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ACCOMMODATION ACCESSIBILITY – PHYSICALLY DISABLED Adapted room Accessible via lift Clear turning circle inside (diameter): Ø 150 cm Height of bed: 50 cm

Number of adapted rooms: 5 Width of door: 94 cm Height of climate control: 166 cm Space for access to the bed: right hand side 90 cm and left hand side 80 cm

Height of coatrack: 140 cm Bathroom in adapted room Door: with a width of 98 cm

Cafeteria Breakfast buffet Communal WCs



Ground floor

Accessible Accessible via lift Accessible via lift Accessible

Main characteristics Height of reception desk: 110 cm Height of bar: 110 cm Height of table: 50 cm Height of buffet bar: 90 cm Height of table: 74 cm Height beneath table: 70 cm Depth beneath table: 26 cm None of them are adapted for wheelchair users

Clear turning circle inside (diameter): Ø 150 cm

Toilet: Seat height: 42 cm Height of flush mechanism: 80 cm Width of approach: neither Folding grab bar on the right hand ≥ 80 cm side Folding grab bar on the left hand side Basin: Height and clearance beneath Tap: mixer tapthe basin: 70 cm and 48 cm Height of the lower edge of the Height of bathroom fittings: mirror: 100 cm 74-86 cm Shower: Width of approach to shower: Shower base: a 3 cm lip 130 cm Shower floor: non-slip Shower chair or stool: folding, fixed to the wall, adjustable with two folding grab bars Height and location of horizontal No vertical grab bar grab bar: 84 cm, same wall as the tap Tap: mixer tap on accessible wall Lifts Accessible up to the door Width and depth of cab: 115 and 145 cm Width of door: 70 cm


Other amenities Reception

Tryp Washintong


ACCESSIBILITY – VISUALLY IMPAIRED Signs Signs the same size: yes, average height of 94-183 cm and a font size of ≥ 1.5 cm Lettering in a colour which Text and symbols: not in relief contrasts with the background: yes and not in Braille Main stairs Edge of stairs marked with a Side protection skirting board of non-slip strip in a contrasting ≥ 12 cm on both sides: no colour: no Steps have a riser: yes All steps are the same height: yes Steps have nosing: no The space under the stairs is Handrail on either side: no blocked off: there is none Continuous handrails on Handrail extends at top and bottom half-landings: yes of stairs: no Strip of surface of a different texture and contrasting colour at the top and bottom of the stairs: no Lifts Cab with audio signals: no Control buttons in contrasting colour: yes Keypad with numbers in relief: Keypad with numbers in Braille: no no



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