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Main characteristics Ground floor Accessible Height of reception desk: 107 cm Cafeteria Ground floor Accessible Height of bar: 82 cm using two Height of table: 72 cm ramps with Height beneath table: 64 cm inclines of Width beneath table: 51 cm 8% and 9% Depth beneath table: 35 cm respectively. To enter, there are steps but these can be navigated with a portable ramp. Restaurant / Ground floor Same as Height of table: 72 cm Breakfast cafeteria Height beneath table: 70 cm buffet Width beneath table: 100 cm Depth beneath table: 44 cm Meeting Ground floor Same as Height of table: 77 cm rooms (9) cafeteria Height beneath table: 74 cm Width beneath table: 210 cm Depth beneath table: 76 cm Parking Basement -1 Accessible There are no parking spaces via lift for people with limited mobility (PMR), indicated by the disabled parking sign (ISA).





Meliá Avenida de América

ACCESSIBILITY – VISUALLY IMPAIRED Signs Signs the same size: yes, average height of 177-190 cm and a font size of ≥ 1.5 cm Lettering in a colour which Text and symbols: not in relief contrasts with the background: yes and not in Braille Main stairs Edge of stairs marked with a Side protection skirting board of non-slip strip in a contrasting ≥ 12 cm on both sides: no colour: no Steps have a riser: yes All steps are the same height: yes Steps have nosing: no The space under the stairs is Handrail on either side: on only blocked off: no one side Continuous handrails on Handrail extends at top and bottom half-landings: no of stairs: no Strip of surface of a different texture and contrasting colour at the top and bottom of the stairs: no Lifts Cab with audio signals: no Control buttons in contrasting colour: no Keypad with numbers in relief: Keypad with numbers in Braille: yes yes



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Accesible Hotels Madrid  

Accesible Hotels Madrid

Accesible Hotels Madrid  

Accesible Hotels Madrid

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