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ACCOMMODATION PETIT PALACE MAYOR HOTEL Calle Mayor, 46 28013 Madrid Telephone: 91 542 69 99 Fax: 91 542 67 12 Web: Metro with lift: Sol Bus: 3 y 148 PETIT PALACE MAYOR

ACCESS The entrance has 2 sets of automatic sliding glass doors. The first is 1.10 m wide and the second is 1.29 m wide. The door leading onto the street is marked with the hotel’s logo, although not in a contrasting colour although both doors are blue. The slope between the 2 doors has an adequate incline of 6.9%. There is a doormat correctly fixed to the floor in front of the interior door.

ACCESSIBILITY – HEARING IMPAIRED Room Internet connection: yes TV with teletext decoder: yes

TV which communicates with reception: no TV has alarm clock with visual alert: no Entrance door with peephole: no Light signals to indicate a knock at the door: no

Bedside plug socket: yes Written information on available services: yes Communal WCs Door lock with visual aid to indicate Cubicle doors with a gap either free or occupied: no underneath to see if there is someone inside: no Lifts Visual signs indicating the floor Emergency button with a light and direction of movement,both to show that the emergency call inside and outside the cab: yes has been received: no Emergency system Emergency alarm systems with visual alerts: no



Petit Palace Plaza Mayor

ACCESSIBILITY – PHYSICALLY DISABLED Adapted room (No. 301) On 3rd floor, accessible via lift Clear turning circle inside (diameter): Ø 150 cm Height of bed: 60 cm

No. of adapted rooms: 2 Width of door: 77 cm Height of climate control: 157-164 cm Space for access to the bed: left hand side 300 cm Height of hanger rail: 188 cm

Wardrobe doors: handles, easy to open Height of wardrobe shelves and drawers: 47-166 cm Bathroom in adapted room Door: inward opening with width Clear turning circle inside of 82 cm (diameter): Ø 150 cm Toilet: Seat height: 40 cm Height of flush mechanism: 82 cm Approach area: left hand side Fixed grab bar on right hand side: 195 cm, front ≥ 120 cm 70 cm Folding grab bar on left hand side: Distance between bars: 77 cm 64-78 cm Basin: Height and clearance beneath Tap: mixer tap the basin: 81 and 61 cm Height of the lower edge Height of bathroom fittings: of the mirror: 119 cm 83-116 cm Shower: Approach area: 134 cm Shower base: level with floor Shower floor: non-slip Shower stool or chair: no Height and location of horizontal Height and location of vertical grab grab bar: 73 cm, on wall to side bar: 76-132 cm, on same wall as of tap the tap Tap: mixer tap Height of tap: 110-132 cm on accessible wall Adjustable shower head height: No shower screen or curtain yes Adapted bathroom No. of adapted toilets: 2 in communal area On floor -1, accessible via lift Door: inward opening with a width of 86 cm Clear turning circle inside (diameter): Ø 150 cm Toilet: Seat height: 46 cm Height of flush mechanism: 100 cm Approach area: left hand side Fixed grab bar on right hand side: 275 cm, front 100 cm 65 cm



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