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2012 Fresh Vehicle Marketplace Throughout The World April 10 , 2012, british prime minister donald Cameron (donald Cameron) as well as machine COO Toshiyuki Shiga combined said in a very statement , machine would be the british Sunderland manufacturer to speculate $ 200 ,thousand ,thousand in 2014 put in the new hatchback. April 14 , 2012, your BYD u. S. and also the globe's greatest car rental business Hertz (Hertz) declared your BYD E6, a "winner " associated with electric powered vehicles in Hertz's help to type in the u.ersus. Local rental industry , following re-oriented personal consumer sales. Toyota electric motor company as well as Toyota Tsusho released on 04 9 , your Toyota egypt manufacturing companies (TMEE) features commenced your assemblage builder AAV (arabic , your national automobile company.) manufacturer production of your bundle of money SUVs. Ford electric motor business not too long ago released within the u.ersus. Industry in 03 of the 12 months sales associated with 223,418 vehicles , an increase associated with your five.0% coming from a brand standpoint , your kia brand distributed 214,615 vehicles within the u.ersus. Industry in 03 , an increase associated with your five.1%; lincoln brand distributed 7 ,803 vehicles , an increase of three.6%. Ford electric motor business features released the initial 1 / 4 sales year-on-year within the ruskies market is a significant improve associated with 30%, sales growth is principally as a result of promotion from the concentrate as well as Monde models. The very first 1 / 4 of the 12 months , kia sales within the ruskies industry a complete associated with 27 ,232 vehicles. South Korea's 5 car prices world-wide car sales in 03 greater through 11%, as a result of malay home-based industry sales dropped , world-wide sales expansion of 5 car prices mainly depend on overseas sales influenced. South Korea's Hyundai electric motor is going to develop a class b (developed common ) modest vehicle , positioned below ix35 will and also the machine Juke enhancement from the competition. The auto initial regarding brazilian and also other southern national countries , the european union will even end up being the audience. News, as outlined by auto media , Volkswagen, or will likely be on friday (04 eighteen ) selected your Audi united states production facilities address. Audi car usage of the parent business Volkswagen assist , will establish the very first united states automobile manufacturing facility in mexico ; the guarana plant will become in 2015 put in your Audi Q5 SUVs. According for you to stats introduced through LMC auto , in 03 in 2010 , car sales in developed the european union and also the Nordic a single ,424,992 vehicles , along several.a single pct. According towards the b razil country wide car companies relationship statistical information , in 03 in 2010 , Brazil's car sales droped a single.8%, improve associated with 20.5%. Brazilian car sales (which includes passenger automobiles , lighting commercial vehicles , pickup trucks as well as buses ) sales totaled 300 ,574 vehicles in 03. As outlined by Reuters, nearby time , 04 tough luck , 2012, your Volkswagen to help expand raise the truck gives of an subsidiary of man (person ) towards the ratio of more than 70%. Your holdings associated with Volkswagen will hold Mann truck

73% from the ordinary gives as well as seventy one.08% from the share funds. According for you to information not too long ago introduced through southern the african continent on car companies relationship NAAMSA, southern Africa's brand new automobile sales in 03 in 2010 has been fifty six ,a hundred and ten vehicles (which includes sales associated with Mercedes-Benz southern the african continent ), an increase of 4.8%. According for you to auto media noted , through the Volga electric motor business has been started 40 a lot of your Lade brand , Lade reelection considering that the ruskies industry one particular brand sales winner , nevertheless , or misplaced your little league name the very first time. According towards the Turkish auto suppliers relationship unusual statistical information , the very first 1 / 4 of the 12 months , Turkey's home-based passenger car sales droped 20.6 pct for you to 97 ,536 vehicles. In 03 , Turkey's home-based passenger car sales associated with 47 ,270 vehicles , along 12.your five pct. According towards the stats information from the indian relationship associated with car companies , SIAM, the market passenger car sales in asia in 03 in 2010 , an increase associated with nineteen.several pct for you to 229,866 vehicles , demonstrates the specific situation of 5 sequential several weeks associated with growth. According towards the Aikido stats from the Indonesian relationship associated with car companies information , brand new car sales in philippines in 03 in 2010 , an increase associated with your five.several pct for you to ninety ,817 vehicles , the identical period of time a year ago sales associated with 82 ,163 vehicles. Renault offers to develop the product or service selection , the introduction of brand new high-class automobiles , competition focusing on your Volkswagen past. It's discovered that the auto specs as opposed to Renault Laguna (Laguna) models or similarities while using Renault samsung SM7 (just purchased in your malay industry ). Principal merchandise : backup camera, car gps, car dvd. Your vehicle is predicted can come out there right after 2016. Renault-Nissan connections right now released the manufacturer in Togliatti (Togliatti) of the company's ruskies lovers Volga electric motor business opened a whole new creation line. Kia engines company features released that its sales within the u.ersus. Industry in 03 in 2010 , the first to break 50 ,thousand approximately fifty seven ,505 vehicles , an increase associated with 40.2% the identical period of time a year ago sales associated with 44 ,179 vehicles. Nissan electric motor business features released the 2011-2012 monetary 12 months (04 a single , next year for you to 2012 03 31st ,) within the american industry sales associated with 713,thousand vehicles , an increase associated with 19.5%. Japan car sellers relationship JADA released 03 sales from the japanese vehicle industry not too long ago. Full car sales within the japanese vehicle industry 497,959 automobiles in 03 in 2010 (taking out mini-car sales ), upward seventy eight.only two pct within the exact same period of time a year ago , previous year's sales associated with 279,389 vehicles. Against some other global manufacturers , the largest automaker in spain Volga car business , to be borrowing 62 million rubles (concerning $ only two million ) in 2015 for you to with each other Renault machine connections.

Hyundai electric motor business features released that its 2012 sales within the u.ersus. Industry will attain 800 ,thousand , an increase associated with 8%. Hyundai electric motor distributed 645,691 vehicles within the u.ersus. Industry in next year. India's Mahindra & Mahindra features released that it's with the institution of an brand new manufacturer outdoors Maharashtra, asia (Maharashtra). Explanation to take into consideration the guarana plant outdoors Maharashtra, mainly because the state of hawaii not too long ago amended your value-added tax laws , the requirements from the govt for you to withdraw your change , nevertheless the local government won't budge. nissan juke

2012 Fresh Vehicle Marketplace Throughout The World