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Calvary  Press   January  2014  


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January 2014  

"What Sort  of  New  Year’s  Resolution  Should  A  Christian  Make?"  

The practice   of   making   New   Year’s   resolutions   goes   back   over   3,000   years   to   the   ancient  Babylonians.  There  is  just  something  about  the  dawn  of  a  new  year  that  gives  us  the  feeling  of  a   fresh  start  and  a  new  beginning.     The  most  common  New  Year’s  resolutions  are  commitments  to  quit  smoking,  to  stop  drinking,  to  manage   money   more   wisely,   to   lose   weight,   to   eat   healthier,   and   to   spend   more   time   with   the   family.   Many   Christians  make  New  Year’s  resolutions  to  pray  more,  to  read  the  Bible  every  day,  and  to  attend  church   more   regularly.   These   are   fantastic   goals.   However,   these   Christian   New   Year’s   resolutions   fail   just   as   often  as  the  non-­‐spiritual  resolutions,  because  there  is  no  power  in  a  New  Year’s  resolution.   I  think  knowing  our  motivation  as  to  why  we  are  making  these  resolutions  will  help  greatly  in  keeping   them.    For  example,  why  do  you  want  to  lose  weight?  Is  it  to  honor  God  with  your  body,  or  is  it  for  vanity   and  to  honor  yourself?   So,  what  sort  of  New  Year’s  resolution  should  a  Christian  make?  Here  are  some  suggestions:  (1)  Pray  to   the  Lord  for  wisdom  (James  1:5)  in  regards  to  what  resolutions,  if  any,  He  would  have  you  make;  (2)  Pray   for  wisdom  as  to  how  to  fulfill  the  goals  God  gives  you;  (3)  Rely  on  God’s  strength  to  help  you;  (4)  Find  an   accountability   partner   who   will   help   you   and   encourage   you;   (5)   Don’t   become   discouraged   with   occasional  failures;  instead,  allow  them  to  motivate  you  further;  (6)  Don’t  become  proud  or  vain,  but  give   God  the  glory.     My  resolution  is  summed  up  in  Psalms  37:5-­‐6  which  says,  “Commit  your  way  to  the  LORD;  trust  in  Him   and  He  will  do  this:  He  will  make  your  righteousness  shine  like  the  dawn,  the  justice  of  your  cause  like  the   noonday  sun.”   Happy  New  Year  and             A  portion  of  From  the  Elders  was  not  printed  on  a  few  of  the  November  CP  due  to  a  glitch  with  the  copy  machine,   so  the  following  is  both  the  November  and  December  report  from  our  Clerk  of  Session.**  

1. Jeannie   Sakoda   has   reserved   November   9-­‐15,   2014   for   Calvary   to   again   participate  in  Pray  Stockton.     2. The  2013  Nominating  Committee  has  met  and  has  a  roster  of  candidates   for  Elders  and  Deacons,  Class  of  2016.   3. The   Session   approved   a   motion   that   a   member   requesting   to   be   moved   from  the  “inactive”  to  the  “active”  membership  roster  must  first  attend  the     Membership  &  Renewal  Class.  The  next  class  is  scheduled  for  February  2,  2014.   4. Youth   Elders   &   Deacons   have   been   a   tradition   at   Calvary.   The   definition   of   a   youth   is   under   21   years  old.  The  Session  approved  a  motion  that  the  position  of  Youth  Elder  will  be  discontinued  at   the  end  of  this  year.   5. The  process  of  Gracious  Separation  from  PC  USA  will  continue  in  January  2014.   FROM THE

6. Thanks to  Willie  Low  and  Gary  Low  for  coordinating  the  Men’s  Thanksgiving  Lunch.  The  food  was   delicious  and  the  fellowship  was  great!   7. Cards   were   sent   to   those   who   participated   in   the   Calvary   Golf   Tournament   to   thank   them   and   invite  them  to  the  Thanksgiving  and  Christmas  activities.   8. As  a  result  of  a  generous  gift  made  to  the  Building  Fund,  the  Session  voted  to  make  an  additional   payment  of  $15,000  toward  the  principal  on  our  gym  mortgage.   9. The   Session   voted   to   allow   Pastor   Yoneda   to   attend   the   2014   ECO   (A   Covenant   Order   of   Evangelical  Presbyterians)  National  Gathering  in  August  2014  in  Dallas,  Texas.   10. Annual  Reports  are  due  January  4,  2014.   11. The  next  Session  Meeting  will  be  January  19,  2014.   12. The  Annual  Congregational  Meeting  will  be  Sunday,  January  26,  2014.  The  purpose  of  the  meeting   is  to     a. Approve  the  Annual  Congregational  Meeting  of  January  27,  2013   b. Approve  the  2013  Annual  Reports.   c. Review  the  2014  Church  Budget   d. Vote  on  Pastor’s  2014  Terms  of  Call   e. Elect  2016  Elders  and  Deacons   f. Elect  2014  Nominating  Committee   13. The  Leadership  Breakfast  Meeting  @  the  Yoneda’s  will  be  Saturday,  February  8,  2014.   Myra  Fong,  Clerk  of  Session      

Deacon’s Corner  

We are  so  blessed  to  have  such  a  caring  and  generous  congregation.   On   November   19th,   Jerry   Nakamura   delivered   the   Calvary   Congregation’s   “Hunger   Never   Takes   A   Holiday”   food   drive   donations   to   the   Emergency   Food   Bank,   which   weighed  in  at  396  lbs.!   Contributions  for  the  Calvary  Cares  Coat  Drive  were  accepted  through  December  1st,   to   be   presented   to   the   Stockton   Shelter   for   the   Homeless   and   to   the   Gospel   Center   Rescue   Mission.   The   Knit   Nite   group   made   over   one   hundred   items,   including   lap   blankets,   hats   &   scarves,   for   both   the   Shelter   and   the   Rescue   Mission.   From   the   proceeds   of   the   Spring   &   Fall   Rummage   Sales,   we   were   also   able   to   provide   74   blankets,   pillows   and   sheet   sets,   as   well   as   socks   and   underwear,   to   the   Rescue   Mission.  Many  will  feel  the  warmth  and  love  of  your  giving!  

The Deacons   would   like   to   extend   our   sincerest   appreciation   to   the   Congregation   for   your   support   for   all   of  our  events  throughout  the  year,  such  as  our  Easter  and  Thanksgiving  Hunger  Never  Takes  A  Holiday   Food   Drives,   our   Spring   &   Fall   Rummage   Sales,   our   quarterly   Outreach   events   and   Deacons   Fund   donations.   Let  us  remember  the  reason  for  the  Season:   “And  she  shall  bring  forth  a  Son,  and  thou  shalt  call  His  name  JESUS:  for  He  shall  save  His  people  from  their   sins.”   Matthew  1:21      

His Little   Feet   International   Children’s   Choir   will   be   performing   at   Calvary   Presbyterian   Church  on  Sunday,  January  12th  @  6:00  PM  in   the   church   sanctuary.   The   event   is   open   to   the   public.  A  free  will  offering  will  be  taken.   His  Little  Feet  organization,  founded  by  Michael   and   Christa   Hahn   in   2009,   is   a   non-­‐profit   organization   that   exists   to   help,   love   and   train   orphaned   and   vulnerable   children     worldwide.   The  choir,  children  ages  5  to  14,  is  comprised  of   children   from   China,   India,   Haiti,   South   Korea   and  the  U.S.  While  the  children  are  a  part  of  the  choir,  they  participate  in  tours  nationwide.  Their  medical   needs   are   met   and   they   attend   the   His   Little   Feet   Life   Training   Academy,   where   they   are   taught   academics,   performing   arts   and   valuable   life   skills.   It   is   hoped   that   the   children’s   education   and   experiences  will  cultivate  confidence  and  purpose,  equip  them  for  the  future  and  be  a  positive  change  in   their  lives.    We  are  most  blessed  to  be  able  to  welcome  His  Little  Feet  to  Calvary  and  hope  that  you  will  be  able  to   join  us  to  enjoy  and  learn  more  about  their  ministry!    

Membership &  Renewal  Class  Ÿ  Sunday  February  2nd,  11:30AM-­‐2:30PM  

We invite  you  to   join  us  in  our   Membership  &  Renewal  Class   to  understand  church   membership   and   to   gain  a   deeper  understanding   of   our   faith   in   Christ.   For   members,   it   is   a   refresher   course   about   what   it   means   to   be   a   Christian   and   a   member   of   Calvary.  For  pre-­‐members,  it  defines  the  expectation  and  meaning  of  what  it  means   to   be   a   fully   devoted   follower   of   Jesus   Christ.   By   becoming   a   member   of  Calvary   Presbyterian  Church,  we  express  our  commitment  to  grow  in  faith  and  become  a  part   of   a  “spiritual  family”   that  worships  together,  grows   in   faith  together   and   serves  one   another.     The  Annual  Calvary  Mochi  Project  

Our  33rd    Annual  Mochi  Making  Project  was  held  on  Saturday,  December  7th.  Three  hundred  and  seventy-­‐ five   pounds   of   rice   was   ordered   and   transformed   into   six   hundred   and   eighty-­‐five   orders   being   filled.   That   broke   down   to   321   lbs.   of   an   mochi   ($1,123.50)   and   364   lbs.   of   regular   mochi   ($1,274.00).   The   Mochi   Project   Committee   would   like   to   thank   the   congregation   for   all   the   hard   work   and   time   committed  

for this  annual  project.       A  special  thank  you  to  Duane  Sakoda  for  the  purchase  of  the  new  scales  for  the   weighing  and  packaging  of  the  final  product.  Our  thanks,  also,  to  those  who  gave  non-­‐monetary  donations   of   butane,   rice,   trays,   sugar   and   beans.   Without   the   support   and   hard   work   of   the   congregation   this   annual  project  could  not  happen.    

Merry Christmas

& may God’s blessings


in the New Year be upon you and your family!

Calvary Presbyterian Churc

“For to us a Child is born, to us a Son is given, and the government will be on His shoulders. And He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” (Isaiah 9:6) Join us  as  we  celebrate  with  joy  the  birth  of  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ!   Sunday,  December  22nd:  Christmas  Worship  Service  @  10:00  am   Tuesday,  December  24th:  Christmas  Eve  Candlelight  Service  @  5:30  pm    



In Appreciation   Masada,  Rev.  Saburo  &  Marion   Watanabe,  Hanae   Special  thanks  to  the  Allen  Fong  Family   for  the  donation  of  a  flat  screen  TV     Celebrating  the  birth  of  Joshua  Tsutsumi   Tanaka,  Sam  &  Kinuyo   Birthday  Fund   Lam,  Mary   Menor,  Richard  &  Janet   Building  Fund   Matsumoto,  George  &  Amy   Deacons  Fund    

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STAFF APPRECIATION     Agari,  Tadashi   Aoyama,  Harold  &  Aiko   Arata,  Grace   Chew,  Daisy   Fong,  Allen  &  Myra   Hamamoto,  Ben  &  Susie   Hirose,  Mary   Ishihara,  Shizuko   Ishimaru,  Gary  &  Janice   Kagoshima,  Miki   Komure,  Dean  &  Liane     Komure,  Kathryn   Kuwahara,  Ron  &  Ilene   Lam,  Mary         Adachi  ,  Kimi   Agari  ,Tadashi   Aoyama,  Harold  &  Aiko   Arata,  Grace   Bertoni,  Shirley   Billings,  Setsuko   Boyd,  Marcia   Chan,  Michael  &  Janice   Chew,  Daisy   Fong,  Allen  &  Myra   Fujinaka,  Steve  &  Barbie   Furukawa,  Mieko   Hamamoto,  Ben  &  Susie     Hatanaka  ,Yuri  (Lilly)   Hirose,  Mary   Ishida,  Alfred  &  Irene   Ishihara,  Nicholas   Ishihara,  Shizuko,  Ishihara,   Tadashi  &  Carolyn   Ishimaru,  Gary  &  Janice     Joseph,  Betty     Kagoshima,  Miki   Komure,  Dean  &  Liane    

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Sakai, Carolyn     Smith,  Tim  &  Hisako   Takemoto,  Judy   Takemoto,  Steve  &  Barbara   Tanaka,  Sam  &  Kinuyo   Tsunekawa,  Jim  &  Sally   Wong,  Gene  &  Marcy   Yoneda,  Ted  &  Sue   Yonemoto,  Roy  &  Sumi   Yoneshige,  Frank   Yoneshige,  Ruth  

THANKSGIVING OFFERING   Komure,  Kathryn     Lam,  Mary     Low,  Elaine   Low,  Gary  &  Susan   Low,  Willard  &  Anna     Lowe,  Jean   MacDannald,  Chris     Masada,  Charise   Matsumoto,  George  &  Amy   Matsune,  Joan   Matsune,  Ralph  &  Kyoko     Menor,  Richard  &  Janet     Miyasaki,  Tom  &  Tsuru     Morita,  Carl  &  Karyn   Motoike,  Clifford   Motoike,  Sam  &  Sumi   Murata,  Irene     Nakagawa,  Sada     Nakamura,  Jerry  &  Karen     Nakamura,  R.  Mitsuo   Nakashima,  Gary  &  Sandy   Nishioka,  Henry  &  Dorothy   Nishioka,  Kazumi    

Oda, John  &  Ruth   Okazaki,  Akie   Saito,,  Tak  &  Linda     Sakai,  Carolyn     Sakoda,  Duane  &  Jean   Shima,  Bill   Smith,  Tim  &  Hisako   Takahashi,  Dan  &  Tommie     Takahashi,  Hisaye     Takemoto,  Judy     Takemoto,  Steve  &  Barbara     Tanaka,  Sam  &  Kinuyo     Tsunekawa,  Jim  &  Sally   Wong,  Gene  &  Marcy   Yamada,  Keith  &  Judy     Yamanaka,  Wendi   Yoneda,  Rev.  Hiromi  &   Marsha     Yoneda,  Ted  &  Sue     Yonemoto,  Roy  &  Sumi     Yoneshige,  Frank   Yoneshige,  Ruth  

CHRISTMAS OFFERING     Agari,  Tadashi   Aoyama,  Harold  &  Aiko   Arata,  Grace   Fong,  Allen  &  Myra     Furukawa,  Mieko  

Hamamoto, Ben  &  Susie   Hirose,  Mary   Ishimaru,  Gary  &  Janice   Joseph,  Betty  

Kagoshima, Miki   Komure,  Kathryn   Komure,  Kathryn     Lam,  Kenneth  &  Diane  

Loum, Daniel   Lowe,  Jean   MacDannald,  Chris   Masada,  Charise   Matsune,  Joan   Menor,  Richard  &  Janet   Miyasaki,  Tom  &  Tsuru   Motoike,  Clifford   Motoike,  Sam  &  Sumi,   Nakagawa,  Sada   Nakamura,  Jerry  &  Karen  

Nakashima, Ren  &  Julianne   Nishioka,  Kazumi   Okazaki,  Akie   Sakai,  Carolyn   Sakoda,  Duane  &  Jean     Sato,  Grace   Shima,  Bill   Smith,  Tim  &  Hisako   Takemoto,  Judy   Takemoto,  Steve  &  Barbara     Takeuchi,  Roy  &  Emily  

Tanaka, Sam  &  Kinuyo   Tsunekawa,  Jim  &  Sally   Wong,  Gene  &  Marcy   Yamamoto,  Hideko   Yoneda,  Rev.  Hiromi  &   Marsha   Yoneda,  Ted  &  Sue   Yonemoto,  Roy  &  Sumi   Yoneshige,  Frank   Yoneshige,  Ruth  

01 january cp 2014 web again  
01 january cp 2014 web again