holds water without feeling heavy • Super-evaporative, feels significantly cooler than ambient air • Wear for hours, or wipe off for quick relief • Reduces effects of heat stress and fights fatigue • Hand wash • One size

Model No. Seb126 ProMo Price 10.49

cHIll-ITS® evaPoraTIve coolInG veSTS • Soak in cold water, and enjoy cooling relief and comfort • Constructed of a quilted nylon outer layer, water-repellent liner and activated polymer-embedded fabric inside • V-neck with zipper closure • Lightweight, durable and washable

Model No. SAP936 Medium Model No. SAP937 Large Model No. SAP938 X-Large Model No. SAP939 2X-Large ProMo Price 39.95

Model No. SAZ708 SAve wHeN you buy 12* ProMo Price 2.75/eA.*

rZ300 raIn SUITS • 0.20-mm thick unsupported yellow PVC material • Jacket features storm flap, dome snaps, two patch pockets and a detachable hood • Bib overall pants feature fly front • Take-up snaps • Non-conductive fasteners • Ultrasonically-welded seams

Model No. SAZ709 SAZ710 SAZ711 SAZ712 SAZ713 SAZ714 SAZ715

Size Small Medium Large X-Large 2X-Large 3X-Large 4X-Large

Promo Price 6.95 6.95 6.95 6.95 6.95 7.30 7.55

Tyvek® HooDeD coverallS • Inherent barrier protection against dry particulate hazards • Even after abrasion, stops submicron particles better than reusable garments • Serged seams, front zipper closure, elastic wrists and ankles

Model No. SAS042 SAS043 SAS044 SAS045 SAS046 SAS047

Size Medium Large X-Large 2X-Large 3X-Large 4X-Large

Promo Price 5.49 5.49 5.49 5.79 6.19 6.79



ProFleX® 380 kneelInG PaD

SUnScreen SPF 30

• Comfort for static kneeling situations • Closed-cell foam is non-conductive, resistant to petroleum, and silicone-free • Convenient handle • Compact size for optimal portability • 14" W x 21" L x 1" thick

• Broad spectrum protection against UVA/UVB rays • Water resistant and sweat resistant • PABA-free • Dermatologist tested












JD319 JD321

Model No. Seb125 ProMo Price 39.95

HoneycoMB lonG caP Gel knee PaDS • Patented suspension design redirects pressure away from the patella • Lightweight gel protection and stability • Upper and lower elastic sleeves hold knee pad in place • Fulfills requirements of EN 14404:2004 • Sold per pair

Model No. Seb124 ProMo Price 62.95/PAir




Model Promo No. Description Size Price JD319 Individual Pouches (50/box) 10 ml 32.55/Box JD320 Lotion Bottle 120 ml (4 oz.) 4.99/Ea. JD321 Bottle Spray 220 ml (7 1/2 oz.) 7.99/Ea. JD322 Lotion Bottle 1 litre (34 oz.) 21.59/Ea.

SkeeTSaFe® InSecT rePellanT • 25% DEET formula provides up to 6 hours of protection • Convenient-sized 110 g aerosol can, may be stored in a tool box, glove compartment or first aid kit



Model No. JD315 ProMo Price 5.85



• Encourages proper lifting posture • Adjustable 2-stage straps permit optimal level of tension • Double closure on cinch straps permits more adjustment options • 8" reinforced primary belt • Machine washable

PUrell® 70 InSTanT FoaM HanD SanITIZer

Model No. See905 Small Model No. See906 Medium Model No. See907 Large Model No. See908 X-Large Model No. See909 2X-Large ProMo Price 14.95

Model No. SbA838 SAve wHeN you buy 2* ProMo Price 42.25/eA.*


EAU! SbA838

• Purell® in a 70% ethyl alcohol, fragrance-free antiseptic cleanser • Effective in destroying certain bacteria • Contains vitamin E and glycerine • 1200-ml refill

TfxTM ToucH-free DiSPeNSer Model No. SAQ139 ProMo Price 19.99




cSa coMPlIanT TraFFIc SaFeTy veSTS

PolyeSTer SaFeTy veSTS W/conTraSTInG STrIPeS

• Lightweight and comfortable, fluorescent orange or lime-yellow sports mesh knit fabric provides daytime visibility • 2" silver reflective stripes offer maximum nighttime visibility • Front velcro enclosure permits optimal fitting • Machine washable • Meets CSA standard Z96-09, Class 2, Level 2 requirements

• Fluorescent lime-yellow wicking polyester material • 4" fluorescent orange/silver stripes • 5-point tear-away • Machine washable • Meets CSA standard Z96-09, Class 2, Level 2 requirements

Model No.

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orANGe SEB698 SEB699 SEB700 SEB701

Model No.


liMe-yellow Medium Large X-Large 2X-Large

7.95 7.95 7.95 7.95

SEB702 SEB703 SEB704 SEB705

Medium Large X-Large 2X-Large

rZ900 raIn SUITS • 0.35-mm thick high-visibility lime-yellow triple layer laminated PVC/Polyester/PVC • 3MTM ScotchliteTM reflective material for maximum visibility • Jacket features storm flap, dome snap fasteners, two patch pockets, corduroy collar and detachable hood • Bib overalls feature fly front, adjustable suspenders and adjustable waist snaps • Non-conductive fasteners and ultrasonically-welded seams • Meets CSA standard Z96-02, Class 3, Level 2 requirements Model No. SEC310 SEC311 SEC312 SEC313 SEC314 SEC315 SEC316

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Size Small Medium Large X-Large 2X-Large 3X-Large 4X-Large

Promo Price 47.95 47.95 47.95 47.95 47.95 48.95 49.95

TraFFIc coneS W/collarS • 100% PVC construction offers maximum flexibility and durability • Superior temperature resistance Seb770 • High-density interlocking base • Fluorescent orange colour provides high visibility • 3MTM high intensity collars • Meets Ministry of Transportation regulations for Quebec, Ontario and Alberta Model No. Description SEB770* 18" w/6" collar SEB826** 28" w/4" collar SEB772* 28" w/4" and 6" collars *QC, ON, AB **ON, AB

Promo Price 13.50 17.00 24.25

7.95 7.95 7.95 7.95

Model No. SAR636 SAR637 SAR638 SAR639

Size Medium Large X-Large 2X-Large

Promo Price 16.95 16.95 16.95 18.95

MoDUlar SPeeD BUMP • Durable, recycled yellow PVC embedded with six reflective yellow plates • Modular system can connect to make your desired length (6', 9' 12' or longer) • 36" L x 10 1/2" W x 2" H • Two 1" underside channels for cabling/hosing • Each 3' section includes one end cap and one connector clip • UV protected with a 3-year guarantee • Installation hardware included

Model No. Sec432 ProMo Price 59.95

TenSacone® ToPPer • Transforms your traffic cones into a cost effective temporary barrier system • Fits securely to the top of most standard traffic cones • Retracting heavy-duty belt provides up to 12' of barrier • Orange with 13' red and white diagonal stripe belt

cones not included

Model No. SAQ141 ProMo Price 75.00



MIGHTy SonIcTM SIGnal Horn

Heavy-DUTy Work lIGHTS

• Lightweight, portable, long lasting safety horn • 100% ozone safe and non-flammable • Delivers a piercing 120 dB blast at 10' • Easy push-button operation • 8-oz. canister

• Weatherproof, powder-coated steel construction • 4' to 8' telescopic twin head • Shock-resistant double insulated wiring • Twin-head independently adjustable 360° • Two 10-A switches • Two 500-W colour-corrected quartz halogen bulbs included, lights up to 14 000 sq. ft.

Model No. SAK518 ProMo Price 32.95

MeGaPHone • Features pistol grip and trigger for 1-hand operation • 25-W peak, 15-W RMS power output, up to one mile carry sound range • Weight: 3.9 lbs. (with batteries) • 15" L x 9" H (cone diameter) • Requires eight "C" batteries (XB874) not included

Model No. xA141 ProMo Price 298.00

SelF-rIGHTInG Work lIGHTS • Provides 360º high output lighting • Self-righting, repositions to upright when knocked over • String them in a series or use individually • No set-up, plugs into a 120 VAC supply • XC746 comes with a fluorescent bulb • XC332 and XC334 come with metal halide bulbs • Certified for sale in Canada by an accredited certification body


Model No. See894 ProMo Price 105.00

PorTaBle InTerlockInG BarrIer • Ideal for directing people in areas where crowd control is required • Rugged welded steel construction • Feet are removable so railing will lay flat for shipping and storage • Includes connectors to attach multiple units together • Overall dimensions: 102" L x 40" H • Distance between vertical bars: 7" • Rail diameter: 1 5/8" • Weight: 56 lbs. • Galvanized finish

Model No. XC746 XC332 XC334

Watts 85 175 400

Lumens 5000 15 000 40 000

Lighting Area' 15-25 30-42 78-110

Promo Price 169.00 345.00 419.00

AcceSSorieS Model No. XC335 XC747

Description 180° Arc Reflector Shield for XC332 and XC334 180° Arc Reflector Shield for XC746

BarrIcaDe TaPe • Ideal for indoor and temporary outdoor usage • 2-mil polyethylene • 3" x 1000' roll

Model No. See395 ProMo Price 120.00


Model No. SAJ609 ProMo Price 11.25

Promo Price 21.95 21.95


SQWIncHer® lIQUID concenTraTe lITe

• Specially formulated no-stir formula • Screw-on cap allows you to reseal and store the bottle • 64-oz. bottle size yields 5 gallons

• Contains the same levels of sodium and potassium as normal Sqwincher® • Sugar-free • Zero carbs, zero calories • Formulated for diabetics or those watching their daily carbohydrate intake • 64-oz. bottle size yields 5 gallons

Model No. Sr934 Orange Model No. SAf862 Grape Model No. Sr933 Lemonade Model No. Sr935 Fruit Punch Model No. Sr936 Lemon-Lime Model No. Sr937 Tropical Cooler Model No. SAP552 Mixed Berry ProMo Price 14.95

Model No. SAN533 Fruit Punch Model No. SAN534 Lemon-Lime Model No. SAN536 Orange ProMo Price 13.95


SQWIncHer® FaST Pack®

• Sugar-free • Simply tear open, pour into a 20-oz. bottle of water and shake • Fifty 0.11-oz. packets per box

• Simply open a packet, add water to fill, then drink • Each packet yields 6 oz. • Fifty 0.6-oz. packets per box

Model No. SAP496 Mixed Berry Model No. SAN506 Fruit Punch Model No. SAN505 Orange ProMo Price 29.95/box

Model No. SAf872 Lemonade Model No. SAf874 Lemon-Lime Model No. SAf878 Orange Model No. SAf873 Fruit Punch ProMo Price 22.95/box

SQWIncHer® SQWeeZe FreeZer PoPS • Freeze the Sqweeze and enjoy the refreshing taste of flavoured ice while replenishing your electrolytes • Contains an assortment of orange, grape, lemon-lime, cherry and mixed berry flavours • 150 assorted 3-oz. individual packages per box

5-Gallon WaTer cooler W/cUP DISPenSer • Injection grade insulated liner material keeps your water or beverage cold • Leak-resistant screw-on lid • Drip-resistant spigot • Cup dispenser holds 200 cups

cups not included

Model No. SAM804 ProMo Price 67.95/box

Model No. oN607 ProMo Price 44.95

Pricing in effect until July 5, 2013 or while quantities last. Taxes and freight extra. Issue #SDS5408NA **DUE To cUrrENT mArkET flUcTUATIoNS, PrIcES mAy vAry WIThoUT PrIor NoTIcE.**

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