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ACCOMMODATION Toilet: Seat height: 40 cm Height of flush mechanism: 85 cm Width of approach: right hand side Folding grab bar on right hand side, 95 cm, left hand side none, front height of 66 and 70 cm 155 cm Fixed grab bar on left hand side, Distance between bars: 76 cm height of 77 cm Basin: Height and clearance beneath Tap: mixer tap the basin: 66 cm and 35 cm Height of the lower edge Height of bathroom fittings: 100 cm of the mirror: 80 cm Panoramic lifts Number of lifts: 3 Accessible up to the door Height of call buttons: 100 cm Width of door: 120 cm Width and depth of cab: 128 and 228 cm Height of control buttons: Height of handrail: 80-90 cm 90-160 cm

Other amenities Reception




Ground floor


Cafeteria Restaurant / Buffet breakfast Meeting rooms (15) Pool and Gym

Ground floor Ground floor

Accessible Accessible

Ground floor


First floor

Accessible via lift

Parking floor (-1)


Accessible via lift

Main characteristics Height of reception desk: 118 cm Bar height: 114 cm Buffet bar height: 87 cm

Hilton Madrid Airport

ACCESSIBILITY – VISUALLY IMPAIRED Signs Signs the same size: yes, average height of 180 cm and a font size of ≥ 1.5 cm Lettering in a colour which Text and symbols: not in relief contrasts with the background: yes and not in Braille Main stairs Edge of stairs marked with a Side protection skirting board of non-slip strip in a contrasting ≥ 12 cm on both sides: yes colour: no Steps have a riser: yes All steps are the same height: yes Steps have nosing: no The space under the stairs is Handrail on either side: yes blocked off: there is none Continuous handrails on Handrail extends at top and bottom half-landings: no of stairs: no Strip of surface of a different texture and contrasting colour at the top and bottom of the stairs: no Lifts Cab with audio signals: yes Control buttons in contrasting colour: yes Keypad with numbers in relief: Keypad with numbers in Braille: yes no

No hoist for getting into the pool. No specially adapted changing rooms or toilets. There are 2 parking spaces for people with limited mobility (PMR), indicated by the disabled parking sign (ISA).




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