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Become more involved in your child’s education. Leavenworth Virtual School (LVS) enables you to educate at home using the time-tested, classic Calvert curriculum. A blended approach, the Calvert curriculum combines both traditional textbooks and lesson manuals with online learning. By providing quality curriculum and certified support staff, LVS works in partnership with parents who choose to act as their child’s primary teacher. A fully accredited program within Leavenworth Public School District 453, LVS provides a successful alternative to traditional education for children who are homeschooled or looking for other educational options. It is open to all Kansas students.

Here is a snapshot of what our students will learn this year: K


 The Math course introduces fractions, shapes, and time. Students are introduced to vowel and consonant sounds. They also paint and complete crafts to develop fine-motor skills. In Science students explore living things, earth, and weather. They are also introduced to the five themes of geography.


Phonics storybooks and reading anthologies reinforce word analysis and develop comprehension skills. Punctuation and spelling rules are introduced.


Lesson Manuals

 tudents are given a view of history and S classic literature. Math will challenge them with multiplication and division.


Students are introduced to spreadsheets, maps, globes and graphs. They also use the writing process to develop original compositions.

Online Resources


Art History is presented in A Child’s History of Art: Painting by Virgil Hillyer, founder of Calvert School. In Science, animal and plant kingdoms are explored.

Accredited Curriculum


 ixth Grade emphasizes independent learning. S Students develop skills of literary analysis in Language Arts and employ critical thinking in Math.

Support from professional educators from enrollment to completion


Art and History are integrated with creative projects and the study of architecture.



 tudents prepare for high school by building S confidence in study skills, test taking, and research.

Leavenworth Virtual provides everything you need to make your child’s education a success. Complete daily plans for all subjects

Activities, videos and websites integrated into the lesson A rigorous, classic education

Live Support

Monthly field trips and Weekly Friday Fun Days

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Leavenworth Virtual School Quick Facts  
Leavenworth Virtual School Quick Facts  

Leavenworth Virtual School is a fully accredited school open to all Kansas students. It features the Calvert Education curriculum as well as...