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OCTOBER 2018 2018  For 90 years, Calvary United Methodist Church has been an anchor for the Iowa Great Lakes communities and surrounding region. We are thankful that God has uniquely positioned Calvary to work and walk alongside our community. As you look around our neighborhoods in October, you will probably see a familiar sight; autumn decorations accented by the beautiful fall colors of creation. This is the season when children are dreaming about carving jack o'lanterns, pumpkin spice has become the flavor of choice by many coffee drinkers, and the sights and sounds of harvest abound. In our church and in our homes, harvest season is a time to reflect on the blessings of the past year. Harvest is a time to look back on good and faithful work; it is a time to assess the stewardship of our resources; and, it is time to celebrate the many ways God has provided for us throughout this past year.


As we enter into the Harvest Home campaign and the season, Calvary’s ministry campaign for 2019, we reflect on our commitment to live and share our faith through our church and in our homes by our prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness. The annual ministry campaign is the time when our church family makes pledges, which in turn will determine the operating budget for 2019. Please take time to prayerfully consider your participation in this year’s Harvest Home campaign. If you have not previously made a pledge of support to the operating budget, this is a great year to make a commitment. If you have made a pledge of support in the past, we ask that you give proportionally or consider increasing your pledge. Let us all pray during this stewardship campaign that we may be open to what God wants to do in and through us. Grace and Peace,

Rev. Chris St. Clair

Prayers    Prayers Thank you for praying for:

Thank you for praying for: Barbara Lancaster’s friends, Sunny and Laura, her cousin, Joyce and niece, Pam

Barbara Lancaster’s friends, Sunny and Laura, her cousin, Joyce and niece, Pam

Beth Smith’s sister, Sue

Beth Smith’s sister, Sue

Debbie Rogne, whose husband, Lowell, passed away

Debbie Rogne, whose husband, Lowell, passed away

REMEMBER OUR SPECIAL FRIENDS @ Accura HealthCare-Spirit Lake: Margaret Wedeking, Bonnie Harris, Jody Rickman @ Accura HealthCare-Milford: Evelyn Faulkner, Bill Fredin @ Community M ​ emorial​ Health Center-Hartley: Iva Gruver

If you have a prayer request, please call the office 712.332.2447 or contact us via e-mail at calvarylovesall@gmail.com​. ​If you wish to have your name added to the prayer chain via e-mail, please contact ​Betty Naab​​ at grmmabty@q.com​ or 712.332.5194.

Vacation?​​ Vacation?

Summertime has been a time for some to take a vacation. In the Lakes Region,

sometimes vacations happen when you can get them in the off season. I know some among us have gone on trips recently that were vacation-like. Some have recently traveled to nearby communities, nearby states and even to Germany and Ireland. I recognize that not everybody has an opportunity to take a vacation, but we must, in some way, take a break--a vacation, if you will--​from the things that keep us from being happy. Consider a broader interpretation of the term “vacation”. It’s not just a destination, but something we do for our emotional health. We very much need to take a “vacation” from negativity whether it comes from within or from outside ourselves. Bishop Laurie Haller wrote on the need for a vacation or a deliberate pursuit of happiness relating that “Happiness measures the extent to which you and I experience positive emotions during the course of a day. By contrast, unhappiness can be viewed as the presence of negative moods and emotions. The average working adult in the US experiences a “modestly happy” morning until the commute to work, when there is a dip. There is a spike in happiness at lunch and again when the work day is over. Like a break from the work day, happiness needs a time and space to be. Here is a list of some KEYS to 2

HAPPINESS from Bishop Laurie and others: Resilience Resilience is the ability to adapt and grow in our capacity for spiritual vitality and skill development. Our brains are hard-wired for self-awareness, reflection, and self-control. When our self-regulating capacity declines, burnout builds over time. Burnout implies physical, emotional, and/or mental exhaustion, reduced adaptability and competency, as well as apathy, depression, or cynicism. ​What do you need to take a vacation from in order to maintain a healthy level of resilience? Self-integrity Being comfortable in your own skin. [People] are most able to be authentic and self-integrated when their skills, values, beliefs, and passions align with their context and they are affirmed in their particular setting. Would you describe yourself as a person of integrity? ​What in your life compromises your integrity and how can you vacation from that? Thriving [People] tend to thrive...when they feel connected in meaningful ways and have the highest well-being when they are accepted, affirmed, and cared for by their community. ​What can you vacation from in order to allow yourself time to connect with intentional community? Re-connecting When you are able to adapt and grow, comfortable in your own skin, thriving and connected to community, it leads to greater creativity and health. It fosters the freedom to chase after what aids you in answering the call and prompting of the Holy Spirit. It allows you to join the one who is “able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us.” (Eph. 3.20)

Harvest Home Series Series 

Oct 7

The Kitchen: ​At the Table

If your home could speak, what would it say? What moments make it come alive and over what memories would it reminisce?

Oct 14 Bathroom & Shower

Oct 28

Front Porch: Welcome

This series, we spend some time in the home--in her rooms, stepping on her creaking floorboards, and looking out her windows and see what she says about our faith.

Nov 4

Attic: ​Memories

Nov 11

Laundry Room

Nov 18

Dining Room

Nov 25

Spare Room/Guest Room


Oct 21 Living Room: ​Life Happens

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

Appreciating Stewards of the Grounds

For the past 10 years, Calvary’s 4x4 wooden sign has been put up for every event: dinners, auctions, kids garage sales, etc. A huge thank you to Beth Smith for getting the metal base, the sandbags and for putting up the ​correct​ sign. The sign also undergoes an annual repainting to adjust the date. So on behalf of Calvary’s Trustees and all of us, THANK YOU BETH!

Engraved Bricks Awaiting Patio Jeff Thiesen took the bricks from the pallet and put them in the corner of the lobby. PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH! Yes if you ordered one it is in the pile. All 122 bricks came. If we want to order more bricks – we will have brick forms available. We can have free shipping for every 5 bricks we order.

Calvary loves the land where her new church building sits. It takes many hands to keep it all looking good. Thank you to Steve Mullenberg, Jerry Daugherty and Larry Valen for mowing, lawn and grounds maintenance, and all that that work entails. Elizabeth Leonard came with the weed-eater to trim around the light posts. In preparation for the new sign, Steve Bosch and Jeff Thiesen removed the old sign. The grounds work is sometimes complicated by holes and trenches and new piles of dirt. Beth Smith and Diane Fisher pull weeds, clean up dirt piles, and level ground for grass to be planted.

New Custodial Staff at Calvary As of October 1, Jeff and Linda Thiesen will be Calvary’s new custodial staff. Please welcome them as new employees of the church.

Steeple Design Approved The trustees have selected the steeple design that will change Calvary’s profile in the near future. A steeple that was selected previously remains the preferred design. Plans have been sent to Mike Gonnerman, the original church contractor, who will oversee the construction. The original design committee voted to have the steeple constructed over the carport area.


Current street and curbing maintenance and right-of-way work from utility infrastructure upgrades from Alliant also add to the unique challenges they face. In addition to the lot maintenance, there is ongoing work to prepare for Calvary’s patio. Water is an issue in our neighborhood, so managing where it goes and where it stands is always a priority--both for Calvary and her neighbors. Doris Welle, Steve Bosch, Jeff Thiesen and Lynne Moeller met with Joe Wittrock of​ W ​ ittrock Lawn Service and Landscaping with the job of preparing for the patio. Our expansive lot requires many hands for its maintenance. We appreciate all those whose dedication shows each week as it is mowed and maintained and is a visible sign of our ongoing stewardship. If you have interest in helping out, please contact the Trustees via the church office and we will put you in touch with our grounds team.



4th-Sandy Wallburg 5th-Steve & Marcy Bosch Ann. 6th-Lavonne Rohde 8th-John Myhre 8th-John Grosvenor 11th-James Clarke 15th-Rick Kilts 15th-Jeff/Linda Thiesen Ann. 17th-Rev. Scott Holmes 18th-Kent Gochenour 19th-Carly Carstens 20th-Keitra Cabinboy 20th-Theresa Grosvenor 20th-Rhonda Nelson 20th-Margaret Wedeking 21st-Dave Peelen 23rd-Gabe Lee 24th-Elizabeth Leonard 26th-Scott Harms 29th-Wendy Tuttle

Western Iowa Technical Convention Center 200 Victory Drive – Cherokee (Hwy. 59, across from McDonalds)

Thanks again to all who donated to furnish items for the Ingathering Kits. And a special thanks to Calvary’s Sunday School Kids who are assembling the kits. There is still time to donate items to be included in the kits. Lists of needed items are available on the Welcome Counter and the Bulletin Board.

CALVARY BOOK CLUB Meet Thursday, October 25th at 2:00 pm at the church. Book to be discussed will be announced. Contact Betty Naab at 712-332-5194 to request a copy of the book.

Beautiful Cards for Sale Twelve beautiful cards in each package for $7.00 to go to the Youth Fund. Beautiful pictures with space inside to write a note. Ideal for those incidental “thank-yous” and notes of encouragement our culture seems to have all but forgotten about. Bless someone with a hand-written card today.



Wednesday, October 17th Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings! Serving at 5:00 PM

CHILDCARE Childcare is always offered during worship at the 9:00 am service. See Betty Naab for more information.

Cans for YOUTH Programs Thank you for continuing to collect cans and bottles to raise money for the Youth Fund. Beth’s Rules:​​ Only drained, recyclable cans and bottles in bags that are fastened shut or sturdy boxes, please. Call Beth at 339-5278 if you have cans or bottles to be picked up.

Sign installed September 21!

CALVARY CHOIR The Calvary Choir will practice Saturday, October 20th at 9:30 AM and will perform at the 9:00am Sunday, October 21st service! The Calvary Choir is ALWAYS looking for more talent and would love for you to join them! Please speak with Barbara Lancaster for more information.



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Calvary UMC October Newsletter

October 2018 Calvary UMC Newsletter  

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