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ALLEZ | SPECIALTY SHOP: IDENTITY Audience  /  Fashion conscious professionals in their 20s and 30s Category  /  Branding and identity Components  /  Branding strategy across multiple platforms Purpose  /  To provide an array of styles in men’s and women’s ties and scarves.


ALLEZ | SPECIALTY SHOP: MARKS SYSTEM A clean typographic approach is used to reflect sophistication and communicate the purpose and products. The illustration appears classic and well-established, which creates a level of sophistication and high fashion.

Secondary Marjk

ALLEZ | SPECIALTY SHOP: PRODUCTS & SERVICES Offering an assortment of tie and scarf styles to finish the look of any outfit in accordance with the unique look and taste of Allez’s clientele. Also offering Style by Appointment, a personal session with a fashion professional to discuss how to wrap up their style.

| SPECIALTY BRAND ALLEZ IDENTITY SHOP: MAGAZINE FEATURES Allez advertisements Equis ma dollaborit reium will be hitfound quidele in nditate magazines ceaque that vendit provideaut definitive facerios ipsunt, niam, vollaut la of coverage pernam, today’sque style net and quam culture. alitas acerion nisciant es ab invellu ptatectatur rerupta temquatiis nonecta speliati coria nobis atisin event.

| SPECIALTY BRAND ALLEZ IDENTITY SHOP: BILLBOARDS Billboard Equis ma formats dollaborit will reium be wallscapes, hit quidele advertising nditate ceaque signsvendit measuring aut facerios up to ipsunt, niam, vollaut 60’ x 100’. la pernam, The adsque willnet showcase quam alitas candid acerion style in nisciant character es ab with invellu the Allez ptatectatur rerupta client online temquatiis community nonecta photography. speliati coria nobis atisin event.

Not shown to scale*




Scarf Packaging

Tie Packaging



In accordance to the clean feel already established, the Allez product packaging is simple and void of color, allowing the product – and the personality of the client – to peek through the cintainer.

ALLEZ Identity System

ALLEZ | SPECIALTY SHOP: BRAND BOOK The brand book provides an overview of Allez’s visual identity and guidelines for use across all media types.

88 | 9

FRIENDS & FOES Audience  /  First and second grade students who are interested in nature and science Category  / Print Components  /  Book Purpose  /  To provide a keepsake piece for an insect exhibition which highlights beetles from a unique perspective, “Friends and Foes.” This keepsake piece provides poems about six of the more common beetles.


National Zoological Park Beetles Exhibition



Beetles Exhibition

Beetles Exhibition

National Zoological Park

Friend cover FRIENDS & FOES: COVERS The booklet is divided into two opposing sections. Each section includes a poem and information about its featured beetle.

National Zoological Park

Foe cover

Friends introduction spread

FRIENDS & FOES: SPREADS Poems and information are accompanied by colorful illustrations throughout the book.

Friend spread

Foe spread

Foe spread

NEWSLETTER Audience  /  Business professionals Category  / Print Components  /  Newsletter Purpose  /  To create a document that informs distributors of the latest and greatest innovations from Playtime Inc.



NEWSLETTER: COVER The four-color newsletter is shipped to selected distributors of Playtime Inc.’s products.

Self-mailer (folded)

Inside spread

NEWSLETTER: INSIDE SPREAD The “Whistle Stop Red” is carried throughout the newsletter and is reflected in the informative graphic.

IMPRESSIONIST ART WEBSITE Audience  /  Students interested in art Category  / Web Components  /  Website Purpose  /  To inform students of the Impressionist art movement as well as discuss the five most influential Impressionist artists.

Impressionist Art

It was a movement from working in the studio to painting outside.

IMPRESSIONIST ART: INTERACTIVE VIDEO The interactive video informs the viewer of key facts about the Impressionist art movement.

Featured artist page

Home page

IMPRESSIONIST ART: ARTIST PROFILE The website provides the user with information about the art movement and artist, and provides links to additional resources from accredited journals and encyclopedias. Each painting located on the artist page allows the user to zoom and see details of the featured painting.

FAMILY REUNION Audience  /  Family and Friends Category  /  Print and Web Components  /  Invitation Purpose  /  Create an invitation to a overdue reunion of friends and family.


BRAND IDENTITY Equis ma dollaborit reium hit quidele nditate ceaque vendit aut facerios ipsunt, niam, vollaut la pernam, que net quam alitas acerion nisciant es ab invellu ptatectatur rerupta temquatiis nonecta speliati coria nobis atisin event.

Home page

FAMILY REUNION: WEBSITE To accompany the reunion experience, family and friends would be able to RSVP digitally. The website will host a forum to post stories and photos, and learn the story behind the squirrel.

Story page

RSVP page

FAMILY REUNION: INVITE The invitation invites family and friends to bring their signature foods, stories and memories to the reunion.

SUSHI EXHIBIT EXPERIENCE Audience  /  35–55 year old adults Category  /  Experience design Components  /  Exhibit design, experience map, and visual guidelines Purpose  /  Create an overview of the rice+ campaign, which aims to change the perspective of individuals in the age group 35–55 who will not eat sushi.

SUSHI EXHIBIT EXPERIENCE MAP The map charts the overall experience through each touchpoint, starting from noticing the exhibit banners to visiting the sushi bar.

Eat More Sushi

UNCONVENTIONAL CALENDAR SYSTEM Audience  /  Health-conscious individuals Category  / Packaging Components  /  Water bottles Purpose  /  Produce a functional calendar system featuring the typeface Bauer Bodoni

Bodoni Water Calendar System

CALENDAR SYSTEM Each bottle displays the month’s holidays.

CALENDAR SYSTEM The twelve-month calendar system partners up with your body to promote a healthier live style.

MINDSHARE EVENT Audience  /  Members of the Grand Rapids Michigan community, donors, school teachers and administrators. Category  /  Event design Components  /  Print and environmental graphics Purpose  /  Create materials for the primary event of the Grand Rapids Student Advancement Foundation, which is held every spring to raise both friends and funds to support the youth of Grand Rapids public schools.

BRAND IDENTITY Equis ma dollaborit reium hit quidele nditate ceaque vendit aut facerios ipsunt, niam, vollaut la pernam, que net quam alitas acerion nisciant es ab invellu ptatectatur rerupta temquatiis nonecta speliati coria nobis atisin event.

MINDSHARE: CUSTOM PHOTOGRAPHY Art direction and management of Brian Kelly’s on-location photo shoot in the Grand Rapids Public Schools.

Save the date post card

MINDSHARE: SAVE THE DATE & GUEST TICKET Invitees received a sneak peak into the 2011’s MindShare theme with the Save the Date post card. Guest Tickets are received after as tickets to the event.

Guest Ticket

Invitation Envelope

RSVP card

MINDSHARE: EVENT INVITATION & RSVP The concept “Believing Starts Here” promotes the idea that believing starts with students and their education. The theme shows real Grand Rapids students in their actual learning environment.

MINDSHARE: MONROE DOORS Custom photography is digitally printed on dual view film applied to main street-level entrance doors.

MINDSHARE: MAIN GARAGE ENTRANCE Chalkboard concept extended to the main garage door entrance.

MINDSHARE: LED KIOSK LED screens cycle throughout the night.

MINDSHARE: ELEVATOR SIGNS Signs place into the elevators welcoming the guest the event. The welcome signs are replaced with a thank you signs at the end of the evening.

MINDSHARE: WELCOME BANNER The seven-and-a-half-foot welcome banners are placed at the event to great the guest.

MINDSHARE: NAME TAGS Guest receive a hand written name tag to fit within the theme.

Pledge card Event program MINDSHARE: EVENT PROGRAM & PLEDGE CARD At the guests’ table, they will receive an event program listing donors and sponsors, along with a chance to play a tic-tac-toe with a neighbor. Placed at the table, the pledge card allows attendees a chance to donate at the MindShare event.

MINDSHARE: EVENT T-SHIRTS Student performers will wear MindShare T-shirts during the event.

Thank you.


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