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Calvary  Press   April  2014  


Pastor: The  Rev.  Hiromi  Yoneda   Pastor  Emeritus:  The  Rev.  Saburo  Masada   2343  Country  Club  Blvd.,  Stockton,  CA  95204       Office:  (209)  466-­‐0221  Fax:  (209)  466-­‐1839       Website:  

April 2014  

Resurrection Sunday   Each   Easter   marks   the   rebirth   of   our   faith.   It   marks   the   victory   of   our   risen   Savior   over   the   torture   of   the   cross   and   the   grave.   It   marks   our   birth   to   a   new   life,   which   would   not   be   possible   otherwise.   The   Apostle   Paul   said   that   the   new   has   come   and   the   old   has   passed   away.     Though  this  is  theologically  correct,  we  do  not  necessarily  put  it  into  effect    in  our  daily  lives.     In   Philippians  2:12,  Paul  encourages  us  to  “…continue  to  work  out  your  salvation  with  fear  and  trembling.  It   takes  great  effort  to  take  what  we  know  in  our  head,  turn  it  into  conviction  in  our  heart  and  then  follow   through  in  word  and  deed.   When  Nelson  Mandela  was  released  after  twenty-­‐seven  years  of  imprisonment,  he  stated:    "As  I  walked   out  the  door  toward  the  gate  that  would  lead  to  my  freedom,  I  knew  if  I  didn't  leave  my  bitterness  and   hatred  behind,  I'd  still  be  in  prison."  Mandela  remembered  the  importance  of  internal  renewal  ahead  of   external  change.   Though  our  path  and  situations  are  quite  different  from  Nelson  Mandela’s,    persecution  or  tribulation  is  a   part   of   our   faith   journey   as   well.   When   suffering   comes   our   way,   the   Bible   states   that   we   should   consider   ourselves   blessed.   This   consideration   is   certainly   against   our   nature,   but   in   the   Sermon   on   the   Mount,   Jesus   states   “Blessed   are   those   who   are   persecuted   because   of   righteousness,   for   theirs   is   the   kingdom   of   heaven.”  This,  like  other  teachings  in  the  Bible,  is  hard  to  accept  and  understand.  Nevertheless,  we  believe   and   receive   His   message   of   forgiveness   and   salvation.   Why?   Because   there   is   power   and   life   in   His   words   and  the  Holy  Spirit  assures  us  that  we  have  made  the  right  choice.  It  is  this  power  that  helps  us  make  our   faith  effective.  And  we  cling  to  the  promise  of  Christ  that  He  will  never  leave  nor  abandon  us,  and  that  no   power  on  earth  or  in  heaven  can  separate  us  from  His  love  and  forgiveness.   Easter   is   knowing   and   celebrating   in   this   Resurrection   power:   to   change   and   empower   our   lives,   to   transform  us  into  His  likeness  in  order  that  we  will  know  His  peace  and  live  this  life  for  Him.  When  the   storms   of   life   come,   we   will   be   able   to   stand   in   His   presence   and   leave   behind   all   that   hinders   us.   And   when  others  look  at  us,  may  they  also  see  Christ’s  power  at  work  within  us  and  seek  it  for  themselves.   This  is  Easter!  This  is  the  Resurrection!      

Holy Week Schedule April 13th  —  Palm  Sunday  Worship:  10  AM   April  17th  —  Maundy  Thursday  Supper  &  Communion:  @  6  PM  -­‐  Supper  hosted  by  Deacons,  Communion   Worship  Service  following.   April  20th    —  Easter  Sunday   •  Stockton  Community  Easter  Sunrise  Service:  Weber  Point  Event  Center  @  6  AM   •  Easter  Worship  Service:  10  AM   •  Easter  Potluck  Lunch:  following  Worship  Service.  Bring  a  dish  to  share!          

1. A Special   Congregational   Meeting   to   elect   members   of   the   2014   Nominating   Committee   was  held  on  March  9th.  The  elected  members  are:  At-­‐Large:  Miki  Kagoshima,   FROM THE Keith  Yamada,  Ruth  Yoneshige  and  Sunday  School:  Christine  Dwyer   ! 2. At   the   March   23rd     worship   service,   Tim   &   Hisako   Smith   and   Shannen   Menor   were   received   into   membership.   We   welcome   the   Tim,   Hisako   &   Shannen   into   our   Calvary  family!   3. A   Gracious   Separation   Exploratory   Meeting   will   be   held   after   worship   on   March   30th.   Please   bring   any   questions   you   many   have.   The   Elders   of   the   Session   look   forward   to  answering  them.  If  after  the  presentation  and  Q&A,  there  are  no  further  questions,  an   Advisory  Poll  (a  vote)  of  the  active  members  of  the  congregation  will  be  taken.  This  is   the  second  step  in  the  process  of  seeking  dismissal  from  the  PC(USA)  and  transferring   our  membership  to  ECO  (Evangelical  Covenant  Order  of  Presbyterians).  The  first  step  in  the  process  was  when,   after  much  study  and  prayer,  the  Calvary  Session  made  the  decision  to  seek  this  dismissal  from  the  PC(USA).   Following  the  vote,  the  next  step  will  be  for  the  Session  and  PET  to  negotiate  the  dismissal  amount.     Myra  Fong,  Clerk  of  Session    

Deacon’s Corner The Deacons  1st  Quarter  Outreach  Projects  on  Saturday,  March  22nd:   Habitat  for  Humanity  Restore  –  4933  West  Lane  ,  Stockton  ,  CA   The   ReStore   is   a   nonprofit   home   improvement   store   and   donation   center  that  sells  gently  used  furniture,   home   accessories,   appliances   and   buildi   ng   materials   to   the   public   at   a   fraction   of   the   retail   price.   Proceeds   from   the   ReStore   are   used   to   build   Habit  for  Humanity  homes  in  our  area.   This   project   involved   painting   the   interior   or   exterior   of   the   building,   general   cleaning,   sorting   and   shelving   donated   materials.   Project  Leaders:  Pastor  and  Marsha  Yoneda                         St.  Mary’s  Interfaith  Dining  Room  –  545  W.  Sonora  ,  Stockton  ,  CA   St.  Mary’s  Dining  Room  responds  to  poverty  in  San  Joaquin  County  by   feeding   the   hungry,   caring   for   health   issues   and   restoring   human   dignity   to   over   700   individuals   each   day.   This   project   involved   meal   preparation  and  food  service.  Project  Leader:  Karen  Nakamura    

Helping Hands  Ministries  –  429  E.  March  Lane,  Stockton  ,  CA     Food   Ministry   –“A   hand   up,   not   a   hand   out”.   Each   Saturday,   hundreds   of   bags   of   grocery   items   are   distributed   to   needy   families   throughout   Stockton   .   This   project   involved   filling   bags   with   donated   food   items   in   an   assembly-­‐line   fashion.   Project   Leader:  Gene  Wong               Clothing   Ministry   –   Helping   Hands   operates   a   used   clothing   store   at   429   E.   March   Lane.   Donated   items   are   given   to   individuals  in  need.  Clothing  that  is  not  sold  at  the  CPC  rummage   sale  is  donated  to  the  Helping  Hands  Store.  This  project  involved   sorting,   hanging   and   displaying   merchandise   at   the   store   site.   Project  Leader:  Gene  Wong           Lunch   Crew   –   Volunteers   fellowshipped   over   lunch   prepared   by   the   Lunch   Crew   at   Calvary   upon   completion   of  their  project.  Purchaser  of  luncheon  items:  Daisy  Chew  

            Thanks  to  those  who  volunteered  and  supported  these  Outreach  Projects,     both  participants  and  recipients  were  blessed!     TIME  for  Spring  Cleaning!   The   Spring   Rummage   Sale   is   Saturday,   April   5th   from   8:30   am-­‐ 11:30  am   April  1  –  Set-­‐up  at  6:00  pm  (salad  &  pizza  provided)   April  3  –  Set-­‐up  at  7:00  pm   April  5  –  Volunteers  to  arrive  by  7:30  pm   Baked   goods   are   very   popular   so   your   yummy   homemade   treats   are   very  much  appreciated.   Potluck  luncheon  will  be  provided  for  all  volunteers.    

Spring “Hun  ger  Never  Takes  A  Holiday  ”  Food  Drive   We   will   be   collecting   non-­‐perishable   food   items   from   March   23rd-­‐April   13th   to   be   donated   to   the   Stockton   Emergency   Food   Bank.   Suggested   items:   dry   pasta,   soup,   cereal,   rice,   beans,   canned   fruit   &   vegetables   and   canned   meat.   Collection   boxes   will   be   available   at   the  back  of  the  church  for  your  contributions  or  please  take  an  empty  box  home  to  fill  and   return  with  your  food  donations.           The  Deacons  will  be  hosting  Maundy  Thursday  Supper  on  April   17th  at  6:00  pm.  We  encourage  our   congregation   to   attend   and   invite   non-­‐members   to   join   us.   Maundy  Thursday  is  the  name   given  to  the  day  on  which  Jesus  celebrated  the  Passover  with  His   disciples,  known  as  the  Last  Supper.   Come,   let   us   break   bread   together   and   give   thanks   that   we   serve   a   Risen  Savior!           Shannen  Menor  reported  the  Change-­‐For-­‐Change  balance  is  $793.92  –  the  Youth  plan  to  purchase   items  to  organize  “care  packages”  to  have  on-­‐hand  to  give  to  those  who  ask  the  church  for  assistance.    

In Our Prayers:

We continue  to  ask  for  God’s  watchful  eyes  and  healing  hands  upon  Michael  Neely,  Tsuru  Miyasaki,  Jack  Rowan  and   Henry  Nishioka.   We  extend  our  deepest  sympathy  to  Tim  &  Hisako  Smith  in  the  loss  of  Hisako’s  mother,  Kiyoko  Miura,  in  Japan,     to   Lee   Paston   in   the   passing   of   her   uncle   and   aunt,   Ken   &   Shirley   Pollard,   and   to   Daisy   Chew   in   the   loss   of   her   cousin,  Stan  Yee  and  her  brother-­‐in-­‐law,  Edwin  Chung.     Remember…We’re  not  old,  we’re  chronologically  gifted…all  a  part  of  God’s  plan.   Judy  Takemoto,  Deacon             We  welcome  new  members:  Shannen  Menor  and  Tim  &   Hisako  Smith  into  our  Calvary  family!          


Deadline for  the  Calvary  College  Scholarship  applications  is  May  4,  2014.    All   applicants   will   be   awarded   a   scholarship   based   on   their   involvement   in   Calvary   Presbyterian   Church   activities.   For   for ms   or   questions,   contact:   Jeannie  Sakoda  @                                              

The raffle   at   our   Spaghetti   Feed   is   always   the   highlight  of  the  evening.  Please  help  us  make   this  year’s  raffle  a  success  by  donating  items.   Did   you   receive   a   gift   that   you   cannot   use?   Have  a  gift  card  to  an  establishment  that  you   don’t   frequent?   Re-­‐gift   it   to   the   raffle   committee  Whether  small  or  large,  our  raffle   elves   have   a   way   of   taking   your   items   and   packaging   them   to   create   the   great   baskets   that  our  guests  have  come  to  expect.   Please   drop   items   off   at   the   church   office   or   contact   Mary   Nakamura   (957-­‐3848)   to   have   items   picked   up   or   for   more   information.   Thank  you!   All  proceeds  from  the  Spaghetti  Feed  will  go   to  Calvary  Presbyterian  Church  for  the  work   of  the  church   Thanks,   Sally  Tsunekawa   Spaghetti  Feed  chairperson          



Saturday April 12, 2014 5:30-7:30 PM $8 adults • $5 children 3-10 years (Ticket price $1 more at the door • under 3 years—Free!)

DINE IN OR TAKE OUT! Take-out begins at 5 PM ALL YOU CAN EAT: Bread, Salad & Calvary’s mouth watering Spaghetti! Coffee, Tea, & Dessert included! Also offered: Soda & Bottled Water

2343 Country Club Blvd. Stockton, CA 95204 (209) 466-0221 ! !

Membership  &  Renewal  Class  -­‐  Sunday  May  25th  ,  11:30AM-­‐2:30PM   We   invite   you   to   join   us   in   our   Membership   &   Renewal   Class   to   understand   church   membership  and  to  gain  a  deeper  understanding  of  our  faith  in  Christ.  For  members,  it  is   a  refresher  course  about  what  it  means  to  be  a  Christian  and  a  member  of  Calvary.  For   pre-­‐members,   it   defines   the   expectation   and   meaning   of   what   it   means   to   be   a   fully   devoted   follower   of   Jesus   Christ.   By   becoming   a   member   of  Calvary   Presbyterian   Church,   we   express   our   commitment   to   grow   in   faith   and   become   a   part   of   a   “spiritual   family”   that  worships  together,  grows  in  faith  together  and  serves  one  another.       SPECIAL  OFFERINGS     Deacons  Fund   Saito,  Tak  &  Linda   Yoneda,  Ted  &  Sue   Yonemoto,  Roy  &  Sumi   Yoneshige,  Ruth   Birthday  Fund   Agari,  Tadashi   Building  Fund   Agari,  Tadashi  

Calvary Press   Hatanaka,  Debra   Spaghetti  Feed   Komure,  Kathryn     Yee,  Donna   Praise  God!   Fong,  Allen  &  Myra   Praise  God  for  grandchildren!   Tsunekawa,  Jim  &  Sally  

In Appreciation   Matsumoto,  George  &  Amy   Matsumoto,  Tets  &  Jeannie   In  Memory  of  Kyoko  Miura   Chan,  Michael  &  Janice   Nakashima,  John  &  Kelly   Nakashima,  Joyce   Sakoda,  Duane  &  Jeannie   Smith,  Tim  &  Hisako   Yoneda,  Rev.  &  Mrs.  Hiromi   In  Memory  of  Evelyn  Takeuchi-­‐Tanimoto   Takeuchi,  Roy  &  Emily        

In Memory  of  father,  Yutaka  Watanabe   Takemoto,  Steve  &  Barbara   In  Memory  of  Rev.  Bill  Nishimura   Hatanaka,  Debra   In  Memory  of  Ken  &  Shirley  Pollard  to  the  Building   Fund   Paston,  Lee     In  Memory  of  Ken  &  Shirley  Pollard     Yoneda,  Rev.  &  Mrs.  Hiromi   In  Memory  of  Edwin  Chung     Yoneda,  Rev.  &  Mrs.  Hiromi   In  Memory  of  Stan  Yee   Yoneda,  Rev.  &  Mrs.  Hiromi  

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