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Providing statewide homeschool support for K–8 students

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still homeschool? Although the Leavenworth Virtual School program is funded by the state, you are still schooling your children at home. Parent involvement in this program is fundamental. As your child’s first teacher, you are encouraged to individualize instruction and teach children at their own pace to accommodate their learning needs.

What materials does Leavenworth Virtual School provide? Students use the classic Calvert curriculum, which includes all textbooks, workbooks, lesson manuals, and manipulatives.

What support is available for parents? Lesson manuals are designed for easy use with daily lesson plans and suggested schedules. Think of a lesson manual as a kind of recipe book for education. All the books and materials needed for each day’s teaching are listed at the beginning of each lesson. All the planning has been done for you, so you spend more time teaching and less time getting organized. Leavenworth Virtual School facilitators and staff meet with parents at the beginning of the school year to present a Program Overview and Tips for Best Practices. Calvert offers free monthly webinars for parents, covering many topics such as What to Expect When Homeschooling and Time Management for your Middle-schooler.

Will my child have a teacher? Yes. Each student is assigned a facilitator who is a certified teacher. Children and parents can call or e-mail the facilitator on a regular basis. Facilitators can make home visits to assist in learning and help monitor progress. They even develop individualized lessons to accommodate a student’s interests.

Do I need a computer and an Internet connection? The school will provide a laptop computer (one per family) for those families that do not have one. A $100 deposit is required and will be refunded upon return of the computer. Families are responsible for obtaining their own Internet service. The Calvert curriculum has a special online component called Checkpoints. Students take short online quizzes at the end of most lessons to assess concept mastery. The immediate feedback allows parents to monitor progress and subject understanding.

Do I have to live in the Leavenworth School District to participate? No. Enrollment is open to any student in Grades K–8 across the entire state of Kansas.

How much does it cost? The Leavenworth Virtual School program is tuition-free and funded by the state. You pay only a $45 enrollment fee.

Join Our Community While students complete daily work from home, there are many opportunities to socialize with other students through weekly Fun Fridays. Students spend up to an hour on Art or Science hands-on activities, then a half hour in a physical education class. Fun Fridays are held at the Nettie Hartnett Education Center. A Lab room and tutoring are available as well. Monthly Field trips provide additional educational experiences which complement and reinforce student learning. All grade levels are welcome to attend. Field trips are organized in the local Kansas City and Topeka metro areas, and are open to all homeschooling families. Past field trips include a visit to the Money Museum, a tour of Saint Luke’s, an interactive program at Science City, ice skating, and more. The Leavenworth Virtual School (LVS) is a fully accredited program within the Leavenworth Public School District 453. For more information on field trips, Fun Fridays, and free webinars, go to:

What can you expect from LVS? • A classic, proven education, tuition-free • Support from certified teachers • All the materials you need to teach • Monthly field trips • Weekly Friday Fun Days • Laptop computers • Tutoring services • Parent resources Leavenworth Virtual School (LVS) is a fully accredited program within Leavenworth Public School District 453. By providing quality curriculum and certified support staff, the school works in partnership with parents who choose to act as their child’s primary teacher. Leavenworth Virtual School provides a successful alternative to traditional education for children who are homeschooled or looking for other educational options. It is open to all Kansas students.

LVS has partnered with Calvert School since 2006, continuing their mission to bring you high-quality education. LVS has earned the “Standard of Excellence” on Kansas State Assessments for high scores in Reading four out of the last six years.

Is a Virtual School right for

your family?

Do you want to take an active role in your child’s education? Do you want your child to learn in a nurturing environment? Do you want to work at your own pace? Are you seeking a rigorous, classic education? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Leavenworth Virtual School may be the right choice for you and your child. Give us a call, or stop by our office.

Leavenworth Virtual School Nettie Hartnett Education Center 1000 3rd Avenue • Leavenworth, KS 66048 913-684-1540

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Leavenworth Virtual  

Leavenworth Virtual school offers Grades K-8 tuition-free in Kansas.

Leavenworth Virtual  

Leavenworth Virtual school offers Grades K-8 tuition-free in Kansas.