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ACCOMMODATION Other amenities Reception Communal WCs Breakfast buffet




Ground floor


Ground floor


Ground floor


Basement floor (-1 and -2)

Accessible via lift.

Main characteristics Height of reception desk: 120 cm None of them are adapted for wheelchair users Height of buffet bar: there is none Height of table: 74 cm Height beneath table 70 cm Width beneath table: 80 cm Depth beneath table: 35 cm Tables with central leg There are no parking spaces for people with limited mobility (PMR)

ACCESSIBILITY – VISUALLY IMPAIRED Signs Signs the same size: yes, average height of 170-175 cm and a font size of > 1.5 cm Lettering in a colour which Text and symbols: not in relief contrasts with the background: yes and not in Braille Main stairs Edge of stairs marked with a Side protection skirting board of non-slip strip in a contrasting ≥ 12 cm on both sides: yes colour: no Steps have a riser: yes All steps are the same height: yes Steps have nosing: yes The space under the stairs is Handrail on either side: yes blocked off: yes Continuous handrails on Handrail extends at top and bottom half-landings: no of stairs: no Strip of surface of a different texture and contrasting colour at the top and bottom of the stairs: no Lifts Cab with audio signals: yes Control buttons in contrasting colour: yes Keypad with numbers in relief: Keypad with numbers in Braille: yes yes



IBIS MADRID AEROPUERTO BARAJAS HOTEL Avenida General, 49 28041 Madrid Telephone: 91 301 09 99 Fax: 91 305 73 50 Web: Metro with lift: Barajas IBIS MADRID AEROPUERTO BARAJAS

Bus: 105 y 115

ACCESS The main entrance to the hotel is at street level and there is no slope. There are 2 sets of double, sliding, glass doors with a clearance width of 1.60 m. Both of them are marked with horizontal strips and the hotel’s logo, but neither of these are in a contrasting colour. Between both sets of doors there is a ramp, 4 m wide and 5 m long with a suitable incline of 6.9%. There is no handrail, but along its whole length there is colour contrasted flooring with a distinctive texture.

ACCESSIBILITY – HEARING IMPAIRED Room Internet connection: yes TV with teletext decoder: yes

TV which communicates with reception: no TV has alarm clock with visual alert: no Entrance door with peephole: no Light signals to indicate a knock at the door: no

Bedside plug socket: yes Written information on available services: yes Communal WCs Door lock with visual aid to indicate Cubicle doors with a gap either free or occupied: no underneath to see if there is someone inside: no Lifts Visual signs indicating the floor Emergency button with a light and direction of movement,both to show that the emergency call inside and outside the cab: yes has been received: no Emergency system Emergency alarm systems with visual alerts: no ACCESSIBLE TOURISM GUIDE


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Accesible Hotels Madrid  

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