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Tuition-Free Virtual Charter School for Grades K–8

The Benefits of South Carolina Calvert Academy Flexible Virtual Learning for South Carolina Students Welcome to South Carolina Calvert Academy, a public virtual charter school. We are pleased to serve South Carolina families with K–8 students through this innovative virtual option. There are many reasons for educating your child outside of a traditional classroom. A virtual school provides a choice for parents who want to be more directly involved in their child’s education. South Carolina Calvert Academy is designed for families seeking a flexible, personalized education for their children, tailored to their individual family needs. The South Carolina virtual learning community consists of highly-qualified teachers, parents, academic and technology support teams, school administrators, and, of course, students. This team is focused on the continued academic success of your child and empowering all students to reach their full academic potential. The foundation of South Carolina Calvert Academy is the world-renowned, accredited Calvert Education program. Calvert’s curriculum has been successfully used to educate over 600,000 students for more than a century. Calvert’s high-quality academic program is used in homes, charter schools, virtual programs, and brick and mortar institutions worldwide.

THE CURRICULUM South Carolina Calvert Academy uses the Calvert Education curriculum, a complete, rigorous academic program that meets national and state standards. Developed by curriculum specialists and distance learning experts, the Calvert curriculum provides a challenging and integrated educational experience with emphasis on grammar, composition, and critical thinking.

The accredited Calvert program offered tuition-free • Support from highly qualified, state-certified teachers • A balance of flexibility and structure for your family • Hands-on teachers and a principal who are dedicated to staying connected • A blend of print and online resources for a well-rounded, modern education • A rigorous curriculum with clear academic objectives • A close-knit community of faculty and families with frequent field trips and events • Verticy Learning, a specialized option for students who struggle with reading, writing or math

The SCCAL Experience South Carolina Calvert Academy (SCCAL) integrates three important elements: instructional resources, an academic team, and assessments. Together, these strategic elements provide you with a comprehensive education that ensures positive academic results.

INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCES After you have completed your application and are enrolled with South Carolina Calvert Academy, SCCAL provides all textbooks, lesson manuals, and instructional materials needed for a full year of instruction. In addition, each enrollment includes a suite of dynamic online learning tools designed to make learning fun, increase retention, and boost academic success. Calvert’s lesson manuals provide you with complete step-by-step daily plans for all subjects. They are presented as both printed manuals and online manuals with instructional resources and links. Additionally, each student will have at least two live online sessions each week (one in math and one in language arts).

THE ACADEMIC TEAM Our experienced academic team provides a level of individualized instruction that is key to the success of every student.

SCCAL Supervising Teachers

Our highly-qualified Supervising Teachers support the learning program for each student and develop a relationship with each family. These professional educators provide academic reinforcement and are well-versed in virtual education. They answer specific curriculum questions and give alternative teaching strategies as well as other practical advice to help families achieve their academic goals throughout the year. In addition, our Supervising Teachers offer live online instruction, hold parent/teacher conferences, plan field trips, and oversee extracurricular activities.

The Learning Guide

No one knows your child better than you. As the Learning Guide, you play a critical and essential role as part of the academic team. On a daily basis, you review learning objectives with your child, prepare materials for lessons, monitor task completion and pacing, and provide direction as needed. Most importantly, you work with your child and the Supervising Teacher to ensure that the program is meeting the academic needs of your child.

Calvert Education Counselors

Calvert’s Education Counselors are expert curriculum specialists with extensive knowledge of Calvert’s resources and methodologies. They are available by phone or e-mail to address concerns, suggest alternative teaching techniques, and offer day-to-day support.

ASSESSMENTS Calvert’s robust assessment tools regularly and systematically monitor progress and help make sure your child achieves academic success. These tools include daily auto-graded Checkpoints as well as more in-depth testing to help guarantee that a student is mastering grade-level content. You and the Supervising Teacher monitor your child’s pacing and provide accelerated or remedial work as needed.

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All age-appropriate Kindergarten through Eighth grade students who can demonstrate South Carolina residency are eligible for enrollment. South Carolina Calvert Academy will not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, religion, national origin, ancestry, creed, pregnancy, marital status, or physical, mental, emotional, or learning disability or handicap in its educational programs or activities, including the admissions process.

Exploring Beyond the Classroom South Carolina Calvert Academy’s hands-on faculty and staff host events across the state to make sure they stay in touch with current families as well as meet new ones. Past activities have included Tea Time Talks with the principal, aquarium trips, ice cream socials, bowling and others. South Carolina’s rich culture, history, and environment provide multiple opportunities for field trips and group activities. Join SCCAL for an event near you. Visit for a list of events where you can learn more about virtual education and SCCAL.

A Day in Life of a Fourth Grade Student An average day for an SCCAL student depends on grade level and individual learning objectives. A blend of online and offline activities provides a dynamic learning experience.

Contact Us South Carolina Calvert Academy Phone: (877) 485-8283

Your child participates in teacher-led live classes (three days per week), group projects, threaded discussions and other collaborative learning activities. In addition, as the Learning Guide, you support your child with reading assignments and workbook exercises in Reading, Math, Social Studies and Science, and conclude the school day with brief online reviews and activities that reassure you and your child that the day’s learning objectives were met successfully.

9:00 AM

Stephanie and her Learning Guide log in to My Calvert to review her lessons for the day. They also review e-mail communication from her Supervising Teacher.

9:30 AM

Math: Stephanie joins her live online class, where today’s activities involve comparing numbers. She uses the interactive tools to write one of the answers on the board.

10:30 AM


11:00 AM

Language Arts: In today’s online class, the teacher discusses how to write complete paragraphs. Stephanie contributes to the discussion using her webcam.

12:00 PM

Lunch and Recess

12:30 PM

Reading: The objective today is to identify character development. Stephanie reads a short story from an anthology and then completes an activity page describing details about the main character in the story.

1:30 PM

History: Today’s topic is the environment of early Native Americans. Stephanie reads and discusses a textbook chapter with her Learning Guide and then writes vocabulary definitions in her notebook.

2:30 PM

Science: Stephanie has been studying the definition of living things. She views an online video on the topic and then begins to memorize the classification system using a mnemonic.

3:15 PM

Stephanie logs back in to My Calvert and completes her daily Checkpoints to make sure she understands the day’s lesson.

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Website: South Carolina Calvert Academy 3700 Forest Drive Suite 406 Columbia, SC 29204

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South Carolina Calvert Academy Brochure  

A tuition free, K–8 virtual charter school in South Carolina. Featuring a vA tuition free, K–8 virtual charter school in South Carolina. Fea...