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Basic Speaking Spanish With Regard To Holiday Resort Vacationer S Heading off of on vacations ? wish to speedily learn some easy how to speak spanish words along with paragraphs to utilize generally there ? see this article, and you will be on the way. after composing my in-dept review of the Melia Cayo father christmas maria resort resort with nearly hundred images included , i decided to publish this informative article to find out how to better talk to and obtain my desires across to the holiday resort staff on my following travel to my new favourite destination , Cuba. This article will be intended to be a useful , little information stuffed with helpful how to speak spanish words along with words to utilize while holiday resort visiting. It's designed to visiting from resorts , along with covers your how to speak spanish you'll require while having on the smorgasboard eating place , drinking Mojitos on the pub , taking activities etc. The phrasing will be everyday , due to the fact honestly , who's formal during trip. I’ve also included my own variation of enunciation to generate saying the word what as easy as possible , along with underlined the various components of your expression which should be emphasized when they talk. Virtually any glitches along with omissions you need to forgive. As always , i enjoy getting the comments , consequently do abandon your remarks beneath. Once you learn a less strenuous way to point out some thing within how to speak spanish , let me know. We will commence : USING GREETINGS In latina nations around the world , it is usual to kiss and lick individuals on both cheekbones once you meet. Between guys there are side smoothies or perhaps cuddles. Good morning = ¡Buenos dias! -say this specific until noon, a dozen :00PM (noticable bu-wen-nos dee-ass) Good afternoon = ¡Buenos tardes! -say this specific after noon one :00 PM (noticable bu-wen-nos tarr-dess) Good evening = ¡Buenos noches! -say this specific at dusk after 9PM (noticable bu-wen-nos no-chess) WORDS regarding DAYS Day = el dia( ell dee-ah) Days = shedd dias( los dee-ass) Now = ahora ( a-how-rra) Today = hoy ( oye)

Tomorrow = la mañana (la man-nee-yah-na) Day after next week = pasado mañana (pa-sad-doe man-nee-yah-na)) Yesterday = ayer ( ah-year) This week = esta semana ( ess-sta say-maw-na) Next week = la semana próxima (la say-man-na prrox-e-ma) HAVE a new how to speak spanish CONVERSATION hi there and Hello = ¡Hola! ( oh la) Good afternoon = ¡Buenos tardes! ( bu-wen-nos tarr-des) How do you think you're ? = ¿Cómo estás? ( co-mo ess-tass) Fine, and you also ? = Estoy bien ¿y tú? ( s-toy bee-n. Elizabeth too) Well, say thanks to you = Bien, gracias ( bee-en, grra-see-ass) Good = Bueno (bu-when-no) Do you communicate british ? = ¿Habla usted inglés? (ab-la oo-stead in-glaice) I`m i'm sorry , i simply communicate a little Spanish = Lo siente, hablo sólo n't poco español (low see-en-tay, ab-low sew-low oon po-co ess-pan-nee-ol) I don’t comprehend Spanish = no comprendo español (no com-pren-doe ess-pan-nee-ol) Please communicate slowly = por prefer , hable más lentamente (porr fa-borr, ab-lay mass len-ta-men-tay) What do you think you're doing today ? = ¿Qué haciendas hoy? (kay ah-see-en-das oye) Nothing a lot , you ? = nada mucho, b tu.

(naw-the moo-chow, ee-two) We're exploring beach = Vamos a new la playa (va-mose a new la plad-ya) Have entertaining ! = ¡Diviertas! (dee-vee-airr-tass) Thanks, have a very great day = Gracias ¡Buen dia! (grra-see-ass bu-when dee-ah) Same to you = Igualmente (e-gual-men-tay) Until later on ! = ¡Hasta luego! (ass-ta loo-eh-go) See you tomorrow = ¡Hasta mañana! (ass-ta man-nee-yah-na) Goodbye = ¡Adios! (ah-thee-os) Bye = ¡Chao! (chow) Minute = el minuto Minutes = shedd minutos (me-new-toe(ersus )) Morning = la mañana (la man-nee-yaw-na) Noon = el mediodia (ell may-they-oh-ree-ah) Midnight = la medianoche (la may-the-ah no-chay) Hour = la hora Hours = las horas (oh-rra(ersus )) *in your morning = p la mañana (day la man-neey-aw-na ) *in your afternoon = p la tarde (day la tarr-day) *in your evening = p la noche (day la no-chay) When these are clock time , utilize words "every day ", "within the day " along with "through the night " with your hr to differentiate between early morning , noon along with night.

What time would it be ? = ¿Qué hora es? (kay oh-rra ess) It's eight am = boy las ocho p la mañana (sonn lass oh-choe morning la man-nee-yaw-na ) It's four :16 am = boy las cuatro b cuartro p la mañana (sonne lass quat-trro elizabeth quat-trro morning la man-neeyaw-na ) It's one :forty five pm = boy las cuatro menos dos p la tarde (sonn lass quat-trro may-noss doss morning la tarr-day) It's three :thirty pm = boy las tres b advertising p la tarde (sonne lass trraize elizabeth may-the-ah morning la tarr-day) It's your five oclock = boy las cinco en punto (sonn lass sink-co en poon-toe) It's being unfaithful pm = boy las nueve p la noche (sonn lass new-eh-vay morning la no-chay ) It's ten :thirty pm = boy las diez b advertising p la noche (sonn lass dee-aiz elizabeth may-the-ah morning la no-chay) _________________________________________________________ DISTINCTLY CUBAN TRIVIA • Cuba is the largest and a lot western carribbean island; thrice bigger than Hispaniola (Haiti/Dominican Republic), being unfaithful times bigger than Jamaica, along with a dozen times bigger than Puerto Rico. To Cuba's southern will be Jamaica, north will be sarasota , eastern will be Hispaniola along with west , your Yucatan Peninsula. Appetizers = el aperitivo (eh la-pay-re-tee-vo)) Snacks = las meriendas (las may-re-en-dass) A meal = la comida (la co-me-the) Breakfast = el desayuno (ell day-sigh-you-no)

Lunch = el almuerzo (eh lal-moo-air-sew) Dinner = la cena ( la say-nah) Buffet = el bufé (ell boo-fay) DISHES Plate = plato (plat-toe) Saucer = platillo( pla-tee-yo) Bowl = bol (bol) Cup = la taza ( ta-sa) Glass = el vaso (el ba-sew) Salad bowl = la ensaladera (len-sa-la-day-ra) Fruit bowl = el frutero (el froo-tay-ro) __________________________ UTENSILS Utensils = shedd utensilios (los who-ten-see-lee-oh) Knife = el cuchillo (ell coo-chee-yo) Fork = el tenedor (ell teh-nay-door) Spoon = la cuchara (la coo-char-ra) Tongs = la tenaza (la tay-ma-sa) Butter knife =cuchillo p mantequillo (coo-chee-yo morning man-tay-key-yo) GENERAL food SENTENCES Yes, now i'm hungry = cuando , tengo hambre (see, teng-go am-brray) It tastes quite good = sabe muy buen (sa-vay moo-ee bwen) Is generally there any longer ? = ¿Hay más (eye mass) What is the fact that ? = ¿Que es esto? (case toe?) Yes, you are able to take my plate = cuando. Llévatelo mi plato

(see, yeah-bay-teh-low me pla-to) I loved your supper quite much = me gusté mucho la comida (may goose-tay moo-choe la co-me-tha) When does your treat pub available ? = ¿A qué hora hace el snack-bar abierto? (goodness me kay aura bum el snack-bar ah-vee-air-toe) When does your eating place near ? =¿Cuándo cierra el restaurante (quan-doe see-airr-ra el res-tal-raunt-tay) Where is the mediterranean sea eating place ? = Dónde está el restaurante Mediterráneo (Done-day es-ta el rest-tal-raunt-tay May-dee-ta-ran-nee-oh ) _______________________________________________________ BREAKFAST SENTENCES Is generally there any longer ? = ¿Hay más? (eye mass) Another java please = Otro café por prefer (oh-trro ka-fay pore fa-borr) I would really like orange liquid , please = me gustaría jugo p naranja, por favor (may goose-tar-ee-ah who-go morning nah-ran-ka pore fa-borr) I'll possess a couple of ova , toasts along with green tea , please = Habré dos huevos, skillet tostado b té, por favour (ah-vray dos way-bows kon skillet tos-ta-dos ee tay pore fa-borr) Scrambles ova to me , thanks = Para mi, shedd huevos revueltos, gracias (pa-rra may possibly shedd way-bows rray-boo-el-toes, gra-see-ass) I'd such as my lean beef grilled some more = Quisiera mi chorizo más cocinado (key-see-air-rra me cho-re-zo mass co-see-nad-tho) Can you take a lot more serviettes , please = me traer mas servilletas por prefer (poo-eh-day trra-air mass sair-vee-yet-tas porre fa-borr) _______________________________________________________ BREAKFAST CONDIMENTS Jelly = la jalea (ha-lay-ah) Jam = la mermelada (la mer-may-la-the) Marmelade = mermelada p naranja (la mer-may-la-the morning na-ran-ka)

Syrup =el almibar (ell al-me-var) Honey = miel (mee-el) Sugar = asuzcar (ah-zoo-car) Salt = Sal (sawl) Black pepper = pimienta (pee-me-en-ta) Butter = mantequilla (man-tay-key-ya) Hot pepper sauce = salsa picante (sal-sa pee-kant-tay) Peanut butter = mantequilla p cacahuete (la man-tay-key-ya morning kaka-way-tay) __________________________ Napkin = la servilleta (la sair-vee-yet-ta) BREAKFAST FOOD Breakfast = el desayuno ( ell day-sigh-you-no) Cereal = el cereal (ell say-ray-al) Oatmeal = la avena (lah-bee-na) EGGS Eggs = Huevos ( way-bows) Soft boiled Eggs = Huevos tibios ( way-bows tee-vee-os) Scrambled Eggs = Huevos revueltos ( way-bows rray-boo-el-toes) Hard boiled Eggs = Huevos duros ( way-bows do-rruss) Fried Eggs = Huevos fritos ( way-bows free-toes) Omelette = la tortilla p huevos (la tort-tee-ya morning way-bows) BREADS Bread = el skillet ( ell pann) Toast = skillet tostado (pann toes-ta-doe)

Bread roll = el panecillo (ell pan-ne-see-yo) French toast = Tostadas franceses (toes-ta-das fran-chay-zays) Pancakes = crepes (crraipe) Muffin = el bollo (ell bow-yo) MEAT Bacon = el tocino (el toe-see-no) Ham = el jamón (el ha-mon) Sausage = el chorizo (ell cho-riz-zoe) _______________________________________________________ COFFEE Coffee = café (ka-fay) Coffee with milk = café scam leche (ka-fay kon lay-chay) Coffee black = café solo (ka-fay sol-low) Cuban coffee = café Cubano (ka-fay coo-va-no) Capuccino = capuchino (ka-poo-chee-no) Expresso = espresso MILK Milk = la leche (la lay-chay) Condensed milk=leche condensada (la lay-chay con-den-sa-da) *with milk = scam leche (con lay-chay) WATER & JUICE Water = la agua (lagg-wah) Coconutnormal water = agua p coco (lagg-wah morning ko-co) Juice = jugo (who-go) Orange juice = jugo p naranja (who-go morning na-ran-ka) Apple juice = jugo p manzana

(who-go morning man-san- na) Mango juice = jugo p mango (who-go morning mang-go) Guava juice = jugo p guayaba (who-go morning gua java) Grape juice = jugo p uva (who-go morning ooh-va) Lemonade = la limonada (la lee-mon-nad-the) Lime juice = Jugo p lima (who-go morning lee-ma) TEAS Tea = el té (ell tay) Mint tea = el té p menta (ell tay morning men-ta) Green tea = té verde (ell tay vairr-day) Iced tea = el té helado (ell tay eh-lad-tho) _______________________________________________________ DISTINCTLY CUBAN TRIVIA • Cuban meals gain from your combined several cultures; how to speak spanish , carribbean , Tainos along with Ciboney residents , african along with asian foods to call a few , almost all thrown jointly. • TraditionalCuban supper staples consist of chicken or perhaps beef, greens such while plantains along with tubers, grain along with beans. • Mojo is often a Cuban sauce that may be created using extra virgin olive oil , cut don't forget the onions , garlic clove , salt , several spices or herbs which includes oregano along with cumin, along with sour orange liquid. _______________________________________________________ LUNCH * food SENTENCES Yes, you are able to take my plate = cuando , llévatelo mi plato (see, yeah-bay-teh-low me plat-toe) I'll possess a couple of please = Tomare dos, por prefer (toe-marr doss porre fa-borr) What time does your eating place available regarding lunchtime ? = ¿Cuándo hace el restaurante abierto para el almuerzo?

(quan-doe ah-say ell res-toe-rant-tay ah-bee-air-toe parr-ra al-moo-air-so) Excuse me , may i have a very blade ? = ¿Perdón, me podrías traer n't cuchillo? (pear-donne, me po-drree-ass try-er oon coo-chee-yo) What is the brand of this fish ? = ¿Que es sony ericsson nombre p este pescado? (kay ess point out nome-brray morning ess-tay pess-ka-doe ) What is that this ? = ¿Que es esto? (case toe?) Can we have yet another ? = ¿Me traes otro? (me try-ess oh-trro) _______________________________________________________ LUNCH CONDIMENTS Mayonnaise = mayonesa (la ma-joe-nay-sa) Ketchup = salsa p tomate (sal-sa morning toe-mat-tay) Mustard =la mostaza (mos-ta-sa) Salt = Sal (sawl) Black pepper = la pimienta (la pee-me-en-ta) Hot pepper sauce = salsa picante (sal-sa pee-kant-tay) Vinegar = el vinagre (ell vee-nag-grray) COOKING STYLE *Fried = frito (free-toe) *Stuffed = relleno (ray-yen-no) *Grilled = a new la plancha (a la plan-cha) *Breaded = empanizado (em-pa-nee-sa-doe) *in garlic = 's mojo p ajo (al moe-yoe deh a-yo) *in ointment sauce= a new la crema (a la krray-ma) *with bacon = scam tocino

(con toe-chee-no) *with cheese= scam queso (con quay-sew) *with mushrooms = con champi単ones (con cham-pee-nee-o-ness) *with gravy = scam salsa (con sal-sa) LUNCH FOODS Lunch =el almuerzo (el al-muweer-sew) Food/Meal = la comida (co-mee-the) Sandwich =el sandwich (el san-way-itch) Pastry = empanada (em-pa-na-the) Salad = ensalada (en-sa-laa-da) French fries = las papas fritoes (las pa-paahs free-toes) Hot dog = el perro caliente (ell pay-rrow ka-lee-en-tay) hamburger= la hamburguesa (la am-bure-gay-sa) SOUPS Soup(ersus ) = sopa(ersus ) (sew-pa (pas) Soup with the day = Sopa del dia (sew-pa del dee-ah) Broth = caldo (cal-doe) Lentil soup = sopa p lenteja (sew-pa morning len-take-ha) Fish soup = sopa p pescado (sew-pa morning pess-ka-doe) Onion soup = sopa p cebolla

(sew-pa daysay-vol-yah) MEAT Meat = ternera (tay-nay-ra) Turkey = elpavo (ell pa-bow) Chicken = el pollo (ell poe-yoe) Beef = ers (rraise) Steak = bistec (bees-tech) Shreaded meat stew = ropa vieja (roe-pa bee-eh-ha) Pork = cerdo (sairr-doe) Pork chops = chuletas (chew-lay-tass) FISH Fried fish =pescado frito (pess-ka-doe free-toe) Fish stew = guiso pescado (gui-sew pes-ka-doe) Fish =el pescado (ell pess-ka-doe) Filete p pescado = fish fillet (fee-lay-teh day pess-ka-doe) _______________________________________________________ VEGETABLES Vegetables = verdura (bear-doe-ra) Potato = la patata (la pa-ta-tah) Sweet potato = el boniato (ell bun-knee-yat-toe) Carrots = las zanahorias (las san-na-ore-ree-ass) Onions = las cebollas (las say-vol-yahs) Garlic = el ajo (eh la-ho) Corn = el maíz(ell my-eace) Bell pepper = aji (ah-he) Beans = shedd fríjoles (los free-koll) Black beans = shedd fríjoles negros

(los free-koll nay-grow) FRUITS Fruit(ersus ) = fruta(ersus ) (froo-ta(ersus )) Bananas = shedd plátanos (los pla-tan-nose) Coconut = el coco (ell coe-coe) Custard apple = chirimoya (la chee-bee-moe-ja) Grapes = las uvas (las ooh-vas) Grapefruit = la toronja (la toe-ronne-ha) Guava = la guayaba (la gua-java) Lemon = el limón (ell lee-monne) Lime = lima (ell lee-ma) Mango = el pear (ell mang-go) Melon = el melón (may-lonne) Orange = la naranja (la naw-ran-ha) Papaya =papaya (pa-pad-ya) Pear = la pera (la pay-ra) Pineapple = la piña (la peen-yah) Plantains =llantén (los jan-tens) Strawberries = las fresas (las fray-sass) Tomato = el tomate (el toe-mat-tays) Watermelon = la sandía (la sand-dee-ya) _______________________________________________________ DISTINCTLY CUBAN TRIVIA • The Cuban supper "ropa vieja," which in turn looks like along with translates to "previous garments ," is often a tasty traditional meal of shredded meat shank along with grain with peas. • Sofrito is often a toast Cuban preparing using don't forget the onions , oregano, garlic clove , eco-friendly all kinds of peppers , african american pepper along with extra virgin olive oil. Olive oil is easily the most used cooking food oil. _______________________________________________________ DINNER * food SENTENCES I'd such as my cheeseburger effectively done = Quisiera mi bistec bien cocinado

(key-see-air-ra me biss-tech co-see-nad-tho) What's regarding sweet ? = ¿Qué crecen p postre? (kay eyesight morning pos-trray) We're able to order now = Estamos listos hacer nuestro pedido (ess-sta-moce lis-tose a-sair new-ess-trro pay-dee-though) Is generally there virtually any apple pie left ? = ¿Hay algún light p manzana restante (eye al-goon pass-tell morning man-san-na rest-tant-tay) Does which meal possess chicken inside ? = ¿Hace este plato tiene cerdo en eso? (a-say ess-tay plat-toe tee-en-nay sairr-doe en ess-sew) _______________________________________________________ DINNER CONDIMENTS Ketchup = salsa p tomate (sal-sa morning toe-mat-tay) Salt = Sal (sawl) Black pepper = la pimienta (la pee-me-en-ta) Hot pepper sauce = salsa picante (sal-sa pee-kant-tay) DESSERT Fresh fruit = la fruta fresca (la froo-ta frresk-ka) Fruit plate = el plato p fruta (ell pla-toe deh froo-ta) Yoghurt = yogur (joe-gore ) Apple pie = light p manzana (pass-tell morning man-san-na) Cake = light (pass-tell) Cookies = las galletas (las gal-yet-tas) Macaroon =el macarrón (ell mac-ka-rronne) Bread pudding = pudin p pan (pu-din morning panne) Sweet potato pudding = Boniatillo (bon-nee-ah tee-yo) Ice cream =el helado (ell eh-la-though) DINNER FOODS Dinner = cena (say-na)

Rice = arroz (ah-ross) Brown rice = arroz integral (ah-ross in-tay-grralle) Fried rice = arroz frito (ah-ross free-toe) CHICKEN Chicken = pollo (poe-yo) Fried chicken = pollo fritos (poe-yoe free-toes Breaded chicken = pollo empanizado (poe-yo m-pa-ni-sa-doe) MEAT Meat = ternera (tay-nay-ra) Beef = ers (rraise) Steak = bistec (bees-tech) Shreaded beef = ropa vieja (roe-pa bee-eh-ha) Pork = cerdo (sairr-doe) Pork chops = chuletas (chew-lay-tass) Lamb = el cordero (el coor-day-roe) Veal = la ternera (la tay-nairr-ra) FISH Fish = el pescado (ell pess-ka-doe) Fried fish = pescado frito (pess-ka-doe free-toe) Fish stew = guiso pescado (gui-sew pes-ka-doe) Red snapper = el pargo rojo (ell parr-go row-hoe) Filete p pescado = fish fillet (fee-lay-teh dayh pess-ka-doe) Fishsticks = barritas p pescadoes (las bar-rree-tass morning pess-ka-does)

SEAFOOD Seafood = shedd maricos (los marry-koss) Crab = el cangrejo (ell can-grrec-co) Clams= la almejas (lal-may-ka) Lobster = langosta (la lang-go-sta) Shrimp = camarón (el ca-ma-rronne) Oysters = la ostras (los-trras) Squid = el calamar (ell ka-la-marr) Swordfish = el pez espada (ell paiss ess-spad-the) Salmon = el trout (ell sal-monne) Shark = el tiburón (ell tee-voo-ronne) _______________________________________________________ DISTINCTLY CUBAN TRIVIA • "Guantanamera," one of the extremely popular Cuban songs, will be of a guy whom dropped your really like of your peasant girl from Guantanamo. • Rumba, Mambo along with Cha-Cha are dances/music which originated from Cuba, nonetheless they furthermore created the Tango, boy , Bolero, Conga, and more.

BAR & DISCO SENTENCES Another rounded , please = Otra ronda, por prefer. (oh-trra ronn-da porr fa-borr) Cheers! = ¡Salud! (sa-lude) Can i get some its polar environment , make sure you ? = ¿Me traes algún hielo, por prefer ? (may trry-ess al-goon e-ello) I want to ask an audio lesson ? = ¿Quisiera pedir una canción? (key-sair-rah pay-deer oon-na can-see-onn) Can i get a new ale make sure you ? = ¿Me podrías traer una cerveza por prefer ? (may poe-dree-as trry-er oon-na sairr-bay-sa porre fa-borr) Give me another one , please = Déme otro, por prefer (day-may oh-trro, porr fa-borr) _______________________________________________________ CHAMPAGNE * drink WORDS

Cocktail = cóctel (cock-tell) Champagne = el champán (ell cham-pann) Champagne along with orange juice = champán b jugo naranja (cham-pann b who-go na-rran-ka) Mojito = el mojito (ell moe-he-toe) Margarita = margarita (marg-ga-ree-ta) BAR & DISCO WORDS Bar = el pub (ell barr) Disco = la discoteca (la disco-tech-ah) Barstool = el taburete (el ta-boor-rray-tay) Waiter = camarero or perhaps señor (ca-ma-rrear-oh)and (say-norre) Waitress = camarera or perhaps señorita (ca-ma-rrear-ah)and (say-norre-ree-ta) Table = la mesa (la may-sa) Music = la música (la moose-see-ka) Muscian = el músico (ell moose-see-co) Song =la canción (la kan-see-onn) DRINKS along with booze WORDS Ice = el hielo (ell e-ello) Drink = bebida (bay-vee-the) Alcoholic drink = bebida alcoholica (bay-vee-the al-co-oh-lee-ka) Bottle of wine = botella p vino (la bow-tay-ya morning bee-no) Red wine = el vino tinto (ell bee-no teen-toe) White wine = el vino blanco (ell bee-no blawnk-co) Beer = la cerveza (la sairr-bay-sa) Rum along with coke = ron b Coca-cola

(rronn elizabeth coca-cola) Vodka =vodka (vod-tka) Cognac = coñac (co-nee-ack) Gin along with tonic = gin tonic Rye = centeno (sen-ten-no) Scotch = escocés (ess-co-says) Tequila = tequila (tay-keel-la) Whiskey = whisky (wiss-ski) _______________________________________________________ ACTIVITIES & adventures SENTENCES At precisely what time does your lesson begin ? = ¿A qué hora empieza la lección? (ah kay oh-rra em-pay-za la lex-see-on) When does archery commence ? = ¿Cuándo comienza el tiro scam arco? (quan-doe com-men-sa ell teer-rro scam are-co) Call a taxi to me please = Por prefer , llame a new n't taxi para mí (porre fa-borr, ja-may a new oon taxi pah-rra may) Where's your day spa ? = ¿Dónde está el day spa ? (donne-day ess-sta ell spa) How a lot can it expense ? = ¿Cuánto cuesta? (quan-toe quest-ta) Can i light up right here ? = ¿puedo fumar aquí? (pu-way-doe foo-mar ah-key) How long is the trip ? = ¿Cuánto dura la excursión? (quan-to do-rra la ex-coo-see-onn ) Where is the local bathroom ? = ¿Dónde está el baño más cercano? (donn-day ess-sta ell ban-nee-yo mass seer-kan-no) _______________________________________________________ EXCURSION WORDS Car rental = alquiler p coches (al-key-lair morning co-chay) Diving = buceo (boo-say-oh) Excursions = excursións (ex-coors-see-ons) Go fishing = a new pescar (ah pess-karr) Hiking = excursionismo (ex-coors-see-on-knees-moe) Scuba diving = el submarinismo (ell soo-ma-rin-niss-mo) Tours = las giras (las he-rras) Tourist attractions =

atraccións turísticas (ah-track-see-ons too-riss-tee-kas) Tour guide = guía turístico (men ) (ghee-ha too-riss-tee-co) RESORT action WORDS Activity = la actividad (la ak-tee-vee-dal) Archery = el tiro scam arco (ell tee-row scam are-co) Baseball = béisbol (base-bol) Beach volleyball =balonvolea p playa (ell va-lon-voe-lay-ah day-pla-ya) Bicycles = las bicicletas (lass bee-see-clay-tas ) Exercise = el ejercicio (ell eh-hair-see-see-oh) Lessons = las lección (las lex-see-ons) Pedal boat = bote p your pedal (bow-tay morning pay-thal) Snorkeling = snorkeling Sports = deportes (day-poor-tays) Swimming = la natación (la na-ta-see-on) Swimming pool = la picina (la pee-see-na) Tennis = tenis (ten-neice) Tennis court = cancha p tenis (can-cha morning ten-neice) Water skiing = esquí náutico (ell les-ski now-tee-co) Water sports = el deporte náutico (ell day-poor-tay now-tee-co) _______________________________________________________ DISTINCTLY CUBAN TRIVIA • Cuban matches are considered among the best in the world ; very valued because of their distinctive tastiness along with designs. • Cohiba, the very best acknowledged make of Cuban cigars is merely stated in constrained levels from 1st top quality results in pick.

_______________________________________________________ HOTEL space & space assistance SENTENCES Please clear your bathtub, make sure you. = Por prefer , limpie la bañera. (porr fa-vorr lim-pee la van-nee-air-rrah) Could we obtain an additional wedge pillow ? = ¿Nos trae una almohada adicional? (noss trry-eh oon-na al-moe-ah-the ah-dee-see-ion-al) Could we obtain a new wake-up phone from 6AM? = Nos podríamos traer una llamada p despertarse en las seis p la mañana? (noss poe-dree-ah-moss trry-air oon-na ja-mad-the morning des-pair-tarr-say en las saize morning la man-nee-yaw-na, porr fa-borr) I'd want to get some fresh towels = Quisiera algunas toallas nuevas (key-see-airr-ra al-goo-nas toe-eye-yas new-eh-vas ) There's a problem with all the safe = crecen algo mal scam la caja fuerte (eye al-go mal scam la ka-ha foo-wair-tay) There's no hot water within space 30 = no crecen agua caliente en la habitación treinta (no eyesight ah-gwah ka-lee-en-tay the la ah-bee-ta-see-on trrent-ta) _______________________________________________________ HOTEL space SERVICES To rinse garments = lavarse la ropa (la-var-say la row-pa) Laundry = lavandería (la la-van-day-ria) Room service = servicio a new la habitación (sair-vee-see-oh a new lah-vee-ta-see-on) Maid/cleaner = character p limpieza (pair-sew-na morning lim-pee-eh-sa ) Bellboy = botón (bow-tonn) HOTEL space WORDS Hotel room = la habitación Bathroom = elbaño (ell ba-nee-yo) Dirty = sucio (take legal action against see-oh) Shower =la ducha ( la do-cha) Sink = el lavabo (ell la-ba-bow) Soap = el jabón (ell ha-bon) Towels = las toallas ( las toe-eye-yas) Safe = la caja fuente (la ka-ha foo-en-tay) Hot water =el agua caliente (ell ah-gwah ka-lee-n-tay) Bed sheets = las sábanas p camas

(las sa-wah-nas morning ka-mas ) Toilet paper = el papel higiénico (ell paw-pell e-gee-eh-nee-co) Air conditioner = aire acondicionador (aire ah-con-dee-sion-na-door)

SHOPPING SENTENCES How a lot creates this change expense ? =¿Cuánto cuesta esto? (quan-toe quest-ta ess-toe?) What is the fact that ? = ¿Que es esto? (case ess-toe?) It’s too tiny regarding me = me queda chico (may keh-the chee-co) It’s too big regarding me = me queda grande (may keh-the grran-day) It doesn’t suit me = no me queda (no may possibly keh-the) I'll take it = hey lo tomaré (jaw reduced toe-marr-eh) What are you experiencing ? = ¿Qué tienes? (kay tee-eh-ness) That's too much = Esto es demasiado (ess-toe ess day-mass-see-ah-tho) _______________________________________________________ JEWELRY along with art work GOODS Art = el arte (ell art-tay) Abstract art work = el arte abstracto (ell art-tay ab-stract-toe) Jewelry = las joyas (lass hoy-ass) Anklet = la ajorca (la-hore-ka) Bracelet = el brazalete (ell bra-sa-lay-tay) Necklace = el training collar (ell co-jarr) Ring = el anillo (ell ah-knee-yo) SHOPPING GOODS Bathing fit = n't traje p baño (oon trra-hay morning ban-knee-yo) Blouse = la blusa (la blue-za) Cap = n't gorro (oon horr-roe) Clothes = la ropa (la rrow-pa) Dress = n't vestido (oon bess-tee-tho) Flip-flops = las chanclas

(las chank-la) Hat = n't sombrero (oon some-brray-roe) Pants = shedd pantalones (los pan-ta-lon-nays) Sandals = las sandalias (lass san-da-lee-ass) Shirt = la camisa (la ka-me-sa) Shoes = shedd zapatos (los sa-pat-toes) Skirt = la falda (la fal-da) Sunglasses = las hafas p sol (lass sah-fass morning sol) _______________________________________________________ DISTINCTLY CUBAN TRIVIA • your Bee Hummingbird, the smallest hummingbird in the world , and also the smallest fowl within the world, will be indigenous to Cuba. • Cuba has only several animals that really are a danger to human beings ; one of which is the vulnerable Cuban crocodile. Surprisingly , there aren't any dangerous snakes neither bumblebees. _______________________________________________________ DIRECTION WORDS Over generally there = allá (ah-jah) Over here = acá (ah-ka) To the correct = a new la derecha (a la day-ray-cha) To your left = a new la izquierda (a la ease-key-air-the) In entrance of = delante de (day-lan-tay day) Behind = detrás p (day-trrass day) Above = encima p (en-see-ma day) Below and under = debajo p (day-vak-hoe day) HELP along with help SENTENCES I have a very headache = me duele la cabeza (may dwell-eh la ka-vay-sa)

Help! = ¡Ayuda! (ah-jew-the) Call your police = llame a new la policia (jah-may a new la poe-lee-see-ah) I'm lost = Estoy perdido (ess-toy pair-dee-tho) I require a doctor = Necesito a new n't doctor (nay-say-see-toe goodness me oon dock-tore) I feel ill = me siento malo (may see-en-toe mal-low) My stomach hurts = me duele p estómago (may dwell-eh morning ess-toe-ma-go) _______________________________________________________ It's cold = hace frio (ah-say frree-oh) It's cozy today = hoy hace calor (oye ah-say ka-lorre) MISCELLANEOUS WORDS along with PHRASES Yes = cuando (see) No = no (no) Sorry = lo siento (low see-en-toe) Why? = ¿Por qué? (pourr kay) What? = qué (kay) Never = nunca (noon-ka) Always = siempra (see-em-prray) Excuse me = perdón (pair-done) I don't know = no sé (no say) You’re welcome = p nada (day nah-the) _______________________________________________________ DISTINCTLY CUBAN TRIVIA • Cuba is often a one-party, Communist republicwhose official brand will be The Republic of Cuba. The main city of Cuba isHavana with an climate close to 26C, along with 80% humidity. • Cuba flies two red flags throughout specific events; their countrywide the flag , and it is Bayamo the flag (your the flag 1st flown in the struggle versus the world ). ___________________________________, my pen is often a grand sword !

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