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Public Virtual School for Grades K–8


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MVPS FACTS A Letter from the Director

Maize Virtual Preparatory School offers: • Tuition-free education to Kansas residents*

Thank you for your interest in Maize Virtual Preparatory School! As Director of Educational Outreach, I am proud to serve Kansas families in a tuition-free virtual K–8th grade program focused on providing the best educational experience for highacheiving students.

• The world-renowned Calvert curriculum for students in K–8

As a long-time educator with over 20 years of experience, I’m excited to lead a vibrant community of students, parents and teachers who work together to create a positive environment for children that encourages learning. Our commitment to expand choices for families means that our curriculum partners and teachers were selected for their ability to support this mission.

• A blend of traditional and 21st-century resources such as easy-to-use lesson manuals, access to interactive lessons, and e-Textbooks

I’m also thrilled to offer our students the worldrenowned Calvert curriculum that, since 1906, has served more than 600,000 students worldwide. The Calvert curriculum can be individually tailored to meet your child’s needs. I know that an excellent education can only happen when parents and schools become true partners in a child’s education. That is why at Maize Virtual Preparatory School, we offer the support you need with Kansas-certified teachers, Education Counselors and technology specialists that allow each child to flourish and develop to their full potential.

Learn more about Maize Virtual Preparatory School online at www.MaizeVirtualPrepSchool. com and join us in-person or online at an upcoming event near you. I look forward to meeting you and helping you to explore excellence at MVPS.

• The MVPS–Leadership Academy for High School students

• A foundation of reading, writing and math tailored to your child’s ability • Flexibility as you take responsibility for your child’s education • Support from Kansas-certified teachers, Education Counselors and Technical Support to ensure your child’s academic needs are met MVPS’s Enrichment opportunities field trips and throughout the year encourage a sense of community

At Maize Virtual Preparatory School, students: • Participate in regular online classes and collaborate with classmates • Complete assignments with your support • Obtain guidance and instruction from a Kansas-certified teacher

Gary Lewis  Director of Educational Outreach Maize USD 622

• Receive a notebook computer on loan (full-time students) * Annual Enrollment Fee Assessed

Maize Virtual Prep School Community Maize Virtual Preparatory School is an engaging community of learning focused on positive, supportive relationships that recognize everyone’s talents. As part of the community, you and your child will have access to:

Faculty and Administration

Other Students and Families

Kansas-certified teachers have experience and expertise in collaborating with K–8th grade students and parents. This extends beyond the classroom and includes:

Join a vibrant community of other Maize Virtual Preparatory School students and parents. For valuable information, connect online to ask questions, obtain information, express opinions and share your insights and experiences.

• Live instruction • Parent-teacher conferences • Planning of field trips and extracurricular activities

• Interactive Enrichment Clubs

Technical Support

A Positive Educational Environment Maize Virtual Preparatory School features a distinguished faculty and staff who, like you, share a commitment to ensuring the best educational environment for your child. Your child will benefit from their experience and expertise as they create a positive environment that encourages learning and success in the virtual classroom.

Dedicated in-house experts are ready to assist you with a variety of services including: • Computer and software setup and maintenance • Online account security concerns and password resets

Education Counselors Masters-level instructors with a thorough knowledge of the Calvert curriculum are available by phone or email to: • Answer your questions about the Calvert curriculum • Offer alternative teaching strategies and other practical information to stimulate your child’s love of learning

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Join us for an event!

Connect with Maize Virtual Preparatory School in person or online at an information session, open house or family fun field trip at a location near you. Meet the faculty, staff and other families to learn more about the Maize Virtual Preparatory School community. Bookmark our Events page at and like us on Facebook to stay informed of new events in your area!

A Journey of Excellence Accelerated Programming Maize Virtual Preparatory School motivates students on a Journey of Excellence through accelerated programming and enrichment.

From an MVPS parent:

“Thanks for providing such great events for us to attend! We are loving the blessing of schooling at home!”

Individualized Calvert Curriculum

Leadership Academy Starting in Ninth Grade, students are eligible to apply for the high school level Leadership Academy. These three essential questions form the basis of instruction at MVPS Leadership Academy: How do we LEARN? What can we CREATE? What does it mean to LEAD?

For students in grades K–8, Maize Virtual Preparatory School utilizes the world-renowned Calvert curriculum, which provides students a challenging educational experience with an emphasis on critical thinking. Each student’s curriculum is tailored to meet his individual needs. Technology and tradition are blended to create an engaging learning experience for various learning styles.

8th Grade Leadership Academy In Eighth Grade, students apply for acceptance into the Honors program. High School teachers provide instruction with an emphasis on analysis and inquiry-based learning. Students are developing key skills, such as critical thinking, problem solving, technology and creativity. MVPS courses come alive with engaging online live class sessions and labs. Resources include a personal iPad with textbooks, a laptop, lab equipment, online classes and textbooks.

The Academy provides a rigorous, college preparatory curriculum and learning experience through inquirybased learning. Students work directly with high school teachers and attend online live class sessions. The Board of Regents High School curriculum requirements are followed to prepare students for college admission. Resources include a personal iPad with textbooks, a laptop, lab equipment, online classes and textbooks.

For more information on Accelerated Programming, contact MVPS at (316) 462-8800, or visit

Enrichment Opportunities MVPS enhances our students’ learning with Enrichment Clubs, Interactive Online Resources and Face-to-Face Field Experiences.

Enrichment Clubs Enrichment Clubs are a highlight for students, as they provide the opportunity to be creative, develop or sharpen a skill, and engage with other students. Sample Clubs include*: • Cooking Around the World

• MVPS Ambassadors

• Spirit Week

• Hall Talk for 7th & 8th Grade

• Virtual Visits: A Pilot

• Poetography Club

• Story Time

• Poetry Club

• Photo Phenom

• Writing Frenzy!

• Explore Science

• Brain Benderz

• 7th & 8th Grade Writing Live!

• 7th & 8th Grade Reading Live!

• 7th & 8th Grade Math Live!

*Clubs are subject to change

From an MVPS parent: “They LOVE their MVPS teacher, but clubs allow my students to also learn from other teachers and students with a particular passion and interest in the clubs they are teaching and attending.“

Interactive Online Resources Parents can enhance their students’ journeys of excellence with online learning resources. MVPS teachers have identified the outstanding online resources that most benefit our students. BrainPOP, Discovery Education, Happy Scientist and Enchanted Learning are a sampling of resources in our families’ educational toolbox.

World Languages Students desiring a world language program can choose from 18 languages presented through the Rosetta Stone program. Spanish, French, Latin, and Hebrew are among the choices available to assist students as they prepare to live in a global environment.

Field Trips and Events Past events include Kansas City Zoo, Wichita Wingnuts vs. Kansas City T-Bones Baseball, Old Cowtown, Kauffman Center for Performing Arts, Walter’s and Schaake’s Pumpkin Patches, Bowling and Skating Events, ‘nRich & Learn Events, and more.

For more information on Clubs and Events, contact MVPS at (316) 462-8800 or visit

MVPS Philosophy WHY WE CHOSE THE CALVERT CURRICULUM At Maize Virtual Preparatory School our mission is to provide an inspiring learning experience for students in grades K–8 so that they may realize their full potential. Relying on the proven Calvert curriculum, Maize Virtual Preparatory School students learn and grow through a blend of traditional and 21st-century resources. Parents have flexibility as they take more responsibility for their child’s education. Maize Virtual Preparatory School faculty and staff, along with instructional support specialists and families, share a commitment to ensuring the best educational environment for your child. You can experience the Calvert curriculum at curriculum.

Contact Us Maize Virtual Preparatory School PO Box 4285 Lawrence, KS 66046 Phone: (316) 462-8800

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Maize Virtual Preparatory School Brochure  

K-8 Public Virtual School in Kansas featuring Calvert Education Curriculum