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Calvary  Press   May  2014  


Pastor: The  Rev.  Hiromi  Yoneda   Pastor  Emeritus:  The  Rev.  Saburo  Masada   2343  Country  Club  Blvd.,  Stockton,  CA  95204       Office:  (209)  466-­‐0221  Fax:  (209)  466-­‐1839       Website:  

May 2014     Happy  Mother’s  Day!   A  teacher  had  just  given  her  second  grade  class  a  lesson  on  magnets.  Now  came  the  time  to   answer  questions.  She  asked  the  class,  “My  name  starts  with  an  “M”  and  I  pick  up  things.  What  am  I?”  A  little  boy   shot  up  his  hand  and  said,  “A  mother!”   I   remember   a   time   when   my   Mom   didn’t   have   a   microwave,   a   large   refrigerator,   a   dryer,   and   many   other   modern  appliances  found  in  today’s  home.  I  remember  a  simple  scrubbing  board,  a  set  of  rolling  pins  to  squeeze   out  the  water,  and  laundry  lines  in  the  backyard.  This  was  at  our  rented  home  in  Berkeley,  on  Dwight  Way.   A   year   later,   we   moved   to   San   Leandro   where   my   parents   purchased   a   house   on   Burkhart   Street.   It   was   five   years  after  we  immigrated  here  from  Japan.  The  house  came  with  a  two-­‐car  garage  and  room  for  a  washer  and   dryer.     The  dishwasher  and  microwave  came  years  later.     Sure  Mom  had  more  conveniences,  but  I  don’t  think   she   had   more   time   on   her   hands.   In   fact,   I   believe,   life   became   more   complicated.   There   were   language   and   cultural  barriers  to  overcome,  and  never  mind  the  two  active  hungry  growing  boys  in  the  mix.  Though  finances   were  lean,  Mom  did  a  great  job  making  a  future  life  possible  for  her  children.       Although   we   may   appreciate   both   of   our   parents,   it   seems   like   most   of   the   credit   is   given   to   mothers.   It   was   Napoleon  who  once  said,  “The  fate  of  a  child  is  always  the  work  of  his  mother.”     This  was  certainly  true  for  us.   Thanks  Mom.   “Love  is  patient;  love  is  kind.  Love  is  not  jealous;  is  not  proud;  is  not  conceited;  does  not  act  foolishly;  is  not  selfish;  is   not  easily  provoked  to  anger;  keeps  no  record  of  wrongs;  takes  no  pleasure  in  unrighteousness,  but  rejoices  in  the   truth;  love  beals  all  thins,  believes  all  things,  hopes  all  things  and  endures  all  things.   (1  Corinthians  13:4-­‐7)    



1. At a   Special   Congregational   meeting   on   March   30th,   the   active   members   present  voted  in  an  Advisory  Poll  50-­‐5  (91%)  to  seek  dismissal  from  the  PC(USA).   The  PET  announced  that  there  was  “no  schism  within  the  congregation”.  This  is  the   second   step   in   the   process   of   seeking   dismissal   from   the   PC(USA)   and   transferring   our   membership   to   ECO   (Evangelical   Covenant   Order   of   Presbyterians).   The   first   step   in   the   process   was   when,   after   much   study   and   prayer,   the   Calvary   Session   made   the   decision   to   seek   this   dismissal   from   the   PC(USA).   Now,   the   next   step   will   be  for  the  Session  and  PET  to  negotiate  the  dismissal  amount.   2. Jeannie   Sakoda   reported   that   because   of   this   year’s   poor   showing,   the   Session  will  reevaluate  whether  to  continue  with  this  outreach  ministry  on  a  year  

by year  basis.   3. A  Special  Session  meeting  with  the  PET  will  be  held  on  April  24th.   4. The  next  Presbytery  of  Stockton  meeting  will  be  held  on  May  3rd  in  Columbia.  We  will  be  seeking  permission   of  the  Presbytery  to  pay  off  our  Synod  loan  and  take  the  mortgage  to  the  Bank  of  Stockton.   5. The  next  Regular  Session  meeting  will  be  Sunday,  May  18th.   Myra  Fong,  Clerk  of  Session   March  2014  YTD   Income   Expense   Total    

$44,784.00 $41,662.02   +  $3,121.98  

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Deacon’s Corner The   Spring   Rummage   Sale   was   held   on   Saturday,   April   5th.     With   the   congregation’s   donation   of   rummage   sale   items,  baked  goods,  generous  time  and  concerted  efforts,   we   are   pleased   to   share   the   profitable   “fruits   of   everyone’s  labor”.   Baked  Goods   $261.80   Jewelry   $194.50   Main  Cashier     $2,204.92   Income   $2,661.22   Expenses   -­‐$144.71  (pizza/salad/cookies  for  set-­‐up,  The  Record  ad)   TOTAL   $2,516.51   Thanks  to  those  who  contributed  to  the  potluck  luncheon  for  all  the  volunteers.  We  appreciate  Ilene  Kuwahara   and  Barbara  Takemoto  for  the  preparation  and  clean-­‐up  of  the  delicious  nourishment  that  was  provided.   Ilene   Kuwahara   delivered   unsold   clothing   items   to   Helping   Hands.   Leftover   books   will   be   taken   to   the   Friends   of   the   Stockton-­‐San  Joaquin  Library  by  Karen  Nakamura.   A   huge   “thank   you!”   to   the   congregation   for   your   contributions,   donations,   participation   and   support   of   the   Deacon’s  Rummage  Sale  Ministry.   The   disbursement   of   the   funds   will   be   discussed   at   future   meetings.     By   waiting   until   the   end   of   the   calendar   year   to   make   the   distributions,   the   dollar   amount   will   be   larger,   benefiting  the  local  recipient  agencies.   1st  Quarter  Project  @  St.  Mary’s  Dining  Hall   The   Deacons   hosted   Maundy   Thursday   Supper   and   Communion   on   April   17th   in   the   fellowship   hall.   Thirty-­‐five   church  members  broke  bread,  listened  to  the  reenactment  of  the  betrayal  of  Jesus  by   Judas,   then,   partook   of   a   meal   together.     Moving   to   the   sanctuary,   nails   were   individually   placed   on   the   cross.     Hymns   filled   with   praise   for   Christ’s   resurrection   were  sung,  Scripture  was  read  and  the  blood  of  Christ  was  received.    Pastor  Hiromi  led   the   evening   from   start   to   finish,   beginning   and   ending   in   prayer.     Thanks   to   Joyce   Nakashima  for  being  in  charge  of  the  meal  that  symbolized  The  Last  Supper.   On   Good   Friday,   April   18,   Karen   and   Katelyn   Nakamura   delivered   the   food   donated   by   the   CPC   congregation   to   the   Emergency   Food   Bank,   just   in   time   for   Easter   distribution.     Thanks   to   your   generous   giving   to   this   worthwhile   cause,   the   Spring   Hunger  Never  Takes  a  Holiday  contributions  weighed  in  at  299  lbs.     Shannen  Menor  reported  the  Change-­‐for-­‐Change  balance  is  $844.43.   The   2nd   Quarter   Community   Outreach   is   scheduled   for   Saturday,   June   21st.   More   details  are  forthcoming.     In   our   prayers,   we   ask   for   God’s   continued   healing   hands   upon   Tsuru   Miyasaki,   Henry   Nishioka   and   Jerry   Nakamura.  

…There  are  some  questions  that  can’t  be  answered  by  Google.   REMEMBER  THE  POWER  OF  PRAYER!   Judy  Takemoto,  Deacon    

A fond  farewell  with  God’s  blessings  to  Kazumi  Nishioka   as  she  moves  to  Ohio  to  be  near  her  family!   April  6,  2014    


Don’t forget   the   deadline   for   the   Calvary   College   Scholarship   applications   is   May   4,   2014!    All   applicants   will   be   awarded   a   scholarship   based   on   their   involvement   in   Calvary   Presbyterian   Church   activities.   For   forms   or   questions,   contact:  Jeannie  Sakoda  @     Dear  High  School  and  College  Graduates:   I  would  like  to  include  you  in  CPC’s  Graduates  Celebration  slideshow.  I  need  photos  ASAP  within  the  next  2-­‐3   weeks.  Please  e-­‐mail  or  bring  the  following  to  church  for  me.     Please  include  at  least  1  baby,  1  grammar  school,  2-­‐3  high  school  or  college  and  1  "graduation"  photo—formal   or  with  cap/gown  would  be  nice,  and  also  any  with  you  participating  in  Calvary  events.  Total  up  to  12  photos.   e-­‐mail  to:   Thanks!  Sally  Tsunekawa  —  478-­‐8543     2014  10th  Annual    “All  You  Can  Slurp”  Spaghetti  Feed       It’s  amazing  that  this  is  the  10th  Slurp  Feed  we’ve  hosted!  We   have   been   so   blessed!   We   started   with   our   very   first  spaghetti   feed  in  the  social  hall  (can  you  believe  it!)  We  were  happy  to   make   $1,000   and   feed   100+   people.   Now   look   at   us!   We   served  around  500  meals.  That’s  alotta  pasta!!!  The  spaghetti   was  hot  and  delicious  thanks  to  the  efficient  kitchen  crew  led   by   Karen   Morita.   We   profusely   thank   Chef   Roy   Rabena   coming  in  at  the  break  of  dawn  to  make  his  famous  spaghetti   sauce.   We   can’t   thank   him   enough   for   his   hard   work   and   dedication   to   Calvary   and   Christ.     Service   was   quick   and  

wonderful thanks  to  our  community  volunteers  and  church  members.  We  received  many  compliments  on  our   wonderful  servers!  Thanks  to  Ron  Kuwahara  for  rounding  up  and  organizing  the  fab  service  team.   Big  thanks  to  ALL  Calvary  members  for  your  donations,  your  help,  and  your  support!  Without  you  there  would   be  no  successful  feed!   And   of   course   a   VERY   big   thank   you   to   all   the   life   long   chairs   of   the   committees   that   make   this   Feed   such   a   wonderful  event!       General   Sally  Tsunekawa   Kitchen  

Karen Morita  

Ticket sales  

Myra Fong  


Table covering  

Mary Nakamura,   Christine   Dwyer   ,Marcy   Wong   Ilene  Kuwahara   Joyce  Nakashima  


Ron Kuwahara  

Set up  clean  up  

Willie Low,  Keith  Yamada  


Jerry Nakamura  

Audio/ advertising  

Allen Fong  


Lee Paston,  Ruth  Yoneshige  


Liane Komure,  Karen  Nakamura  


So  even  with  so  many  other  events  happening  that  same  weekend,  we  were  able  to  net  $8,200!  These  monies   will  go  toward  the  building  mortgage  and  general  fund.  We  thank  God  for  His  goodness!       Blessings  abound!   Sally  Tsunekawa   General  Chairperson                                      

Visit us  at  our  Calvary  website  at  if  you’d  like  to  see  more  pictures  of   our  activities,  read  our  daily  devotions  or  monthly  newsletter!  


Calvary Family  Camping  @  Sugar  Pine  Campgrounds   June  27th  -­‐  29th   It’s  time  to  go  camping  with  family  and  friends!  The  date  for  this  year’s  camping  is  June  27th-­‐29th  at  Sugar  Pine   Point   Campgrounds,   Sugar   Pine,   CA.   It’s   just   6   miles   from   DL   Bliss   in   Lake   Tahoe.   The   campsite   is   a   group   campsite   with  adjacent    showers   and   bathrooms.   Sugar   Pine   Point   is   expected   to   be   just   as   wonderful   as   DL   Bliss,  with  less  crowds.  Hiking,  fishing  and  swimming    are  still  available  along  with  games  and  fellowship.   This  year,  we  will  divide  the  meals,  grocery  lists  and  chores  into  groups,  so  once  your  meal  duties  are  over  you   are  free  to  enjoy  Lake  Tahoe.   Sugar  Pine  Point  State  Park  contains  one  of  the  finest  remaining  natural  areas  on  Lake  Tahoe.  With  nearly  two   miles   of   lake   frontage,   the   park   has   dense   forests   of   pine,   fir,   aspen   and   cedar.   There   is  also   a   museum   you   may   find  interesting,  the  Hellman-­‐Ehrman  Mansion  (also  known  as  Pine  Lodge),  a  summer  home  built  in  1903  in  a   grove  of  pine  and  cedar.   A  sign-­‐up  sheet  will  be  available  in  the  fellowship  hall.  Any  questions,  please  call  Brian  Dwyer  @  406-­‐1332.  

    Membership  &  Renewal  Class  -­‐  Sunday  May  25th  ,  11:30AM-­‐2:30PM   As   we   continue   in   the   process   of   dismissal   from   the   Presbyterian   Church   (USA),   and   move   to   the   Evangelical   Covenant   Order   of   Presbyterians   (ECO),   it   becomes   more   important   to   know   who   we   are   as   Christians   and   what   we   hold   as   core   values.   We   invite   you   to   join   us   in   our   Membership   &   Renewal   Class   to   understand   church   membership  and  to  gain  a  deeper  understanding  of  our  faith  in  Christ.  For  members,  it   is  a  refresher  course  about  what  it  means  to  be  a  Christian  and  a  member  of  Calvary.   For  pre-­‐members,  it  defines  the  expectation  and  meaning  of  what  it  means  to  be  a  fully   devoted   follower   of   Jesus   Christ.   By   becoming   a   member   of  Calvary   Presbyterian   Church,  we  express  our  commitment  to  grow  in  faith  and  become  a  part  of  a  “spiritual  family”  that  worships   together,  grows  in  faith  together  and  serves  one  another.                        

Agari, Tadashi   Aoyama,  Harold  &  Aiko   Aoyama,  Russell   Arata,  Grace   Arima,  Toyoko   Billings,  Setsuko   Chan,  Michael  &  Janice   Chew,  Daisy   Cook,  David  &  Shirley   Durrill,  Frances   Esaki,  Fujio  &  Lily   Fong,  Allen  &  Myra   Fong,  Peter  &  Alice   Fujinaka,  Steve  &  Barbie   Hamamoto,  Ben  &  Susie   Hatanaka,  Yuri  (Lilly)     Hirose,  Mary   Ishida,  Alfred  &  Irene   Ishihara,  Nicholas   Ishihara,  Shizuko   Ishimaru,  Gary  &  Janice   Isozaki,  Atsuko   Joseph,  Betty   Kagoshima,  Miki   Komure,  Dean  &  Liane   Komure,  Kathryn   Lam,  Mary   Low,  Elaine   Low,  Gary  &  Susan   Low,  Reginald  &  Donna   Lowe,  Jean   MacDannald,  Chris   Masada,  Charise    

2014 Easter  Sunday   At  the  Foot  of  the  Cross       EASTER  OFFERING   Matsumoto,  George  &  Amy   Matsune,  Joan   Matsune,  Ralph  &  Kyoko   Menor,  Richard  &  Janet   Miyasaki,  Tom  &  Tsuru   Motoike,  Sam  &  Sumi   Nakagawa,  Sada   Nakamura,  Jerry  &  Karen   Nakashima,  Gary  &  Sandy   Nakashima,  John  &  Kelly   Nakashima,  Joyce   Nishioka,  Kazumi   Nitta,  Hiroko   Oda,  John  &  Ruth   Okazaki,  Akie   Saito,  Tak  &  Linda   Sakai,  Carolyn   Sakoda,  Duane  &  Jean     Shima,  Bill   Smith,  Tim  &  Hisako   Stearns,  Peter  &  Tatsumi   Takahashi,  Dan  &  Tamako   Takahashi,  Hisaye   Takemoto,  Judy   Takemoto,  Steve  &  Barbara   Takeuchi,  Roy  &  Emily   Tanaka,  Sam  &  Kinuyo   Tsunekawa,  Jim  &  Sally   Wong,  Gene  &  Marcy   Yamada,  Keith  &  Judy   Yoneda,  Hiromi  &  Marsha   Yoneda,  Ted  &  Sue   Yoneshige,  Ruth  

Deacons Fund   Komure,  Dean  &  Liane   Nishioka,  Kazumi   Paston,  Lee   Yoneda,  Ted  &  Sue   Birthday  Fund   Kagoshima,  Miki   Takemoto,  Judy   Tsunekawa,  Jim  &  Sally   Jeannie  Sakoda’s  Birthday   Duane  &  Jeannie  Sakoda   Stephen  Tsunekawa’s  Birthday   Jim  &  Sally  Tsunekawa   Tyler  Tsunekawa’s  Birthday   Jim  &  Sally  Tsunekawa   Athletic  Fund   Kuwahara,  Ron  &  Ilene   McCoy,  Arthur   Compassion  International   Jim  &  Sally  Tsunekawa   Praise  God   Motoike,  Sam  &  Sumi    

SPECIAL OFFERINGS     In  Memory  of  Ben  Hatanaka   Hatanaka,  Yuri  (Lilly)   In  Memory  of  Edwin  Chung     Chew,  Daisy   In  Memory  of  Stan  Yee   Chew,  Daisy   Spaghetti  Feed   Aoyama,  Russell   Boyd,  Marcia   Fong,  Allen  &  Myra   Komure,  Dean  &  Liane   Kuwahara,  Ron  &  Ilene   Low,  Gary  &  Susan   Menor,  Richard  &  Janet   Sakoda,  Duane  &  Jean   Solari,  Larry  &  Kathleen   Takemoto,  Steve  &  Barbara   Tanaka,  Richard   Watanabe,  Jimmy  &  Ami   Yoneda,  Rev.  Hiromi  &  Marsha  

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