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ACCOMMODATION AC RECOLETOS HOTEL Calle de Recoletos, 18 28001 Madrid Telephone: 91 436 13 82 Fax: 91 436 13 83 Web: Metro without lift: Banco de España y Retiro Bus: 2, 51, 74 y 202 AC RECOLETOS

ACCESS The main entrance is accessible and and has a level surface. There are double, sliding glass doors with an opening of 1.60 m. Both panes are marked with both horizontal strips and the logo of the hotel, but not in a contrasting colour. A doormat is fixed to the floor in front of the door.

ACCESSIBILITY – HEARING IMPAIRED Room Internet connection: yes TV with teletext decoder: yes

TV which communicates with reception: no TV has alarm clock with visual alert: yes Entrance door with peephole: no Light signals to indicate a knock at the door: no

Bedside plug socket: yes Written information on available services: yes Communal WCs Door lock with visual aid to indicate Cubicle doors with a gap either free or occupied: no underneath to see if there is someone inside: no Lifts Visual signs indicating the floor Emergency button with a light and direction of movement,both to show that the emergency call inside and outside the cab: yes has been received: no Emergency system Emergency alarm systems with visual alerts: no



AC Recoletos

ACCESSIBILITY – PHYSICALLY DISABLED Adapted room (No. 315) On 3rd floor, accessible via lift Clear turning circle inside (diameter): Ø 150 cm Height of bed: 55 cm

No. of adapted rooms: 2 Width of door: 77 cm Height of climate control: 150 cm Space for access to the bed: right hand side 40 cm, left hand side 140 cm Height of hanger rail: 190 cm

Wardrobe doors: Sliding, difficult to open Height of wardrobe shelves and drawers: 40 cm Bathroom in adapted room Door: opens both ways with Clear turning circle inside a width of 80 cm (diameter): Ø 150 cm Toilet: Seat height: 40 cm Height of flush mechanism: 78 cm Approach area: right hand side No grab bars 130 cm, front 98 cm Basin: Height and clearance beneath Tap: mixer tap the basin: 62 cm and 55 cm Height of the lower edge Height of bathroom fittings: 80 cm of the mirror: 100 cm Shower: Width of approach to shower: Shower base: a 6 cm step 140 cm Shower floor: non-slip Shower stool: mobile Height of horizontal grab bar: Has a vertical grab bar which is 83 cm, on wall next to tap used for adjusting the height of the shower head Tap: mixer tap Height of tap: 60-160 cm on accessible wall Adjustable shower-head height: Has a folding shower screen yes Adapted bathroom Number of adapted toilets: 2 in communal areas On ground floor and in reception Toilets door: inward opening, width rooms, accessible of 73 cm Clear turning circle inside Cubicle door: inward opening, width (diameter): Ø 150 cm of 76 cm Toilet: Seat height: 45 cm Height of flush mechanism: 98 cm Approach area: right hand side Folding grab bar on right hand side: 40 cm, left hand side 50 cm, 70-86 cm front 150 cm Folding grab bar on left hand side: Distance between bars: 71 cm 70-86 cm ACCESSIBLE TOURISM GUIDE


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